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    Greetings Everyone, Since the reset of the server we announced that we will refund all donations from date September 2017 until December 2017, a part of that we're re-releasing Black Friday sales, so those users and old donors can re-participate the sales. You will be able to use LPP and PP during this sales, and items won't be refundable. The Black Friday sales will be available From 11th Of February until 12th of February All day long, you will be able to access the black Friday selling rooms through Black Friday NPC which will be placed in (prontera 156 232) Edit 9th of February 2018: Due to balance concerns the Woodland Topper and Avian Farmer will be 1 per account and rental for 30 days for the price of 10c, we also did another review and lowered some prices and fixed over priced items. The following is the table of Black Friday items, we will put full preview of all headgears soon! Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    Hello, I didn't make this guide from scratch, I referred to the old guides, thought it may be useful for new people here. Hopefully the farming tips below are still relevant in here. Tips 101: Always try to sell the loots with your character that has level 10 overcharge so you get more zeny! Moscovia 3 Either target only Mavkas or also Baba Yagas for optional loots. You can get around 3-5 million zeny in 30 minutes!! And lastly dont forget to use these @alootid commands unless you want to be a Kukre and loot everything, which is never a bad idea! Witherless Rose: @alootid +748 Crystal Mirror: @alootid +747 Piece of Cake: @alootid +539 Blue Herb: @alootid +510 Prices (without Overcharge skill) Witherless Rose: 27,500 zeny Crystal Mirror: 7,500 zeny Piece of Cake: 1,500 zeny Blue Herb: 30 zeny. This is better off stored or sold to Blue Pot Crafters or other players with higher price. Players also need blue pots, if necessary, store it. Ein Dungeon Level 2 The main item you want to get here is the "1carat Diamond" that the Obsidian monster carries. They drop it all the time (if not, then most of the time). The Teddy Bear drops "Oridecon Hammer" and the Mineral drops "Topaz" (and in rare occasions, "Gold"). Here's list of how much they sell: 1carat Diamond = 5000z Oridecon Hammer = 2500z Topaz = 3000z Gold = 100000z (you can vend this to sell to players for higher value, since gold is useful i.e. for handcrafting) Geffenia (level 4?) Monsters : Succubus, Incubus, Mini Demon with 2 spawns of Deviruchis, Violy, etc. etc. Loots: Little Evil Wing = 1000z Mastela = 4250z Gold Ring = 15000z Diamond Ring = 22500z For the Priest class: use Magnus Exorcimus skill (with No Cast-Time) except for Fake Angel and Violy. Abysmal Knights do roam around these areas every now and then. If you happen to kill them, there's a little chance they might drop an Abysmal Knight Card, which can be sold to players for quite a price. Sphinx level 4 / 5 Monster to kill: Pasana. Main items to loot: " Undershirt" and "Stiletto" (bear in mind the drop rate is not 100%). This monster is mostly around and can be spotted easily. Level 5 has more Pasana spawns than level 4, though in level 5, there's Pharaoh MVP, so make sure you choose carefully! Undershirt = 10000z Stiletto = 9750z Juperos (core/ruins 1) Monsters: Venatu and Dimik. They are aggressive and can gang up on you very easily so stay alert. Crest Piece (any kind) = 2500z Professional Cooking Kit = 1000z Drifter = 40000z Dusk = 11750z Thunder-P = 38000z Armor Charm = 10000z Steel = 7500 (can be sold to players for better price?) Tips: A Wizard / High Wizard with No-Cast of AOE (Area of Effect) like Storm Gust and Lord of Vermillion skills can pretty much swipe clean the area. Assassin / Assassin Cross types can also round up as many as they want (just make sure you have enough Flee rate to dodge their attacks) and once they have formed a line trying to attack you, use Hiding and Grimtooth (must have Katar type weapon to be used). I'll update this when I have more time. Let me know if you have any feedback so I can also update this post. Also let me know what guides you want to see. I don't take any credit for this guide.
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    imo its better to call it SALE not Black Friday Sale. so yea after evrything happened.... i was plannin to throw some money just to grab some of em, but i change my mind maybe this so called black friday sale is not for everyone but just for those who hit lvl 10 donor(200000pp). RIP for those who invested time, years and effort so yea i feel you guys. nice meeting you RevivalRO cheers.
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    You should make a priest and use Magnus Exorcismus In Gefenia dungeon level 2 thru 4, just autoloot everything, when ur inventory is full 100/100, head to go 11 there is NPC right away You can sell those there and warp back to dungeon. This method can make 50-60M in an hour not counting the cards You get. Also I think it's best if You put Stackable items like potions etc into storage and later sell them with Merchant. You can buy blue gemstone at @go 9 Magic Items Seller, or U can buy Mistress card if You decide to dedicate purely to this method. Requirements for this: -High Priest (lvl.255 would be ideal) -Max Int -Teleport lvl 1 You can aswell try to farm Thanatos tower, @ autoloot everything aswell (stone of sage is main source of income), You can go Thanatos tower levels 7 thru 10. For this I would use LK, because they walk faster with pecos (since u can not teleport on those maps) and they can hold large amounts of weight. The another method would be farm "Mavkas" at Moscovia Forest lvl. 3, Autoloot Witherless roses (@alootid +748 and crystal mirror @alootid +747, You can aswell autoloot Blue Herbs, since they are RUSH for alchemists, You can sell them on trade @alootid +510 for that) Then there is aswell an option to farm Amistr Eyes in Bio Laboratory Underground (lvl4 on warpra). You need basic gears for this thought, since it's a lowrate drop. Amistr Eyes are really LIT right now u can sell just 2 of those babies for over 1 credit! You get lot of useful stuff aswell like Glistening coats, Acid bottels, OCA's and Clips of Cinciousness, You can always profit selling those aswell. You will need following: -Any slotted shoes (Dark Lord card) -Any slotted armor (Orc Lord card) -Any slotted shield (Alice card) -Novice Angra Manyu (until U get premium one) <-This is VERY important, You need the angra to get healed back from reflect. -Any slotted garment(raydric card/deviling card) -Ifrit Rings -Slotted headgears (Rata cards) To get these basic gears U can first grind up any of above methods, since these are pretty easy and do not require any special gears. Hope this helped a bit ^^ P.S. When U have Your 4 slotted angra, buy 4AK cards and head straight to new MVP rooms! It's worth it!
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    http://www.ohsnapitsdave.com/ Hey, just showing my "awesome" work here. Just a photography hobbyist.
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    Honestly need to admit that I don't think 50% off on all items be a good idea. There alot lv10 donors with a shitload of lpp who could easily buy all items then. Idk, i has rather said take maybe 50% on the "basic" items (buff hats, angra/ahura, megs, etc) and a bit lower discount on that seasonal stuff as it is now (xmas, old bf stuff etc). And ofc make sure the items get cheaper and not magically more expensive then before.
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    la petit atelier Intro hello guys! welcome to my little workspace/gallery! i missed playing ragnarok so i made sure to visit and play RRO while it's still the beginning of my school semester. please see my works below and if you like it, give this post a thumbs up! i am also currently accepting commissions with creds as payment since my character is fudgin noob :c please fund me Wishlist Samples headshot chibi mature half-body mature full-body siggy traditional none atm Price List Do you want to order? just copy paste these that is all! i hope you enjoyed stopping by my shoppu and i hope you order arts! yay see you in game!
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    hi im kane i missed ragnarok so i decided to play again reee. im noob as hell so hopefully yall like my art (fund me) idk if paypal payments are allowed here, if not, i take zeny and credits (coins?) payment! not sure how to price the latter though, and how to trade for that... please guide me, a lost soul.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ Contact Info ★ ► Discord: Fastest way to reach me! ► Facebook: http://fb.me/mprincekane ► IGN: kane azriel ★ Commissions Info ★ ► Pricing and Terms of Services: https://goo.gl/1vPnb8 ► Art samples: https://sta.sh/2sy4edsdrt1 ► No backgrounds, unfortunately. The most I can do are solid background, with or without patterns. ► There are additional fees for pets/familiars/weapons, although there is no set price. We can discuss that. ► I can do a wide variety of styles. I'm most comfortable with semi-realism. I can also do stylized and anime. Not that experienced in realism, however. ► I can do chibi and semi-chibi. Ecchi is fine, too. ★ Art Samples ★ ► More here: https://sta.sh/2sy4edsdrt1 ★ Slots ★ ► To ensure I don't pile up on commissions, I'll be taking comms just a couple at a time. ► Can take around 3 days to 1 week per piece. Although the simpler styles are fairly easy for me to do. ► [OPEN] ► [OPEN] ► [OPEN] ★ In-game Currency Rates ★ ► I'm fairly new to this, so if any of my rates are off, underpriced/overpriced, please do tell me! Any input is very much appreciated. ► 1 USD = 0.82 EUR = 35m ZENY = 0.82 CREDS (ROUNDED OFF)
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    Hello Guys! My name is Luis and I Main Stalker ( Litteraly had 7 maxed on my account). I am a veteran player (over 12 years) , I quit for a while and decided it would be my time to come back and surprise! I heard the bad news and @Syphon I know how much you love this community and how you will fight for everything that was taken away from you , but fight the good fight and rise from the ashes that we left behind! Im here to re-introduce myself not as an old player or Pro but as a friend to everyone in need of help , I've done everything in RebirthRO and helping with questions or helping people in general has always been my style. With this being said , Syphon , @KittyBoy and the rest of the GM team , this is actually an opportunity to build towards a better future . An experience to learn from and a challenge to overcome. I am 24 years old now and started this long adventure since I was around 10 years old , please keep your chins up guys and lets start to rebuild ! I have not installed the game yet but will be working on doing so this weekend, If I can help in any way you can think of I would love to help with the Rebuild and assist with general questions. To the rest of the player community if you are new , Welcome to the beginning of a great adventure ! And to those who are Veterans like myselfassist as much as you can , lets all put in our grain of sand to make this server #1 again!
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    this is so GAY u made woodland topper and avian rentlals, wtf happen to having perm ones i mean seriously i would had paid the 37creds LOl WTF MAN i demand U CHANGE IT BACK!
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    Ok, since I got apperently too much time, I got here the original prices of the most items there. Some I couldn't find or they right now just to find in lucky boxes. So feel free to add the prices if you want. :v
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    Hello, There seems to be a mix-up with some of the prices. Could you please help us by listing the items that have the wrong prices and the previous prices? We will look into it before the sale happens. Items that I'm aware have wrong price: - Snowflake Ring - previous price 2000? - Rabbit Knithead - previous price 2000? Thank you.
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    Prices went up? (on some items) 300 coins off of 2k items?....100 coins off some 1k items? This is the black friday sale? i was expecting a little more of a Black Friday sale. I mean after everything that happened....300 coins off...Ok then
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    As alot of people have been asking how to donate via Paypal here's a guide for y'all nublets. You'd have to use G2A to donate via PayPal . You have to add the amount you are going to donate to ur G2A wallet first . Step 1: Making a G2A acc Open G2A website and create a Acc by following the below steps You'll get a verification email , complete the verification . Once you're done verification you should come to page looking something like this: Step 2 : Adding money using PayPal/desired payment option . Click "Add Funds" option Select how much you plan on donating . you might have even more options to add money since G2A offers different payment methods in different countries , selected the preferred payment option login into PayPal and do ur thing :v you'll be charged 0.45Euro per transaction , to compensate with this they're providing bonus credits on each donation Step 3 : Login your RevivalRO Account . Click buy points Select G2A Wallet you'll get a Pay button which I forgot to screenshot :v , but after you click it the payment should go thru ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YOU'RE DONE. And.................. that's how you donate using PayPal Since G2A charges 0.45 Euro per every transaction for uploading you're being given bonus credits on every donation.
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    Herro Pros ~ Finished the commission/gift for @Sierra
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    Hi RRO players, This is the post where you can suggest what items would you like to see available on our upcoming Black Friday Sale. You will be able to purchase the items via Premium Points or Limited Premium Points Please input your suggestions in replies to this post below! (Note: Please be specific on the item name and slots) List is closed. Thank you for your suggestions. Black Friday Sale List: Woodland Topper [4] Avian Farmers [4] Trident [4] Fabled Sword [4] Amistr's Beret [4] Frozen Wings [4] Cold Blade Wings (2014) [4] Gentle Snow Wings (2014) [4] Falling Snow [4] Sparkly Winter Scarf (2014) [1] Bunny Scarf (2014) [1] Snow Owl (2014) [4] Poring Party [4] Heaven's Glow [4] Heavenly Ribbon [4] Vagabond Scarf [1] Ice Wing Ears [3] Rose Ring [4] Rose Crown [4] Falling Rose Petals [4] Metallic Wing [4] Spectre Cape [1] Spectre Helm [4] Witch's Hat [4] Witch's Broom [1] Fluttering Bats [4] Murder of Crows [4] Bandage Scarf [1] Undertaker Hat [4] Zombie Hands [4] Black Butterfly Hairbow [4] Falling Feathers [4] Valhalla's Glory [4] Panda Racksack [1] Penguin Rucksack [1] Fox Scarf [1] Spell Bound [4] White Flower Ribbon [4] Angra [4] Ahura [1] Meginjard(p) Brisingamen(p) Petal Dance [4] Red Curtain Scarf [1] Lazy Bunny [4] Wyvern Wings [4] Rabbit Knithat [4] Snowflake Ring [4] Poring Pipe [1] Strongman Hair (Red) [4] Strongman Hair (White) [4] Strongman Hair (Black) [4] Dark Magician's Hat [4] Floppy Bunny [4] Stuffed Panda [4] Pink Pochi Hat [3] Snow Valk [3] Raccoon Hat [4] Fox Ears [4] Dragon Rider [4] Hermes Beret [4] Dyna-Hat U [4] Dyna-Hat M [4] Dyna-Hat L [1] Dyna Third [1] Magic Third [1] Magic Baby [1] Evil Angel Helm [4] Red Demon Wings [3] Black Dragon Scarf [1] Divinity Helm [4] Divinity Wing [4] White Garuda Wings [4] Black Garuda Wings [4] Guardian PoRings [4] Blue Ears [4] Cute Blue Ribbons [3] Fall Leaves [4] Fallen Wings [4] Fisher Glasses [4] Fisher Hat [4] Flying Reaper [1] Elegant Wings [4] Planet Orbs [1] Big Bad Pirate [4] Deviruchi Balloon 2.0 [1] Melting Heart Icecream (2015) [4] Lynx Ears [4] Judgement Wings [4] Spring Bonnet [4] Flower Ring [4] Sunflower Ring [4] Soft Sheep Hat [4] Teddy Bear Hat [4] Scarlet Angel Ear [1] Star Power [4] Chinese Knot [4] Bunny Backpack [4] Dainty Wings [4] Fluttering Blossoms [4] *This suggestion post will be running until 31st January 2018
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    Greetings, During this two emergency maintenance we patched an exploit in Cashshop, and disabled LPP usage in all NPCs except, Costumer, Hat Roulette and Races. We're working now on review all scripts again before release ability to do LPP payments. Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    Greetings RevivalRO Players, During this maintenance we've done the following. NOTE: We're having some issue with patching your clients, the unknown item in the cash shop is the SRT Box version for LPP Fixes Fixed various errors in new MVP Rooms, it shall work perfectly now. Implementation of SRT Box Limited Edition for LPP, this version is totally account bounded. Now LPP is usable at all NPCs in-game Fix premium items exchange issues Content: Reset Girl, Old Wise Woman now uses a lower price table Vending Tax lowered from 10% to 3% WoE Castles Removed Guild Towns Removed #support is not available, a new channel for support requests Remove of various RebirthRO Mentions in-game Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    If what im seeing is correct, we go to the same school! o-o
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    I'll wait till then, I'm not really in too much of a rush! Paypal is my preferred option anyway, just due to my familiarity with it
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    Hello, kinda new (actually, returning player) player here, can I join? Love to do cedi quests
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    1 euro = 100 premium points = 1x 100 point coin (1c/cred) If you want to buy an angra, for example, it costs 1000 premium points, thus it equals to 10 euros.
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    If it's what I think you're asking... the cash shop button is at the top right of your game interface. The cost is clearly stated in the cash shop in the form of Premium Points. The "C" definitely makes it a little confusing. Basically 100 Premium Points (C) = ONE coin [aka 100 Point Coin] or "cred" as many people in game like to call it = $1 USD. Hope that answers your question.
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    Hi I accidentally read and make a post.