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  1. Hey everyone, Today I'm writing this announcement in a less formal manner than i usually do after all it's not a formal announcement in a way. today marks my last day in RevivalRO, I've been the root admin for the server for a little bit over 2 years after the unfortunate coup event from the previous admin, RevivalRO being the successor of RebirthRO marks a very long journey of over 13 years of service making it one of the oldest and most notable ragnarok servers and it was such an honor serving this server for this period, but with every journey in real life or virtual life it has to end at some point and I've chosen to end it now and start in a new journey. with this said, RevivalRO will keep operating completely fine and normal, Syphon as the owner will ensure everything going smoothly and soon you will be hearing from a new root admin, so don't worry, it might be my journey ending but most certainly not yours! Now as a final words I'd love to give out a shout out to all of the staff, current and previous it was such a pleasure meeting you all and working with you, and for players I wanna give a big shout out to @gcq Connor and surprisingly @Tomson, gcq had always given us amazing ideas, bug reports contributions and most notably community contributions! for Connor I just admire his bug reports it gave me goosebumps, and finally for Tomson while he might be a serious trouble maker, annoying and everyone might hate him but he is a true sweetheart and has such a white heart. Thank you all, I hope you keep enjoying RevivalRO! ❤️
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