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    Well, it has been a while, but herro there. So since a while we got the new WoE gears to replace the old Siege gears from HoA. Over all a nice idea to update and improve the system. However ... there is a major issue (in my opinion and others too) with it. To cut it short: the price. As a reference for those for don't know, each Equipment (Shoes, Cloak, Armors) costs 1850 woe points. That per se wouldn't be the issue. The issue comes from where you get the woe points: surprise, in woe. To further explain the issue, lets do some math. There 6 woe a week in total. The minium points you can gather are 100 (for being 30min in a castle), means you get min. 600 points a week (additional 25 pts for each castle the guild gets). That means you need roughly 3 WEEKS to get ONE part. And that also only, if you would join every woe and nothing bugs out. For a whole set it would take roughly 9 weeks, ~2months to get (which not includes buying multiple pieces if you don't plan to SRT refine them). Assuming the current woe situation, that's way too tedious to do, especially if you consider that these gears also to some part are meant to support new players to join. To put it in perspective: The old Siege gears cost 400 HoA points each (and invest tickets but heyyyy we get that for free on afk eden reward). Points you can literally farm 24/7. I know the new gears have way superior effects but still. So to round this up and not rant too much, I would give the suggestion: Either reduce the price over all (you will still need to buy a lot of them if you don't plan to put a shitload of SRT into them to refine them) or, at least reduce the prices of Cloak and Shoes and keep the armors as something "more special". kthxbai.
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    Greetings everyone, during this fast server restart we've fixed high priority bugs introduced by our last code merge. Corrected an issue in the NPC inputs, string inputs shall work fine now that include every affected quest.
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    it might be that it wasnt updated as it was an old version. and orange tie and black tie has the same effect. it was disabled. and will come back at some point for the players to exchange their duplicates.
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    Waahhh danke Mel ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finished mugshot for Nebula!
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    Oh boi, it's been some time. And since I am a lazy Fak, I ma sort of ignore the people reply before me. Also why the fuk does the "Quote" option only show half of Nebulas post zzzz ... Yes, very good idea. Since as right now the main WOE guilds are mostly Asian, that makes a lot of sense. For European it be around 6/7pm, so also there no biggy. Well, I personally had no problem with that. But I know some peeps take a very ... verrrry long time to get their set up even going, so that might be too less for them? Tho on the other side, that would then be the "kick in the butt" so they actually are WOE ready, when WOE starts and not half a hour later. lol Per se not a bad idea. The only issue would be, that you can @changegm anytime, and by that maybe abuse it in some way. But whatever be the case, the reward should be something thats account bound, to prevent abusive farming and selling of the reward. A note on the Guardians, since they are broken as fak *cough Grimreaper cough*, either remove that crap completely (the skill I mean) or bring back the old Guardian summon cost. People only spam the guards like candy coz they are cheap as hell. I only briefly looked over the other posts regarding that and Alliances. By now I would say we don't need Allies. Need to say tho, I only witness WOE2, and that shit is dead as hell. I can't talk about the numbers in WOE1. (I heard tho they are decent) Yes, Alliances would help out for newer Guilds, but that's not the issue we have here. The issue is the skill level and the Gear unbalance. It won't matter much if you go clash with your newly founded guild, if there is your Endgame Meta Enemy with SS and HWC who basically can one/two shot everyone. (and yes, WOE is a Endgame thing and you should be geared for that if you want to join it, still won't change the fact that we have almost broken Donation gears in this server that do make a difference) We need to adjust legit WOE, to make it a better entry field for newer guilds. I would suggest for legit WOE, to make it really legit, removing custom enchants (Melanis), overrefined Gears (tho that might not that much a issue anymore since Blessings made refine easy af), maybe only allowing MVP room cards. tl;dr, Issue isn't the Guild size or Alliances, it's the gear differences (dun ask me how to solve that lol) Another side note; the issue of afk in castles for rewards. Maybe set a timer on that? I dunno, maybe after like a minute or two of not walking you get Coma, HP/SP 1, as sort of warning. And when you don't move after that you get nuked. Further side note on afking. Easy solution on that would also be: reduce the castles. Right now. There literally TWO guilds woeing activly (might be three dunno WOE1). There is no reason at all to keep FOUR castles open for max of 32 people. For at is right now, two castles might be totally fine. Everyone would be benefit from it, no afkers, no 10min searches in which Emp the other side hides now and more clash in general since there would be only few option. And before someone cries "but but what if there more woe"; imagine, it's called competition. ... Also we can increase it anytime anyways, so what gives. :v And before I end up in a rant nobody wanted, I gonna stop here. Have fun pros, I go back in my dead corner. Kthxbai.
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    IMHO, 1. There are enough active players to increase guild capacity. 2. Not enough active players, not yet, to restarting alliances and antagonists. 3. Since no eco possible, or broken, or sought after, really nothing special to be a GL, other than bragging rights. So more rewards will definitely be a encouragement, but ONLY if it's timed, goal based, account bound and stuff like that. Or we would be seeing alt guilds dime a dozen, MIGHT see more preference towards personal rewards, Lone wolf and lone assassin, quite literally, strategies and we don't know right now how that would pan out. It would become a non-back-slideable-doom rather than woe. Well both sides of the same Coin tbh. In pretty sure no active woeing guild will allow alts on their guild, except if it's the gls alt and IF there is space. I'm sure no good GL would compromise space and trade out a player for an alt, unless u have space and noone would join you. In any case, even if u don't increase the players per guild, alts can always make a new guild and earn points. So I don't see the point tbh ^. I don't think supplies like woe coins, alts and increasing player count in guilds will have a saddening impact on woe or the ingame market. But I might be wrong, so feel free to correct me. In other points. 1) since most people on server are Asians, Changing woe time for earlier might actually be a good idea. 2) increase guardians hp, but reduce guardians damage. Guardians too OP QQ 3) is it possible the below. Current woe - 2 hours, same castles for entire two hours gets repetitive and boring. new woe - 2 sessions of one hour each with a 10 - 15 min break for relieve, peeing, yoga and rumba. xD. Have two / four different castles for each one hour session of woe. Example : payon four castles, woe first hour session : castle a and b, woe second hour session : castle c and d. Maybe repeat the castles for woe2 or whatever can be discussed and taken opinion about. We have so many castles that are unexplored which were amazing, horn, bandis, gefn, etc. It would really open up the exploratory side of woe in revival if more maps and castles are opened up. And naturally, and hopefully, many people would be interested and excited about woe again. To be continued in next post,
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    Increase guild members limit to 21 > 16 members quietly good (why not enable guild alliance then). > to motivate people to lead then.?? well increasing guild capacity will lead to more alts on guild > more alts = more woe coin, more woe coin = many speed pots (woe supplies).
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    I just started the Cooking quest and am at the point where i have to make all tier 1 foods. When i use the cooking kits however i get unknown items on the selection screen that do nothing.
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    Wew pro is back with nice artsu ~
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    For KittyBoy (2 of 3) We are back in business! Drop me a pm if you want to buy art! 😄 If you want to pay real money, I'm also doing paypal commissions: https://sta.sh/22eb8n8xvyf0
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    We will be releasing a new NPC for Android users until we have the refinery UI implemented in android
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    💖Hello my precious gems 💖 My name is Crystalline ~ I am a newly hired GM of RevivalRO! I hope we can all get along :3 Feel free to poke me about anything at my discord ( Crystalline#0624 )~ but be careful... i bite c; I can't wait to help you my gems💕 See you all in Midgard!
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    Hello my dear players, I am Xenovia, a newly hired GM here~ You can call me Xen for short~ Some might know where my name come from? *giggles* You guys might see me around, in events, and especially in our precious helpdesk~ If there is any problem that you might encounter in game, feel free to ask me in game or you can DM me in our discord server (@Xenovia#2256) I hope we can get along in game, don't be shy on saying hello/hi/hai on me whenever you see me! Have a nice day, my co-Quarta❤️
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    Hey guys! So after a few hours of messing around with WineSack and having the same problems as a couple other people I've figured out the solution for the client crash as you select your server. Under the screen shot in that section, instead of using the 2.2.2 Engine, I downgraded to the 1.9.6 Engine and the game works just fine. I was able to select my server, create a character and enjoy the game on the Mac I was using. I hope this helps everyone out that is trying to use a Mac to enjoy RevivalRO! Just as quick Edit; In each screen shot that the OP has made at the bottom of each one where it says "Wrapper" and "Engine" as long as the Wrapper version is 2.6.2 and the Engine version is 1.9.6 on each step of the way (provided in OP's screen shots) you'll know you're on the right course. Larsvegas mentioned that after a full re-install he wasn't able to install the vcruns but was still able to follow the guide and play the game normally. I was able to install the vcruns by having a newer engine version, then downgrading back to 1.9.6. So both ways will work if you don't feel like the extra step of installing the vcruns.
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    Take a look at the following links: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Main_Page https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Custom_Equipment there are guides there as well on how work on the custom items.
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    Hi, We think you made some good points, and we're taking them into account when discussing about this. With the introduction of the new woe coin system as well, we will adjust the prices in the WoE shop accordingly, to improve it and make it more fair. Thank you for sharing your opinion!
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    Ok, first of all, I am aware that "abusing" this situation by using the donor boxes is bad. People should had been smart enough to see that something gone TOTALLY wrong. None the less, if we learned something, then that everyone is a idiot. I'm also ok with the action of a total roll back, to avoid bigger issues. Now to the thing that actually piss me off and I am not even effected by the whole situation. (lol) " as we always expect from our players to abuse everything at every possible chance "; ok first off, where the fuck is the apology for the whole situation going down? Don't act like it is the player base fault. YOU guys coded it, the game gave these people these boxes. Yes, it was dumb from the most people to take advantage of it, but still. The players didn't ask for that, nor did anyone done something illegal. Second of all, why the fuck do you guys consider still a punishment??? The server rolled back, all items or whatever obtained from the boxes are GONE. Hiding is shady, yes. But you guys plan on basically punish people for a crime that isn't even existing anymore. Welps. To maybe end it on a bit more positive note. Coding and scripting is hard, especially if only one person is doing it. And the server badly needs progress. But stop rush implementing features that in the end cause more damage then good. Well, idk. kthxbai.
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    yeah I reinstalled it again, hoping they fixed it with a patch but still crashes every time after the server selection can any mod/admin look into this? I can't use Revival anymore
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    Just as the Title Says, we need atleast Comment Section on every wiki pages. So it can be updated by the players or we can put some advices in there for every wiki pages like (fable silk quest) and put Comment section there so we can put suggestion where to better farm fable silk or where to get the best farming area for specific quest , you get my point right?? like if we search the item and the players comment down in the comment section if its good or not . its easy discussion no need to visit guide section every time.. and you do know guide section can be outdated right.. and not all can be search at guide discussion at forum right? so its better i think..
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    Greetings Everyone, As you all know during March we've been doing lots of internal code updates, the updates did not bring anything special to the players but it did for us, a whole lot of new features and code we can use to develop new features for RevivalRO. April maintenance would be full of new updates, each week we will introduce something new, either if it's a new feature, new content, or updating some of our old stuff, and for a start we're introducing a new client! We've implemented as much features as we could during this very little time, more will be added during the coming maintenance along side with new content! Issue & Fix If your game is installed in C:/ partition it will show this error, you will have to move it to another partition, if you don't you can try to move to C:/ directly and not inside any other folder, if it still doesn't work simply delete all .dll files and let the patcher download it. Password Requirements update With this update password requirement was increase to at least 6 characters, please login to website and update it if your password is shorter. Server updates Due to this update achievement is disable until next week maintenance where we will re-enable it and convert any previously made progress into the new system Pet evolution is back and all pet issues shall be fixed by this point! Client updates The client introduce many updates, you might continue reading the topic to have an idea of the currently available futures With this client update homunculs AI is not longer available, instead homunculus will receive 10% XP of their owners when they kill monsters. The lowest resolution (640x480) is now disabled as most UI elements are now bigger than it is. Report client issues After this update we expect many bugs to happen for client, therefore for any client bugs please reply to this topic using the following report template to help us fix the problem as soon as possible! Report Template Character Name: Character job, base level and job level: Map where this happened: The actions you did to produce this bug, crash or error: Your operating system version, your GPU model and CPU model: Any extra information you can provide which you think it might help: New Client Userinterface 1- New character selection UI Now characters all shows in same page, no more getting lost in endless pages! 2- New character creation UI The new character creation UI introduce easier customization of any of your new characters! 3- Aura is for everyone! The first thing you will notice when you login that all of your level 255 character will now have a default Aura, a nice, cute pink aura. 4- New cash shop interface The new cash shop interface offers a smoother experience, while showing all information you need in a better organized scheme, also with the new cash shop update we introduce banners, cash shop will now have banners showing latest releases! 5- New party interface The new party interface introduces a way smoother interface, not only that, you can now highlight specific party members to show their names right under your status window making it a useful feature for buffers! 6- New navigation interface The new navigation interface is basically finally usable, the interface also introduce few new features like teleporting and so on, more information on this will be released when implemented! 7- New achievements interface The new achievements interface is cleaner, and smoother. 8- New Rodex Interface The new Rodex interface offers a cleaner view of everything, it just looks right! 9- New settings interface Previously we had the setup executable to setup in-game options, awful right? the new settings interface now offers all of those options in-game! 10 - New shortcut settings Interface offering a clean and a clear settings interface for shortcuts! 11 - New tip box The new tips box will be truely useful soon, when we release the new novice ground! spoiler! New Client Features 1- Instance destroying Whenever you have an instance you will now have the option to destroy it! 2- Skill scale Now if a monster casts an AoE skill the affected cells will be highlighted in a red color! 3- Homunculus Autofeed Forgetting to feed your homnuculs? never gonna happen again! the auto feed option for homunculs is now available! 4- Item drop effect One of the biggest issues in-game is autoloot failing to loot some item for many reasons, most importantly cards, now when cards drops it will show a glowing orange effect on the group to notice it! 5- Item preview Now you can preview any headgears linked, in your inventory or in other people equipment window! We hope that you liked this update, and be assured that there will be even more update to come to the client in the near future! Frequently Asked Questions Q- I get the .dll error and can't patch the game! A- As stated before, if your game is installed in C:/Program Files(x86), move the game files to C:/ or another partition. If this doesn't solve it, try deleting all the .dll files in your RevivalRO main folder and try patching again. Q- I can't use 800x600 resolution anymore! A- You can't use the client with such a small screen anymore, so there's no option for it. Q- I can't open the game on android! A- It's been discontinued. Check this thread for more info. Q- I can't move my cursor out of the game anymore! A- In game, open the options window (esc key) and choose game settings. Click on the "Advanced Settings" tab, and uncheck "fix mouse". Or open the setup in your RevivalRO folder and uncheck "Restrict mouse to window". Q- How can I turn off the aura? A- In game, open the options window (esc key) and choose game settings. Uncheck "Turn on aurora". You can also have a simplified version of the aura if you check "Simplified aurora". Q- My achievements disappeared!!! A- As said before, achievements are disabled until next week. Your progress is not lost. Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO, RevivalRO Management.
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    Welcome to the team little comet! ☆
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    Hello ive! Welcome back to RevivalRO~ Sadly, all character data was lost and cannot be restored. Please refer to this thread to have a better understanding on what happened to the server. Everyone had a fresh start, and we're giving compensation for returning players: if you were a donor, you can login here and check your eligibility for a refund here. Also, check this thread for more freebies to reedem in game! Hope to see you around soon!
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    Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done an internal code update, our emulator software was not updated since 2016 as previous staff never bothered to update the software, we've also done a fixes for issues was introduced by our previous internal code update. Fixes Character storage shall work as expected now Character creation shall work as expected now, no more all female. Heroic shop is now available again Fixed ranking bonus not being calculated in TK_COUNTER attack Issues we're aware of Alternative jobs costumes is not working, expected to be fixed next maintenance. What's new in after this maintenance? currently nothing special for players, there's lot of internal bugs which was fixed and you will probably notice it while playing. What's the point of this maintenance then? we're updating the emulator code to access many new features, including newer clients, support of new Ragnarok features, new items etc, we cannot wait any longer to have access to those for releasing a new content using those awesome systems especially item options system! (Google it if you're that curious) How are we supposed to do to help? any major code updates would always introduced weird bugs and hidden flaws, please report anything that seems odd or off since the new maintenance. How many maintenance left until this update is finished? (referring to Part 1) We're expecting to finish it in 3 parts (3 maintenance).
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    RevivalRO Starters Guide Guide Contents: 1)Novice Grounds: 2)Old School Leveling Method: 3)Homunculus Leveling: 4)Homunculus Evolution: Novice Grounds: The new novice grounds has just been added to enable both new and old returning players to catch up with our newest updates. Follow the navigation arrow towards the north until you reach warp portal. After entering the warp portal speak to Valkyrie Npc, She would give you 2 options to choose from if you choose the first one you will proceed to the training,Instead of you choose the second option you will have the chance of either choosing Golden Set or Pink Set. Speak to Shion(Introduction Trainer)then follow the navigation towards west warp. Speak to each Npc in a sequence and you will be rewarded with either items or level,After speaking to every Npc speak to Field Trainer and take the test,He will warp you to the next area where you will find some of the most important NPCs in the game,As you entered the map you will notice that the place crowded with Leaf Cats and Sage Worms giving a decent amount of experienced,Do not hesitate to hit them as you were provided with Novice Angra and Novice Guard. Start by talking to Brade(55,28), He wants you to hunt a leaf cat for him, After hunting go back to him, He will tell you to change your job to anything you wish to be the NPCs can be found at (48,37). After the job change, you will be directed to Gramps and you can take the mission from him. Gramps will ask to you kill 25 Willows after you have successfully killed them, Return to Gramps and he will provide you with good amount of experience. Next speak to Rdc Officer to learn about Rdc,Then to Rachel to learn about Itty Bitty Poring City Quest. Speak to Tim-Tom he gives you a Poring Card which you can give to Marvin, Speak to Tim-Tom again twice the second time you talk to him he will ask you whether you wanted to go to Novice Cedi. After entering the Novice Cedi speak to "Valkyrie" At entrance she will provide you with every buff possible in the game. At center of the map you will have a encounter with Cthulhu which is weaker compared to the one in Orginal Cedi. After you have defeated it Tim-Tom will be waiting for you at center of the map with your rewards,You can either choose Golden set or Pink set then he will send you back to town. Old School Leveling Method: 1)You can reset your location on the website and type @go 15 next to you there is a Novice Freebie NPC from whom you can Claim your Free Items. 2)Open your backpack and search your inventory for "Novice Package" double-click on it to open, You will be rewarded with different types of equipment and items which are similar to Set of Madness and Go Set but just that they can be equipped by level 1 and lasts for a week. 3)The Angra which they provide isn't as efficient as that of the cash shop due to lack of slots but they can be used for temporary leveling or farming, But not much reliable than its premium version, Premium version of Angra can be bought from cash shop for 1000premium points, Which is about 10euros of donation or can be farmed in game. 4)As leveling is exhausting you aren't alone anyways you will be given a pet which accompanies you at the start, You can evolve him later. 5)After you done equipping yourself, Head on to your nearest town use @commands to know the available commands in the game, Here I would move to Prontera cause its the main town. 6)Once approached you will see the place crowded by different NPCs, Some of them are also available in different towns as per your convenience. So what these NPCs do? NPCs are Non-playable characters they provide players with resources, support, and Various quests, So let find out how they work? 1)Healer(149,198)Can completely restore both of your Hp and Sp parameters. 2)Stylist(159,196) This Moose looking dude who doesn't have a good taste in style himself can help you out in customizing your character. 3)PvP Warper(158,196)If I were you I would better stay away from this guy until I achieve high-end gears, Or else your just gonna ruin your Kdr by some bullies and nothing else. 4)Warpa(162,198) She could instantly teleport you to towns or dungeons for a little fee or sometimes at no cost. 5)Job Changer(151,186) He is a pretty useful guy, He provides you with various job trees you can choose from. 7)As you have learned enough of these NPCs, Choose Warpa then select dungeons>Anthell>Anthell level 1, Once your there kill Ant eggs until your job level 10, Put up all your basic skills or else job changer won't let you change your job. 8)Once you are done changing your job, Click on Warpa again and select Dungeons >Moscovia Forest>Les Forest.Here remember to turn on your autolooting by typing @autoloot 1-100 based on the difficulty of obtaining that item for example @autoloot 50 can loot all items which comes within the range of 50%,Here you can kill Goblins,poporings, Les, mantis for exp,Les are easier to kill and less offensive compared to goblins which could heal themself,Mantis is offensive and they only appear when you go depth into the forest,Poporings could poison you but since your provided with strong set of equipment it shouldn't worry you,You could level here until your level 75. 9)Sell loots to item dealer at your nearest town which would be helpful for further leveling,Then choose Warpa>Dungeons>Thanatos Tower>Thanatos Tower 7 here you can level up until your base level 99 and rebirth yourself or Head on to bio lab Basement for further leveling if you have enough hit(400+ Hit is recommended) applicable for expanded jobs. 10)Once your Base level is 99 you can rebirth and follow the same cycle until you reach the end of your class tree,After the implementation of Gramps leveling after rebirth, Has just become harder here is were your Battle Manuals come handy, Once your level 103 in either of the path Gramps can assist you in leveling your character.I would recommend going with Gramps as it is quicker and easier compared to the grinding at Bio lab basement(I wouldn't say it is a bad place to level up, Used to be a place where everyone used to level before Gramps came in, Killing monsters over here not only helps you in leveling but also provides you Amistr eyes which is useful in making Drooping Amistr Hat,So either way nothing is waste of your time and effort, For more info on Drooping Amistr click the link given below ) https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest Gramps can be found at @go 39 inside Eden, He won't provide you any experience if you are already maxed.Before he might provide you with the quest he might ask you some security questions which is very simple all you need to do is be ethical, But if you don't wanna waste your time thinking I have already provided answers for you below. Gramps Questionaire Walkthrough: 1)Does the GM team.recruit players to be GMs? A)No. 2)Will the GM team ask you for the password? A)No. 3)Will the GM team demand cash from you, in the game or via instant messengers or social media? A)No. 4)Should you install a Teamviewer because a GM asks you to? A)No. 5)Can a GM team member be invisible in a chat room? A)No. 6)Can you ask to see the GM sprite in order to verify a GM's'identity? A)Yes. Now that you have answered all the questions correctly he will provide you with the quest. Level Ranges:- Level 103 to 153 Level 154 to 204 Level 205 to 255 The area that you choose is specific to your level, For example, you can't choose 154-204 area if your in the range of 103-153, Once you choose to enter any of the following area gramps will ask you to select the monster which you want to kill 400times or all of it, You can either do this alone or with party but bringing a party is highly recommended and kills count, Don't try searching for these mobs in local maps as they are only accessible by gramps,Once you are done he will award you will massive amount of exp and you can get a new quest in every 4hours,You can do this until your character is maxed. Homunculus Leveling: Make sure that you have an embryo in your Inventory, You can farm it from Vanilmirth from Biolab Basement. Spam call Homunculus until you can get one with the best stats,You will also have a free chance to reset Homunculus at morroc via Homunculus Resetter, But Later the only way to reset it is through Homunculus Reset Potion via Speciality goods Npc from Sealed Shrine which costs about 50mill Zeny. Homunculus Reset Potion is just a chance if your Lucky stats increases or if your luck doesn't favor you then your stats will drastically decrease. Use the following items to give a Kickstart to your Homunculus by Boosting its stats Go to Anthell level 1 and kill Anteggs until your Homunculus is level 30. Then Go to Moscovia Forest>Les Forest kill Les until your level 60. Warp to Sphinx 4 and kill Anubis each Anubis is considered as 1level up and at the certain level it keeps getting 3-4kills per level do it until your homunculus is level 140 At level 140 things get easier than you think if you have the above equips,Here equip your Creator with Deviling+Alice card so you can Soak up damage from Biolab monsters while your Homunculus attacks it from level 140-150 make let your Homunculus hit the monsters till their Hp is 90% then Ad them,Cata Monsters have high vit due to which you can do some great damage,From 150-170 you can tank for your Homunculus until it makes the monster Hp about 50% then kill it,The more the Homunculus hits the more exp it gets, At level 170-255 you can tank for your Homunculus supporting it with Slim Potion Pitcher until it completely takes down a monster itself, Make sure you lure your target monster to a corner or a place where there is no other Biolab Monsters, If you see one just ad them. There are 2 Variations you can find in bio lab monsters one is its evolved form and other is its baby form make sure you only pick on a baby form if your low level, But both gives the same amount of exp. Last but not least don't waste your time searching for a 100%working homunculus ai on the internet, Most of them are Archived or Outdated you could just download genuine Homunculus Ai from here. AI_AGGRO.zip Homunculus Evolution: You can evolve your Homunculus once it's Loyal or its intimacy is over 910. With Shoulder Chicky(2016) you have 10%chance of gaining double intimacy when feeding homunculus. Feed your homunculus 2times at Hunger level 14 and 1time at Hunger level 24 to get a full intimacy point. Homunculus Care Guide costs about 15 Vote points and increases your Homunculus intimacy by 10. Don't afk with your Homunculus if it hunger goes down it might leave you. Once your Homunculus is loyal you can use a sage of stone to evolve it.
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    Stall of Angel[1] -Lower +18 all stat. Increase resistance to Feeze by 5% Lovely Ribbons[4] -Mid Increase walking speed. Increases All stats by 32, 38, 33, 33, 33, 33 respectively. Christmas Ribbons [4] -Upper +15% chance to guarantee a hit when attacking. Increases All stats by 33, 33, 32, 38, 33, 33 respectively. Bunny Scarf[1] -Lower Falling Snow [4] -Mid Gentle Snow Wings [4] -Mid Frozen Wings [4] -Mid Light-up Christmas Tree [4] -Upper Light-up Scarf [1] -Lower Christmas Wings [4] -Mid Holiday Fashion [4] -Upper
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    Christmas in Raccoon City! There have been a rash of thefts in the Christmas village of Lutie! The shopkeepers are pointing blame at the strange group of Raccoons that recently appeared!... As a start, go check on the shopkeeper in Lutie(172/131), help her to progress further and afterwards you may wish to check on the story from the Raccoons side by talking to the Raccoon Hooray Clerk next to the shopkeeper. * Hint: you might want to be generous with the racoons List of Possible Event Headgears and Costumes Possible effects for the event headgears: Lower headgear [0] Immune to silent and blind +5% max HP and SP Upper headgear [2] Heal potency increased by refine% [Combo Bonus -Upper[2], Mid[1], Lower[0] When worn as a set: Sanctuary Heal effectiveness is increased by 2%. Mid[1] Increases movement speed by 10%. (Stacks with other movement speed items). Def +5. Lower[0] Max HP +5% Max SP +5% Int +3. Dex+3. **join the event to find out which are of these sprites are for costumes~
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    @KittyBoy Thank you for the suggestions Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise to allow me to relive the life of ragnarok once more as a newbie. This will be fun
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    Meow, How about i will take Mature Full body colored, Head shot colored (with avatar please), and Mature half body IGN: KittyBoy Personality: Cute/Silly but serious Eye color: hazel Boob Size: -1 Kindly send to me a private message with your character name to give you the credits
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    https://ragnarevival.com/old_donor try clicking it again!
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    Hi, Go to this page for a credit refund https://ragnarevival.com/old_donor If your Ai is broken please read this page https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/512-solving-missing-ai-folder/&tab=comments#comment-1806 RebirthRO has relaunched as RevivalRO this is reason why Please Read : https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/3-rebirthro-is-returning/ Regards
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    The soldier standing by the door as you enter the pront castle. Do not go too far from the door.
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    I have more than 10 RevivalRo new gamers here in my cafe sir, i introduce this Ragnarok game server to them, for me to let them feel and experience the best ragnarok gaming server ways i experienced, they started 3 days ago, as their level goes near max, they try PVP Room, MVP Room and even try to join the events, but sadly they can't coz of IP Restriction reason... they kinda feel a little frustrated, but i told them ill try to ask if they can make some exceptions to players whose playing in Cafe, i know its kinda unfair for others but, in my part if given a chance to let our IP restriction be disabled, ill make an oath that i will make them play by the rules, ill be responsible if some rules are broken, i accept IP Ban punishment... I was just trying to let them experience that the server i was boasting them was true the best one... hope our admin and GM will let this new Revivalro players here in our Cafe play the way others can... Hoping for Admin and GM's consideration... IGN: DzePoy
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    Hi, Here is a free video editor tool. Download With this tool you can add music text and effects have fun!
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    The app has been updated, please re-download from the website!
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    I too am facing the same issue but the app force closes after login by 10 seconds.. listen to this, even a different server with a different version of the app is doing the same thing. Could it be an error with the app since it's based on the same client? I'd love to help and grab a logcat but I don't have root 😢
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    We're looking into this issue right now
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    Skills subjected as near-range should be reflected as intended in the description of Mirror Shard's effect. Also, We don't see any problem regarding this animal enchantment's effect
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    Kinda wanna suggest to maybe offer a package for Support classes too (aka Healer), so far its only for killers. Meditatio Hats are in the Stat Lucky Box, but there alot other kind of hats too. Would suggest to just maybe put a feather ribbon there.
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