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    RevivalRO Starters Guide Guide Contents: 1)Novice Grounds: 2)Old School Leveling Method: 3)Homunculus Leveling: 4)Homunculus Evolution: Novice Grounds: The new novice grounds has just been added to enable both new and old returning players to catch up with our newest updates. Follow the navigation arrow towards the north until you reach warp portal. After entering the warp portal speak to Valkyrie Npc, She would give you 2 options to choose from if you choose the first one you will proceed to the training,Instead of you choose the second option you will have the chance of either choosing Golden Set or Pink Set. Speak to Shion(Introduction Trainer)then follow the navigation towards west warp. Speak to each Npc in a sequence and you will be rewarded with either items or level,After speaking to every Npc speak to Field Trainer and take the test,He will warp you to the next area where you will find some of the most important NPCs in the game,As you entered the map you will notice that the place crowded with Leaf Cats and Sage Worms giving a decent amount of experienced,Do not hesitate to hit them as you were provided with Novice Angra and Novice Guard. Start by talking to Brade(55,28), He wants you to hunt a leaf cat for him, After hunting go back to him, He will tell you to change your job to anything you wish to be the NPCs can be found at (48,37). After the job change, you will be directed to Gramps and you can take the mission from him. Gramps will ask to you kill 25 Willows after you have successfully killed them, Return to Gramps and he will provide you with good amount of experience. Next speak to Rdc Officer to learn about Rdc,Then to Rachel to learn about Itty Bitty Poring City Quest. Speak to Tim-Tom he gives you a Poring Card which you can give to Marvin, Speak to Tim-Tom again twice the second time you talk to him he will ask you whether you wanted to go to Novice Cedi. After entering the Novice Cedi speak to "Valkyrie" At entrance she will provide you with every buff possible in the game. At center of the map you will have a encounter with Cthulhu which is weaker compared to the one in Orginal Cedi. After you have defeated it Tim-Tom will be waiting for you at center of the map with your rewards,You can either choose Golden set or Pink set then he will send you back to town. Old School Leveling Method: 1)You can reset your location on the website and type @go 15 next to you there is a Novice Freebie NPC from whom you can Claim your Free Items. 2)Open your backpack and search your inventory for "Novice Package" double-click on it to open, You will be rewarded with different types of equipment and items which are similar to Set of Madness and Go Set but just that they can be equipped by level 1 and lasts for a week. 3)The Angra which they provide isn't as efficient as that of the cash shop due to lack of slots but they can be used for temporary leveling or farming, But not much reliable than its premium version, Premium version of Angra can be bought from cash shop for 1000premium points, Which is about 10euros of donation or can be farmed in game. 4)As leveling is exhausting you aren't alone anyways you will be given a pet which accompanies you at the start, You can evolve him later. 5)After you done equipping yourself, Head on to your nearest town use @commands to know the available commands in the game, Here I would move to Prontera cause its the main town. 6)Once approached you will see the place crowded by different NPCs, Some of them are also available in different towns as per your convenience. So what these NPCs do? NPCs are Non-playable characters they provide players with resources, support, and Various quests, So let find out how they work? 1)Healer(149,198)Can completely restore both of your Hp and Sp parameters. 2)Stylist(159,196) This Moose looking dude who doesn't have a good taste in style himself can help you out in customizing your character. 3)PvP Warper(158,196)If I were you I would better stay away from this guy until I achieve high-end gears, Or else your just gonna ruin your Kdr by some bullies and nothing else. 4)Warpa(162,198) She could instantly teleport you to towns or dungeons for a little fee or sometimes at no cost. 5)Job Changer(151,186) He is a pretty useful guy, He provides you with various job trees you can choose from. 7)As you have learned enough of these NPCs, Choose Warpa then select dungeons>Anthell>Anthell level 1, Once your there kill Ant eggs until your job level 10, Put up all your basic skills or else job changer won't let you change your job. 8)Once you are done changing your job, Click on Warpa again and select Dungeons >Moscovia Forest>Les Forest.Here remember to turn on your autolooting by typing @autoloot 1-100 based on the difficulty of obtaining that item for example @autoloot 50 can loot all items which comes within the range of 50%,Here you can kill Goblins,poporings, Les, mantis for exp,Les are easier to kill and less offensive compared to goblins which could heal themself,Mantis is offensive and they only appear when you go depth into the forest,Poporings could poison you but since your provided with strong set of equipment it shouldn't worry you,You could level here until your level 75. 9)Sell loots to item dealer at your nearest town which would be helpful for further leveling,Then choose Warpa>Dungeons>Thanatos Tower>Thanatos Tower 7 here you can level up until your base level 99 and rebirth yourself or Head on to bio lab Basement for further leveling if you have enough hit(400+ Hit is recommended) applicable for expanded jobs. 10)Once your Base level is 99 you can rebirth and follow the same cycle until you reach the end of your class tree,After the implementation of Gramps leveling after rebirth, Has just become harder here is were your Battle Manuals come handy, Once your level 103 in either of the path Gramps can assist you in leveling your character.I would recommend going with Gramps as it is quicker and easier compared to the grinding at Bio lab basement(I wouldn't say it is a bad place to level up, Used to be a place where everyone used to level before Gramps came in, Killing monsters over here not only helps you in leveling but also provides you Amistr eyes which is useful in making Drooping Amistr Hat,So either way nothing is waste of your time and effort, For more info on Drooping Amistr click the link given below ) https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest Gramps can be found at @go 39 inside Eden, He won't provide you any experience if you are already maxed.Before he might provide you with the quest he might ask you some security questions which is very simple all you need to do is be ethical, But if you don't wanna waste your time thinking I have already provided answers for you below. Gramps Questionaire Walkthrough: 1)Does the GM team.recruit players to be GMs? A)No. 2)Will the GM team ask you for the password? A)No. 3)Will the GM team demand cash from you, in the game or via instant messengers or social media? A)No. 4)Should you install a Teamviewer because a GM asks you to? A)No. 5)Can a GM team member be invisible in a chat room? A)No. 6)Can you ask to see the GM sprite in order to verify a GM's'identity? A)Yes. Now that you have answered all the questions correctly he will provide you with the quest. Level Ranges:- Level 103 to 153 Level 154 to 204 Level 205 to 255 The area that you choose is specific to your level, For example, you can't choose 154-204 area if your in the range of 103-153, Once you choose to enter any of the following area gramps will ask you to select the monster which you want to kill 400times or all of it, You can either do this alone or with party but bringing a party is highly recommended and kills count, Don't try searching for these mobs in local maps as they are only accessible by gramps,Once you are done he will award you will massive amount of exp and you can get a new quest in every 4hours,You can do this until your character is maxed. Homunculus Leveling: Make sure that you have an embryo in your Inventory, You can farm it from Vanilmirth from Biolab Basement. Spam call Homunculus until you can get one with the best stats,You will also have a free chance to reset Homunculus at morroc via Homunculus Resetter, But Later the only way to reset it is through Homunculus Reset Potion via Speciality goods Npc from Sealed Shrine which costs about 50mill Zeny. Homunculus Reset Potion is just a chance if your Lucky stats increases or if your luck doesn't favor you then your stats will drastically decrease. Use the following items to give a Kickstart to your Homunculus by Boosting its stats Go to Anthell level 1 and kill Anteggs until your Homunculus is level 30. Then Go to Moscovia Forest>Les Forest kill Les until your level 60. Warp to Sphinx 4 and kill Anubis each Anubis is considered as 1level up and at the certain level it keeps getting 3-4kills per level do it until your homunculus is level 140 At level 140 things get easier than you think if you have the above equips,Here equip your Creator with Deviling+Alice card so you can Soak up damage from Biolab monsters while your Homunculus attacks it from level 140-150 make let your Homunculus hit the monsters till their Hp is 90% then Ad them,Cata Monsters have high vit due to which you can do some great damage,From 150-170 you can tank for your Homunculus until it makes the monster Hp about 50% then kill it,The more the Homunculus hits the more exp it gets, At level 170-255 you can tank for your Homunculus supporting it with Slim Potion Pitcher until it completely takes down a monster itself, Make sure you lure your target monster to a corner or a place where there is no other Biolab Monsters, If you see one just ad them. There are 2 Variations you can find in bio lab monsters one is its evolved form and other is its baby form make sure you only pick on a baby form if your low level, But both gives the same amount of exp. Last but not least don't waste your time searching for a 100%working homunculus ai on the internet, Most of them are Archived or Outdated you could just download genuine Homunculus Ai from here. AI_AGGRO.zip Homunculus Evolution: You can evolve your Homunculus once it's Loyal or its intimacy is over 910. With Shoulder Chicky(2016) you have 10%chance of gaining double intimacy when feeding homunculus. Feed your homunculus 2times at Hunger level 14 and 1time at Hunger level 24 to get a full intimacy point. Homunculus Care Guide costs about 15 Vote points and increases your Homunculus intimacy by 10. Don't afk with your Homunculus if it hunger goes down it might leave you. Once your Homunculus is loyal you can use a sage of stone to evolve it.
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    it might be that it wasnt updated as it was an old version. and orange tie and black tie has the same effect. it was disabled. and will come back at some point for the players to exchange their duplicates.
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    Kinda wanna suggest to maybe offer a package for Support classes too (aka Healer), so far its only for killers. Meditatio Hats are in the Stat Lucky Box, but there alot other kind of hats too. Would suggest to just maybe put a feather ribbon there.
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    Im Sylvanna one of the new staffs for the Server. Feel free to contact me if theres an issue you encounter and I will try our best to help you(within reasons). You guys will mostly see me in helpdesk,discord and sometimes roaming around or plotting an event. Thats all and see you guys ingame! 😸
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    hi hi everyone i'm sther. been playing high priestess since the old RRO server for a few years, and woe-ed a bit with Frosted Puff. if any oldies are here, say hi!
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    Greetings Valiant Souls of this world of Revival Ragnarok! I was wondering through the Spirit Realm and found a portal to your wonderful world! I am Inugami, and I have come to your world to assist you in your perilous journeys! Those seeking aide feel free to call upon me and I will assist you to the fullest of my capabilities! I look forward to meeting each one of you great warriors! I hope we have a woofderful time working together!
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    Hello there,First of all I appreciate your work on getting the Server better and better and I know it takes an alot of time and patience to deal with Bugs and fix them, I don't think what I have reported is significant or mandatory compared to bigger fish that you have to cook,But I dont wanna not stay without mentioning that this is also part of the server to get server better it should be touched as well at some point and worked on,I want to address an issue with GMs regarding RDC,This was Lilalyn project left unaccomplished for years it was untouched there is nothing else other than the Headgear, The existence of other pieces still proves there is a Set which exists, The set should be similar to that of Rdc Headgear with addable stats similar to that of antiques like the Headgear, Instead of leveling up along with usl,It should be leveled upon completing Rdc Tiers and investing Operation credits that you earn from the tiers to upgrade it, Like that it should be harder to level up than antiques cause the Headgear itself is powerful alone and good things come with time and you don't want people to get their hands on them that easily, Let the Headgear just stay how it is and unrefinable cause its good as how it is, In addition, please work on completing the higher tiers too with new types of equipment and stuffs on the loot, Like this people gonna be active on RDC more than ever, Not for my sake not for the players sake do it in the honor of an Ex-GM who served our server at her time, Thank you.
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    Hello players! In this hot patch we have done the following: Fixes Hopper has given up his NPC allure and embraced his monstrous side. He is still as soft as ever but should stop lagging players (he will also drop something nice for players who beat him down impress him) Hopper will also announce when all his collected Easter eggs have been found (towns only!) Gold Snapback Cap's effect now works properly Viewing Equipment function has been fixed Rune Knight, Sorcerer, and Sura Alt Clothes are now working properly Red Electric Aura Costume can now be traded Kind regards, RevivalRO Management
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    Easter Event 2018 & Goodie Bag Contents: Well, a Happy Easter to each and every one of you, So we do have an event today which is gonna last for 3weeks(21days) and this event doesn't look much complicated as the valentines day event its a very simple and short event everyone has a fair chance of getting Goodie Bag just staying AFK in the MVP map unlike Tomson(No not me but the NPC)who just eats away all those ingredients that you put effort on farming but only drawback here is I have noticed other than giving headgears,Costumes they also give other kinds of stuff like HoA consumables, Crafting Items and other trolls,Just save enough so you can spam and not complain later. 1)Easter Bunny can be found at Geffen town 185 125, Get the quest from him. 2)Easter egg can be found in the fields,Dungeons of Midgard only ( Mora,Eclage,Amastu,Dewata,Moscovia,Brasilis,Malaya,Ayothaya,Gonryun,Louyang,bifrost,Splendide,Manuk Fields are excluded)Don't waste your time to search in those Fields and Dungeons. Note:Wear Costume: Easter Basket or else you won't be able to pick up the egg. 3)By doubling clicking on the easter egg that you have found you will know either it's a good egg or a bad egg good ones give Easter goodie bag while the bad ones give cracked egg pieces. or 4)Don't worry if you got any cracked ones save them for later you can trade 5 of those to easter bunny in turn of an Easter Goodie Bag. 5)Besides, that as per the Server announcement an MVP spawns in random fields of the Midgard Continent, Either you kill it or not you still get an Easter goodie bag for staying in that field, And the person who kills the MVP gets Easter Goodie Bag and some cracked egg pieces and a random amount of Easter Eggs are spawned in the corresponding field. Safety Measure: Always be conscious if the MVP spawns twice in an hour or the next always think its a trap set by GMs and something fishy is going on.(Well they are too nice to give you bacons later) This crossbreed between Bunny & Rat with a huge lollipop looks like someone's mom who is waiting for his son to turn up home so she can spank him,He isn't a bad guy though well am i right? Note:The MVP spawns in every 2hours. What can I find in Easter Goodie Bag?Well here is a little information that I have gathered from players all around RevivalRo, Thanks for the Contribution of sprites I will list out the names at end of the topic give them a huge shout out later. Easter Goodie Bag Contents: 1)Costume:Bunny Top Hat(Black) 2)Honorary Bunny Mouth 3)Gold Snapback Cap 4)Bunny Hoodie(Black) 5)Bunny Hoodie(White) 6)Bunny Balloon Hat 7)Fluttering Butterflies 8)Fuzzy Bunny Scarf 9)Costume:Bunny Bonnet(2018) 10)Costume:Easter Egg Balloon I know there are a lot more kinds of stuff out there that are missing in this guide, I haven't even seen a single middle gear,Well if you guys find other kinds of stuff just let me know i will add it in here,Also check out Cash shop for cool donates that you might not wanna miss. Ok, let us move to the contributors of the sprites it is really impossible without them. Sprite Contributors: 1)Shan(Bunny Top Hat(Black)) 2)Kiiro(Honorary Bunny Mouth) 3)Bananaketchup(I know the Lyrics go like this No ketchup just sauce raw sauce but its different in this situation)(Gold Snapback Cap) 4)Some Random cool guy(I forgot his name but let's remember him like that cause he is cool)(Bunny Hoodie(Black)) 5)Connor(Not Condor its Connor as in Connor)(Bunny Hoodie(White)) 6)Akamine(Bunny Balloon Hat, Fluttering Butterflies) 7)Gcq(Fuzzy Bunny Scarf)(Costume: Bunny Bonnet(2018) 8)Polecat(Costume: Easter Egg Balloon) For the above ones, Thank you for helping me to complete this Guide. Happy Easter Everyone, Thank you.
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    art delivery for Lilia!! (2/2) thank you so much!!
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    Dear future guildies! "The Effect" guild is recruiting. Our ultimate goals are to compete in WoE and PvP. Because of that, the main activities will be PvP, WoE, Cedi, Halls of Abyss and other ways of gearing up to get on top Aside from that we're just looking to have a good time together, be it online or on our discord channel n_n We help eachother out with builds, quests, PvPing etc. Any question you'll ask will have an answer, no matter if it's RO-related or if you're wondering about the meaning of life. By sharing our knowledge we hope to improve eachothers PvP game, so no previous PvP experience would be required (though very helpfull Anyone is allowed to join really, as long as you are active it would be awesome if your goals allign with those of the guild, but social members are also very welcome Another factor in considering joining might be your time-zone. We have members from different time zones, the leaders living in western-europe, which is server time -7 hours, which means that both WoE times are doable Aside from that, it doesn't matter if you're an outgoing social type or more introverted. There will be a place for you in The Effect guild. Interested?: If you're interested in joining, please leave a reply here with your IGN or PM "Aewa" or "Visir" in-game for an invite! If we are not online, you could also send us an in-game mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! We usually hang out in Amatsu (@go10) so you can also meet us to join there n_n We hope to welcome you soon! The Effect
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    https://ragnarevival.com/old_donor try clicking it again!
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    The soldier standing by the door as you enter the pront castle. Do not go too far from the door.
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    The app has been updated, please re-download from the website!
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    I too am facing the same issue but the app force closes after login by 10 seconds.. listen to this, even a different server with a different version of the app is doing the same thing. Could it be an error with the app since it's based on the same client? I'd love to help and grab a logcat but I don't have root 😢
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    We're looking into this issue right now
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    Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, We would love to announce our first giveaway event, the community and player has given us a lot, and so we would like to return the favor. The giveaway will give a fair chance for every *active* player, whether they are old or new players. There is no need to donate! There is no need to do any hard instances! or anything, just farming a bit of any monster! How does the giveaway work? The event will start on 1st of July 2018 UTC+8 All monsters in-game would drop 6 new cards, (Playstation Card 1, Playstation Card 2, Playstation Card 3, Playstation Card 4, Playstation Card 5, Playstation Card 6) You have to collect the minimum amount of cards of the wanted prize and deliver it to the Giveawayer at (prontera 147,211) to be eligible for the giveaway At https://ragnarevival.com/superevent you will be able to see who's the latest players who collected 3, 5 or 6 cards and total collectors count. Sit tight and wait for the draw at 23:59PM UTC+8 31th of July 2018 What's the prizes and required cards? Playstation 4 with FarCry 5 Game (Requires to collect All 6 cards to enter the draw) 100 Euros worth card at Play station network OR Steam OR Xbox Prepaid (Requires to collect at least 5 cards) A set of donor items that worth is no more than 100 euros (Requires to collect at least 3 cards) Is there's specific requirements to join the event? No! Anyone can join! Just collect the cards and check the rules at the end of this topic to make sure you are following them all! Rules & General Notes You can't join with more than one account in this giveaway, and any suspicions of using multiple accounts would result in disqualifying you. There may be other punishments to your accounts depending on the severity of abuse as we want it fair and clean for all! In-case you won any of the physical prizes, you take the responsibility for giving us the shipping and personal information CORRECTLY. We are not responsible for any mistakes from your side. RevivalRO would only pay the fees for shipping it to your country, any extra fees that may be required by your government is solely your responsibility. If you won any physical prizes you should take a picture clearly showing you with the received items as soon as possible, and giving us the rights to use it later for any marketing reasons. Oh also here's a picture of the Playstation 4 And that's it! Good luck & Have fun Playing RevivalRO! RevivalRO Managment
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    Well, there are blue potions, white potions, even arrows. Is there any reason why no creator items as rewards? (in first place Glistening Coat, but also Acid and Grenade Bottles) Tho the reward system looks like a nice implementation, it seems quite punishing for this certain class. Also considering that part of the income is by selling ranked slims. But when "woe white potions" are on the reward list, they might - depending on their effectiveness ofc - lower the demand for ranked slims. As side info: Participating in all weekly's WoE (8h) causes expenses of around 100~120m zeny, depending on the action taking place. (using a common AD build)
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    Haiii~ku everyone! My name is Haiku. Even though 'haiku' is a form of Japanese poem, I am far from being poetic. I do enjoy reading them though. You might have seen me in novice grounds or in the helpdesk before. You would be seeing me more in towns or at events after this. If you see me, don't be shy and say Hai~ku. If you have any questions or problems I will try my best to answer or help you in any way. I'll see you guys in game~ May you all have a beautiful day~ Yours truly, Haiku
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    make it so we can trade more than 1 set.. just for the pre req mats... like 10sets per trade? it takes a lot of time just making the raw mats....
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    Greetings Everyone, To ensure happy times and better ability to access event items, we release a static schedule to start events, this schedule can be altered at anytime by GMs or even more events done manually by GMs. Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO, RevivalRO management
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    Note that these are my personal opinions please feel to contribute your own opinions, agree or disagree, but give constructive feedback too 1. To easy to obtain MvP cards - With all the new MvP rooms the cards have basically become worthless making things like Bloody Card Albums worthless it too, While I think the MvP rooms are a good idea something should be done to make the cards less powerful and more a Beginner MvP card set A solution I would suggest is to nerf all the current MvP cards from the MvP rooms and change the MvPs on the maps to a different name such as 'Altered Thanatos' and have it drop an Altered Thanatos card which would just be the normal card stats then have the BCA's give you these cards thus making them valuable again and making it worth farming outside the MvP rooms. 2. Community - There is just nothing to bring the community together, there is a lack of events no main town to hang out in, staff rarely talks to the community and no real perks on being in a guild Solutions I can think of Make a Custom Map main town with Npcs you can only find there that could let players host simple events for the cost of 1c or 50m such as spawning a bunch of useful monsters that drop items that are used for crafting and quests, also have it be invaded every 4 hours or so by an Overpowered MvP that takes a bunch of people to take down then when its dead it could give out points for something Like the Satan Morroc invasion of Morroc, make it worth being there so everyone isnt so spread out across the whole server during non WoE times Have SCHEDULED Q&A sessions with a member of the staff every week so people can go talk to a staff member feel like their opinions and complaints are being heard and you guys can tell us new things you are planning for the server and our opinions about it. People like to speak their mind even if it does nothing at least they know they are being heard 3. PvP - Its imbalanced see my other post Improving the Lesser played Classes 4. WoE - First of there aren't enough castles for the amount of players on I get that they are limited due the server smaller population but they are way to limited and its just a cluster **** of 100 players trying to take the same castle, people who only enjoy WoE will quit because at this rate there's only going to be 2 main guilds that have all the castles and if you don't get into one then you are SoL there needs to be more castles so smaller guilds have a chance at getting one of course the big guilds will still do better but at least you can have a small guild and still get a castle Solutions - Open more castles Make it more rewarding to stay in the same guild Add custom items to craft custom gear or items into the castle chest drops Add barrier crystals that have to be destroyed before you can attack the Emp so its not a straight line rush for the Emp bringing more strategy to WoE For those who haven't played on a legit Ragnarok server the ways guilds operated on there was you get paid for the amount of castles you have by your guild master every WoE since they are the only ones who receive the castle loot so if these chests are dropping good custom items that only the GL can get then they would need to start paying their guild members who WoE making it worth it to WoE for newer players since they get something out of it other than being murdered in one shot 5. New players not getting to see custom content - Custom content is something that keeps server hoppers around but on this server it is very difficult to get geared for it ( for new players ) Solution Have easy versions of everything that you could use useless items to obtain points for like adding another NPC next to Marvin who wants Jellopy and Fluff For artistry and crafting have the NPC's suggest monsters and maps to farm to get the supplies they need to make the gear Give new players temporary weak stat headgears Such as 2 slot +15 stats Upper and Mid and a +5 stat lower and then give them the option to go to an NPC and upgrade them to permanent for something like 10c that will encourage them to donate because they aren't going to want to lose those stats and give them a taste of the better 4 slot + 30 stat headgears 6. No easy way to trade large amounts of items Things like Ranked potions are annoying to trade and make because of weight limits its also difficult to buy other items like Elu in bulk Solution - Have a map where you have infinite weight or a custom novice class that has infinite weight for trading purposes since the item limit is capped at 30k anyway there's no harm in having something like this the worst thing it could be used for is easy storage space. Thanks for Reading -Celestial
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    After using Elemental Resist Potions and testing it I immediately noticed that there is no Buff Icon for them to keep track if the potion is still active or not. I've read this as well on https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Amplify_Magic_Power When used on non PvP, GvG or Battlegrounds maps, Amplify Magic Power will last the full 30 seconds instead of 1 spell cast. (Note : The Amplify Magic effect will wear after 1 skill on a PvP/GvG/Battlegrounds map regardless of where the user was when they cast Amplify Magic Power.) Is it also possible for amplify magic to have active buff icon? Thanks
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    Yes indeed you can't use the Ensembles without the partner next to you (Also Lokis Veil/Invul Siegfried was a very common thing on old rro). But thats the point on both having that skill and needing each other, otherwise Gypsies would fall even more into that abyss of being outclass by their own counterpart. haha And I see the point you making, especially with the Professor/Sorcerer. Might as well then implement the third class were sort of every class can kill. lol For that point on the AD bottles, why not make them buyable over BG badges and then only usable in pvp/bg/woe. So you keep being forced to play the bg to maintain your bottle usage (and also make that bg a bit alive lol). To the Asura thing ... But you aware of that Asura isn't a skil meant to be spammed over and over and over again like a macaroni arent you? (Also wasn't there a BG weapon that helped on Asura ... I forgot, never mained a Champ ... welp) I am a bit of random answering here ... lol Anyways, yes some classes have more potential of farm/pvp/whatever. But that's the point of having 18 (?) classes. What's the point of having so many if they basically could do all the same.
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    Yea...it would be nice to have normalized improvements that are logical and actually make the other classes fun. Gunslinger for example.It makes no sense what so ever that a Sniper using the same gear as a Gunslinger, will fire just a bit higher in damage without a Goblin Bow using all that gear the GS also uses for crits...and the GS using a 40c Shotgun and a +7goblin revolver. Its things like that, that are upsetting. Sniper using a good set + a standard bow like iXion wing will still out damage a Gunslinger using the same gear + a HSS or a goblin revolver. *shrugs
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    agree on the ad bottles they should be cheaper profs are a powerfull class itself bards and dancer are more of a support type of class what champs do after asura? they asura again
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    i doubt that they will change this. To be honest, this painful process is the only reason why the prices of crafted items are still at 60m ish at least for normal + 10 imagine if this is implemented, no one will be doing the crafting for merchandising anymore. (long run) Why? well, at first there will be a lot of people who will try to create these. BEcause of that the prices will actually drop. then people will realize that the actual prices does not compensate on the actual time spent on creating such mats. People will start not to craft and just buy.
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    Please download version 214 from the website! FCP is fixed in this version
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    I agree on what Verryn is saying. I consider myself a new player, started in february.. The MVP rooms help to get some basic gear at least. Yet still there's enough one would need which can't be obtained there.. example: Gemini 5c each, (which one usually need 2-3), cedi equip, etc etc. The rooms alrdy have been nerfed + the price for creds has become higher. So.. one already makes less zeny BUT has to farm more - as a non-donator. And there's nothing against to let players be able to gather their basic equip rather quickly. For certain content it's still not enough anyway, specially when it comes to PvP (including WoE). So even WITH these MVP rooms enabled (and I was even lucky, that I could farm there before their nerf), still had to invest real money (and not in an insignificant amount), to get my char more or less decently equipped.
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    All EU and NA players I know left to other servers because of the slow ping. I think lots of players would really appreciate if you could somehow rent a proxy server for all players from EU and America. Lots of new players will come to play as well. I have lots of friends saying they will come back to revival once the ping is better. Thanks.
  33. 1 point
    In addition to the fixes mentioned above, you may notice that some Bacon-related items have been changed. For now, these are just visual changes in anticipation of a future update and you do not have to do anything on your end .
  34. 1 point
    Hello, Thank you for this suggestion! We are currently discussing adding a sort of Battlegrounds Happy Hour to encourage more participation where badges will double up from time to time. If anyone else has some ideas, please feel free to share them.
  35. 1 point
  36. 1 point
    The Ice Carver's long-lost brother, Jaro, has returned from his research trip and is eager to share his new discovery - Icicle Wings - with you! Building on top of his brother's well-known creation, the Ice Wings, Jaro has discovered how to infuse ice with new elemental properties! Each Icicle Wing possesses a unique elemental property so choose wisely! To begin the quest, please visit Jaro in xmas_fild01 (195, 112). You must be wearing Ice Wings (the original or its recolours) for Jaro to speak to you: Do not recolor your Ice Wings mid-way through the quest. Jaro will NOT make the new recoloured wings into the corresponding Icicle Wing. You must choose the color you want BEFORE you speak to Jaro and begin the quest. If you want a specific color for the ice wing, you need to start the quest with that color. Each wing will require the following items: At the start: 1000 Glacial Heart 100 Frozen Rose At the end: 2 Combo Battle Glove[4] 2 Ice Pick Depending on which wing you create, you will also need the following items: Blue Ice Wing 50 Crystal Blue 100 Sapphire 10 Ice Scale 50 Level 1 Frost Diver Red Ice Wing (Red) 50 Red Blood 100 Ruby 10 Ice Scale 50 Level 1 Frost Diver Green Ice Wing (Green) 50 Green Live 100 Emerald 10 Ice Scale 50 Level 1 Frost Diver Yellow Ice Wing (Yellow) 50 Wind of Verdure 100 Topaz 10 Ice Scale 50 Level 1 Frost Diver Purple Ice Wing (Purple) 50 Cursed Water 100 Amethyst 10 Ice Scale 50 Level 1 Frost Diver White Ice Wing (White) 50 Holy Water 100 Opal 10 Ice Scale 50 Level 1 Frost Diver After gathering the items for Jaro, he will give you some Energized Ice Wings! Wearing these wings, he will send you on a special Monster Hunt so the wings can absorb elemental magic: Blue Icicle Wings need to absorb essences from 300 Strouf and 300 Merman Red Icicle Wings need to absorb essences from 200 Kasa and 200 Salamander Green Icicle Wings need to absorb essences from 300 Dryad and 300 Wooden Golem Yellow Icicle Wings need to absorb essences from 300 Stem Worm and 300 Hill Wind Purple Icicle Wings need to absorb essences from 300 Cramp and 300 Penomena White Icicle Wings need to absorb essences from 300 False Angel and 300 Christmas Cookie Upon completing the Monster Hunt, your wings will transform into the Icicle Wings. Jaro also stopped by Prontera and taught the Costumer how to create costume versions of his wings for all interested parties . Blue Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Fire-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Fire-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Wind element Red Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Earth-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Earth-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Water element Green Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Wind-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Wind-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Fire element Yellow Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Water-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Water-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Earth element Purple Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Holy-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Shadow-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Holy element White Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Shadow-type monster 10% less damage from Holy-type monsters 10% more damage taken by Shadow element Happy questing~!
  37. 1 point
    Got another one for the item list. *sadly I am too lazy to make this a gif lol*
  38. 1 point
    *EDIT I hate spoilers on this website QQ* For a better view of the designs: Rune Knight alternative
  39. 1 point
    Greetings, everyone! In this maintenance, we have delivered the following updates and fixes: Updates The Ice Carver's long-lost brother has returned from his research trip and brought his new discovery - Icicle Wings - to Loki! In addition to the new Icicle Wings, we have also added a new recolour (Purple) and renamed Ice Wings (Black) to (White). Gramps has arrived to help everyone out with leveling! Learn more here. Zotar has expanded his services and is now available in Yuno, Byalan Level 5, and Odin Level 1. New returning prizes for players, and now Loyal Players may chose a Q-Pet. More info here. Fixes Ahura Mazdah has been fixed and will hopefully be indestructible. Drooping Randgris is now recognized by the Lucky Boxer. The 'last MVP' option in the VIP MVP Spawner has been fixed. Monster will not spawn in non-walkable cells in Biolab basement As always, thanks to everyone for their patience and support! Kind regards, RevivalRO Management
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    They are all so cute! Thank you very much! 😁
  41. 1 point
    WIP of Lilia's Headshot!
  42. 1 point
    Thank you very much for all the arts!
  43. 1 point
    Greetings, adventurers! The Ice Carver's long-lost brother, Jaro, has returned from his research trip and is eager to show off his new creation, the Icicle Wings, to you! To get started, please visit Jaro in xmas_fild01 (195,112). You must be wearing your Ice Wings in order for Jaro to reveal his secrets to you. For now, Jaro is willing to let you see his beloved wings as modeled by the wonderful Gem~ Blue Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Fire-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Fire-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Wind element Red Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Earth-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Earth-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Water element Green Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Wind-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Wind-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Fire element Yellow Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Water-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Water-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Earth element Purple Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Holy-type monsters 10% less damage taken from Shadow-type monsters 10% more damage taken from Holy element White Icicle Wings 2 Slots +5 All Stats Chance to cast Frost Nova Level 5 when hit 30% more damage to Shadow-type monster 10% less damage from Holy-type monsters 10% more damage taken by Shadow element Enjoy and happy questing~
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    Damnit! You resigned the day before the wedding was supposed to take place D: Now who am I going to marry!? *On a serious note* Good luck in life and thanks for being super cool <3
  45. 1 point
    You were one of my favorite GMs hope they will recruit more people like you in the future, Wish you the best in real life.<3
  46. 1 point
    Thank you GEM we lab U
  47. 1 point
    Thanks for all the work & time you've put in, and never failing to help explain things that weren't so clear whenever I asked. Wish you all the best Gem!
  48. 1 point
    Gem, you will be surely missed. Me on the behalf of the Server, Staff and Management would like to thank you for joining us during the huge mess of server starting, even before you officially join us, you kept us with lot of suggestions, Improvements and even did boring tasks for us. Not forgetting the content planning you worked on after joining us, and we can't wait to release the last two content you worked on during your work duration. Best wishes for you, Ema.
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    Hello! I'm glad to report that for the time-being, we will look into increasing the weight restriction on mail. However, due to the volume of other work that needs to be completed for the server, this suggestion may not be implemented until further notice. Thanks as always for your ideas!
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    Art Delivery for Lilia! (1/2) Next up: Sierra's full-body~
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