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  2. Mail Weight Increase

    I was trying to mail some potions but couldn't send more than 10 at a time due weight limit Maybe increase it so you can send ~5000 weight at a time?
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  4. Condensed White Potions Question

    Actually didn't notice this. Thanks for the awareness. Would love to know the answer to this as well. +1 to this.
  5. Panda Rucksack

  6. Panda Rucksack

    Hello OneLight, I will unfortunately have to reject this suggestion. You have voiced your concerns about this item several times and have been notified by various staff members that the item and its effect in question does in fact have several counters to it. When properly accounted for, deep sleep should not affect you for more than 1 second at a time. At full effect, deep sleep actually immobilizes you for a minimum of 12 seconds. Again, I want to stress that there are ways for players to counter/reduce the time that deep sleep affects them. I will be closing this topic as you have already spoken to several staff members about the issue and we have unanimously encouraged you to research the status effect rather than suggesting an outright nerf to the Panda Rucksack. Thank you and have a good day!
  7. Panda Rucksack

    I would like to talk about an overpowered and broken premium item named, Panda Rucksack (lower premium item). This item was available on sale during the Black Friday event. Item description: All stats +10 and a chance of causing 'deep sleep', when being hit. Basically, this item has a high chance of causing deep sleep status when hit by short or long range attack. The reasons why I feel it is overpowered is as follows: Firstly, it causes 'deep sleep'. This status has NO counter to it. It is not the normal sleep status which can be avoided by using something like Gemini-S58 card. Deep sleep cannot be countered or avoided at all. Secondly, the proc rate (the chance of causing deep sleep when being hit), is VERY high. You cannot hit lock someone even for 2-3s without getting inflicted by deep sleep status. For example, lets say there is a paladin wearing panda rucksack. As a sniper (or some other melee based class), I cannot hit-lock him without getting deep sleep several times. Nor can I avoid or counter this status effect. As a suggestion, I would recommend changing the 'Deep sleep' to normal 'sleep' status instead. So that it can be countered by 100% sleep resistance. Also reducing the chance of causing sleep status should be done. Because currently the chance is very high.
  8. Condensed White Potions Question

    I noticed in the Item description for Condensed Whites the Weight says 2 but they actually weigh 5 I didn't see anything about weight change on the wiki so I was wondering if they were functioning correctly?
  9. Hi , I need a guide to build Sinx MVP solo from pros on this server. Medium Cost Build - High Cost Build - Mixed Cost build -
  10. Artisty & Crafting

    up this
  11. Bacon party

    what exactly the bacon party?
  12. Last week
  13. Looking for English Guild

    Hey man, I just restarted about 2 weeks ago, hit me up in game, I'm mainly on FingerYou(Champ) or Sail(SG), More than welcome to come through
  14. la petit atelier

    Art Delivery for Lilia! (1/2) Next up: Sierra's full-body~
  15. Old Limited Premium Items

    Thank you Asteria that is what I was wondering about.
  16. [Maintenance Notes] 2018-03-18

    Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following Fixes Fixed Lhz basement, now leap is disabled Fixed classes disguise being allowed in WoE Castles, now it's disabled, However you may still see yourself as the disguised class Fixed Marine Sphere dropping items in WoE Castles, it shall not drop it anymore Fixed lucky boxer not accepting Dropping bulbasur Fixed Infamy tier 3 not giving Hardened steal Fixed an issued that caused specific players to keep getting muted Updates Zotar Corp have a Take it all option, however it's limited to 25 items per once Chat Filters has taken a place in again Max Stat Exchanger came back again, you may find her at Prontera (136, 231) WoE Kafras shall work as intended again, and annoying effect from WoE Information has been removed Best Regards, RevivalRO Management,
  17. Old Limited Premium Items

    Hi Silver, For the Falling Rose Petals specifically, they were made available during the Black Friday Resale and during our Valentine's Day event. We will be looking into making past seasonals available again so fret not if you missed those two sales!
  18. Old Limited Premium Items

    @Syphon, No sorry I'm not talking about Donor Comp. I'm talking about things such as the Falling Rose Petals that were only sold during the Valentines Event in 2016, I was wondering if they were going to be added to the shop to buy again.
  19. Useful Suggestions

    Just remove limit for @alootid command. It's so ez and it shouldn't be there in the first place
  20. Leap

    I agree to this
  21. Ring Card Bug

    I've tested the Ring cards from IBPC earlier today. when i hit with Nekoring, Cowring and Pandaling (which should reduce my damage by 10%) did around 8,4k per hit. when i tried Greyring, Sapling and Purplering (should not reduce my ranged damage output) i did 500 less damage than the other cards. i'm not sure if that's an actual bug or what's wrong but it seems odd that -10% ranged damage does more than no damage reduction.
  22. Zotar Madness Corp

    How bout putting the Zotar NPC on Tapes?
  23. List of Bugs

    It is aoe 3x3 sit in old server, even in the wiki stated that. Devo+sit stuck already fixed based on old server database.
  24. Old Limited Premium Items

    Hi, Please read this Regards
  25. Old Limited Premium Items

    There was a sale for them? When?
  26. Attention concentrate buff helmet,Grand metaling cards,reconite rings with 3+dex orbs also dex orb in ebony greaves,5%weapon skill along with 3+dex orb in vvest,Okc or aoc in boots.
  27. Stalker build for a 30K DS dmg help needed

    Full dmg built with the least resist needed. changed salem to red necktie. Dmg, dmg always comes first /gg
  28. Old Limited Premium Items

    it depends since u missed sale online but the old donates should still be there.
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