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    http://www.ohsnapitsdave.com/ Hey, just showing my "awesome" work here. Just a photography hobbyist.
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    Herro Pros ~ Finished the commission/gift for @Sierra
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    Hello! Although our guild recruits internationally, we do have quite a few NA players here. Feel free to PM me in game (IGN: Miou) if you still have not found a guild yet! Sorry for the late reply ~ [Edit] Representing Salt & Pepper Guild
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    Greetings, During this maintenance we've dispatched the monthly donor rewards, feel free to start claiming it; we also done the following! NPC Changes Lucky Boxer is back at prontera 142 228 Loyal Player NPC is back at Geffen, claimable up to 5 year of rewards. (5th year being effective after 15th Febuary 2018) Loyal Player NPC now gives the correct rewards for 4th and 5th year Added a Repair NPC inside the MVP room. Bacon NPC no longer has any delay when you trade in bacons. All items should be listed instantly. Utan Kid should be fixed and no longer jail players if they fail the macro check. Fix the issue with costumer not returning certain headgears when traded in with not enough points. Fixed issue where costumer may accept non-headgear items and replaces it with wrong items Monthly Premium Reward gives Bloody Card Album as base reward instead of Premium Costume Box Item Fix Cursed water should display the correct buff element and timers. Ahura Mazdah and Angra Manyu is now un-breakable. Costume: Falling Money is now un-tradable. Jazz-Ring Now gives 9% more ASPD and -9% After delay cast (5th year loyalty reward) System Fix Fix server not announcing when player acquires the below MVP cards: IBPC MVPs HOA MVPs Fix possible cheat ways in Zombie Ate My Novice event! Content Changes Itty Bitty Poring City All the poring MVPs have their own individual separate spawn timers now. Meaning all 7 poring MVPs can spawn at one time. Their respawn timer starts on the death of each MVP itself, has no link with other MVPs in the map. All MVPs should be spawning randomly in the map without a fixed area location. Biolab 4th Floor Breaking the Seal quest requirement to unlock Biolab4 is lowered to 50 times from 250. Donation pool limit for antiques increased: Zeny Limit to 25000 Million and Credits to 50000 premium Points. (Limited Premium Points won’t be usable) Constable Nobber now shows the current amount of donations from the max limit. Chief Constable Charles only starts receiving donations when Biolab4 is opened and stop when biolab4 closes.
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