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    Would it be cool if we have Archangel Wing (41869) and heroic backpack (2576) as costume??? Since we already have giant cat bag, so why not if we have another cloak costume...
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  5. Im playing on my android phone. i tried playing it without downloading the full client, no problem. after i download the full client this unknown item bug appear. please help
  6. I was able to install them using a new engine, then I had downgraded to 1.9.6, so that may have been the case for it working for me. But I'm glad it works for you either way!
  7. It worked!! Thank you so much. One thing was strange, though: I did a clean re-installment but when I picked 1.9.6 as my wine engine, it wouldn't succeed in installing any vcruns under winetricks...every try winetricks told me that the process was aborted... I still proceeded just as explained in the tutorial and the game works fine!?
  8. Hey guys! So after a few hours of messing around with WineSack and having the same problems as a couple other people I've figured out the solution for the client crash as you select your server. Under the screen shot in that section, instead of using the 2.2.2 Engine, I downgraded to the 1.9.6 Engine and the game works just fine. I was able to select my server, create a character and enjoy the game on the Mac I was using. I hope this helps everyone out that is trying to use a Mac to enjoy RevivalRO! Just as quick Edit; In each screen shot that the OP has made at the bottom of each one where it says "Wrapper" and "Engine" as long as the Wrapper version is 2.6.2 and the Engine version is 1.9.6 on each step of the way (provided in OP's screen shots) you'll know you're on the right course. Larsvegas mentioned that after a full re-install he wasn't able to install the vcruns but was still able to follow the guide and play the game normally. I was able to install the vcruns by having a newer engine version, then downgrading back to 1.9.6. So both ways will work if you don't feel like the extra step of installing the vcruns.
  9. Has anyone been able to figure a fix when it closes after server select?
  10. En ama_dun01 no puedes pasar el corredor, las puertas en el mapa.
  11. My achievement counter is all back to 0. For example, defeat 100k mobs is back to 0. Is that intended?
  12. Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following. New content New royal operations quests are in place, Emperor's Assassination, Escape The Room, Demonbusters a 3 new instances to try out and get lot of interesting new equipment from. A new set of player commands @discord (To open our discord server), @facebook (To open our facebook group), @instagram (To open our instagram page), @twitter (To open our twitter page), @myaccount (To open account management page), @review (To open our RMS review page) Fixes Achievement system is back again, please report any issues with it! Updates This maintenance marks the end of our Easter events, Easter event exchanger will be spawned soon through a hot patch (would not require server restart) Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO, RevivalRO Management
  13. Ainda estão ativos ? Eu procuro jogadores Br pra formar grupos e tudo mais.
  14. try to give an improvement in the mobile version of the game, improve the controls, because it has hours that gets a little complicated, for example when fighting against a mob of a mvp.
  15. Hi, Android is experimental fully enjoy it on pc!
  16. Take a look at the following links: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Main_Page https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Custom_Equipment there are guides there as well on how work on the custom items.
  17. Hye,is android version got bug? After i'm download the full client and every time im create a new character the newbie pack become unknown item and when i make a sage for example and use auto spell,i always got message telling me weight over 85% and can't use any other skill. I already deleted,clear data and redownload the full patch 3 time but still got the same problem. Hope u can help me solve this problem. Thanks.
  18. I would like to see what are the Custom Items in this server. Can someone help me find that thread or topic for me to check and also I hope there is a guide how to make the quest headgears. Thank you.
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  20. RevivalRO Adventures! The royal family needs your help again: 3 new missions have been added to RDC! 1. Emperor's Assassination Assist Yori in the retrieval of an ancient scroll that belonged to the royal family. General Daehyon stole it and wants to use its power to himself and take control over the capital. General Daehyon is hiding with the scroll! Once the quest has started, walk up the hallway and talk to Yori. He'll give you instructions on how to break the seals of his room. General Daehyon's guards will try to stop you! Defeat them to take down their barricades. The seals are defended by elemental Guardians, defeat them and examine the statues in order to proceed! Head to the middle to stop General Daehyon from unleashing the power of the scroll!!! Rewards Kusanagi [Dagger] [0] [Ninja, Gunslinger, Taekwon classes, Super Novice] 10% resistance against near-range attacks. Flee + 30 Perfect dodge + 4 Attack speed -10% Empire Insigna [Accessory] [1] [Every job] Physical damage +5% STR and AGI +5 Hit -15 Enable the use of Lv 1 Sight. Wu Xing [Katar] [1] [Assassin] Increases attack +5% per refine. Increases STR and AGI by 1 per refine. Ignores defense of boss type monsters by 10% per refine. +10% damage to all elemental property except neutral. Splash damage 4x4 cell, loses this effect when a card is attached. Breach of Faith [One-Handed Sword] [1] [Knight, Assassin] Increases damage by 10% when using Fire, Water, Wind and Earth properties. If refine > 6: +40% ATK. If refine > 9: ignores the defense of boss type monster and increases damage to all race except demi-human by 20%. Splash damage 4x4 cell, loses this effect when a card is attached. 2. Escape The Room You suddenly wake up in a room... No idea how you got there. Someone is controlling you through some crystals. Are you being experimented on...? Prove yourself by finding all the crystals through a maze. Find the way out of the maze! Will she deem you worthy to leave? Rewards: Ghostly Moss [Consumable] Gives 20% resistance against Ghost for 20 minutes. Increases Flee by 5% for 20 minutes. Gives Reverse Orcish when used. Holy Celestial Axe [Axe] [3] [Swordman, Merchant classes] STR +10 AGI -10 Hit +50 Chance to Curse the wielder when attacking. Chance to cast Hammer Fall skill when physically attacking. Increases physical damage against Demi-Human by 2% each refine. Erebus' Curse [Shield] [0] [All Jobs] INT +10 Perfect dodge -20 Increase Matk by 1% per refine Increase damage received from all sources by 10%. When refined to +10, adds a small chance to cast level 1 Mind Breaker on yourself when using a magic skill. Slottable through Socket Enchantment. Bagh Nakh [Knuckles] [2] [Monk] STR +10 DEX +5 Ignores defense of Demi-Human by (50+refine level*4)% Increases Atk by 4% per refine. Increases damage of Finger Offensive by 20%. Decreases walking speed by 10%. If base INT status is 150 or higher: Adds small chance to cast Gentle Touch-Energy Gain on self when attacking. Costume: There is... Something... 3. Demonbusters According to a report, some kind of disaster happened... Help a lost soul regain his body after he lost it to inner demons. Help a lost soul activate a spell to track his body! The switch is hidden in the statues... Defeat the demons that the spell lures out! Once the spell works, fight Seth to exorcise him! Rewards: Seth's Wrath [Accessory] [1] [All jobs] Int +1 Dex +2 Matk +5% Adds a chance to auto-cast various skills when hitting with physical attacks. [Seth's Accessories set] Extra skills may be casted. Increase damage to demi-human by 3%. Seth's Pride [Accessory] [1] [All jobs] Mdef +5 +5% Resist to Holy Element. Adds a chance to auto-cast various skills when being hit with physical attacks. [Seth's Accessories set] Extra skills may be casted. Increase damage to demi-human by 3%. Raok Runestone [Book] [1] [Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Sage, Priest] Enchanted with Holy Property. STR +10 INT +10 If refine is 5 or higher • Atk +10% • Matk +10% If refine is 7 or higher • Ignores MDEF of boss-type monsters by 60% • Ignores DEF of boss-type monsters by 60% If refine is 9 or higher • Increase Magic Damage done to Boss-type monster by 50% • Increase Physical Damage done to Boss-type monsters by 50% • Increase Magic damage against demi-humans by 35% • Increase Physical damage against demi-human by 35% Unholy Whip [Whip] [2] [Dancer] Increases LUK and DEX by 1 per refine. Reduces physical damage received by (Musical Lesson level / 2)% Increases damage done by 4% * refine to all races. Attack speed -10%. If the refine is +10 or higher, gives Tarot Card of Fate an extra cell of Area of Effect. Wearer can’t be linked. Haunted Guitar [Instrument] [2] [Bard] Increases LUK and DEX by 1 per refine. Reduces magical damage received by (Musical Lesson level / 2)% Increases damage done by 4% * refine to all races. Attack speed -10%. If the refine is +10 or higher, gives Tarot Card of Fate an extra cell of Area of Effect. Wearer can’t be linked.
  21. Price check for +8 +9 and +10 Alligator set
  22. Hello starlights! Do you have any criticism, opinions or suggestions about the game? If yes, it's now your time to shine ⭐ Welcome to the May (and first!) player council call~ > What is the player council? For you, it's a chance to give us 1 on 1 constructive criticism, tell us your opinions or suggestions, and get your voice heard! For us, it's a chance to receive feedback directly from you and have your opinion in mind when discussing about the server~ > Are there any requirements to apply? Anyone can apply, as long as they're willing to share their opinions in a mature and civil way. If you just want to cry or randomly complain at us, this isn't the place to do it. We want it to be an useful conversation between player and gm that will help the game go forward. > How does it work, exactly? Apply with this >form< and give us the required info. The number of people we pick depends on how many people apply and how many we feel we need. We'll pick players and contact you through Discord or in game to decide on when to recall you. If you don't get picked once, you can also reapply in future player council calls! Once you get recalled by us, you'll have some time to give your feedback to us face to face, and it will then be taken into account and discussed among the staff. You can reapply anytime, but we will give priority to players who haven't been picked yet. Also, some calls may be general, and some may have a particular topic (i.e. woe). > Notes If you apply, get chosen and then recalled just to troll, there will be punishments. As already stated, we just want it to be a nice and useful conversation for the both of us. The applications will close on Thursday 23 May at 11:59 pm server time. We're looking forward to your applications!
  23. Nebula

    WoE Gears and you

    Hi, We think you made some good points, and we're taking them into account when discussing about this. With the introduction of the new woe coin system as well, we will adjust the prices in the WoE shop accordingly, to improve it and make it more fair. Thank you for sharing your opinion!
  24. Dear Ema, and all. Pointing fingers isn't gonna help. Whoever coded it is to be blamed. He accepts his mistake, be the better person and forgive and forget and move on. Whoever tried to abuse it ofcourse knew the situation was in error, so obviously this was done either for profit or just for fun. Doesnt matter. As true as it is that it was the coders fault, being tempted to spam boxes isn't a wrong thing, but having malicious intent while trading or costuming that stuff and all is morally and ethically wrong. Whoevers fault it may be, it is upto each and every person to realize how strong is their moral Fibre, also it is upto to rule makers how to treat the rule breakers, punish them or just undo the damage and make sure the thing doesn't repeat. Whereas a light rap on the knuckles like a one or two day ban is completely at the discretion of the rule makers, it's a gray area on if it should be needed or not. Let's not mix issues here with other balances and stuff and to be in point, try to implement things on Thor like you did it earlier before releasing it onto the most popular server like loki. I'm sure people would love to test out stuff as they have in the past and will help the server grow in a positive way and without hiccups and such stuff which make your life harder than it already is for you. Im sure you have got these suggestions from other too, but I dont wanna assume and share. You guys are doing an outstanding job otherwise, just don't rush things. Be cool. Have fun. GG.
  25. I understand your position, though I really believe punishment was necessary. The bug did exist and yes it is our fault and we're sorry about it. Even so, a bug needs to be reported, especially if it's something this big like around 20 people receiving from 100 to 150 donor boxes. The abuse did happen too. The banned players sold the donor boxes or turned the headgears into costumes for profit. A rollback fixes the issue, not their behavior. They didn't let us know so if, for whatever reason, another GM and I weren't online at that moment, or if the two kind players who reported this didn't report it, it would've been gone unnoticed. I hope you understand.
  26. \m/ Mel. \m/ ' you guys code it, roll back and punish who abuse, item are gone cause of rollback ' unbanned my acc too please. my Disciple can I have my woe coins from last woe please. its been 2/3months I didn't get full woe set.
  27. I edited the public statement in which i admit was a unprofessional and lack of apology is fixed, now regards the punishment, we've been lean on players for so long, they do their best trying to abuse the system and we hold logs and evidence on it, players believe that there's no moral responsibility on them towards other players or the system, therefore this punishment is purely based on fact that players shall never abuse the system on purpose and learn to report instead of troll. the punishment we gave to the players (2 days of ban), is a simple warning in hope for the community later to understand the moral responsibility that on them. We're aware that for few times we released stuff that was not well tested and had a lot of issues, and we're sorry for this, we're currently doing heavy testing on each release, unfortunately the WoE Coins system did not go through it cause we wanted it to be released before Wednesday's WoE.
  28. Ok, first of all, I am aware that "abusing" this situation by using the donor boxes is bad. People should had been smart enough to see that something gone TOTALLY wrong. None the less, if we learned something, then that everyone is a idiot. I'm also ok with the action of a total roll back, to avoid bigger issues. Now to the thing that actually piss me off and I am not even effected by the whole situation. (lol) " as we always expect from our players to abuse everything at every possible chance "; ok first off, where the fuck is the apology for the whole situation going down? Don't act like it is the player base fault. YOU guys coded it, the game gave these people these boxes. Yes, it was dumb from the most people to take advantage of it, but still. The players didn't ask for that, nor did anyone done something illegal. Second of all, why the fuck do you guys consider still a punishment??? The server rolled back, all items or whatever obtained from the boxes are GONE. Hiding is shady, yes. But you guys plan on basically punish people for a crime that isn't even existing anymore. Welps. To maybe end it on a bit more positive note. Coding and scripting is hard, especially if only one person is doing it. And the server badly needs progress. But stop rush implementing features that in the end cause more damage then good. Well, idk. kthxbai.
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