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    Sup everyone!! I just got a guild, and I am looking for fun people to join me. So that we can play it together and get stronger. Please do feel free to contact me, or add me in game. In Game Name: FuiJin1998
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    Greetings! I think this is already the third day I am posting here on general discussions. Today I want us to talk about how we can improve the daily Eden quests on Eden group. Many of us might have noticed that some of the tasks for the quest are just close to impossible to accomplish. What could be those tasks' objective? Some of them are: Kill <amount> [bio 4 MVP name] - extermination Kill <amount> [IBPC MVP] - extermination Bring <amount> [item (sometimes MVP drop)] - accumulation Bring <refine #> [item from crafting/tailoring/metalworking (which mats are difficult to get such as soft wool, hardened steel, andalusite, asteria)] - supply Fish <amount> [fish name] - Angling Those were just some of the quests that could be replaced with other more doable for all players. Some of the things I can suggest to improve them are: For extermination, since some tasks require MVP to be killed either ask the players to kill those from the MVP rooms or to kill certain MVPs from maps but make the number of times required compatible to the respawn time of the MVPs. For accumulation, especially when the item asked for is a drop from an MVP (i.e. skoll MVP item drop) they could ask like 3 pcs or up to 5 pcs since we players also have to time the spawn of the MVP or buy them from other players. Also, as for angling let's keep in mind that not all players are into fishing. More so, the amount of shekels we need to get the best rods are way too high and most fishes are only 1-2 shekels. Fishes are also only caught on certain areas that need certain levels and fishing takes so much time as well. Maybe we can talk about this in another post. Finally as for supply, maybe equips/weapons/items asked from the artistry and crafting system could still be asked for, however we need to take note that items of higher refine should not be asked as they are expensive and sometimes hard to make due to the random refine they came out as output. Perhaps for the rings asked the refine should be 0-3 and as for equipment or weapons, the refine should be 0-6 as it would be too much to ask perhaps of an Hardened steel breastplate +9 just for pieces of paradise. I hope that these concerns will be looked into very carefully and the solutions and suggestions be thoroughly considered. I would love to hear more from others their thoughts and opinions about this matter 😊 Let's make RevivalRO more fun and enjoyable for all ^.^
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    hi can i join? im about 1month old in this server
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    Nice. Let's see if you can pull more members. I'd be happy to join. Sadly, I switch with different characters so can't be online with a single one for long. EDIT: this means I'm not sure which character of mine should join the guild. And also for what purpose 😛
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    Hi, I am about 2 weeks old in the server (played RebirthRO from 2011-2015 though). I have yet to join a guild. How many members do you have now? I'm planning to join a guild to avail the guild pack (minimum of 15 players I think).
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