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    *can we have the suggestion thread back please ty qq* Anywayssss. Since we got December and Christmas is felt like tomorrow, we also got back our lovely events and the Gift farming. For farming those the server supplies us with premium gears that have Latent effects, which per wiki stated (on the item Christmas Box): will drop a box by chance on 24th and 25th. On Christmas and it's eve. My suggestion be: extend the Latent effect over the whole December. While from a more stance it makes sense, from a practical stance it's pretty dumb. Most people have no time to farm with those gears on a holiday you are suppose to spend your time with your family. It might also make people want to buy those gears (when they are on sale), since they can benefit from them longer then 2 days. Kthxbai.
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    In game, right beside the tool dealer housr in prontera. I think Eden mall had the npc too.
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