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    RevivalRO Starters Guide

    1)You can reset your location on the website and type @go 15 next to you there is a Novice Freebie NPC from whom you can Claim your Free Items. i cant get this reward.
  3. Syphon

    How to register Revival RO?

    Just click this link : https://ragnarevival.com/register 🤣
  4. Inugami

    How to register Revival RO?

    Go to https://ragnarevival.com/ , Click the icon in the top right corner that says login and at the bottom of the menu there is an option to register an account
  5. why can't I register the ragnarok revival? is the Ragnarok revival closed?
  6. Last week
  7. At Kiel Hyre cottage quest second floor ,options doesn't pop up at liquor kabinet -(medicine chest) (step 22 ) also first floor , sword hilt options do not appear , I am stuck (step 23) can't pass to secret room
  8. Time Keeper Event Back in the time before the war between the Humans and Monsters, they extremely powerful which led the them to get exhausted and lost most of their abilities and power. However, the time keeper has come to Rune-Midgard and it will use its power to summon ancient powerful beings from the old ages. The age when monsters and humans were immensely strong before all these wars. The bosses may look and sound familiar, but they’re nothing like the ones you have known or remembered. We're in dire need of champions to kill them and they will drop rare and and powerful treasures unlike the ones we know. The time keeper would spawn a Mega Boss every 3 hours and announce the Mega Boss name and its spawn map. The top 3 damage dealers will be rewarded with a Megaboss Champion Box and players nearby the Mega Boss will also be rewarded with a Megaboss Box. So make sure to deal the most damage to the mega boss! Everyone in the Mega Boss spawn map will be rewarded with 5 pancakes. The Megaboss Box will give the chance of getting ONE random item, Pancakes, Bubblegum, Event Point Coin, Safe Refine Ticket 5 - 7, OR one of these costumes: The Champion Megaboss Box will give the chance of getting EITHER Pancakes, Bubblegums, Event Point Coins, Safe Refine Ticket 8 - 10, Megabosss Box, one of these costumes or the costumes from the normal box, OR one of the equipments from the new and exclusive Champion Box equipment set. * The event has been extended until 23rd of October! Fixes Wickebine's Black Cat Ears trade restriction is fixed now Costume: Arcane Protection and Costume: Bunny Backpack and Costume: Heart Earmuffs wear location has been fixed Thanatos Sword wearing conditions is now corrected Uncle Sam holy effect is now fixed Fixed a problem in where people would get stuck in prt_fild08 Updates Game Center is now 3vs3 teams instead of 5vs5 Best Regards, RevivalRO Management,
  9. Mr Red

    Got this error.. Please help. TQ

    Module Name: C:\Users\User\Downloads\Compressed\RevivalRO\revival.exe Time Stamp: 0x56d3fbac - Mon Feb 29 16:05:00 2016 Exception Type: 0xe06d7363 0x768a4dbd KERNELBASE.dll 0x718e9863 MSVCR110.dll 0x7192a25b MSVCR110.dll 0x0047dca7 revival.exe 0x006df5fd revival.exe 0x0066e70a revival.exe 0x7640919f KERNEL32.DLL 0x7707a8cb ntdll.dll 0x7707a8a1 ntdll.dll eax: 0x0f77fb48 ebx: 0x2b55aec0 ecx: 0x00000003 edx: 0x00000000 esi: 0x0000028d edi: 0x0000000c ebp: 0x0f77fba0 esp: 0x0f77fb48 stack 0f77fb48 - 0f77ff48 0F77FB48 : 63 73 6D E0 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BD 4D 8A 76 0F77FB58 : 03 00 00 00 20 05 93 19 E8 FB 77 0F 48 74 8F 71 0F77FB68 : 0C 00 00 00 4E 34 29 6F E4 FB 77 0F B8 FB 77 0F 0F77FB78 : 00 88 41 00 C4 FB 77 0F 00 D8 B8 50 78 8E C9 07 0F77FB88 : E4 FB 77 0F 00 00 00 00 AE 07 3B 97 D0 FD 77 0F 0F77FB98 : 58 C3 29 6F AE 0A 8F E4 D8 FB 77 0F 63 98 8E 71 0F77FBA8 : 63 73 6D E0 01 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 CC FB 77 0F 0F77FBB8 : 63 73 6D E0 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0F77FBC8 : 03 00 00 00 20 05 93 19 E8 FB 77 0F 48 74 8F 71 0F77FBD8 : F8 FB 77 0F 5B A2 92 71 E8 FB 77 0F 48 74 8F 71 0F77FBE8 : 38 76 8F 71 C4 51 8E 71 00 FC 77 0F C4 51 8E 71 0F77FBF8 : DC FD 77 0F A7 DC 47 00 FF FF FF FF EF 27 82 35 0F77FC08 : 98 19 E3 00 38 6D 5E 3B C4 19 E3 00 30 00 00 00 0F77FC18 : 00 00 20 00 03 00 00 00 48 39 C6 05 50 6E 5E 3B 0F77FC28 : 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B4 62 B1 27 04 00 00 00 0F77FC38 : 00 00 00 00 28 50 A2 2A 00 39 C6 05 C0 AE 55 2B Launch Info 00A4 01A8 01A8 01A8 01A8 01A8 01A8 01A8 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 Job : Lord Knight payon.rsw 158 145 Renderer.cpp 688
  10. JaiBro

    Cannot Start The Game

    Done, unfortunately no effect at all.
  11. Syphon

    Cannot Start The Game

    Goto setup try without sound see if that has any effect!
  12. Syphon

    Is this server still alive?

    Hi, We are now RevivalRO this is what happened ! we doing great server is very lively! Regards
  13. Syphon

    Revival APP Updated!

    Hi Revival Friends We have updated the RevivalRO App here is the following information about the changes! Download New Version ( Changes & Upgrades & Fixes ) - Fixed font colors issue on devices with light color themes - Fixed compatibility with Hercules PACKETVER >= 20171207 (packets 0xae4, 0xae5, 0xaf0) - Fixed NPCs with ID > 10178 displaying as porings) - Support for displaying BMP/SIGNBOARD signs from signboardlist.lub - Changed soft wraps in overhead boards from word-based to letter-based - Fixed bug that caused game resources to be re-downloaded each app launch (since v226) - Increased max.stat and free status points display limit - Fixed cash shop icon position - Increased item db cache speed - Added option to delete corrupted Thor files and to copy their names - Added option to copy resource names of "resource not found" exceptions (to send them to server GMs) - max_guildpositions setting is no longer needed. Guild positions list now has dynamic length - Status window is now displayed below "..." menu button to allow pressing on AGI - Fixed file corruption when resuming existing files download from file servers with GZIP support - Increased full client download speed from HTTP file servers with GZIP support - GRF caching speed increased. - Changed error when loading skill effect LUA files to non-fatal - Fixed crash on some servers with changequest - Added "disable_doram_creation" clientinfo tag - Changed default client directory to the default Android directory for app files - Fixed full client download not supporting resume for servers with GRFs in subfolders - Improved HTTP file server support. Now support file lists. Details - Added "fileserver_filelist_url" clientinfo tag - Fixed Doram skill tree being not visible - Fixed instant "failed to connect to master-server" on certain devices - Support for Star Gladiator's Feel message box / reply - Attempt to fix server selection double tap leading to double server data initialization - Support for ITEM and NAVI tag in script messages (navi will just print target location tooltip though) - Fixed some quest log related crashes, implemented "0x8fe quest objectives list" and "0x9f9 addquest" packets support - Fixed resources not being repacked into GRF when using own HTTP file server - Added enforce_login_background_id clientinfo.xml setting (to support force first/second login background NEMO setting) - Changed error when failed to load robe from RobeNameTable_Eng lua file to non-fatal - Fixed resume full client download not working for certain servers - Support for "shared_body_palettes_type2" setting of NEMO - Support for new 2018 dropitem, friendlist and solvecharname packets - Improved Doram support (can now create Doram, also fixed sprite display) - fixed crash related to quest window in certain client versions - fixed quest window not properly displaying quest description - enabled reading item links - maximized chat window can now be scrolled and supports clicks on item links
  14. JaiBro

    Cannot Start The Game

    Hello Guys, everytime i start the game there are nothing happens and the application completely vanish. Appreciate if you could provide any solution on the following issue. Thank You!
  15. Hey There! Im Jai, mostly main on my LK (Bang Sawan) and Paladin (Jai) and used to woe with Fallen Assassin (FA) and BlackSword (BS). Quitted for almost 4 years straight, suddenly got some youtube video recommendations about Ragnarok and wanted to give it a try. Just wanna ask if this server still worth to p(l)ay for? is WoE still a thing here? and what happend to RebirthRo server? Thank you!
  16. Guest

    bowman scroll error

    i click the bowman scroll and i got error.
  17. Lucid

    A new dreamy being has arrived~!

    Thank you! C;
  18. Earlier
  19. hello, I just donated 25 euros before 16th September, will i still get the donor box? and where to claim it? Thank you 😃
  20. Greetings Everyone, Time Keeper Event Back in the time before the war between humans and other races they were stronger which led to Monsters and Humans get exhausted lose most of their abilities and power, however. The time keeper is coming to Rune-Midgard and it will use it power to summon bosses from the old ages, the ages where monsters and humans were real strong before all this wars, those bosses may look and sound familiar but they’re nothing like you may know or remember, they will need tens of players to kill them and they would drop rare and unexpected items unlike their known weak versions. The time keeper would spawn a mega boss every 3 hours and announce the mega boss name and their spawn map, the top 3 damage dealers would be rewarded with a special lucky box, and everyone around the mega boss would also rewarded a different lucky box, both of them rewards a special costumes, while the champions one have a 3 exclusive costumes, so make sure to deal the most damage to the mega boss! 1- The possible costumes form the normal box 2- And from the Champion boxes that drops for Top 3 damage dealers they may also get Donor Box update & Promotion! From 16th of September and until 24th of September, Enjoy a double Donor Box promotion, now for every 25 euros donated you will get a donor box instead of 50 euros! Also enjoy a new Exclusive donor box costume! The Ice Dragon Best Regards, RevivalRO Management,
  21. Tomson

    A new dreamy being has arrived~!

    Welcome to RevivalRo, Hope you have fun!
  22. I am the newly hired GM for the RevivalRO. My name is Lucid and I'm a person with vast and wild imagination! I have the power to manipulate dreams and alter reality - both mine and yours. So be careful with what you wish for and I hope you sleep well at night~ I would love to discuss about just anything, so feel free to find me in game or on Discord if you need any assistance. Don't be afraid, i won't bite...yet. C; Your beautiful nightmare, Lucid
  23. Guest

    RevivalRO Installation Guide

    Just a question, I have an account wayback on RebirthRO. Can I still use it?
  24. Boss is signing off for the night, gnight folks-.

  25. So the suggestion is: -to fix the stat once the armor is enchanted the first time, (from the Enchantress NPC, The NPC is located near the south gate of Prontera (prontera 165, 60)) , and then enable the armor stat enchantment to be stack-able. Assume the stat is a random given, for 400k. If that random stat is needed by the player, then there is 3 possible outcomes after 400k spent, 1st try another 400k on +0 stat Armor Class Chance of Success +1 +2 +3 Overall Unslotted 40% 26.67% 13.33% 80% Slotted 36% 24% 12% 72% High Grade 32.73% 21.82% 10.91% 65.46% 2nd try another 400k on +1 Armor Class Chance of Success +1 +2 +3 Overall Unslotted 100% 46.67% 33.33% 80% Slotted 100% 42% 30% 72% High Grade 100% 38.185% 27.275% 65.46% 3rd try another 400k on +2 Armor Class Chance of Success +2 +3 Overall Unslotted 100% 80% 80% Slotted 100% 72% 72% High GradeX 100% 65.46% 65.46% What I did was half the % chance of the +1 or +3, and split the divi among the remaining two % chances, the chance of breaking would remain the same, because some ppl bust on first attempt, which means that same chance would apply for 2nd attempt, as would it apply for the 3rd attempt, making it kinda refining that stat bonus in a way. So 1)after 400k is spent only 1 instance for making a)+1 stat enchanted armors b)or +2stat c)or +3stat 2)or after 800k is spent and there are now only 2 instances for a)+2 stat enchanted armors b)or +3stat 3)then 1.2m is spent there is now 3 instances for a player to make a a)+3 stat enchanted armors So a)spent 1.2mil, b)800k, c)400k to obtain +3 stat armor also note that on each try there is the 'same' chance of busting, because the 'same' 400k was spent for each attempt at stat enchanting the armor the chance of success rate for enchanting armor should not change, because it requires the same cost per enchantment, and after its been +3 stat enchanted, then note that you can work on refining that armor, so more +3 stat armor available, but refining the armor has another chance breaking the armor, So, the price of stat enchanted armor will drop quite literally, and unfair dealings for that market will cease to play out, For example, 400k does not gain you a fortune, if your lucky, or using the slot machine method, and non+3 stat enchanted armor, will have more purpose than being stored in storage, or NPCed to make room in storage, Depending on what stat is enchanted on the armor, can be sold for more than 400k+(the relative cost of the armor), even the non+3 stat enchanted armors, are defined by the 'fixed stat' boost enchantment, for example, if its enchanted with STR, the STR counter will only add for every stat enchantment, up to +3STR enchantment for armor, and this should lead to less hassle for acquiring the stat that you want, and stacking means you can focus on the stat that you desire. (and also reminder, that refine rate will reset for every stacking of stat enchantments, so make sure its +3 stat enchanted armor before refining,) I want to see some +7 +3 stat enchanted armors in the future now, If you like this idea, please +1 and add a comment for extra support!! and thank you all for reading-! You've been a wonderful audience~!
  26. Guest

    RevivalRO Installation Guide

    It works! Thank you so much!
  27. its more about the timing, than it is the probability or luck, don't use a bot, don't speed click, go slow and steady, and do it manually, bring atleast 4x the zeny, required for slotting, and bring atleast 4x the number of ekips, bring atleast 4x the elunium or oridecon for socket enchantment, I did 2 panties in 5 tries, on xenophase, So yaah, the slotted gears should become cheaper too now, so your welcome everybody-!!
  28. Welcome to revival! regards
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