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    Hello everyone! The time has come for another Art Event - Hey look! That's my art!! In this event, we are welcoming everyone to submit artworks with a possibility to have your art featured in-game or for RevivalRO websites. We are looking into 3 categories for the artworks; Card art, Login or Loading Screen art, and General art. Card art For this category, you may look in game for monster cards without existing art and submit an artwork for it. To see whether a card has any existing art, you can right click the card and click the 'View' button on the top left corner of the box and you will see a 'Sorry now printing' sign. If you happen not to have the card, you may for example, @ii purplering card and @id 51867 to check the card. Login/loading screen art There is no specific theme for this category. The image should be sized to 1280 x 960 or higher. The server name 'RevivalRO' should be included in the art. General art There is no specific theme or even size for this category. Artworks submitted under this category may be in form of banners or background for our patcher or any other general art that does not fall under the previous two categories. Feel free to submit any kind of artworks under this category. Rewards for each category: 1st Place: Costume: Artist Hat + 30 Event Points 2nd Place: 20 Event Points 3rd Place: 10 Event Points * Additional prizes may be added. Subject to number of participants and quality of entries. All participants will receive: 5 Community Points + 50 Pancakes One overall winner by community vote will be rewarded with 'Famous Artist' for in-game achievement title. Worthy artworks will get a chance to negotiate artwork value with the Staff Team. How to participate: 1. Post your artworks under this topic. Artworks posted elsewhere will not be counted. 2. When posting your artwork, please include: Title and short description for the artwork Which category your art goes to Your IGN in your post so we can easily contact and send the prizes to all participants. Rules and requirements: 1. Each person may submit multiple artworks and under different categories. 2. Be as creative as you can, be but it MUST be an ORIGINAL artwork of yours and has not been used elsewhere. 3. Artwork submitted has to be in digital form. If it's hand-drawn, it has to be scanned. 4. Fully coloured artworks are preferred. However, black-and-white or sketches are also welcomed. 5. Sexually suggestive arts are not allowed. 6. This event lasts until 25th June 2020 23:59 server time Disclaimer: By submitting your artworks, you are considered to authorize them to be used by the server in any of their forms for in-game or promotional purposes. Proper credits will be given to the artists. If you do not agree to this term, please do not submit your artworks.
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