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    *Idk if this is the right place to start this but I ma go anyways haha* === EDIT === To update this topic to the new time shedule, Wednesday (3-5pm) / 8-10am Europe [Mardol Himmin] Thursday (3-5am) / 8-10pm Europe [Cyr Andlangar] Saturday (3-5pm) / 8-10am Europe [Kriem BA Reph Neus] Sunday (3-5am) / 8-10pm Europe [Swan SP Eyol Hohen] Old rant can be found under the spoiler, ty.
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    Valentine's Day Event 2018 Guide and Headgear/Middle/Lower List:- I know there is already one of this on forums,But lets just optimize it for your better understanding. 1)Start off by finding Cupid at Prontera Coords (155,282). Agree with him until he says 2)Then warp your self to Jawai and move on to Coords (191,220) enter the warp,As soon as you enter the warp it takes you to Bar where you will be greeted by some sexy Women.. Well ain't got time for that sweetie,I'm sorry. 3)Head to north,You will see a bridge in the center of the building Head north_east,Until you see Npc named "Tomson". 4)Talk to him,He will tell you to collect requirements based on what Chocolate that you choose. Chocolate Recipes: Event (Milk) Chocolate(1 Valentine's Goodie Bag) 1 Milk 4 Cocoa 3 Honey 2 Love Fluff 2 Love Heart 2 Love Fabric 2 Love Steel 2 Love Silk Event White Chocolate(2-3 Valentine's Goodie Bags) 1 Milk 2 Cocoa 3 Honey 3 White Dyestuff 7 Love Fluff 7 Love Heart 7 Love Fabric 7 Love Steel 7 Love Silk Event Strawberry Chocolate(1-2 Valentine's Goodie Bags) 3 Milk 3 Cocoa 4 Honey 15 Strawberry 4 Love Fluff 4 Love Heart 4 Love Fabric 4 Love Steel 4 Love Silk You can actually buy them from players,For most of you who don't know where to get them check this out, Might be helpful in preventing you from being scammed. 1)Honey can be brought via Pet Shop Npc at Mall Coords(128,57). 2)Milk can be brought via Milk Rancher at Prontera Coords (75,134). There are also many other Milk Ranchers out there,Here is the list for them. List 1 Vendor from Milk Ranch hugel (105, 169) 2 Vendor from Milk Ranch izlude (105, 92) 3 Vendor from Milk Ranch lighthalzen (220, 122) 4 Vendor from Milk Ranch moscovia (199, 110) 5 Vendor from Milk Ranch prontera (73, 134) 3)Cacao is dropped by Yoyo from Prontera_Field_03. 4)Love Items are Dropped by Heartrings,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server. They look like this 5)White Dyestuffs can be quested.Dye Maker is located at Morroc_In (146,99) get him the requirements necessary to make the Dye,He will make it for you. To make White Dye it requires 1)30 x White Herbs 2)1 x Counter Agent 3)1 x Empty Bottle 4)3000 zeny. 6)Strawberries can be farmed from Yoyo(Prontera_Field03) Or Coco(Geffen_Field02). 5)Bring him the requirements(Trading 1 by 1 is preferred) and come back and talk to him again,He will handle you over the Chocolate,Here there is a chance of failure as he would eat away Chocolates and you will loose your materials,So better be prepared with enough sets of requirements. 6)Luckily if you managed to get one then head back to Cupid He will handle you over his Valentine's Goodie Bag in return of Chocolate. Here is the list of items that you can get from Valentine's Goodie Bag. Note:You can get Love items from Heartrings,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server. Headgears: 1)Love Bunny Band: 2)Frilled Flower Band: 3)Rose Piece: 4)Heart Ring: 5)Valentine's Topper: 6)Valentine's Cap: 7)Gent Hat: 8)Choco Love Hat(2015): Middle: 1)Twin Butterflies: 2)Spinning Hearts(2015): 3)Frilled Flower Robe: 4)Valentine's Hairpin: Lower: 1)Frilled Flower Bow: 2)Valentine's Blush: Pets 1)Cupid Egg: 2)Heartring Egg: If anything is missing,Let me Know @Tommy also my Ign is Tommy,Also Hats off to my buddies @Phinky,Kendra,Alleyne,Bambino,Gcq for sponsoring these sprites couldn't have possibly done this without them. Also don't forget to check out the Cash Shop for Limited Edition Items. This event will last for 2weeks,So make sure you get everything that you needed.Thank you.
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    Greetings Everyone, Since the reset of the server we announced that we will refund all donations from date September 2017 until December 2017, a part of that we're re-releasing Black Friday sales, so those users and old donors can re-participate the sales. You will be able to use LPP and PP during this sales, and items won't be refundable. The Black Friday sales will be available From 11th Of February until 12th of February All day long, you will be able to access the black Friday selling rooms through Black Friday NPC which will be placed in (prontera 156 232) Edit 9th of February 2018: Due to balance concerns the Woodland Topper and Avian Farmer will be 1 per account and rental for 30 days for the price of 10c, we also did another review and lowered some prices and fixed over priced items. The following is the table of Black Friday items, we will put full preview of all headgears soon! Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    Hello, I didn't make this guide from scratch, I referred to the old guides, thought it may be useful for new people here. Hopefully the farming tips below are still relevant in here. Tips 101: Always try to sell the loots with your character that has level 10 overcharge so you get more zeny! Moscovia 3 Either target only Mavkas or also Baba Yagas for optional loots. You can get around 3-5 million zeny in 30 minutes!! And lastly dont forget to use these @alootid commands unless you want to be a Kukre and loot everything, which is never a bad idea! Witherless Rose: @alootid +748 Crystal Mirror: @alootid +747 Piece of Cake: @alootid +539 Blue Herb: @alootid +510 Prices (without Overcharge skill) Witherless Rose: 27,500 zeny Crystal Mirror: 7,500 zeny Piece of Cake: 1,500 zeny Blue Herb: 30 zeny. This is better off stored or sold to Blue Pot Crafters or other players with higher price. Players also need blue pots, if necessary, store it. Ein Dungeon Level 2 The main item you want to get here is the "1carat Diamond" that the Obsidian monster carries. They drop it all the time (if not, then most of the time). The Teddy Bear drops "Oridecon Hammer" and the Mineral drops "Topaz" (and in rare occasions, "Gold"). Here's list of how much they sell: 1carat Diamond = 5000z Oridecon Hammer = 2500z Topaz = 3000z Gold = 100000z (you can vend this to sell to players for higher value, since gold is useful i.e. for handcrafting) Geffenia (level 4?) Monsters : Succubus, Incubus, Mini Demon with 2 spawns of Deviruchis, Violy, etc. etc. Loots: Little Evil Wing = 1000z Mastela = 4250z Gold Ring = 15000z Diamond Ring = 22500z For the Priest class: use Magnus Exorcimus skill (with No Cast-Time) except for Fake Angel and Violy. Abysmal Knights do roam around these areas every now and then. If you happen to kill them, there's a little chance they might drop an Abysmal Knight Card, which can be sold to players for quite a price. Sphinx level 4 / 5 Monster to kill: Pasana. Main items to loot: " Undershirt" and "Stiletto" (bear in mind the drop rate is not 100%). This monster is mostly around and can be spotted easily. Level 5 has more Pasana spawns than level 4, though in level 5, there's Pharaoh MVP, so make sure you choose carefully! Undershirt = 10000z Stiletto = 9750z Juperos (core/ruins 1) Monsters: Venatu and Dimik. They are aggressive and can gang up on you very easily so stay alert. Crest Piece (any kind) = 2500z Professional Cooking Kit = 1000z Drifter = 40000z Dusk = 11750z Thunder-P = 38000z Armor Charm = 10000z Steel = 7500 (can be sold to players for better price?) Tips: A Wizard / High Wizard with No-Cast of AOE (Area of Effect) like Storm Gust and Lord of Vermillion skills can pretty much swipe clean the area. Assassin / Assassin Cross types can also round up as many as they want (just make sure you have enough Flee rate to dodge their attacks) and once they have formed a line trying to attack you, use Hiding and Grimtooth (must have Katar type weapon to be used). I'll update this when I have more time. Let me know if you have any feedback so I can also update this post. Also let me know what guides you want to see. I don't take any credit for this guide.
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    imo its better to call it SALE not Black Friday Sale. so yea after evrything happened.... i was plannin to throw some money just to grab some of em, but i change my mind maybe this so called black friday sale is not for everyone but just for those who hit lvl 10 donor(200000pp). RIP for those who invested time, years and effort so yea i feel you guys. nice meeting you RevivalRO cheers.
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    You should make a priest and use Magnus Exorcismus In Gefenia dungeon level 2 thru 4, just autoloot everything, when ur inventory is full 100/100, head to go 11 there is NPC right away You can sell those there and warp back to dungeon. This method can make 50-60M in an hour not counting the cards You get. Also I think it's best if You put Stackable items like potions etc into storage and later sell them with Merchant. You can buy blue gemstone at @go 9 Magic Items Seller, or U can buy Mistress card if You decide to dedicate purely to this method. Requirements for this: -High Priest (lvl.255 would be ideal) -Max Int -Teleport lvl 1 You can aswell try to farm Thanatos tower, @ autoloot everything aswell (stone of sage is main source of income), You can go Thanatos tower levels 7 thru 10. For this I would use LK, because they walk faster with pecos (since u can not teleport on those maps) and they can hold large amounts of weight. The another method would be farm "Mavkas" at Moscovia Forest lvl. 3, Autoloot Witherless roses (@alootid +748 and crystal mirror @alootid +747, You can aswell autoloot Blue Herbs, since they are RUSH for alchemists, You can sell them on trade @alootid +510 for that) Then there is aswell an option to farm Amistr Eyes in Bio Laboratory Underground (lvl4 on warpra). You need basic gears for this thought, since it's a lowrate drop. Amistr Eyes are really LIT right now u can sell just 2 of those babies for over 1 credit! You get lot of useful stuff aswell like Glistening coats, Acid bottels, OCA's and Clips of Cinciousness, You can always profit selling those aswell. You will need following: -Any slotted shoes (Dark Lord card) -Any slotted armor (Orc Lord card) -Any slotted shield (Alice card) -Novice Angra Manyu (until U get premium one) <-This is VERY important, You need the angra to get healed back from reflect. -Any slotted garment(raydric card/deviling card) -Ifrit Rings -Slotted headgears (Rata cards) To get these basic gears U can first grind up any of above methods, since these are pretty easy and do not require any special gears. Hope this helped a bit ^^ P.S. When U have Your 4 slotted angra, buy 4AK cards and head straight to new MVP rooms! It's worth it!
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    This guide is only intended for Mac users hence the Title. I will not be replying to anything related/ based on Windows. If you need a Windows guide. I’m sure Mr. Tommy can help you with that https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/66-revivalro-installation-guide/ Alright enough blabbering. Requirements A copy of the full client/RO Folder. Why you ask? The installation setup does not work with my method. Therefore we need a zipped/compressed version that we can extract to a specific location. You can get the Full Client zip here http://cdn.ragnarevival.com/RevivalRO.zip Installation Wineskin Just a Fancy GUI that will make your life easier and allow you to bundle together your windows based applications to run with wine. This is whats gonna allow you to play RevivalRO on a Mac. Not gonna go into too much detail here. That’s why we have google. To Download head over to their site http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php Unzip it and drag it over to your applications Now you should be able to see wineskin winery in your launchpad. Now launch Wineskin Winery and you should have something looking like this Update the wrapper version and install Next you need to install the engine/version of wine to use click on the big + button and make sure you have selected the same version I have. Download & Install After downloading/installing, it should now look like this Create a new blank wrapper Call it w.e you’d like You’ll then get a popup asking to allow/accept incoming connections. Allow it. Now we need to navigate to the folder where our wrapper was created press SHIFT+CMD+G Replace my name/home folder with the name of your Home folder. Right click on the wrapper and show package contents Launch/double click on wineskin Click Install software Choose copy a folder inside option Now it’s time to copy over the RO folder. Like I stated before the setup installation won’t work with my method. Therefore download the zipped version linked on this guide and unzip/extract it on your Mac. Navigate to where you downloaded/extracted your RO folder once you’ve clicked on the copy a folder inside option. Now give it time to copy the folder and all its files. When it’s done a window will popup asking you to choose an executable file here you will pick Revival Patcher.exe Click -> OK you’ll be back to the previous window Here you’ll click on the Advance option Click on set screen options and uncheck Auto detect GPU info for Direct3D -> Done Now we have to install some Microsoft redistributable packages required to run RO Head-over to the Tools tab and click on winetricks under the utilities section On this window click on the update winetricks button -> OK -> then go over to the dlls dropdown section Look for vcrun2008, vcrun2010, vcrun2012 & vcrun2013 and have them checked/ticked then -> Run and go through each installation process. Now click the close button and you should be back on the previous window Tab back over to the options section and check/tick -> Option key works as Alt Now we're set but not quite We now have to choose our graphic device and adjust our resolution through the setup. It is now possible to launch the setup via the RevivalRO Patcher. It's a nice feature/addon without the hassle or the need to change the executable every time you want to adjust your resolution. Lets play Now you should be able to launch the wrapper through spotlight or launchpad If your function keys are not working how you intended/hoped for you may need to go to your System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> ( Here you might need to uncheck/configure some shortcuts So that your function keys can work in RevivalRO like they should ) You might also need to adjust your mouse pointer/tracking speed to your liking when in game. I'll assume you know how to do that. Side Notes As of now you’ll only be able to have one instance/client running This Guide will get updated soon for dual clienting so stay tuned for that but you should at least be able to run/play RevivalRO now. The experience will ofc be different on a Mac and you’ll have to setup shortcuts in game for certain things that just work on windows by default. Support Feel free to PM on here or on discord I prefer discord I’m rarely on the forums My username Avian#6458
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    RevivalRO Starters Guide Guide Contents: 1)Novice Grounds: 2)Old School Leveling Method: 3)Homunculus Leveling: 4)Homunculus Evolution: Novice Grounds: The new novice grounds has just been added to enable both new and old returning players to catch up with our newest updates. Follow the navigation arrow towards the north until you reach warp portal. After entering the warp portal speak to Valkyrie Npc, She would give you 2 options to choose from if you choose the first one you will proceed to the training,Instead of you choose the second option you will have the chance of either choosing Golden Set or Pink Set. Speak to Shion(Introduction Trainer)then follow the navigation towards west warp. Speak to each Npc in a sequence and you will be rewarded with either items or level,After speaking to every Npc speak to Field Trainer and take the test,He will warp you to the next area where you will find some of the most important NPCs in the game,As you entered the map you will notice that the place crowded with Leaf Cats and Sage Worms giving a decent amount of experienced,Do not hesitate to hit them as you were provided with Novice Angra and Novice Guard. Start by talking to Brade(55,28), He wants you to hunt a leaf cat for him, After hunting go back to him, He will tell you to change your job to anything you wish to be the NPCs can be found at (48,37). After the job change, you will be directed to Gramps and you can take the mission from him. Gramps will ask to you kill 25 Willows after you have successfully killed them, Return to Gramps and he will provide you with good amount of experience. Next speak to Rdc Officer to learn about Rdc,Then to Rachel to learn about Itty Bitty Poring City Quest. Speak to Tim-Tom he gives you a Poring Card which you can give to Marvin, Speak to Tim-Tom again twice the second time you talk to him he will ask you whether you wanted to go to Novice Cedi. After entering the Novice Cedi speak to "Valkyrie" At entrance she will provide you with every buff possible in the game. At center of the map you will have a encounter with Cthulhu which is weaker compared to the one in Orginal Cedi. After you have defeated it Tim-Tom will be waiting for you at center of the map with your rewards,You can either choose Golden set or Pink set then he will send you back to town. Old School Leveling Method: 1)You can reset your location on the website and type @go 15 next to you there is a Novice Freebie NPC from whom you can Claim your Free Items. 2)Open your backpack and search your inventory for "Novice Package" double-click on it to open, You will be rewarded with different types of equipment and items which are similar to Set of Madness and Go Set but just that they can be equipped by level 1 and lasts for a week. 3)The Angra which they provide isn't as efficient as that of the cash shop due to lack of slots but they can be used for temporary leveling or farming, But not much reliable than its premium version, Premium version of Angra can be bought from cash shop for 1000premium points, Which is about 10euros of donation or can be farmed in game. 4)As leveling is exhausting you aren't alone anyways you will be given a pet which accompanies you at the start, You can evolve him later. 5)After you done equipping yourself, Head on to your nearest town use @commands to know the available commands in the game, Here I would move to Prontera cause its the main town. 6)Once approached you will see the place crowded by different NPCs, Some of them are also available in different towns as per your convenience. So what these NPCs do? NPCs are Non-playable characters they provide players with resources, support, and Various quests, So let find out how they work? 1)Healer(149,198)Can completely restore both of your Hp and Sp parameters. 2)Stylist(159,196) This Moose looking dude who doesn't have a good taste in style himself can help you out in customizing your character. 3)PvP Warper(158,196)If I were you I would better stay away from this guy until I achieve high-end gears, Or else your just gonna ruin your Kdr by some bullies and nothing else. 4)Warpa(162,198) She could instantly teleport you to towns or dungeons for a little fee or sometimes at no cost. 5)Job Changer(151,186) He is a pretty useful guy, He provides you with various job trees you can choose from. 7)As you have learned enough of these NPCs, Choose Warpa then select dungeons>Anthell>Anthell level 1, Once your there kill Ant eggs until your job level 10, Put up all your basic skills or else job changer won't let you change your job. 8)Once you are done changing your job, Click on Warpa again and select Dungeons >Moscovia Forest>Les Forest.Here remember to turn on your autolooting by typing @autoloot 1-100 based on the difficulty of obtaining that item for example @autoloot 50 can loot all items which comes within the range of 50%,Here you can kill Goblins,poporings, Les, mantis for exp,Les are easier to kill and less offensive compared to goblins which could heal themself,Mantis is offensive and they only appear when you go depth into the forest,Poporings could poison you but since your provided with strong set of equipment it shouldn't worry you,You could level here until your level 75. 9)Sell loots to item dealer at your nearest town which would be helpful for further leveling,Then choose Warpa>Dungeons>Thanatos Tower>Thanatos Tower 7 here you can level up until your base level 99 and rebirth yourself or Head on to bio lab Basement for further leveling if you have enough hit(400+ Hit is recommended) applicable for expanded jobs. 10)Once your Base level is 99 you can rebirth and follow the same cycle until you reach the end of your class tree,After the implementation of Gramps leveling after rebirth, Has just become harder here is were your Battle Manuals come handy, Once your level 103 in either of the path Gramps can assist you in leveling your character.I would recommend going with Gramps as it is quicker and easier compared to the grinding at Bio lab basement(I wouldn't say it is a bad place to level up, Used to be a place where everyone used to level before Gramps came in, Killing monsters over here not only helps you in leveling but also provides you Amistr eyes which is useful in making Drooping Amistr Hat,So either way nothing is waste of your time and effort, For more info on Drooping Amistr click the link given below ) https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest Gramps can be found at @go 39 inside Eden, He won't provide you any experience if you are already maxed.Before he might provide you with the quest he might ask you some security questions which is very simple all you need to do is be ethical, But if you don't wanna waste your time thinking I have already provided answers for you below. Gramps Questionaire Walkthrough: 1)Does the GM team.recruit players to be GMs? A)No. 2)Will the GM team ask you for the password? A)No. 3)Will the GM team demand cash from you, in the game or via instant messengers or social media? A)No. 4)Should you install a Teamviewer because a GM asks you to? A)No. 5)Can a GM team member be invisible in a chat room? A)No. 6)Can you ask to see the GM sprite in order to verify a GM's'identity? A)Yes. Now that you have answered all the questions correctly he will provide you with the quest. Level Ranges:- Level 103 to 153 Level 154 to 204 Level 205 to 255 The area that you choose is specific to your level, For example, you can't choose 154-204 area if your in the range of 103-153, Once you choose to enter any of the following area gramps will ask you to select the monster which you want to kill 400times or all of it, You can either do this alone or with party but bringing a party is highly recommended and kills count, Don't try searching for these mobs in local maps as they are only accessible by gramps,Once you are done he will award you will massive amount of exp and you can get a new quest in every 4hours,You can do this until your character is maxed. Homunculus Leveling: Make sure that you have an embryo in your Inventory, You can farm it from Vanilmirth from Biolab Basement. Spam call Homunculus until you can get one with the best stats,You will also have a free chance to reset Homunculus at morroc via Homunculus Resetter, But Later the only way to reset it is through Homunculus Reset Potion via Speciality goods Npc from Sealed Shrine which costs about 50mill Zeny. Homunculus Reset Potion is just a chance if your Lucky stats increases or if your luck doesn't favor you then your stats will drastically decrease. Use the following items to give a Kickstart to your Homunculus by Boosting its stats Go to Anthell level 1 and kill Anteggs until your Homunculus is level 30. Then Go to Moscovia Forest>Les Forest kill Les until your level 60. Warp to Sphinx 4 and kill Anubis each Anubis is considered as 1level up and at the certain level it keeps getting 3-4kills per level do it until your homunculus is level 140 At level 140 things get easier than you think if you have the above equips,Here equip your Creator with Deviling+Alice card so you can Soak up damage from Biolab monsters while your Homunculus attacks it from level 140-150 make let your Homunculus hit the monsters till their Hp is 90% then Ad them,Cata Monsters have high vit due to which you can do some great damage,From 150-170 you can tank for your Homunculus until it makes the monster Hp about 50% then kill it,The more the Homunculus hits the more exp it gets, At level 170-255 you can tank for your Homunculus supporting it with Slim Potion Pitcher until it completely takes down a monster itself, Make sure you lure your target monster to a corner or a place where there is no other Biolab Monsters, If you see one just ad them. There are 2 Variations you can find in bio lab monsters one is its evolved form and other is its baby form make sure you only pick on a baby form if your low level, But both gives the same amount of exp. Last but not least don't waste your time searching for a 100%working homunculus ai on the internet, Most of them are Archived or Outdated you could just download genuine Homunculus Ai from here. AI_AGGRO.zip Homunculus Evolution: You can evolve your Homunculus once it's Loyal or its intimacy is over 910. With Shoulder Chicky(2016) you have 10%chance of gaining double intimacy when feeding homunculus. Feed your homunculus 2times at Hunger level 14 and 1time at Hunger level 24 to get a full intimacy point. Homunculus Care Guide costs about 15 Vote points and increases your Homunculus intimacy by 10. Don't afk with your Homunculus if it hunger goes down it might leave you. Once your Homunculus is loyal you can use a sage of stone to evolve it.
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    Finished pictures for Sierra! (1/3) ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2 more remaining open slots. Please do take them c: 1. Sierra 2. Clochee 3. Lilia 4. Free 5. Free
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    What the hell are you guys doing? First the pricing was off quite a lot (this is the third change that i'm seeing in the list) now you're completely changing the farmer gears without ever asking for feedback from the actual players? Or did I miss some random chat in discord where this was discussed? If there are balancing issues why not balance it out? Too much for lvl 10 donor accounts? Balance it. Bad idea for an item? Just remove it. No, let's make it a 30 day rental. Probably going to put on sale every now & then again. If the lvl 10 donor account thing is really a problem then you should also remove the 5% double drop chance they get from being VIP. The 60c poring party is a very rebirthro like thing. It's the exact mentality current rro gm team has with balancing items 'just make it harder to get or more expensive for balance' . If the item isn't balanced just fix it and put it on a normal price. Currently I have no clue what road you guys are even trying to take. Can't wait to see the failure the WoE changes and card effect are heading into. I hope you realize this will be a HUGE impact on the server if you fail this too. Just discuss things with your players. I don't think the GM team has more experience in RO than the entire player base combined.
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    http://www.ohsnapitsdave.com/ Hey, just showing my "awesome" work here. Just a photography hobbyist.
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    Honestly need to admit that I don't think 50% off on all items be a good idea. There alot lv10 donors with a shitload of lpp who could easily buy all items then. Idk, i has rather said take maybe 50% on the "basic" items (buff hats, angra/ahura, megs, etc) and a bit lower discount on that seasonal stuff as it is now (xmas, old bf stuff etc). And ofc make sure the items get cheaper and not magically more expensive then before.
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    Well... I am not a huge fan of starting out naked and broke. However, have you considered how it must feel to be the purveyor of a mature, robust and thriving RO server... and then have to start all over again from a basic distribution code base? Wow! Talk about a daunting task! All We have to do is play the game. The admins have to BUILD the damned thing... and listen to all the usual griping and all that implies -- and try to maintain a smile and good humor for the sake of promoting a positive atmosphere. I bet any one of them would trade with you. For my part... I had one of every class maxed out (except Rebellion 'cause I had left by then). I had more than a decade of spiffy donate gears, forged items, and 3 guild storage lockers over-flowing with forge/brew items and specialty gears... all gone. Meh! So what? We are all equal. Imagine getting a party together to beat the 1st three floors of Payon dungeon! LOL! And remember that Low Rate servers do not attract troublemakers. We will all build a brand new community. You, yourself, will become a founding member of something that will live past your playing days...
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    la petit atelier Intro hello guys! welcome to my little workspace/gallery! i missed playing ragnarok so i made sure to visit and play RRO while it's still the beginning of my school semester. please see my works below and if you like it, give this post a thumbs up! i am also currently accepting commissions with creds as payment since my character is fudgin noob :c please fund me Wishlist Samples headshot chibi mature half-body mature full-body siggy traditional none atm Price List Do you want to order? just copy paste these that is all! i hope you enjoyed stopping by my shoppu and i hope you order arts! yay see you in game!
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    Well, it has been a while, but herro there. So since a while we got the new WoE gears to replace the old Siege gears from HoA. Over all a nice idea to update and improve the system. However ... there is a major issue (in my opinion and others too) with it. To cut it short: the price. As a reference for those for don't know, each Equipment (Shoes, Cloak, Armors) costs 1850 woe points. That per se wouldn't be the issue. The issue comes from where you get the woe points: surprise, in woe. To further explain the issue, lets do some math. There 6 woe a week in total. The minium points you can gather are 100 (for being 30min in a castle), means you get min. 600 points a week (additional 25 pts for each castle the guild gets). That means you need roughly 3 WEEKS to get ONE part. And that also only, if you would join every woe and nothing bugs out. For a whole set it would take roughly 9 weeks, ~2months to get (which not includes buying multiple pieces if you don't plan to SRT refine them). Assuming the current woe situation, that's way too tedious to do, especially if you consider that these gears also to some part are meant to support new players to join. To put it in perspective: The old Siege gears cost 400 HoA points each (and invest tickets but heyyyy we get that for free on afk eden reward). Points you can literally farm 24/7. I know the new gears have way superior effects but still. So to round this up and not rant too much, I would give the suggestion: Either reduce the price over all (you will still need to buy a lot of them if you don't plan to put a shitload of SRT into them to refine them) or, at least reduce the prices of Cloak and Shoes and keep the armors as something "more special". kthxbai.
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    Greetings everyone, during this fast server restart we've fixed high priority bugs introduced by our last code merge. Corrected an issue in the NPC inputs, string inputs shall work fine now that include every affected quest.
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    it might be that it wasnt updated as it was an old version. and orange tie and black tie has the same effect. it was disabled. and will come back at some point for the players to exchange their duplicates.
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    Kinda wanna suggest to maybe offer a package for Support classes too (aka Healer), so far its only for killers. Meditatio Hats are in the Stat Lucky Box, but there alot other kind of hats too. Would suggest to just maybe put a feather ribbon there.
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    Im Sylvanna one of the new staffs for the Server. Feel free to contact me if theres an issue you encounter and I will try our best to help you(within reasons). You guys will mostly see me in helpdesk,discord and sometimes roaming around or plotting an event. Thats all and see you guys ingame! 😸
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    hi hi everyone i'm sther. been playing high priestess since the old RRO server for a few years, and woe-ed a bit with Frosted Puff. if any oldies are here, say hi!
  21. 2 points
    Greetings Valiant Souls of this world of Revival Ragnarok! I was wondering through the Spirit Realm and found a portal to your wonderful world! I am Inugami, and I have come to your world to assist you in your perilous journeys! Those seeking aide feel free to call upon me and I will assist you to the fullest of my capabilities! I look forward to meeting each one of you great warriors! I hope we have a woofderful time working together!
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    Hello there,First of all I appreciate your work on getting the Server better and better and I know it takes an alot of time and patience to deal with Bugs and fix them, I don't think what I have reported is significant or mandatory compared to bigger fish that you have to cook,But I dont wanna not stay without mentioning that this is also part of the server to get server better it should be touched as well at some point and worked on,I want to address an issue with GMs regarding RDC,This was Lilalyn project left unaccomplished for years it was untouched there is nothing else other than the Headgear, The existence of other pieces still proves there is a Set which exists, The set should be similar to that of Rdc Headgear with addable stats similar to that of antiques like the Headgear, Instead of leveling up along with usl,It should be leveled upon completing Rdc Tiers and investing Operation credits that you earn from the tiers to upgrade it, Like that it should be harder to level up than antiques cause the Headgear itself is powerful alone and good things come with time and you don't want people to get their hands on them that easily, Let the Headgear just stay how it is and unrefinable cause its good as how it is, In addition, please work on completing the higher tiers too with new types of equipment and stuffs on the loot, Like this people gonna be active on RDC more than ever, Not for my sake not for the players sake do it in the honor of an Ex-GM who served our server at her time, Thank you.
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    Hello players! In this hot patch we have done the following: Fixes Hopper has given up his NPC allure and embraced his monstrous side. He is still as soft as ever but should stop lagging players (he will also drop something nice for players who beat him down impress him) Hopper will also announce when all his collected Easter eggs have been found (towns only!) Gold Snapback Cap's effect now works properly Viewing Equipment function has been fixed Rune Knight, Sorcerer, and Sura Alt Clothes are now working properly Red Electric Aura Costume can now be traded Kind regards, RevivalRO Management
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    Easter Event 2018 & Goodie Bag Contents: Well, a Happy Easter to each and every one of you, So we do have an event today which is gonna last for 3weeks(21days) and this event doesn't look much complicated as the valentines day event its a very simple and short event everyone has a fair chance of getting Goodie Bag just staying AFK in the MVP map unlike Tomson(No not me but the NPC)who just eats away all those ingredients that you put effort on farming but only drawback here is I have noticed other than giving headgears,Costumes they also give other kinds of stuff like HoA consumables, Crafting Items and other trolls,Just save enough so you can spam and not complain later. 1)Easter Bunny can be found at Geffen town 185 125, Get the quest from him. 2)Easter egg can be found in the fields,Dungeons of Midgard only ( Mora,Eclage,Amastu,Dewata,Moscovia,Brasilis,Malaya,Ayothaya,Gonryun,Louyang,bifrost,Splendide,Manuk Fields are excluded)Don't waste your time to search in those Fields and Dungeons. Note:Wear Costume: Easter Basket or else you won't be able to pick up the egg. 3)By doubling clicking on the easter egg that you have found you will know either it's a good egg or a bad egg good ones give Easter goodie bag while the bad ones give cracked egg pieces. or 4)Don't worry if you got any cracked ones save them for later you can trade 5 of those to easter bunny in turn of an Easter Goodie Bag. 5)Besides, that as per the Server announcement an MVP spawns in random fields of the Midgard Continent, Either you kill it or not you still get an Easter goodie bag for staying in that field, And the person who kills the MVP gets Easter Goodie Bag and some cracked egg pieces and a random amount of Easter Eggs are spawned in the corresponding field. Safety Measure: Always be conscious if the MVP spawns twice in an hour or the next always think its a trap set by GMs and something fishy is going on.(Well they are too nice to give you bacons later) This crossbreed between Bunny & Rat with a huge lollipop looks like someone's mom who is waiting for his son to turn up home so she can spank him,He isn't a bad guy though well am i right? Note:The MVP spawns in every 2hours. What can I find in Easter Goodie Bag?Well here is a little information that I have gathered from players all around RevivalRo, Thanks for the Contribution of sprites I will list out the names at end of the topic give them a huge shout out later. Easter Goodie Bag Contents: 1)Costume:Bunny Top Hat(Black) 2)Honorary Bunny Mouth 3)Gold Snapback Cap 4)Bunny Hoodie(Black) 5)Bunny Hoodie(White) 6)Bunny Balloon Hat 7)Fluttering Butterflies 8)Fuzzy Bunny Scarf 9)Costume:Bunny Bonnet(2018) 10)Costume:Easter Egg Balloon I know there are a lot more kinds of stuff out there that are missing in this guide, I haven't even seen a single middle gear,Well if you guys find other kinds of stuff just let me know i will add it in here,Also check out Cash shop for cool donates that you might not wanna miss. Ok, let us move to the contributors of the sprites it is really impossible without them. Sprite Contributors: 1)Shan(Bunny Top Hat(Black)) 2)Kiiro(Honorary Bunny Mouth) 3)Bananaketchup(I know the Lyrics go like this No ketchup just sauce raw sauce but its different in this situation)(Gold Snapback Cap) 4)Some Random cool guy(I forgot his name but let's remember him like that cause he is cool)(Bunny Hoodie(Black)) 5)Connor(Not Condor its Connor as in Connor)(Bunny Hoodie(White)) 6)Akamine(Bunny Balloon Hat, Fluttering Butterflies) 7)Gcq(Fuzzy Bunny Scarf)(Costume: Bunny Bonnet(2018) 8)Polecat(Costume: Easter Egg Balloon) For the above ones, Thank you for helping me to complete this Guide. Happy Easter Everyone, Thank you.
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    art delivery for Lilia!! (2/2) thank you so much!!
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    Dear future guildies! "The Effect" guild is recruiting. Our ultimate goals are to compete in WoE and PvP. Because of that, the main activities will be PvP, WoE, Cedi, Halls of Abyss and other ways of gearing up to get on top Aside from that we're just looking to have a good time together, be it online or on our discord channel n_n We help eachother out with builds, quests, PvPing etc. Any question you'll ask will have an answer, no matter if it's RO-related or if you're wondering about the meaning of life. By sharing our knowledge we hope to improve eachothers PvP game, so no previous PvP experience would be required (though very helpfull Anyone is allowed to join really, as long as you are active it would be awesome if your goals allign with those of the guild, but social members are also very welcome Another factor in considering joining might be your time-zone. We have members from different time zones, the leaders living in western-europe, which is server time -7 hours, which means that both WoE times are doable Aside from that, it doesn't matter if you're an outgoing social type or more introverted. There will be a place for you in The Effect guild. Interested?: If you're interested in joining, please leave a reply here with your IGN or PM "Aewa" or "Visir" in-game for an invite! If we are not online, you could also send us an in-game mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! We usually hang out in Amatsu (@go10) so you can also meet us to join there n_n We hope to welcome you soon! The Effect
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    hi im kane i missed ragnarok so i decided to play again reee. im noob as hell so hopefully yall like my art (fund me) idk if paypal payments are allowed here, if not, i take zeny and credits (coins?) payment! not sure how to price the latter though, and how to trade for that... please guide me, a lost soul.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ Contact Info ★ ► Discord: Fastest way to reach me! ► Facebook: http://fb.me/mprincekane ► IGN: kane azriel ★ Commissions Info ★ ► Pricing and Terms of Services: https://goo.gl/1vPnb8 ► Art samples: https://sta.sh/2sy4edsdrt1 ► No backgrounds, unfortunately. The most I can do are solid background, with or without patterns. ► There are additional fees for pets/familiars/weapons, although there is no set price. We can discuss that. ► I can do a wide variety of styles. I'm most comfortable with semi-realism. I can also do stylized and anime. Not that experienced in realism, however. ► I can do chibi and semi-chibi. Ecchi is fine, too. ★ Art Samples ★ ► More here: https://sta.sh/2sy4edsdrt1 ★ Slots ★ ► To ensure I don't pile up on commissions, I'll be taking comms just a couple at a time. ► Can take around 3 days to 1 week per piece. Although the simpler styles are fairly easy for me to do. ► [OPEN] ► [OPEN] ► [OPEN] ★ In-game Currency Rates ★ ► I'm fairly new to this, so if any of my rates are off, underpriced/overpriced, please do tell me! Any input is very much appreciated. ► 1 USD = 0.82 EUR = 35m ZENY = 0.82 CREDS (ROUNDED OFF)
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    Sadly, the problem with the current WoE time is that it stagnates growth and opportunity for people from different timezones to join in, which would result to almost no competition. Which is why it'd be great to have WoE times that cater to all three continents to give everyone an equal footing regarding availability. If the EU and NA people left because of it, that would be bad for the server.
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    Hope you don't get triggered watching over everyone. Hahahaha PS. Do you have hooters discount
  30. 2 points
    I have noticed the influx of players who have returned during the past week [including myself], wanting an extension to the refunds to help them get started again. Apparently the process was abused by people, in which obviously would put a bad taste in the mouth. I'd lowkey want another chance if they ever change their mind, however I don't know about leaving 1star reviews, that might be more detrimental to the server than anything.
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    Another thing that came in my mind, nothing to fo with that times thing, but If you guys wanna keep do changes for woe, why not make a chat with woe guild gls to discuss changes? Since they prolly know the best whats going on in woe.
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    Commission done for @Lilia, her Sura Mama Drools. Next one is Syrus. ~
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    Hello, Before anyone does any game trading activities, please be informed that game trading is not allowed in RevivalRO! This means selling any goods/service for non-RO goods/service is illegal! For example: Buying or selling credits to or from other players for real money or anything that involves real money and other players. ATTEMPT to do this activity will result in the seller being banned, and possibly the buyer as well, and no items would be recovered! If ever in doubt, you can also ask RevivalRO staff in game, discord and support before doing anything that could be illegal! Thank you and have fun! Regards, RevivalRO Staff
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    Hello Guys! My name is Luis and I Main Stalker ( Litteraly had 7 maxed on my account). I am a veteran player (over 12 years) , I quit for a while and decided it would be my time to come back and surprise! I heard the bad news and @Syphon I know how much you love this community and how you will fight for everything that was taken away from you , but fight the good fight and rise from the ashes that we left behind! Im here to re-introduce myself not as an old player or Pro but as a friend to everyone in need of help , I've done everything in RebirthRO and helping with questions or helping people in general has always been my style. With this being said , Syphon , @KittyBoy and the rest of the GM team , this is actually an opportunity to build towards a better future . An experience to learn from and a challenge to overcome. I am 24 years old now and started this long adventure since I was around 10 years old , please keep your chins up guys and lets start to rebuild ! I have not installed the game yet but will be working on doing so this weekend, If I can help in any way you can think of I would love to help with the Rebuild and assist with general questions. To the rest of the player community if you are new , Welcome to the beginning of a great adventure ! And to those who are Veterans like myselfassist as much as you can , lets all put in our grain of sand to make this server #1 again!
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    this is so GAY u made woodland topper and avian rentlals, wtf happen to having perm ones i mean seriously i would had paid the 37creds LOl WTF MAN i demand U CHANGE IT BACK!
  36. 2 points
    Ok, since I got apperently too much time, I got here the original prices of the most items there. Some I couldn't find or they right now just to find in lucky boxes. So feel free to add the prices if you want. :v
  37. 2 points
    Hello, There seems to be a mix-up with some of the prices. Could you please help us by listing the items that have the wrong prices and the previous prices? We will look into it before the sale happens. Items that I'm aware have wrong price: - Snowflake Ring - previous price 2000? - Rabbit Knithead - previous price 2000? Thank you.
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    Prices went up? (on some items) 300 coins off of 2k items?....100 coins off some 1k items? This is the black friday sale? i was expecting a little more of a Black Friday sale. I mean after everything that happened....300 coins off...Ok then
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    As alot of people have been asking how to donate via Paypal here's a guide for y'all nublets. You'd have to use G2A to donate via PayPal . You have to add the amount you are going to donate to ur G2A wallet first . Step 1: Making a G2A acc Open G2A website and create a Acc by following the below steps You'll get a verification email , complete the verification . Once you're done verification you should come to page looking something like this: Step 2 : Adding money using PayPal/desired payment option . Click "Add Funds" option Select how much you plan on donating . you might have even more options to add money since G2A offers different payment methods in different countries , selected the preferred payment option login into PayPal and do ur thing :v you'll be charged 0.45Euro per transaction , to compensate with this they're providing bonus credits on each donation Step 3 : Login your RevivalRO Account . Click buy points Select G2A Wallet you'll get a Pay button which I forgot to screenshot :v , but after you click it the payment should go thru ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YOU'RE DONE. And.................. that's how you donate using PayPal Since G2A charges 0.45 Euro per every transaction for uploading you're being given bonus credits on every donation.
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    Herro Pros ~ Finished the commission/gift for @Sierra
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    Hi RRO players, This is the post where you can suggest what items would you like to see available on our upcoming Black Friday Sale. You will be able to purchase the items via Premium Points or Limited Premium Points Please input your suggestions in replies to this post below! (Note: Please be specific on the item name and slots) List is closed. Thank you for your suggestions. Black Friday Sale List: Woodland Topper [4] Avian Farmers [4] Trident [4] Fabled Sword [4] Amistr's Beret [4] Frozen Wings [4] Cold Blade Wings (2014) [4] Gentle Snow Wings (2014) [4] Falling Snow [4] Sparkly Winter Scarf (2014) [1] Bunny Scarf (2014) [1] Snow Owl (2014) [4] Poring Party [4] Heaven's Glow [4] Heavenly Ribbon [4] Vagabond Scarf [1] Ice Wing Ears [3] Rose Ring [4] Rose Crown [4] Falling Rose Petals [4] Metallic Wing [4] Spectre Cape [1] Spectre Helm [4] Witch's Hat [4] Witch's Broom [1] Fluttering Bats [4] Murder of Crows [4] Bandage Scarf [1] Undertaker Hat [4] Zombie Hands [4] Black Butterfly Hairbow [4] Falling Feathers [4] Valhalla's Glory [4] Panda Racksack [1] Penguin Rucksack [1] Fox Scarf [1] Spell Bound [4] White Flower Ribbon [4] Angra [4] Ahura [1] Meginjard(p) Brisingamen(p) Petal Dance [4] Red Curtain Scarf [1] Lazy Bunny [4] Wyvern Wings [4] Rabbit Knithat [4] Snowflake Ring [4] Poring Pipe [1] Strongman Hair (Red) [4] Strongman Hair (White) [4] Strongman Hair (Black) [4] Dark Magician's Hat [4] Floppy Bunny [4] Stuffed Panda [4] Pink Pochi Hat [3] Snow Valk [3] Raccoon Hat [4] Fox Ears [4] Dragon Rider [4] Hermes Beret [4] Dyna-Hat U [4] Dyna-Hat M [4] Dyna-Hat L [1] Dyna Third [1] Magic Third [1] Magic Baby [1] Evil Angel Helm [4] Red Demon Wings [3] Black Dragon Scarf [1] Divinity Helm [4] Divinity Wing [4] White Garuda Wings [4] Black Garuda Wings [4] Guardian PoRings [4] Blue Ears [4] Cute Blue Ribbons [3] Fall Leaves [4] Fallen Wings [4] Fisher Glasses [4] Fisher Hat [4] Flying Reaper [1] Elegant Wings [4] Planet Orbs [1] Big Bad Pirate [4] Deviruchi Balloon 2.0 [1] Melting Heart Icecream (2015) [4] Lynx Ears [4] Judgement Wings [4] Spring Bonnet [4] Flower Ring [4] Sunflower Ring [4] Soft Sheep Hat [4] Teddy Bear Hat [4] Scarlet Angel Ear [1] Star Power [4] Chinese Knot [4] Bunny Backpack [4] Dainty Wings [4] Fluttering Blossoms [4] *This suggestion post will be running until 31st January 2018
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    I sent you a personal email but I will repeat part of it here... I played RRO for near 15 years. It started out better than incredible. For me, it ended when GMs colluded to corrupt practices with a popular guild and blew off all complaints. So I walked. Left 8 accounts and 20K in donates to the 1st player I came across. It comes as no surprise... The drama and backstabbing. Since you are going to make a go of a new and improved RO and not just lay on your ass and cry... Then I will return and do all I can to support you. I have faith in you and I remember RRO when you were at the helm. I look forward to it again. I think you will find a good many absent friends will return. TB. [aka: Samadhi, Hipshot, Tunshupo, Tei Lung and all my other guises]
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    Seems like I am the first guy here.. so I'll just spit out my feelings here.. As soon as I read the announcement of Ancyker telling all his made up drama , I knew there was something fishy.. And I was right, the forum has gone blank, and I can't access my current forum account (I am using fresh-made account atm). For seconds, i thought RRO has finally met its end, lol... I'll tell you one thing, I still believe in the real Syphon. and I never trust ancyker from the start, especially when he started telling all his fake story and begged for donations .Even if the story was the truth, as a professional, one should not do that, it is not wise in my point of view especially to get sympathy, it is disgusting. Wait a minute, this is just a conspiracy, could it be that you were Ancyker disguised as Syphon to get sympathy? Could you give us a proof if you were the real Syphon, since it is hard to believe anyone else after all this puzzling drama. To the real Syphon: I hope the server gets better as you pay more attention to the server unlike before. you slipped and recruited a villain that crushed you from he back. Go get people like Luxuri, the best admin of RRO, and the admin that would become a great partner for you. In the end, I am looking forward for the progress, so I'll decide if I would stay or move on from RRO.
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    Greetings, During this two emergency maintenance we patched an exploit in Cashshop, and disabled LPP usage in all NPCs except, Costumer, Hat Roulette and Races. We're working now on review all scripts again before release ability to do LPP payments. Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    Greetings RevivalRO Players, During this maintenance we've done the following. NOTE: We're having some issue with patching your clients, the unknown item in the cash shop is the SRT Box version for LPP Fixes Fixed various errors in new MVP Rooms, it shall work perfectly now. Implementation of SRT Box Limited Edition for LPP, this version is totally account bounded. Now LPP is usable at all NPCs in-game Fix premium items exchange issues Content: Reset Girl, Old Wise Woman now uses a lower price table Vending Tax lowered from 10% to 3% WoE Castles Removed Guild Towns Removed #support is not available, a new channel for support requests Remove of various RebirthRO Mentions in-game Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    Greetings RevivalRO Players, It's very Important for us to compensation our old donors, they were loyal to us, invested in our server and helped it to stay alive for over 13 years! And so for this all of our old donors are qualified to a credits per donor level compensation, the points will be returned as Limited Premium Points. KINDLY NOTE: THE POINT OF THIS REFUND IS TO AID DONOR PLAYERS ONLY! UPDATE 2018-01-20 We strongly apologize on the delay, me getting sick due to lack of sleep caused by a extremely busy two weeks of work to bring RevivalRO on time, and nearly 200 direct message daily from players to message me got me so overloaded so we had to delay the maintenance. Currently I have bad and good news, the bad news the maintenance is delayed again, yet the good news is that we have a final date, the maintenance shall start on 2018-01-21 10AM UTC+8 and shall stay for 1 ~ 2 hours. We had to delay the maintenance even further because we found how vulnerable some of our systems is, because of the poor design by our previous staff which required immediate fix before we release the points, it's important for us and to you to have fair play. A Final word, since many asks about answering to the emails/private messages, the number is huge answering them all will take more time than working on maintenance, however i would message you after maintenance if we faced any issue with your account! See you all in RevivalRO World. 1- Our Changes to Limited Premium Points We will release a new version of SRT Box available to be bough by LPP, the refine tickets coming out of it is account bounded You will be able to use LPP in services like Race, Costumer and Hat Roulette and pretty much all other npcs All items point totally or partially by limited points will be account bound 2- Our Refund Plan Donor Level 1 -> 25C (2500LPP) Donor Level 2 -> 50C (5000LPP) Donor Level 3 -> 100C (10000LPP) Donor Level 4 -> 150C (15000LPP) Donor Level 5 -> 200C (20000LPP) Donor Level 6 -> 300C (30000LPP) Donor Level 7 -> 500C (50000LPP) Donor Level 8 -> 750C (75000LPP) Donor Level 9 -> 1000C (100000LPP) Donor Level 10 -> 2000C (200000LPP) 3- How to request a Refund You're eligible to request for donor refund until 15th of February 2018 right before the maintenance starts. To ask for a refund please send a Private Message to KittyBoy in the forum includes the username of all of your donor accounts you wish to refund credits to! In case you have issue with sending a new message on forum, send it to our email [email protected] 4- When will we start processing Refund requests We will start processing refund requests right after 19th of January maintenance. Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    ...I think we know you are going to be terrific. Something I learned playing RO for about 19 years (my daughter got me into it when she was ~13) is that RO is a Community. It's not just about the game and grinding and bragging rights. Easily half the time spent is in interacting with the players and the GMs. I made friends in Romania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Canada and places I cannot spell the name of... The thing Ancyker forgot - or maybe never learned in the 1st place - is it's not about money and it is certainly not about Power. RO is about Friends and building a strong community. I remember RRO at its beginning. You made it great. It will be a long road but we are in it for the long haul my friend... all of us.
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    My suggestion is to have wars like Best Champion, Best High Priest, etc. to boost the challenging spirit of RO players (if that doesn’t still exist though…) I also like to have an NPC that can help people to be rich, sort of like an Event NPC such as disguise NPC, that can be held for like a certain time once every day (prize depends on you, for example credit points or maybe a 100m zeny bag or... it really depends) Also, please return the official costume of GMs. They give the feeling of superiority and they are also cute o3o p.s. photo not mine
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    💖Hello my precious gems 💖 My name is Crystalline ~ I am a newly hired GM of RevivalRO! I hope we can all get along :3 Feel free to poke me about anything at my discord ( Crystalline#0624 )~ but be careful... i bite c; I can't wait to help you my gems💕 See you all in Midgard!
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