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    Sorry for the inconvenience. Click the right link below.
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    Greetings Everyone, Since the reset of the server we announced that we will refund all donations from date September 2017 until December 2017, a part of that we're re-releasing Black Friday sales, so those users and old donors can re-participate the sales. You will be able to use LPP and PP during this sales, and items won't be refundable. The Black Friday sales will be available From 11th Of February until 12th of February All day long, you will be able to access the black Friday selling rooms through Black Friday NPC which will be placed in (prontera 156 232) Edit 9th of February 2018: Due to balance concerns the Woodland Topper and Avian Farmer will be 1 per account and rental for 30 days for the price of 10c, we also did another review and lowered some prices and fixed over priced items. The following is the table of Black Friday items, we will put full preview of all headgears soon! Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    This guide is only intended for Mac users hence the Title. I will not be replying to anything related/ based on Windows. If you need a Windows guide. I’m sure Mr. Tommy can help you with that https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/66-revivalro-installation-guide/ Alright enough blabbering. Requirements A copy of the full client/RO Folder. Why you ask? The installation setup does not work with my method. Therefore we need a zipped/compressed version that we can extract to a specific location. You can get the Full Client zip here http://cdn.ragnarevival.com/RevivalRO.zip Installation Wineskin Just a Fancy GUI that will make your life easier and allow you to bundle together your windows based applications to run with wine. This is whats gonna allow you to play RevivalRO on a Mac. Not gonna go into too much detail here. That’s why we have google. To Download head over to their site http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php Unzip it and drag it over to your applications Now you should be able to see wineskin winery in your launchpad. Now launch Wineskin Winery and you should have something looking like this Update the wrapper version and install Next you need to install the engine/version of wine to use click on the big + button and make sure you have selected the same version I have. Download & Install After downloading/installing, it should now look like this Create a new blank wrapper Call it w.e you’d like You’ll then get a popup asking to allow/accept incoming connections. Allow it. Now we need to navigate to the folder where our wrapper was created press SHIFT+CMD+G Replace my name/home folder with the name of your Home folder. Right click on the wrapper and show package contents Launch/double click on wineskin Click Install software Choose copy a folder inside option Now it’s time to copy over the RO folder. Like I stated before the setup installation won’t work with my method. Therefore download the zipped version linked on this guide and unzip/extract it on your Mac. Navigate to where you downloaded/extracted your RO folder once you’ve clicked on the copy a folder inside option. Now give it time to copy the folder and all its files. When it’s done a window will popup asking you to choose an executable file here you will pick Revival Patcher.exe Click -> OK you’ll be back to the previous window Here you’ll click on the Advance option Click on set screen options and uncheck Auto detect GPU info for Direct3D -> Done Now we have to install some Microsoft redistributable packages required to run RO Head-over to the Tools tab and click on winetricks under the utilities section On this window click on the update winetricks button -> OK -> then go over to the dlls dropdown section Look for vcrun2008, vcrun2010, vcrun2012 & vcrun2013 and have them checked/ticked then -> Run and go through each installation process. Now click the close button and you should be back on the previous window Tab back over to the options section and check/tick -> Option key works as Alt Now we're set but not quite We now have to choose our graphic device and adjust our resolution through the setup. It is now possible to launch the setup via the RevivalRO Patcher. It's a nice feature/addon without the hassle or the need to change the executable every time you want to adjust your resolution. Lets play Now you should be able to launch the wrapper through spotlight or launchpad If your function keys are not working how you intended/hoped for you may need to go to your System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> ( Here you might need to uncheck/configure some shortcuts So that your function keys can work in RevivalRO like they should ) You might also need to adjust your mouse pointer/tracking speed to your liking when in game. I'll assume you know how to do that. Side Notes As of now you’ll only be able to have one instance/client running This Guide will get updated soon for dual clienting so stay tuned for that but you should at least be able to run/play RevivalRO now. The experience will ofc be different on a Mac and you’ll have to setup shortcuts in game for certain things that just work on windows by default. Support Feel free to PM on here or on discord I prefer discord I’m rarely on the forums My username Avian#6458
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    I made this guide as i noticed no one was doing port malay instances so to encourage them i wrote this,Port Malay instances mainly focuses on philipines folktale. I believe in my Opinion It's an all rounder class in with various uses in PvP,and MvP,Sinx has one of the highest damage output compared to many other classes thats why its preferred by most of the people,It is also Quick and Cloak enables them to not be seen by their enemies,My main purpose using Sinx is this guide is for farming and Mvp killing. 1)Talk to Rodel the Guard @jump 266 76. 2)Talk to Phong in Mumbaki @jump 185 358. Choose any of the options. 3)Talk to Old Man Nardo @jump 181 353. 4)Talk to Collection Dealer Woeon @jump 295 171. 5)Talk to Pedro the Sailor @jump 326 68. Choose Sure and whichever you want. 6)Talk to Blacksmith Pandoi @jump 119 217. 7)Talk to Talah @jump 223 267 and Romel next to her. Return to Phong in Mumbaki @jump 185 358. Choose Explain what happened and Holy Water. Deliver the items to the 6 people you talked with. Return to Phon in Mumbaki and gain Base EXP 4,950,000, Job EXP 5,000,000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Use the Warper > Towns > Malaya. Talk to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Choose Yes, About the hospital, Reason for stalling me. Give 2 Rotten Bandage to her. Talk to her again. Click on the Hospital Door @jump 48 76 Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Talk to Village Woman @jump 64 78 and choose Ask about the hospital. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Talk to Village Man @jump 62 37 and choose Ask about the hospital. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Go to Dr. Boon @jump 210 200. Choose No. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Click on the Hospital Door @jump 48 76 Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Choose Ask about Mom. Talk to Bushes @jump 54 66 and choose Ask about the Old Lady. Click on Suspicious Wooden Stick that spawns around the building. Keep clicking until you get one, two or three Lesser Agimats. Check Nurse Las if she continues its script. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Choose Go. Talk to the Bent Old Lady @jump 114 183. Choose Ask about the hospital. Talk to her again. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. You will be teleported inside. Talk to the Nurse @jump 35 108, choose Go outside, then come inside again. Click on the Suspicious Wooden Stick @jump 152 23. Talk to the Nurse @jump 148 10. Return to the Nurse @jump 35 108 and choose Go outside. Return to the Bent Old Lady @jump 114 183. Talk to the Bent Shaman @jump 274 367. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Go inside the hospital. Click on the Suspicious Wooden Stick @jump 152 23. You'll be teleported out. Talk to the Nurse @jump 55 72. You gain 5 Ancient Grudge, 10 Lesser Agimat, 1 Old Purple Box. Base EXP, Job EXP. 1.)Head to port malay. 2.)Speak to the nurse outside the hospital. 3.)Head towards the Stairs and Speak to the nurse to start the Instance. 4.)After reaching 2nd floor go to every room and kill Bangungot's'Mangkukulam till they stop appearing. 5.)Warp to next room appears once all the monsters are killed. 6.)Kill Bangungot(I killed it without using Aspersio as it is solo but if you do have some scrolls use it.) 7.).After Bangungot is killed Fire Spirit appears which has to been killed in 1 min or you will repeat the whole procedure of killing bangungot again. 8.)After Fire Spirit is killed it drops loots Bangungot Doll Piece of Bangungot Spirit Ancient Grudge Bangungot Boots of Nightmare https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Bangungot_Boots_of_Nightmare Kalasag Bangungot Card http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=4590 Video:- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.)Speak to the Guard and Enter the instance. 2.)After sometime being on that map Buwaya will swallow you and you will find yourself in its stomach..to get out of there you will need to speak to Old Man and Women found in there. 3.)The Old Man and Women will tell you that Buwaya Weakness is on the wall,There are 2 of them. 4.)One Buwaya's'Weakness is present on the left while another one on the right. 5.)After killing Buwaya's'Weakness a warp will appear which will allow you to go out of the Box or its Stomach. 6.)Then Find the real Buwaya and kill it if you found a fake one you will be swallowed by it and then put into its belly again. (Tip:-Original Buwaya has more hp than fake ones) 7.)After Buwaya is killed a Message like this appears on top of the screen and on your chat box where the guard tells you to get back to the entrance and escape. 8.)Then finally leave the Instance. https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=2590 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=2169 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=4592 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6499 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6518 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6525 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.)Speak to Village Chief in Port Malay at @jump 283,265,He will ask you to collect 2 Lost Belonging from Tiyanak but collect 17 of them for rest of the quest. 2.)Speak with the Missing Person's Father (malaya 270, 267) and he tells the player that the lost belongings belong tot . He then asks the player to get 7 Lost Belongings and bring them to the Missing Person's Friend. 3.)Bring them to the Missing Person's Friend (malaya 266, 274)He asks you to get 3 Lost Belongings and deliver them to the Missing Person's Son. 4.)Deliver the lost belongings to the Missing Person's Son (malaya 269, 278,),He asks you to bring 5 Lost Belonging to the Missing Person's Mother. 5.)Bring them to Missing Person's Mother (malaya 266, 284) Return to the Village Chief. 6.)He tells the you that the Young Fortune Teller seeks for their help.,Speak with the Young Fortune Teller (malaya 289, 364)8.). She asks you to hunt 15 Tikbalang..After killing Tikbalangs, return to her and she'll give you 5 Tikbalang Harnesses(Used to tame tikbalang). After killing Tikbalangs, return to her and she'll give you 5 Tikbalang Harnesses(Used to tame tikbalang). 10.)Speak with the Village Chief again. Speak with the Village Chief again. He will tell you that he needs to put traps on following order. Gruffy Worker (ma_fild01 54, 253) Grumpy Worker (ma_fild01 236, 119) Cowardly Worker (ma_scene01 177, 89) Gloomy Worker (ma_scene01 141, 118) Sentimental Worker (ma_scene01 175, 170) After setting all the traps you decide to return to the Village Chief. He thanks and rewards you with 7 Lesser Agimats, EXP & Job EXP. Now your ready to kill Bakonawa. Bakonawa Extermination 1.)The place where im standing is where Bakonawa spawns. 2)Speak to Taho so he could summon Bakonawa throwing its food into the lake,Then Bakonawa appears. 3.)After the normal Bakonawa is killed Enraged one spawns,It will have reflect so you need to use Vr or teddy baal. 4.)You will be given some time to kill Bakonawa if you didn't kill it within that time it will go inside the lake and you need to follow a ritual to Summon it,The ritual Consist of Destroying the 5will of Bakonawa and 2 Cauldrons and 2 Gongs present on both left and right side of the lakes within 5 minutes. 5.)After you have destroyed the 2 Cauldrons and 2 Gongs Bakonawa will be vulnerable again..Kill it then Treasure Chest Appears..Use a bubblegum before taking the loots. 1.)Use Wind element on Bakonawa. 2.)Use Dispell or Teddy baal card for reflect caused by Bakonawa. 3.)Use Hylozoist Card on Will of Bakonawa,Gong and Cauldrons it will help you beat the time within 5 mins. 4.)Use Detale card for Land Protector which will help you a lot against Bakonawa and its Minions. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=969 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=2169 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=4591 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6499 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6516 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6523 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=15051 So what is Bayani? It means slotting your Port Malay gears by making it 9+ and using 20Ancient Grudge. So how to start. Speak to the Tribe Blacksmith(ma_fild01 158,243) Give him a 9+Port Malay Equipment and 20Ancient Grudge he will slot it for you,But your Armor you traded becomes 0+refine with 1slot. Reward: Bakonawa Scale Armor (Bayani) [1] Class: Armor Defense: 5 Effect: All Stats + 2 Reduces damage taken from boss monsters by 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. [ Kalasag (Bayani), Buwaya Sack Cloth (Bayani), Bakonawa Scale Armor (Bayani) & Bangungot Boots of Nightmare (Bayani) set ] Maximum HP + 20% Maximum SP + 10% Reduces damage taken from Malaya monsters by 30%. Job: Every Job Requirements: +9 Bakonawa Scale Armor [0] x20 Ancient Grudge Reward: Kalasag (Bayani) [1] Class: Armor Defense: 4 Effect: Reduces damage taken from boss monsters by 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. [ Kalasag (Bayani), Buwaya Sack Cloth (Bayani), Bakonawa Scale Armor (Bayani) & Bangungot Boots of Nightmare (Bayani) set ] Maximum HP + 20% Maximum SP + 10% Reduces damage taken from Malaya monsters by 30%. Job: Every Job Requirements: +9 Kalasag [0] x20 Ancient Grudge Reward: Buwaya Sack Cloth [1] Class: Garment Defense: 1 Effect: Increases the recovery rate of recovery items and recovery skills by 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. Reduces damage taken from Water, Earth, Fire and Wind property by 10%. [ Kalasag, Buwaya Sack Cloth, Bakonawa Scale Armor & Bangungot Boots of Nightmare set ] Maximum HP + 20% Maximum SP + 10% Reduces damage taken from Malaya monsters by 30%. Job: Every Job Requirements: +9 Buwaya Sack Cloth [0] ]x20 Ancient Grudge Reward: Bangungot Boots of Nightmare (Bayani) [1] Class: Footgear Defense: 2 Effect: Mdef +1 every 2 refine level of the item. If refine level is +7 or higher, increase Movement Speed by 25%. [ Kalasag (Bayani), Buwaya Sack Cloth (Bayani), Bakonawa Scale Armor (Bayani) & Bangungot Boots of Nightmare (Bayani) set ] Maximum HP + 20% Maximum SP + 10% Reduces damage taken from Malaya monsters by 30%. Job: Every Job Requirements: +9 Bangungot Boots of Nightmare [0] x20 Ancient Grudge
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    ========== Calling Bishop Hibram ... and you ========== RDC is a custome series of different Quests in revivalRO, the full name is "Royal Dispatch Center". The full overview of it can be found in the Wiki (http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Royal_Operations_Quest). IGN: g c q, yandereQueen, Scilla and many more ========== How to get there? ========== RDC is located in the Prontera Castle, @go 0, then head north (/navi prontera 156/357), inside the castle, keep heading in north direction (/navi prt_cas 173/271). To start your RDC run, you need to talk to the RDC Officer. ========== REQUIREMENTS ========== To run RDC "Calling Bishop Hibram" you need to finish all Quests in Tier 1. If that is cleared you can continue with Tier 2, Calling Bishop Hibram. You need a party of min. 3 people and max. 5 people. Killer in this guide will be Gunslinger. Another neat option would be Assassin Cross or any other class that can do decent Holy AOE damage. For this set up, High Priest (for buffs) and Soul Linker (for buffs) are pretty nice. ========== REWARDS ========== Beside the default loot all the RDC Tiers provide, Calling Bishop Hibram adds the chance for: Banshee Card, Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (MVP), Falling Bishops Ghost and Asomatous Ring. ========== GEARS & SKILLS / CONSUMABLES ========== Alternative: for the Thanatos Revolver you can use Goblin Revolver (had done that too, but I don't have one. Garment Card doesn't really matter. Armor can be any too, I just prefer Great Demon Robe for it's Shadow Property. Any Lower works too, I just chose the Bunny Mouth for the silence immunity. Consumables Yggdrasil Berry (not really needed, but just in case), Blue Potion, (a lot) Silver Bullets, Stat Increasing Food (exp. Lvl3 Box), Panacea Skills Coin Flip, Increasing Accuracy, Desperado, Madness Canceller / Adjustment (to cancel Madness) Use Soul Linkers Kaahi buff, it acts like Mages Energy Coat. Your SP gonna be drained on hit instead of HP. You just need to use Blue Potions, which are cheaper then Ygg Berries. Make sure you always carry zeny with you so you can use the Coin Flip skill. Once you found Hibram, use Madness Canceller (Note: once you done that, you can't move, if you position yourself bad, use Adjustment to walk). Spam Desperado until he is dead. ========== WALK THROUGH ========== The map is a copy of Nameless Island, also known as Cursed Abbey Island (lv1 in Warpra). A lot of Banshee spawned and it's on you to find Hibram. But be careful, if you kill Banshee, more re spawn. Hibram will spawn randomly on the map, make sure you look in every corner. Once you found him, kill him. When he dies, multiple versions of him re spawn. Make sure you keep spam your attack so you won't die. Congrats, you already finished Calling Bishop Hibram! Wasn't all that hard, right? Go back to the spawn to loot your chest. :3 ========== TRIVIA ========== Curious what happens tho, when you just keep killing the Banshee? Well, my friend and me once did and ... it was interesting and laggy as f**k. For real tho, don't do it guys. It makes the whole server lag. Was still fun little experiment tho ... haha
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    What the hell are you guys doing? First the pricing was off quite a lot (this is the third change that i'm seeing in the list) now you're completely changing the farmer gears without ever asking for feedback from the actual players? Or did I miss some random chat in discord where this was discussed? If there are balancing issues why not balance it out? Too much for lvl 10 donor accounts? Balance it. Bad idea for an item? Just remove it. No, let's make it a 30 day rental. Probably going to put on sale every now & then again. If the lvl 10 donor account thing is really a problem then you should also remove the 5% double drop chance they get from being VIP. The 60c poring party is a very rebirthro like thing. It's the exact mentality current rro gm team has with balancing items 'just make it harder to get or more expensive for balance' . If the item isn't balanced just fix it and put it on a normal price. Currently I have no clue what road you guys are even trying to take. Can't wait to see the failure the WoE changes and card effect are heading into. I hope you realize this will be a HUGE impact on the server if you fail this too. Just discuss things with your players. I don't think the GM team has more experience in RO than the entire player base combined.
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    Gree(tea)ngs everyone! I am Tea, one of the recently appointed GMs. I may appear as shy or maybe don't talk as much, but I care very much about the growth of our server, RevivalRO. I hope I can bring comfort and contentment to our community, just like a warm cup of tea. Feel free to reach out to me whenever you're in need of a cup of tea, or when you have any concerns relating to the game, server, or community. Cheers!
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    GMs, Good Day 2 All! as per your instruction to have my suggestions posted here,i have several suggestions for the no zeny option autovend...subject for your reviews not necessarily to be implemented. 1.) Remove Tax (it just burns zeny, just like in classic theres no tax ) 2. ) have vending amount cap for example : item less than 50m (total) will have zeny option. 3. )add more vend slots from 12 to 15. 4.) is auction possible? 5.) if vouchers can be included in pancakes or if possible looted from random monsters. 6.) Vouchers to be tradeable....if some people wants to suggest more feel free to comment. thanks all! - mr Ensui Ver2
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    Earthlings, The following adjustments were made: When entering a map, you will now be notified if there's an active Pit. If the Pit is inactive, you will be notified with a respawn timer. The event will now go on until November 30th 11:59 PM Server Time (UTC+8). To apologize for the inconveniences caused by the event, we're adding a new costume loot and giving compensation: Costume: Nimbus Broom Equips on: Costume Garment Restrictions: Sell to NPC Talk to Zotar Corp NPC in Prontera (151, 190) to redeem 10x Jack-o'-Lantern Sack and 1x Pancaline Special Stack (100 pancakes). The rewards are redeemable until November 4th, 4:00 AM server time (UTC+8). Additionally, EXP rates will be increased for 72 hours (until November 4th, 4:00 AM server time UTC+8). Drop rates will be increased for 24 hours (until November 2nd, 4:00 AM server time UTC+8).
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    Hello there,First of all I appreciate your work on getting the Server better and better and I know it takes an alot of time and patience to deal with Bugs and fix them, I don't think what I have reported is significant or mandatory compared to bigger fish that you have to cook,But I dont wanna not stay without mentioning that this is also part of the server to get server better it should be touched as well at some point and worked on,I want to address an issue with GMs regarding RDC,This was Lilalyn project left unaccomplished for years it was untouched there is nothing else other than the Headgear, The existence of other pieces still proves there is a Set which exists, The set should be similar to that of Rdc Headgear with addable stats similar to that of antiques like the Headgear, Instead of leveling up along with usl,It should be leveled upon completing Rdc Tiers and investing Operation credits that you earn from the tiers to upgrade it, Like that it should be harder to level up than antiques cause the Headgear itself is powerful alone and good things come with time and you don't want people to get their hands on them that easily, Let the Headgear just stay how it is and unrefinable cause its good as how it is, In addition, please work on completing the higher tiers too with new types of equipment and stuffs on the loot, Like this people gonna be active on RDC more than ever, Not for my sake not for the players sake do it in the honor of an Ex-GM who served our server at her time, Thank you.
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    this is so GAY u made woodland topper and avian rentlals, wtf happen to having perm ones i mean seriously i would had paid the 37creds LOl WTF MAN i demand U CHANGE IT BACK!
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    Finally Fatmoo Hub ❤️
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    ohh you have a cute art style. ❤️
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    The Three Sisters Quest In the abyss of Niflheim, there lies three young sisters who only have each other to rely on. With no other choice, Karenia and Grettie had to grow up in order tr protect their little sister, Nico, from the Mobsters... However, since Nico's birthday is coming soon, Karenia and Grettie wanted to whip something up for them... even if they have to fight over it. To get started with this quest, one must first talk to either Nico, Karenia, or Grettie in Niflheim [/navi niflheim 241/134]. You will need one Red Ribbon in your inventory in order to begin. However! If you do not have the Red Ribbon, then the quest will not active so be sure you have it first!!! Now, you'll be ready to start to save the sisters and to bring them joy again... In this quest, you will be needed to protect Karenia and Grettie from the Mobsters by playing hide-n-seek with them! Unfortunately, they are very stubborn and will only be bribed with cake... so hit those Mobsters till you get their cakes! So once you've gotten one of their cakes, you can bribe them after you find them~ After you have saved the two sisters from their demise and their sweet tooth, you'll be able to create 6 Headgears with Karenia at the end. However, only ONE HEADGEAR can be made PER CHARACTER; so, if you want to make more, you'll have to do the quest more! Piamette Band (Brown) [2] A little girl once wore this to aspire to become like a piamette! Effect: Increases INT & VIT by +10 Increases MATK by 5% Ignore 10% MDEF of Normal and Boss-type monsters. Increases magic damage to Wind Elemental enemy by 30% Increases Earth Elemental magic damage you do by 10%. Decreases damage received from Wind Elemental Attacks by 15% (physical and magical) If you done all reputation quest: Have a 5% chance to cast Earth Spike level 3 or highest level you learned when you get hit by physical attacks. Piamette Band (Pink) [2] A little girl once wore this to aspire to become like a piamette! Effect: Increases INT & VIT by +10 Increases MATK by 5% Ignore 10% MDEF of Normal and Boss-type monsters. Increase magic damage to Earth Elemental enemy by 30%. Increases Fire Elemental magic damage you do by 10%. Decreases damage received from Earth Elemental Attacks by 15% (physical and magical). If you done all reputation quest: Have a 5% chance to cast Fire Ball level 5 or highest level you learned when you get hit by physical attacks. Piamette Band (Blue) [2] A little girl once wore this to aspire to become like a piamette! Effect: Increases INT & VIT by +10 Increases MATK by 5% Ignore 10% MDEF of Normal and Boss-type monsters. Increase magic damage to Fire Elemental enemy by 30%. Increase Water Elemental magic damage you do by 10%. Decreases damage received from Fire Elemental Attacks by 15% (physical and magical) If you done all reputation quest: Have a 5% chance to cast Water Ball level 3 or highest level you learned when get hit by physical attacks. Piamette Band (Green) [2] A little girl once wore this to aspire to become like a piamette! Effect: Increases INT & VIT by +10 Increases MATK by 5% Ignore 10% MDEF of Normal and Boss-type monsters. Increase magic damage to Water Elemental enemy by 30%. Increase Wind Elemental magic damage you do by 10%. Decreases damage received from Water Elemental Attacks by 15% (physical and magical). If you done all reputation quest: Have 5% chance to cast Jupitel Thunder level 5 or highest level you learned when get hit by physical attacks. Piamette Band (White) [2] A little girl once wore this to aspire to become like a piamette! Effect: Increases INT & VIT by +10 Increases MATK by 5% Ignore 10% MDEF of Normal and Boss-type monsters. Increase magic damage to Shadow Elemental enemy by 30%. Increases Holy Elemental magic damage you do by 10%. Decreases damage received from Shadow Elemental Attacks by 15% (physical and magical). If you done all reputation quest: Have 5% chance to cast Grand Cross level 5 or highest level you learned when get hit by physical attacks. Piamette Band (Black) [2] A little girl once wore this to aspire to become like a piamette! Effect: Increases INT & VIT by +10 Increases MATK by 5% Ignore 10% MDEF of Normal and Boss-type monsters. Increase magic damage to Holy Elemental enemy by 30%. Increases Ghost Elemental magic damage you do by 10%. Decreases damage received from Holy Elemental Attacks by 15% (physical and magical). If you done all reputation quest: Have 5% chance to cast Soul Strike level 5 or highest level you learned when get hit by physical attacks.
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    •screen shot error you get before i have problem, setup does't detect my video card but after i download the missing .dll it works like a charm. im using RX 480 atm. so AMD user can play ^^
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    In game, right beside the tool dealer housr in prontera. I think Eden mall had the npc too.
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    Uggghhhh I'm so inlove with the Sakkat Hat. It may not be the most stylish headgear there is but its really fitting for some themes. The thing about the costumer is that its mostly used by the "pros." People who already have end gears and are basically just farming to buy better costumes. It's indeed out of proportion as some peeps simply wants to look good too. I stand with the 3 HG tiers
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    Oh shit it was on the Server screen. <.< Well I was almost right.
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    All requested prizes were sent out through Zotar. Community/Vote points will be sent in the next few days. Thank you again for participating and contributing to Revival's community!
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    hi can i join? im about 1month old in this server
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    Rouge Cap - 50068 Drake Dark Coat - 50063 Royal Cape - 51589
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    Thank @Aka Gelato you for this step by step clarification on our new Refinery system! We appreciate the gesture on making this community great 💖
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    my other guides coming soon!
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    This is for new/old/returning players and I will go over where and most importantly when to level. I will try my best to give you my guide for leveling quickly, so if you think there's a better way to do something let me know. This guide is for all classes so I will be going over what stats to use while leveling. (If you are a magic type you are going to have to restat for auto attacking) I will try to give the gear at that time to use. I will not be going over how to play the game, so if you are just starting then you should learn how to play by doing the first quest/map when you create a character. ANGRA WILL BE NEEDED! LEGIT VERSION OR RENTAL WORKS! YOU GET A FREE NOVICE ANGRA WHEN CREATING A CHARACTER! ~Now let's begin!~ To note: I will be starting from novice then rebirth. The stats (str, agi, etc) will be simply be for auto attacking so if you're playing a magic class I suggest using stats as suggested below and start punching, you can always restat once max level or when you done leveling. Stats to aim for until you level 103+ will be for auto attacking thus, start with dex until instant cast (dex: 150 total) then agi for 196 aspd and then rest in str/luk. You can restat now to do this and wait to restat later when you're done leveling. Level 10-40 after choosing a class: Once you pick a class, talk to the Job Master again to get 9 job levels. (Making you 10/10) Then head over to orc dungeon floor 1. Start killing everything, which will die in one hit. Once you hit job level 40 go back to Job Master and upgrade your class unless you rebirthed already then continue until job level 50. Also put all stats into dex while doing this part. Minimum gear needed: Novice angra and novice armor set (madness set also works) To Note: Novice set last a week, madness set last a month once you open the boxes for them. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THESE EXPIRE TO LEVEL! (I would suggest recreating your character if needed) Level 40-103 after upgrading your class: Make your way into sphinx floor 4 (if you don't have the money go back into orc dungeon and farm items until you make enough zeny) and start killing everything, mainly focusing anubis he gives the most exp here. Fly wings or @jump (if your a donor) will greatly help here. Minimum gear needed: Again novice angra and novice armor set (madness set also works) Stats and gear to aim for while doing the next part will depend on which direction you want to go, as in doing bio laboratory basement or Gramp's Quests. Level 103+: Now this part is tricky since there is a quest that will greatly help you if you're new or under gear. The best place to level from here would normally be gramp's quests in @go 39 (see this page for that, click Here) Or if you have the dark lord card I would suggest going into bio laboratory basement as killing there would a little faster than gramp's quests until you hit around level 180+ then Gramp's quests will be just as fast if not faster. So if you're going to go bio labs basement the stats and minimum gear need is: Minimum gear: Novice angra and set except switch the boots for ones with a card slot to put dark lord card into. Stats: 150 total dex for instant casting, enough agi for 196 aspd and rest into int for increased damage with dark lord card. OR If you don't have dark lord card, but do have a set of alligator, then simply use that and auto attack everything to death in bio labs basement. Stats for this would be 150 dex, enough agi for 196 aspd and rest into str. Novice set can be used if you don't have alligator set but it'll be slower than just going to Gramps and doing those quests.
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    For KittyBoy (3 of 3) Thank you so much and I apologize for being so late!
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    yeah I reinstalled it again, hoping they fixed it with a patch but still crashes every time after the server selection can any mod/admin look into this? I can't use Revival anymore
  32. 1 point
    I too am facing the same issue but the app force closes after login by 10 seconds.. listen to this, even a different server with a different version of the app is doing the same thing. Could it be an error with the app since it's based on the same client? I'd love to help and grab a logcat but I don't have root 😢
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    Skills subjected as near-range should be reflected as intended in the description of Mirror Shard's effect. Also, We don't see any problem regarding this animal enchantment's effect
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    Note that these are my personal opinions please feel to contribute your own opinions, agree or disagree, but give constructive feedback too 1. To easy to obtain MvP cards - With all the new MvP rooms the cards have basically become worthless making things like Bloody Card Albums worthless it too, While I think the MvP rooms are a good idea something should be done to make the cards less powerful and more a Beginner MvP card set A solution I would suggest is to nerf all the current MvP cards from the MvP rooms and change the MvPs on the maps to a different name such as 'Altered Thanatos' and have it drop an Altered Thanatos card which would just be the normal card stats then have the BCA's give you these cards thus making them valuable again and making it worth farming outside the MvP rooms. 2. Community - There is just nothing to bring the community together, there is a lack of events no main town to hang out in, staff rarely talks to the community and no real perks on being in a guild Solutions I can think of Make a Custom Map main town with Npcs you can only find there that could let players host simple events for the cost of 1c or 50m such as spawning a bunch of useful monsters that drop items that are used for crafting and quests, also have it be invaded every 4 hours or so by an Overpowered MvP that takes a bunch of people to take down then when its dead it could give out points for something Like the Satan Morroc invasion of Morroc, make it worth being there so everyone isnt so spread out across the whole server during non WoE times Have SCHEDULED Q&A sessions with a member of the staff every week so people can go talk to a staff member feel like their opinions and complaints are being heard and you guys can tell us new things you are planning for the server and our opinions about it. People like to speak their mind even if it does nothing at least they know they are being heard 3. PvP - Its imbalanced see my other post Improving the Lesser played Classes 4. WoE - First of there aren't enough castles for the amount of players on I get that they are limited due the server smaller population but they are way to limited and its just a cluster **** of 100 players trying to take the same castle, people who only enjoy WoE will quit because at this rate there's only going to be 2 main guilds that have all the castles and if you don't get into one then you are SoL there needs to be more castles so smaller guilds have a chance at getting one of course the big guilds will still do better but at least you can have a small guild and still get a castle Solutions - Open more castles Make it more rewarding to stay in the same guild Add custom items to craft custom gear or items into the castle chest drops Add barrier crystals that have to be destroyed before you can attack the Emp so its not a straight line rush for the Emp bringing more strategy to WoE For those who haven't played on a legit Ragnarok server the ways guilds operated on there was you get paid for the amount of castles you have by your guild master every WoE since they are the only ones who receive the castle loot so if these chests are dropping good custom items that only the GL can get then they would need to start paying their guild members who WoE making it worth it to WoE for newer players since they get something out of it other than being murdered in one shot 5. New players not getting to see custom content - Custom content is something that keeps server hoppers around but on this server it is very difficult to get geared for it ( for new players ) Solution Have easy versions of everything that you could use useless items to obtain points for like adding another NPC next to Marvin who wants Jellopy and Fluff For artistry and crafting have the NPC's suggest monsters and maps to farm to get the supplies they need to make the gear Give new players temporary weak stat headgears Such as 2 slot +15 stats Upper and Mid and a +5 stat lower and then give them the option to go to an NPC and upgrade them to permanent for something like 10c that will encourage them to donate because they aren't going to want to lose those stats and give them a taste of the better 4 slot + 30 stat headgears 6. No easy way to trade large amounts of items Things like Ranked potions are annoying to trade and make because of weight limits its also difficult to buy other items like Elu in bulk Solution - Have a map where you have infinite weight or a custom novice class that has infinite weight for trading purposes since the item limit is capped at 30k anyway there's no harm in having something like this the worst thing it could be used for is easy storage space. Thanks for Reading -Celestial
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    I agree on what Verryn is saying. I consider myself a new player, started in february.. The MVP rooms help to get some basic gear at least. Yet still there's enough one would need which can't be obtained there.. example: Gemini 5c each, (which one usually need 2-3), cedi equip, etc etc. The rooms alrdy have been nerfed + the price for creds has become higher. So.. one already makes less zeny BUT has to farm more - as a non-donator. And there's nothing against to let players be able to gather their basic equip rather quickly. For certain content it's still not enough anyway, specially when it comes to PvP (including WoE). So even WITH these MVP rooms enabled (and I was even lucky, that I could farm there before their nerf), still had to invest real money (and not in an insignificant amount), to get my char more or less decently equipped.
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    Is there any chance that there will be an event item costume maker for a price of event point coins, example is like 5 event point coins in exchange for an event item costume like the Bunny Balloon Hat. Hope this can be possible Regards,
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    All EU and NA players I know left to other servers because of the slow ping. I think lots of players would really appreciate if you could somehow rent a proxy server for all players from EU and America. Lots of new players will come to play as well. I have lots of friends saying they will come back to revival once the ping is better. Thanks.
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    In addition to the fixes mentioned above, you may notice that some Bacon-related items have been changed. For now, these are just visual changes in anticipation of a future update and you do not have to do anything on your end .
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    Gem, you will be surely missed. Me on the behalf of the Server, Staff and Management would like to thank you for joining us during the huge mess of server starting, even before you officially join us, you kept us with lot of suggestions, Improvements and even did boring tasks for us. Not forgetting the content planning you worked on after joining us, and we can't wait to release the last two content you worked on during your work duration. Best wishes for you, Ema.
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    The description is wrong. It is 5 weight each, always been.
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    Idk why, but that game me an impression that you're a Rare pokemon GM... Anywayyyy
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    If what im seeing is correct, we go to the same school! o-o
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    Weird, Multisafepay is definitely available in the UK. All I can say is, Syphon is planning on adding Paypal fairly soon so maybe wait until then?
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    If we release a renewal server is gonna be better than thor and a diffrent name! Focus is on one server first Regards
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    Will look into point 2 Paypal is coming soon. Yeah we will want to implement censors for vulgarities. Will look into it. Don't think this will happen because there are too many custom gears to put into the database of the calculator. It is alot of work.
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    Hello and Welcome! First of all You need to hit escape button and head to BM/Shortcut settings, then simply associate it with You desired shortcuts (for ex. U click Hotkey 1-2 ->then associate shortcut with it) After U have done all of Your shortcuts, You need to push "F12" Multiple times, so that additional bars show up. The 2nd bar always associates to Hotkey marked as 1-2, The third bar to hotkeys 1-3 , etc. I think that's pretty simple. After You have associated Your bars with Hotkeys, just swap spells into Your bars and enjoy !!! !!!IMPORTANT!!! YOU NEED TO HIT ENTER ON YOUR CHAT SO THAT THE CURSOR DISAPPEAR, OTHERWISE U WILL BE TYPING INSTEAD OF USING SHORTCUTS !!!IMPORTANT!!!
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