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  2. Greetings Everyone, Happy anniversary everyone, on this 15th of January RevivalRO turned 1 year old and the whole journey since we were RebirthRO is now 16 years! This maintenance were focused on a new event, expect our following maintenance to focus more on issues. Cash Shop Donor Box 2019 is now here, if you donated during january and did not receive any yet, you may check zotar for it now! for more information click here. The anniversary sales are here, double donor box and lots of item sales, you may know more through clicking here. Also a special January items release for more information click here. And finally, the latest and final 3rd skills batch, including all old ones is in cash shop, click here. Events It's our anniversary and there's special event for it, exclusive costumes, armor set and further more, for more information click here. Fixes Parfaille Vigilate Hat has been reverted to the original behavior Guaranteed Refine Ticket has been fixed, it now can be used to refine to any refine with 100% success rate. Happy Anniversary everyone! RevivalRO Management,
  3. Well, im not even going to try to show it, but without changing anything at all my criticals are hitting 88,000 now. My gear hasnt moved and I wasnt buffed or cursed before. I spent hours hitting 61k and now suddenly 88k with the same gear. Perhaps a glitch? sigh, idk
  4. KittyBoy

    The Anniversary Sales

    Greetings Everyone, RevivalRO has turned 1 year old, and the whole journey of us since RebirthRO is now 16 years! and for this we would like to celebrate it witht some sales. During the sales enjoy Double Donor Box, and special items sales until Sunday 11:59PM UTC + 8. The sales will be accessible from the usual special sales room which accessible from Prontera central area.
  5. Greetings Everyone, Finally today we release the latest batch of the 3rd job skills headgears, those hats will be available until 14th of February. Beside those new hats and since it's our final release, we will also include all other old jobs headgears! IMPORTANT NOTE: do not mix the lpp and pp when buying. AS THESE NEW HATS ARE PREMIUM POINTS EXCLUSIVE. Shadow Handicraft [4] Upper Headgear 3000 Premium Points A mini crown which is made at Shadow Artworks. Masterpiece of the designer Doomk. +15% max hp Max HP +250 per base VIT. This effect is capped at 100 vit ( 25.000 HP ). +5% damage received from all race. Immune to external bleeding. If worn by Stalker, enables skill Shadow Form Driver Band [4] Upper headgear 3000 Premium Points A special hairband which is designed to use the most frequently used tools. +15 agi dex luk +45% damage to demi human and brute race. +5% weapon skill damage. If worn by Whitesmith, enables skill Axe Tornado Rune Circlet [4] Upper Headgear 3000 Premium Points A circlet designed for a Rune Knight. It has Rune magical power in it. +15 agi dex luk +45% damage to demi human and brute race. +5% weapon skill damage. If worn by Lord Knight, enables skill Phantom Thrust You may also know more about the other released hats at: The following are changes applied on the skills to fit Loki Gameplay Shadow Form Level 1 40 seconds cool down Axe Tornado Level 1 damage is set to 450% Attack 1 second cool down Phantom Thrust Level 1 45 seconds cool down The pull effect works in PvP/GvP The pull effect and whole skill can be avoided under Penuma
  6. KittyBoy

    January special release

    Greetings, During January we're releasing those mid-winter items, they will be available until Thursdays 14th of February! IMPORTANT NOTE: do not mix the lpp and pp when buying. AS THESE NEW HATS ARE PREMIUM POINTS EXCLUSIVE. Black Furry [1] Lower Headgear 1750 Premium Points +15 all stat +5% resistance to all race +10% resistance to status Book Of Magic [4] Middle Headgear 2000 Premium Points +20 all stat Increase damage with magic at the rate of 1% for every 25 base int. +15% resistance from water,wind,fire and earth If worn with Magician's Hood: +5% more resistance to 4 base element +20% movement speed Magician's Hood [4] Upper headgear 2000 Premium Points +30 all stat Immunity to blind and curse
  7. KittyBoy

    Donor Box 2019

    Hello, everyone! Donor Boxes 2019 are here! For every 50 euros donated, you will receive a donor box. Donor Boxes can be redeemed at Zotar NPC. Inside the Donor Box you can find: Random amount of Pancakes Random amount of Event Points Random amount of Mining Points SRT Box RebirthRO Max Level Bubble Gum Box Transgenderer VIP Subscription (30 days) Random amount of Herioc pts Amberknight pearl bag(10) Amberknight pearl bag(50) Random amount of Costumer Voucher Guaranteed Refine Ticket Random Permanent Donation from Below: Sakura Wings(2015) Falling Snow(2014) Ice Wing Ear Ice Crown Lovely Ribbon Stall of Angel Heavenly Ribbon Heaven's Glow Amistr's Beret Divinity Helm Divinity Wings Avian Farmers Woodland Topper 2018 Amberknight Items (Only until we release 2019 new items) Costume: Time Decor (Mid) Costume: Clockwork Hat (Upper) Costume: Giant Cat Bag (Garment) Coin Shower Taini Egg The new exclusive items in donor box: Coin Shower (Lower Headgear) Thoughts of zeny cloud the mind. +15 all stat Increases item drop rate by (5+Donor Level/2) % of its current rate. +10% resistance to all races except demi-human. Costume: Clockwork Hat (Upper headgear) Costume: Time Decor (Mid Headgear) Costume: Giant Cat Bag (Garment costume) Taini Egg When intimate, gives low chance to drop Rainbow Twisler. The pet doesn't die of hunger and can be used for idling
  8. Adventures, After the defeat of the Undead King by the adventurers of Midgard, the Royal Family of Geoborg started an investigation into the niflheim area. The investigation was conducted by the Queen Catherine D. Geoborg herself, and came to a conclusion that the Undead King was brought to our world by a terrible existence that was able to control it. A witch with the name of Vanna, according to the legendes she was a servant of Jormungandr the World Serpent durring the era when the gods created Midgard. However, after the investigation ended the Queen and her Knights were returning into Prontera's castle but in the road a mysterious fog attacked them and only one member of the expedition was able to make it back. Your assistance is needed to help freeing our Queen and the members of the expidition, also this need to be kept as confidential information since it can cause chaos inside the Royal Palace. Do you think you've got the guts to face the evil powers? if so, join us defeating it. The event would last until 14th of February 2018. To join the rescue searches you will find Knight Kiyom at (prontera 159 320), don't try to join on your own this search missions is designed for strong parties only! After entering the lair you will have to fight your way through many strong monster to find the warp leading to the second lair, the warp is random for each time the instance is created, the following is a map of all possible locations and example of where a warp can be. In the second lair you will have to face a random boss of 4 bosses, you will need to defeat them to move to the third lair, you may face one of the following bosses. After defeating the boss you may processed to the third lair, you will meet the rest of the adventures at this point, no boss fight required and you may pass on to the final lair. Reaching the final lair you will have to kill Vanna the witch, after killing her you may roll the dice for the treasure chest for your rewards! The treasure chest contains various items, including a special new set for anniversary event, costumes, and headgears! Jirant Circlet [1] when using holy, undead and ghost elements your damage increased by 50%, +5% damage to all element and +5% crit damage When hitting monster of the above element increase damage by 50%. Decrease your sp by 50 every attack Disable natural hp sp regeneration. Jirant Circlet(Red) [1] when using Fire, Wind & Poison elements your damage increased by 50%, +5% damage to all element and +5% crit damage When hitting monster of the above element increase damage by 50%. Decrease your sp by 50 every attack Disable natural hp sp regeneration. Jirant Circlet(Purple) [1] when using Shadow, Water & Earth elements your damage increased by 50%, +5% damage to all element and +5% crit damage When hitting monster of the above element increase damage by 50%. Decrease your sp by 50 every attack Disable natural hp sp regeneration. Vanna's Dress: Increase all stat at the rate of (base stat 1/18) If using holy, poison, fire, wind element increase damage by 5%. Str 255 > physical damage +5% Int 255 > magic damage +5% Dex 255 > long range damage +5% Crit rate +5 and hit 15. The Spell Manteau if str is 255, resist to 4 base element at a rate of 15%. if int is 255, resist to long range at a rate of 15% if dex is 255, resist to close/short range at a rate of 15% +1.5% max HP and SP for every refine Elvira Boots Luk +10 increase atk and matk by 1% for every 2 refine Increase movement speed by 10% and decrease after cast delay by 10%. For every 2 refines, reduce movement speed by 1% and increase after cast delay by 1%. If the shoes are refined to +10, it gives immunity against knockback. Set Bonus -Armor, Garment & Boots Reduce damage from boss monster by 10% Increase damage received from normal monster by 5% If the set is refined to +9 and above, +5% atk +5% matk Small chance to do triple attack skill when attacking. Costume: Demon's Eye Good luck & Have fun!
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  10. Mybe, U need max stat to see different... Get rgr, okc and fey boots... Fire. Armor if there volcano... Most important is right arrow... Well its depend on what you want to do...
  11. Avast

    Price Check Thread

    +10 around 75 to 80c +0 35c or 40c
  12. I just bought a +8 spectral bow for 55c and its not dealing more damage than a +5 Goblin? I don't do PvP but was told the Spectra was the highest damaging bow for a sniper. I am using 4x AK on the Spectral, 2AK on the Goblin and the Goblin can hit 79,000 on Valk Rang in the MVP room for example. But the spectral hits 61,000? Its significantly less. How? I thought the Spectral was the most powerful. Ugh, what am I doing wrong here? I am looking to maximize my crit and damage overall for PvM. At this point, what else can I possibly do? I've seen others hit way above 79k as a Sniper and I am not sure how do obtain that.
  13. Audiorift

    Price Check Thread

    +10 Spectral Bow and normal non refinded Spectral Bow
  14. kaiiruuu

    Kiel Hyre Quest, Step 14 - not relocated to inside cottage

    Aren't you supposed to receive a letter first before being ported to the next room?
  15. Good day fellow players. Many players, especially newbies might have been asking where to farm/make zeny fast. This guide is for those who love to farm in MVP rooms and for those who want to get rich faster by farming in MVP rooms. What players may see mostly in this guide are the @alootid of certain items dropped by mobs in the MVP rooms. I have only chosen certain items that give high amount of zeny when sold to NPCs. There are also items in here which I did not place the prices because their value changes along with the demand of players as well as the supplies in the #trade market. Kindly read the NOTES which are all in uppercase letters as they serve a few reminders which might be helpful, if not to all, some players. Let's start! NOTE: NPC BUYING PRICE = IT MEANS HOW MUCH THE NPC WILL PAY YOU WHEN YOU SELL THE ITEM TO THEM. ALL PRICES ARE NOT YET WITH OVERCHARGE MARKUP WHEN SOLD TO NPC. THEY ARE THE REGULAR PRICE OF THE ITEMS WHEN SOLD TO NPC. ITEM DROPS BY MVPS THAT ARE AUTOMATICALLY PLACED IN INVENTORY ARE NOT INCLUDED @AUTOLOOT .20 IS SET FOR INSTANT CARD LOOT ALOOTIDS ARE FIT TO 10 ITEMS MAX. OPTIONAL ITEM ID's FOR LOOTING ARE ALSO PLACED. IT DEPENDS ON THE PLAYER'S DISCRETION NPC BUYING PRICE = IT MEANS HOW MUCH THE NPC WILL PAY YOU WHEN YOU SELL IT TO THEM. !!MVP ROOM ALPHA!! @alootid +616 OLD CARD ALBUM @alootid +7020 MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE @alootid +639 ARMLET OF OBEDIENCE 9K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +638 SILVER KNIFE OF CHASTITY 6K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +985 ELUNIUM @alootid +1258 KATAR OF RAGING BLAZE 22.5K NPC BUYING PRICE !!MVP ROOM BETA!! @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +985 ELUNIUM @alootid +2621 RING[1] 15K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2106 SHIELD[1] 28K NPC BUYING PRICE !!MVP ROOM THETA!! @alootid +1125 RING POMMEL SABER [3] 12K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1127 SABER [3] 24.5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1128 HAEDONGGUM [2] 25K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1162 BROADSWORD 32.5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1411 LANCE 30K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7108 PIECE OF SHIELD @alootid +2317 FULL PLATE [1] 40K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +984 ORIDECON @alootid +985 ELUNIUM OTHER THINGS TO LOOT: @alootid +1255 JAMADHAR 18.6K NPC BUYING PRICE !!MVP ROOM EPSILON!! @alootid +607 YGG BERRY @alootid +999 STEEL @alootid +984 ORIDECON @alootid +985 ELUNIUM @alootid +714 EMPERIUM (WITH ARROW CRAFTING YIELDS 600 IMMATERIAL ARROW, 600 ORIDECON ARROW, AND 600 MUTE ARROW = 12600 NPC BUYING PRICE) @alootid +526 ROYAL JELLY @alootid +13303 HUUMA BLAZE SHURIKEN 39K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2507 ANCIENT CAPE 41K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1552 TABLET [1] 25.5K NPC BUYING PRICE !!MVP ROOM DELTA!! @alootid +603 OLD BLUE BOX @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +616 OLD CARD ALBUM @alootid +607 YGG BERRY @alootid +2111 SACRED MISSION 64K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2509 SURVIVOR'S MANTEAU 10K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1256 KATAR OF FROZEN ICICLE [0] 22.5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +969 GOLD 100K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +984 ORIDECON @alootid +985 ELUNIUM !!MVP ROOM SIGMA!! @alootid +7166 SOFT SILK @alootid +661 SOFT APRON 10K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +603 OLD BLUE BOX @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +644 GIFT BOX @alootid +985 ELUNIUM OPTIONAL: For Enhancing Clip Quest @alootid +2659 VESPER CORE 1 @alootid +2660 VESPER CORE 2 @alootid +2661 VESPER CORE 3 @alootid +2662 VESPER CORE 4 !!MVP ROOM GAMMA!! @alootid +12080 DRAGON BREATH COCKTAIL 50K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7444 TREASURE BOX 150K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7510 VALHALLA'S FLOWER 100K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1242 DAGGER OF COUNTER 60K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7024 BLOODY EDGE 5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2655 BLOODIED SHACKLE BALL 25K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2648 MORPHEUS'S RING 15K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2649 MORPHEUS'S BRACELET 15K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2229 HELM [1] 22K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2342 LEGION PLATE ARMOR 51250 NPC BUYING PRICE OTHER THINGS TO LOOT: @alootid +728 TOPAZ 3K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2515 EAGLE WING [1] 10K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2519 MORIGANE'S MANTEAU 15K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2412 GREAVES [1] 27K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7450 SKELETAL ARMOR PIECE 1025 NPC BUYING PRICE (WITH ARROW CRAFTING YIELDS 500 IMMATERIAL ARROW, 100 ORIDECON ARROW, 200 ARROW OF SHADOW = 2700Z NPC BUYING PRICE) !!MVP ROOM OMEGA!! @alootid +2345 LUCIUS'S FIERCE ARMOR OF VOLCANO [1] 68K NPC BUYING PRICE (IT'S ALSO UP TO THE PLAYER WHETHER THIS IS SOLD IN #TRADE OR USED FOR HIDDEN ENCHANTMENT) @alootid +7022 OLD HILT (WITH ARROW CRAFTING YIELDS 1000 ORIDECON ARROW = 15K NPC BUYING PRICE) @alootid +7023 BLADE LOST IN DARKNESS 6K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +607 YGG BERRY @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +616 OLD CARD ALBUM @alootid +994 FLAME HEART 1.5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +608 YGG SEED @alootid +2621 RING[1] 15K NPC BUYING PRICE I hope this guide helps. Have fun farming.
  16. Havent played in a while, logged back in to find I had some nice things and based on this setup, I'd love to be able to play one handed on the Android App when I am working at my desk. I've a maxed Sniper TaeKwon GS and I enjoy all three. However, Im looking for a solid place to make $ and play with the least amount of effort while my phone while at work. Here are my gears and available funds, a complete list. Based on these gears and funds, what should I be going for right now, what should I be investing time into and opting for? Any advice is supremely appreciated and basically looking for what I should be doing with my gear and time. Available funds, 31m zeny and 26 100 point coins that I can sell or trade for. (all gear seen in snap shot) + unseen in storage list below Ahura triple lib amplifying Angra +9 HSS Shotgun Eddga Valk Boots 2x Megs melody notes Rainling Balloon Quad Accute Holly Pin Black Fairy Wings Complete Great Old and Gator Set maple syrup clip
  17. Avast

    Revival's Lack of Costumes

    hello this items cant make costume Bunny Afro ID:55004 Amistry Beret ID:51108
  18. Hi, On step 14 of the Kiel Hyre quest, after activating the level, I do get the popup message upon stepping onto the hidden passage, but am not ported onto the next map. I am playing on PC, european Loki server.
  19. Kecikk

    Bunny Ballon Hat

    Love to have this as costume, but after i make it, its change into unknown item, but still i can wear it...
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  21. KittyBoy

    [2019-01-10] Weekly maintenance

    Greetings Everyone, This is our first maintenance in 2019, we hope you all enjoyed your holidays, starting in 2019 we will hold a weekly maintenance every Thursdaym the maintenance will be held usually late at night Netherlands time, which is early Friday for Singapore timezone. And during this maintenance We've done the following: Updates Halloween exchanger is here... finally! yay~ Rage Brust HP Cap has been lowered to 50% and cool down to 2 seconds Fixes Fixed Parfait V Hat reducing variable cast time instead of fixed cast time Addition of missing costumes of Strongman Hair (White and Black) Add costume version of Easter Event Headgears Fix an error in melanie enhancement cause the anti-stack code to instead disable the whole effect Good luck and Have fun, RevivalRO Management
  22. Syphon

    RevivalRO Installation Guide

    if your stuck use the zip client! or run as administrator!
  23. Mark1423

    RevivalRO Installation Guide

    Stuck in this installation for an hour. Please help
  24. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    For KittyBoy (1 of 3)
  25. Tomson

    Snoopy’s Buy & Sell Stop

    Hello Snoopy if you need any help regarding this game or need something feel free to ask me.
  26. Sylvanna

    Bug while doing quest fluffy

    greetings, kindly open a ticket via web helpdesk. thank you.
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