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    Hello everyone! With every beginning, there is an end. So is my term as a GM for RevivalRO. I have had great time along with the other GMs serving for the community. For that, I thank Crystalline and Optimus Prime a.k.a Oppi for taking me into the team. My most gratitude goes especially to Oppi for his patience and understanding throughout my time with the team. Leo and Tea, you guys are the best partners I could've asked for. Thank you. Fruity, we still miss you. Pure, I really appreciate all of your effort and time, especially during my absence. Things can get hard at times, but I believe you guys can pull through. Also Pure, sorry our wedding didn't happen *cough cough*. Consider me as a runaway groom. Last but not the least, I want to thank all of you, our players, for all of your support throughout my service, be it through participating in events we host or just through common and random chats we had. With every end, there will also be a new beginning. Please continue to support our ever evolving RevivalRO. Respect and be kind to our Admins, GMs and future trainees. These are the people who have been chosen for their passion for the server and its community. They are those who choose to dedicate a portion of their time and effort to make RevivalRO a fun and fair place for all. Therefore, please show them your love and support as it means a lot to them. With that, I bid you all farewell. Good luck and all the best with what you are doing and also take care and be safe. - Not.
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    1) 2 Pancaring card would give 2 rolls, not kind of stack to double the rate, but 2 chances at same rate, similar with pancaring pet, so 3 rolls at same rate 2) It's less, consider it < 1% 3) You get Donor box every 50 Euros.
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