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    Hello everyone! Easter time is here and we found these limited items in Easter Bunny's basket. Come and get them before Easter Bunny leaves on this 30th of April. Royal Bunny Crown [4] for 2000PP (20C) Royal Bunny Coronet [4] for 2000 (20C) Royal Carrot Aura [4] for 2000 (20C) Royal Bunny [1] for 1750PP (17.5C) White Wedding Bunny (2015) [4] for 2000 (20C) Midnight Wedding Bunny (2015) [4] for 2000 (20C) Bunny Backpack (2015) [4] for 2000 (20C) Bubble Aura (2015) [1] for 1000 (10C) We also found these limited edition, high in demand pet eggs. Menblatt Egg for 1500 (15C) Seth Egg for 1500 (15C) Sarah Egg for 1500 (15C) Enjoy and happy shopping!
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    Hello everyone! As released back in August 2018, the Guild Packages are incentives meant to encourage players participation in WoE. However, after over a year since its release, we have observed no significant increase in WoE participation in comparison to the numbers of guilds who have applied for the Guild Packages. Over this period, we also have concerns relating to some players attempting to abuse the system for their personal gain. This has forced us to revise the current contents of the Guild Packages and we have come up with a new contents list which we hope are more geared towards giving new players a kickstart to join the WoE scenes as well as to decrease attempts of Guild Packages system abuse. The following changes are made to the Improved Guild Packages content list: Removed Stat, Melee, Magic, Range, and Support Lucky Boxes and replaced them with a fixed Melee, Magic, Range, Support Healer, Support Flee headgear effect and sprite Removed Mid Lucky Box and replaced it with a fixed +30 all stats wing sprite Removed Lower Lucky Box and replaced it with a fixed +15 all stats and +10% resistance to all status effects balloon sprite Removed WoE Coins and replaced them with a WoE Set of player's choice To make up for what are lacking, players are given 1000 HoA points and 5 Investment tickets to buy TAGRAS/Bellum weapon for their character 3x Bubble Gum Box (10) instead of 2x SRT Box 5x Gym Pass instead of 2x Gym Pass Guild leaders get the incentives of extra 1000 WoE coins for them to buy other WoE supplies Other changes related to Guild Packages that will be implemented along with the release of the Improved Guild Packages: Ninja class will be able to wear WoE Gears Set C WoE Gears will only take effect in WoE, Horus, PvP, Battlegrounds, and Death Match maps. WoE gears are wearable outside of these areas but the effects will not be working. The following are the fixed sprites chosen for the upper headgears: Melee class headgear Magic class headgear Range class headgear Support Healer class headgear Support Flee class headgear The fixed middle headgear is as follows: The fixed lower headgear is as follows: Reference for WoE Gears Set is as follows: Guild Packages contents list All Guild Packages will have the following items: Black Butterfly Wings [4] Pouring Balloon [1] Rental Angra Manyu [4] Rental Ahura Mazdah [1] 3x Bubble Gum Box (10) 5x Gym Pass 5x Investment Ticket 10x Hat Roulette Token 10x Autotrade Coupon 1000 Hall of Abyss Points Guild leader bonus incentives: 75x WoE Arrows Quiver (S) 100x WoE Arrows Quiver (A) 200x WoE White Potion Box 200x WoE Blue Potion Box 1000x WoE Coin The following are the Guild Packages that you can choose from: Guild Package A Melee Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set A Rental Megingjard Guild Package B Melee Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Megingjard Guild Package B Range Red Beret [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Brisingamen Guild Package B Flee Fox Ears [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Melee Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Megingjard Guild Package C Magic Seppl Hat [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Healer Feather Ribbon [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Flee Fox Ears [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Brisingamen Suggested class for the sets are as follows: A Melee: Paladin, Creator B Melee: Lord Knight, Whitesmith, Assassin Cross, Star Gladiator B Range: Stalker, Sniper, Gunslinger B Flee: Clown, Gypsy C Melee: Champion C Magic: High Wizard, Professor, Ninja C Healer: High Priest C Flee: Soul Linker, Professor As an example, if you are a guild leader who is applying for set B Range, in total you will get all the following items: Red Beret [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Brisingamen Black Butterfly Wings [4] Pouring Balloon [1] Rental Angra Manyu [4] Rental Ahura Mazdah [1] 3x Bubble Gum Box (10) 5x Gym Pass 5x Investment Ticket 10x Hat Roulette Token 10x Autotrade Coupon 1000 Hall of Abyys Points 75x WoE Arrows Quiver (S) (guild leader bonus incentive) 100x WoE Arrows Quiver (A) (guild leader bonus incentive) 200x WoE White Potion Box (guild leader bonus incentive) 200x WoE Blue Potion Box (guild leader bonus incentive) 1000x WoE Coin (guild leader bonus incentive) Application process and requirements: A total of at least 10 unique guild members including the guild leader who has never applied Guild Package before. (Note: By 'unique' we mean different players) All members must be a maxed character with 255 base level and 120 job level Guild leader will need to ask his/her guild members for these details If they have applied for guild package before (under any accounts at all) If they have family members or friends who might share the same IP Address as them or have access to each others accounts Which Guild Packages they want to take Two separate available dates and time where all members can gather and be present for the guild validation process. (Note: Please choose dates at least a week after the application ticket is submitted for GMs to prepare) Once all the details have been gathered and compiled, the guild leader will have to submit the Guild Package application through https://support.ragnarevival.com/ In the application ticket, please include the guild name, guild leader's IGN, two dates and time for guild validation process, list of members IGN (make sure they're spelt correctly) and class along with their preferred Guild Packages. Below is a sample Guild Packages application ticket: Once the guild leader has submitted the application, kindly wait for a GM to respond to the ticket for confirmation before the validation process. Important notes: Players who applied for Guild Packages before cannot join any more guilds to apply for another Guild Package either on the same account or another (alts) account. Guild Package can only be applied once per player and guild. GMs have the right to tell guild leaders to make amendments on the submitted application whether to remove members (with reasons) or to push the validation dates to another time. GMs are allowed to refuse any Guild Packages request, for a reason or not, mainly for possible abuse or cheating. Having done with the guild validation process does not mean that your guild is approved for the Guild Packages. Guild validation is only the second step of application after the application ticket submission. Once your guild has been approved to get the Guild Packages after the validation process, kindly wait for the packages to be delivered. The Guild Packages will not be given on the guild validation process and there is no ETA for the Guild Packages delivery. Any updates regarding guild packages will be informed by GMs through the guild leaders. Any questions regarding guild packages should be asked through a guild leader and not by guild members either through in-game Helpdesk or Web Support Abusing Guild Packages system or trying to find a loophole on how to get a second package is strictly forbidden. This will result on nulling the Guild Packages application for the whole guild and the abuser will receive a heavy punishment which can also result in a ban for all of his/her accounts. With these changes, we hope more new guilds will join and flourish our WoE. Please leave any comments or suggestions below. We gladly accept all constructive criticisms our players provide. Thank you and have a great day ahead!
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    Hi there I have come back amongst the boredom of quarantine, I did check my chars out on Rebirth.ro but since most of the items where sold off before I left I figured with the generous refund and ability to buy new donates I would start fresh here (this being the more active server too) I wrote many guides on the old forums I may rewrite and post again here once I get into the swing of things, and once I knock out a few max chars i'll be after a guild for woe, glad to be back sorry to hear about all the trouble. Sucks to remake over 7, 255's but hey at least I can do somethings different. Happy playing, see you on the servers!
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    Hello everyone! In case you haven't heard, Luck o' Leprechaun has returned to his magical land after he had gotten his stolen gold coins back. So what do you do with the spare gold coins you took from the magical treasure chests? Fret not because the Gold Coin Collector is here! One man's trash is another man's treasure. The Gold Coin Collector is willing to trade some of his treasures or trash with the spare gold coins you have. He is also buying your treasures but at a lower price. What a lowballer! If you're interested to do trades with the Gold Coin Collector, you can find him at Hugel 124 205. The Gold Coin Collector has also brought some news with him. He told us that he passed by a Lost Merchant while he was on his way here. Rumour has it that the Lost Merchant will be making his appearance somewhere in Midgard soon.
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    https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Hall_of_Abyss After Wednesday WoE2, the Hall of abyss closes. People need to "invest" to open it again to the public. for each 5m zeny donation you get 1 Investment Ticket. Alternatively you can wait for the Eden Daily Rewards: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Eden_Group_(Loki) If you can't invest into HoA, it means it is full already and open for all. The only thing you then can do is either try one of the other HoA (as the one you tried) or wait till next week.
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