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    IGN: Social Climber Purple Dino [Ancy]: RAWR! Destroy!! Gei Zod: YAMERO!!!
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    gcq's Cedi Guide ... and you Cedi is a custom instance system from revivalRO, former rebirthRO. You collect points to trade them in to catalyst items (Nectar and Ambrosia) to fight MVPs and get loot. In depth guidance on gettin' started in Cedi can be found in the Wiki, also with all gear drops: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Cedi_MVP_System Sidenote: this guide will focus more on Characters and general behavior in Cedi, less on the MVP itself or the Drops, for these information kindly use the Wiki. IGN, yandereQueen, g c q, Scilla, and many more. ========== How to obtain Cedi Points? ========== As of right now, there three ways to obtain cedi points: finish Monster of the Day (MotD) and get a small amount there open the Cursed Box you get on day 24 and 31 in daily log in (they give a random amount) give Marvin the cards he is asking for, this is the main way Marvin Marvin is a NPC that ask every 2h for a random card. You can either talk to him directly in Yuno (/navi yuno 146/191), left side of the spawn. You can also find out the current card and your cedi points by pm-ing "NPC:Marvin" with any message. Tim Tom Tim Tom is the NPC that gives you Nectars for the cedi points you collected. He can be found in the northern part of Yuno (/navi yuno 115/288). For each deal with him you need cedi points and a small amount of zeny. For higher tiers you also need to collect the "Samples" you get from the previous run. BillyBob NPC Billy trades in your cedi points and Samples for Nectar. This Nectar will be used to run "new" Cedi and Odin's Shrine 01. Billy can be found at Yunos Airport (/navi yuno 53/211) first floor (/navi y_airport 43/41). ========== OLD CEDI ========== Ancient Tapestry If you got all the Nectar needed you can start your Cedi run at the Ancient Tapestry in yuno (/navi yuno 210/305). Tiers D, C and B will be done there. The Tapestry also provides you with a Concierge NPC that Heals, includes a Tool Dealer shop and Repairs your items if needed. Beiside that is Zotar. All Loot the Party Leader gets will be stored in Zotar (including the Samples), so ake sure you take your loot from him before starting the next Tier. Watery Lair Tier A will take place in Byalan dungeon 5, (/navi iz_dun04 130/229). If you are lazy gettin all your alts on the Lair, it is also enough if they just on the spawn point of the map to get teleported in the Lair. The Lair also provides the Concierge NPC and Zotar. ========== NEW CEDI ========== Beacon New Cedi, Tier D-2, C-2 and B-2 takes place at Odin's Shrine Beacon (/navi odin_tem01 135/135). The beacon also provides Concierge and Zotar. ======================================== ========== FIGHTNING THE MVPs ========== General tips, to make runs as smooth as possible. For the detailed information to every MVP, check the wiki page, it's well written. · Make sure important Buffs are up, like FCP (especially in Tier B for the tank; or for the Killers if WS buffs are used). · Don't panic if the Tank dies. If you catch the Aggro of a MVP, try walk with it back to the tank (and not into your team). · If the tank loses the Aggro, stop attacking. It's hard for the tank to get the MVP back to him if it jumps from one killer to another. · Keep distance, especially in Tier B. · Make sure you and alts if there any, have Yggdrasil Leaves, to Resurrect in an emergency. · Snipers, make sure you got your arrows. ========== THE PARTY ========== Main classes that are used in Cedi are, Professors, Priests and Sniper. Sniper is the best killer to go, sad to say to any else. Other supports that often get used (but mainly as alts) are, Whitesmith, Creators, Soul Linker, Professors and Performer (Gypsy). A usual Party set up be: Professor that does the main tanking (LP yourself if needed, Vulcano the Killers, Dispell the MVP, stay alive) (any) number of (usually 1 or 2) Priests; (in lower tiers you mostly don't even need that), Buffing, resurrect people, Lex Aeterna the MVP (any) number of Sniper; Crit build, make sure the MVP dies Following can be used as alts or main (tho you won't have much to do) Soul Linker; Kaizel and Kaupe are always nice Creator; FCP (needed for the Tank in Tier B and B-2) (or needed if a WS buffs "Over Thurst") Whitesmith; Weapon buffs Weapon Perfection and Over Thurst, Repairing Weapons if they break due to Over Thurst Performer, mainly Gypsy; using Fortunes Kiss to improve the Crit damage of the Killers Tier A, new Cedi another Professor, using Vulcano For Tier B, A, and new Cedi; Paladins Gospel can be help too, also in Tier B the Paladin can support the Tank with Devotion. For Tier A; since Chutullu takes longer to kill, a second Gypsy and Clown can be useful using the ensemble song "Drum on the Battlefield" !OVERALL NOTE ON THE EQUIPMENT I POST UNDER THE CLASSES: I will mention if it's character bound, If I not post anything mentioning like that, it's tradable with no restriction. ========== THE TANK ========== Professor. In general, basically everyone that can reach 99 def can tank, Professor just evolved to be the best choice 'coz of their other skills to support. SKILLS Energy Coat, Safety Wall, Sight Dispell, Land Protector, Vulcano, Indulge, Sense, Magic Rod, ( Wall of Fog; Occasionally) CONSUMABLES Yggdrasil Berry, Reraise Potion, Yggdrasil Leaf (to help resu if someone dies), Panacea, Cold Proof Potion (Tier A if you can't get 100% Water Resistence); (Blue Potion, Magical and Normal Defense Potion, not a must have tho) GEARS & STAT & PLAYSTYLE Tier D, C, B, D-2 and C-2 Goal is to reach (or get close to) 99 HARD DEF (the left number) to take as less damage as possible from the MVPs. Old school gears include Elunium Set that can be crafted by Metalworking. Tenshi Ring gives nice defense too and can be obtained in a small Quest. Keris also can be obtained via a Quest, tho requiers luck to get it with high def boni. High Refines help, since they reduce the damage you take but aren't a "must have". In the following you can see 2 different ways to approach tanking in Cedi. - - Gears Tenshi Ring [0] - Quest Item Large White Angelwing [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Fuzzy Bunny Scarf [0] - Easter Event (Account Bound) Hip Ribbon [0] - Quest GO set: Great Old Hauberk, Great Old Cloak, Great Old Boots, Great Old Ring [all 0] - Cedi Tier A (Account Bound on equipping) Elunium set: Mask, Breast, Shoulders, Greaves [all 0] - Metalworking Keris [1] - Dewata Quest Vigilante Shield [1]* - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Strong Shield [1] - Monster Drop Enchancing Clip [0] - Quest Topaz Ring [0] - Handicrafting Sapphire Ring [0] - Handicrafting Vendor's Clip [1] - Event Shop Cards Mistress Card (Nullify Gemstones for skills) Golem Card Alice Card Osiris Card *Note on Vigilante Shield: It can be slotted with Cedi Orbs Pushback (prevent knockback) or Coma (prevent Coma). To be a alternative to Strong Shield it need to be slotted with Pushback Orb, otherwise better use Strong Shield. Important is also, to have Knockback immunity (can be archived with Pushback Orb or Strong Shield OR if you are rich Bronze Greaves). Some MVP can cause Coma (1HP/1SP) on you, like Baphomet and Dark Lord, make sure to be prepared for that with either a Coma Orb in shield or an Enhancing Clip. Keris is an weapon that can be enchanted. Try to get as high as possible DEF enchants on it. Tier D, C, B, D-2, C-2 If you start a run, make sure you are the only one moving to the middle, to face the MVP (the tank, obviously). Before that make sure you dropped Vulcano for your Killers, if they use Fire Armor their damage gets boosted. The MVP will keep the attention on you and won't attack the rest of the party as long as you won't die. The lower Tiers D and C are usually not big of a deal, only MVP that can become annoying are Thanatos and Detale. Your Job be to spam Dispell and keep yourself in Safety Wall. Tier C is most likely the same chorus, Vulcano, face MVP, Dispell and try not to die. Some MVP tend to use Coma, so make sure you are prepared. Thanatos in Tier C, Detale in Tier D, Garm and Bascojin in Tier B tend to change their elements. Use Sense on them to tell your Killers what element to use. Tier B MVP, Garm and Bacsojin are hard to tank. Spam Safety Wall or if the run is smoothly, let your Priest help you with that. A Paladins Devotion also helps a lot there. One more note to Tier B, especially Bacsojin: There 2 ways you can face her. First of all, she tends to spam Pneuma, which is very very bad for Snipers. Use Vulcano on the Snipers and Land Protector under Bacsojin. This requires 2 Professors. Use Vulcano in the Snipers and fill the area around Bacso with Safety Wall. Pneuma can't be casted on top of SW and also the SW helps you tanking. Requires only one Professor. Tier A Tier A is different from the other Tiers, it has only one MVP that can appear, Cthullu. He's Plant/Water and mainly uses Water attacks, so tanking him with immunity is the best way to go. Gears Drooping Tortoise [1] - Kraken's Lair Marin Party Hat [2] - RDC Party Planer Large White Angelwing [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Kitten Love [0] - Valentine's Event (Account Bound) Yatta [0] - Quest White Death Aura [1] - Quest Great Old Hauberl [0] - Cedi Tier A (Account Bound on equipping) Valkyria Armor [1] - Monster Drop Wool Scarf [1] - Monster Drop Tidal Shoes [1] - Monster Drop Keris [1] - Dewata Quest Vigilante Shield [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Strong Shield [1] - Monster Drop Aqua Orb [1] - Mora Dailies Topaz Ring [0] - Handicrafting Sapphire Ring [0] - Handicrafting Vendor's Clip [1] - Event Shop Cards Leaf Cat Card Mistress Card (Nullify Gemstones for skills) Marc Card Marse Card Icering Card Golem Card Alice Card / Alternatively Golden Thiefbug Card (for the Dispell immunity) Alligator Card / Alternatively Osiris Card / any works (there not much options) When arriving in the Lair, you need to find out in which of the 4 Pools he spawned. If that's set, the Tank/or alt Professor cast Vulcano for the Killers and goes down the Pool to take Chtullu closer to the mid (while still being down in the pool). Make sure you are not gettin too close to the edge, so the Party won't get hit by his Storm Gust. One note to take tho is, that Cthullu tends to use Sacrifice after a while, you can avoid that damage by either be spammed with Kaupe or caste Safety Wall. If the run also takes too long, he tends to spam some nasty attacks. If that is the case, tell everyone to stop what they are doing and "change the pool". Normally Cthullu will chill down after that out time and you can proceed to kill him. Beside all of that,things go as usually in the other Tiers, spam Dispell, Safety Wall, make sure you won't die. IF you die, just wait till you get resu and go catch the big squid again. Tier B-2 The gears for B-2 are the same as for the previous Tiers D, C, etc. The only major difference here is how to handle it. The biggest difference be; as tank you need to use Land Protector. King Poring tends to spam Meteor Storm if there is no Land Protector. The other important part is his slaves. Them alone are not dangerous, but if triggered (by attacking them), they will attack and (can) cause Coma. If the slaves won't calm down, you need one of the Killers to keep Sharp Shoot them. As in Tier B, Devotion helps on supporting the Tank. Over all, the main task of the Tank in Cedi is, to survive and Dispell. If you have a hard time surviving, you might should consider changing gears or let someone else tank for the team. ========== THE KILLER ========== Sniper. Overall the best choice for consistent damage. SKILLS Improve Concentration True Sight, Wind Walk, Sharp Shooting, (Ankle Snare, Remove Trap) CONSUMABLES Yggdrasil Berry, Reraise Potion, Yggdrasil Leaf, Fortis Potestas, Abrasvie, Food Box Lv3 (alternatively DEX and LUK food lv10), Arrows (all of them, Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Immaterial, Shadow, Holy) GEARS & STAT & PLAYSTYLE !!!IMPORTAN!!! REMOVE YOUR FALCON. Falcon does small AoE damage, which will hit slaves and they will then get on you. Avoid unneeded hassle by triggering slaves. Snipers in Cedi basically just hit crit lock the MVP till it dies. If it happens that the tank loses the Aggro and aims the Party, you need to stop your attack and run like a little girl (preferable in the direction your Tank is). Gears Drooping Amistr [0] - Quest (Account Bound) Heirozoist Hat [1] - Halloween Event (Account Bound) Candy Cane Hat [o] - Christmas Events, Retro EP Shop (Account Bound) Gold Snapback Cap [0] - Event Shop (Account Bound) Large Red Angelwing [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Froggy Rucksack [0] - Monster of the Day Black/Orange Tie [1] - Halloween Event (Account Bount) NOTE! Cards in there doesn't have effect in Cedi Valentine's Blush [0] - Valentine's Event (Account Bound) Black Death Aura [1] - Quest Luciu's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] - Monster Drop Pragmatists Mail [1] - Cedi Tier C, A (Account Bound on equipping) Heroic Backpack [1] - Monster of the Day, Cash Shop, etc. Great Demon Shroud [1] - Sealed Shrine Fey Boots [1] - Fluffy Instance Ebony Greaves [1] - Cedi Tier C, A (Account Bound on equipping) Goblin Bow [2] - RDC Recsojin Spectral Bow [4] - Monster Drop. Giant Bow [2] - Jitterbug Instance. Gale Bow Upgraded [3] - Monster Drop, Socket Enchanted (mainly for Tier A) Recondite Ring [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Ring Des Niebelungen [1] - Quest Cards Duneyrr Card, Dark Pinguicula Card Gloom Under Night Card (for monsters that it's effective against) Pasana Card (if not using Fire Armor, Enchants Fire) Annunaki Card Ascendent Orc Card, Orc Knight Card (expensive variant) Abysmal Knight Card, Orc Sniper - Orc Fighter Cards Implosion Card, Pokey Card (cheaper variant) Gears can change depending on the enemy you face. That's why there is a wide variety of Headgears you can use that gives you bonus damage on specific elements. If you don't have Frey Boots, you can also use Ebony Greaves or Alligator Sandals (if you use that set). If you don't have a fire Armor, you can use Reset Girl Robe, or any other, just make sure you enchant it with Fire Property to get more damage standing in Vulcano. Tier D, C, B, D-2,C-2 and B-2 Most of the MVPs in these Tiers are either Shadow, Demon or Undead, so use Chubby Bunny /Heirozoist Hat. Mainly you will need Holy Arrows. Tier D Detale, Tier C Thanatos and Tier B Basojin and Garm tend to change Elements. Make sure you hotkey your Arrows so you can quick adjust to that and do the best damage. King Poring in Tier B-2 is Neutral, if you got it use a Gold Snapback Cap. If the slaves of King Poring are bothering the Tank too much, make sure to Sharp Shoot them. It makes the Tanks life easier. Tier A The only major change you do here in your gears is (if you got that) using a Candy Cane Hat and Valentine's Blush. If you don't got these, you can go in with the normal gears from before. Cthulhu is Water property, so use Wind Arrows. A Gale Bow Upgraded is also a nice addition to that. In general there isn't much to say or even do as Killer, you just need to make sure you won't whip accidentally your whole party coz you didn't stopped attacking while your Tank kissed the floor. Also make sure you get the best damage possible with your gears and keep your own buffs up (Attention Concentration and True Sight). ======================================== Other Party Member quick overview. ========== PRIEST ========== I will not go in depth for Priest gears now, but if that's requested I can add that since it's actually my main job (lol). But what I wanted to add as mention here is, for MVPs that use screen wide Coma or status Effects, like Tier D/C Dark Lord or C-2 Sewer Bug, make sure you always Pneuma your Party and Assumptio. Pneuma Blocks the Wide effect and Assumptio reduces the damage taken from it. If everything goes smoothly, don't be a lazy butt and just stand there, you can do several other things then Buff, help on Safety Wall your Tank or Lex Aeterna the MVP. ========== PERFORMER ========== Aka mainly Gypsy. Make sure she has high LUK, so her Crit song Fortunes Kiss gives a lot bonus. If you are using "Drum on the Battlefield", there isn't much on stats to improve that. ========== SOUL LINKER ========== Not mandatory but Kaupe can be a handy little buff on making the tanking easier for the Tank. Kaizel without casting time can also be a nice thing, so make sure you are equipped with Beelze Cards, Orleans Combo and Clock Tower Manager Cards. ======================================== ========== VIDEOS ========== Under the following are SOLO walk through of every Cedi tier to demonstrate what gonna happen, and how to position yourself the best. Videos are recorded by Waz (IGN Ygritte). Thanks for providing them. (Sorry for the awkward display in here, but the editor is a bish) TIER D https://youtu.be/oOXWH5QSk18 TIER C https://youtu.be/YYoVaXVAwUY TIER B https://youtu.be/I-21oJummNE TIER B2 https://youtu.be/Bwg06TIch_c
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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SugarFree’s Guide to Hermes Holiday ------------------------------------------------------------------------- IGN: SugarFree , McFlurry, nom nom nom, Snapple Hermes Holiday is one of the 3 quests in RDC tier 2 ---------------------- Requirements: ---------------------- Party with 3 - 5 members (each must be eligible to Tier 2 RDC Quest) 1 Operation Ticket on each party member ----------------- Mechanics: ----------------- Your main task is to deliver the letters within 15 minutes limit. You will start with 15 letters needed to be delivered to specific mailboxes. There are a total of 22 mailboxes. Each mailbox has one letter that needs to be taken and delivered to another mailbox. Note: Every wrong Address will increase the counter of letters needed to be delivered, so pay attention!!! -------------- Location: -------------- The map is a mirror of Gonryun Field 01(gon_fild01) There are a total of 7 areas: Temple Road 2 Mailboxes Rural Bend 3 Mailboxes Main Street 5 Mailboxes Safari Lane 2 Mailboxes Coal Mine only 1 Mailbox Windmill way only 1 Mailbox Port Bluff 8 MailBoxes --------------------------------- Equipment and Stats: --------------------------------- Orc Hero Card – immunity to stun Nightmare Card – immunity to Sleep Evil Druid Card –immunity to Freeze and Stone Antique Footgear / Strong Shield –(Optional for knockbacks from Skid traps,they’re quite annoying) DEX: total 150 for instant cast AGI: until ASPD 196 for maxed attack speed INT: for Maxed SP STR :for weight capacity to carry Berries or Blue pots The main reason why I recommend using a Champion class because of the skill Body Relocation, With Immunity-to-status gears,means you can navigate the whole maps with ease and faster. Basically, just spam Body Relocate and past all the traps and plants. PROTIP: Don't pick up the letters from the mailboxes if the address is too far, you have an option to refuse. Make sure to check the addresses of other mailboxes like Port Bluff which has 8 mailboxes, chances are the address would be on the same location. If for some reason you deliver the last letter at the same time with a party member and the counter says you need to deliver -1 more, just deliver a letter to the wrong address and the counter will go back to zero and you complete the instance. Speed is the key, the longer you are in the instance the more traps will spawn! -------------- Rewards: -------------- "You successfully completed the operation" head back to the starting point and check the Treasure Chest Plant-Type Cards (Scorpion, Hermit Plant, etc.) Moonlight Flower Card Heartwood Corvo Hermes Sandals Black Messenger Bag Blue Messenger Bag Cyan Messenger Bag Gold Messenger Bag Green Messenger Bag Purple Messenger Bag Red Messenger Bag White Messenger Bag Special Thanks to Wafflewich Constructive criticism and feedbacks are all welcome, Happy Gaming!
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    An Encyclopedia to Melanis Monsters(Still being updated on how to farm every monsters in Melanis) Melanis Side Quest:- 1)Chat with Yousef until he says something like this. 2)Behind the safe zones of Mirror shard dropping mob hides the Scientist at 326,312 in the trees speak to him and get him back to the camp. 3.)After Reaching back to the camp the scientist will tell you thank you for rescuing him and his name is Markal. 4.)He will ask you to introduce yourself to everyone in the camp. 5.)After your done finally speak to Markal,Now you have completed the Melanis quest you can enchant animal enchantment,Socket enchant,Use Healer and all other Npcs in Melanis. Minx 1.)What are we farming? Minx https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Monster:Minx 2.)Where to farm? Melanis 3.)What is Melanis? https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Melanis 4.)How to go to Melanis? 1)Go Geffen. 2)Go to 29 119. 3)Go Outside the warp at 29 119. 4)Go to 22 191. 5)Go to 357 187. 6)Go to 70, 341. 7.) Enter the Melanis portal at 70 341. 5.)What to do after entering Melanis? 1)Speak to Yousef for 2 Traverser stones(It allows you to stay in Melanis for 2hours,If you not don't take the stones you will be warped out in 10mins) 2)Speak to Guards or if your Lazy just Jump over the Gate. 3)Minx can be found at the Center of the Map. Class Description: I Believe that in my opinion Assassin Crooss are An elite group of Assassins. The Assassin Cross utilizes stealth and confusion in order to land the perfect killing blow. The Assassin Cross has a huge repertoire of lethal arts including ultimate mastery of poison-use, better than the original Assassin. With these new skills, the Assassin Cross now has a wide choice of brutal methods to overcome opponents. All without ever leaving the shadows... IGN: Loki,Tommy,Tomson. Stats Required:(Max Stats) Equipments Required: Drooping Amistr(Obtainable by Quest https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest link here) Trident with 2x Gemini -S58,Orc Hero,Marduk. Red Necktie with Evil Snake Lord Card. Great Demon's Robe with Gloom Under Night Card 10+Ranked VVVSH Sword. 10+Perun Axe with Sniper card(premium) and 2 Aunoes. 10+Heroic Backpack with Anunaki Card. Footgear Antique with General Egnigem Card. Effect:Max Hp at 10%,Speed rate at 15%,No Knock back,After-Cast delay at 5%. 2x Recondite Ring with Ifrit card on each. Equipment Screenshots: About the Monster: How To Farm/Farming Demonstration: Tips to Remember: 1)Use Enchant Deadly Poison. 2)Use Cursed Water. 3)Spam Treasureberry or Ygg berry when about to die. 4)Use Sniper card. 5)Get Weapon perfection Buff. 6)Go Critical attack. 7)Use Anti-Knock Back. Monster Drops:(Drops goes into the Treasure Chest): Consumables: Obtained from Summer Carnival Obtained from Rdc Bought from Players Buy From Item Shop Obtained from Summer Carnival. Dropped from Cedi or Buy from players. Buy from players or farm from HOA. Farm them from False Angel. Video: Chevalier of Void 1.)What are we farming? Chevalier of Void https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Monster:Chevalier_of_the_Void 2.)Where to farm? Melanis 3.)What is Melanis? https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Melanis 4.)How to go to Melanis? 1)Go Geffen. 2)Go to 29 119. 3)Go Outside the warp at 29 119. 4)Go to 22 191. 5)Go to 357 187. 6)Go to 70, 341. 7.) Enter the Melanis portal at 70 341. 5.)What to do after entering Melanis? 1)Speak to Yousef for 2 Traverser stones(It allows you to stay in Melanis for 2hours,If you not don't take the stones you will be warped out in 10mins) 2)Speak to Guards or if your Lazy just Jump over the Gate. 3)Stand At 29,290 and spam Leap it will take you directly to the Chevalier of Void. Class Description: Star Gladiator is an unusual class in that the majority of their skills are bound to the celestial bodies of the Sun, Moon and Stars, and are very restricted in their use. These skills have three different restrictions in which they can be used, and are as follows: Certain skills can only be used on a day of their respective celestial body Some skills can only be used on maps that are designated as a place of a celestial body Other skills can only be used against enemies that are aligned as an enemy of a celestial body The first restriction is unlike the latter two in that a Star Gladiator cannot change what day is representative of a celestial body; these days are already set. The setting for these celestial days is told in the mantra as follows: The Sun shines brightest on even days. The Moon shines brightest on odd days. And the Stars shine without fail on every 5th day. The second and third restriction can be set personally for each individual Star Gladiator via their respective skills: Feeling of the Sun, Moon and Stars and Hatred of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. However, there are also skills that are also bound by more than one restriction. IGN: G e i,Tommy,Tomson. Stats Required:(Max Stats) Equipments Required: Drooping Amistr(Obtainable by Quest https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest link here) Fabled Sword with 2x Gemini -S58,Orc Hero,Marduk. Red Necktie with Maya Purple Card Great Demon's Robe with Gloom Under Night Card 10+Testament with Dracula,Thanatos,Phreeoni Cards. 10+Thanatos Book with Phreeoni,Abysmal Knight Card. Better than Testament since you don't have to use Thanatos and Dracula. Shield Antique with Alice Card Effect:Boss resist at 10%,Near-attack resist at 6%,Long-range resist 6%. Garment Antique with Deviling Card Effect:Neutral Resist at 10%,Critical Defence at 40%,Max Hp 10%,Sp rate at -7%. Footgear Antique with General Egnigem Card Effect:Max Hp at 10%,Speed rate at 15%,No Knock back,After-Cast delay at 5%. 2x Megingjard(Can be bought from Cash shop for 1000 Premium points) Equipment Screenshots: About the Monster: How To Farm/Farming Demonstration: Tips to Remember: 1)Set Hatred on Monster. 2)Spam Tornado Kick while in Tornado Kick Stance. 3)Spam Stellar Heat. 4)Set Warmth Wind to Holy. 5)Set Feelings on the Map. 6)Use Thanatos card.(Chevalier of void is Thana-Bait) 7)Invite people or alts to your party.(More people in your party more the damage that you do. 8)Get weapon Perfection buff from Whitesmith. 9)Higher the Mob Chain better loots,Max Mob Chain is 5,Mob Chain breaks when disbanding party. 10)Use Anti-Knock Back. 11)Have 600+Hit or you will miss. Monster Drops:(Drops goes into the Treasure Chest): Market Value 40-45c Used as Speed Pots Consumables: Obtained from Summer Carnival Obtained from Rdc Bought from Players Buy From Item Shop Obtained from Summer Carnival. Proof that you can really farm a AR using my guide:- Items Required to Enchant AR into 10+Tidal Shoes:-(Before you Enchant do the Melanis Quest) Market Value Proof:- Corrupted Magician:- About the Monster:- Corrupted Magician ID: 3969 On Maps: Elements: HP: 55,210,000 File:Corrupted Magician.gif Melanis Neutral 100% Level: 255 Water 150% Race: Demon Earth 50% Property: Undead (Lv4) Fire 200% Size: Large Base Experience: 1,219,200 Wind 100% Attack: 1,205~3,590 Job Experience: 515,200 Poison -100% Defence: 42 Str 12 Int 455 Holy 200% Magic Def: 82 Agi 255 Dex 1,300 Shadow -100% Range: 1~16~20 Vit 14 Luk 1 Ghost 175% Drops: Undead 0% Monster Sprite:- Equipments and Stats:- Drooping Amistr(Obtainable by Quest https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest link here) Trident with 2x Gemini -S58,Orc Hero,Marduk. Red Necktie with Evil Snake Lord Card. Variegated Vest with Detale Card for land protector to avoid storm gust and meteor storm from CM. 10+Ranked VVVSH Sword. 10+Perun Axe with2Sniper card(premium) and 1 Valkyrie Randgris Card(To dispell all spells it casts and sniper to leech hp) 10+Heroic Backpack with Anunaki Card. Footgear Antique with General Egnigem Card.(Monster Cast Wide Soul Drain so you need Hp for backsliding) Effect:Max Hp at 10%,Speed rate at 15%,No Knock back,After-Cast delay at 5%. 2x Recondite Ring with Ifrit card on each Double 5% and Random 5% and str orbs. Farming Demonstration:- Tips to Remember:- 1)Don't ever die if you do you cant be revived for next 4mins the Monster casts hell power: 2)Trying to be Smart and trying to cast a ygg leaf on the Monster wont work. 3)You need detale card to cast LP on you to avoid ailments like freeze and also to avoid Storm gust and Meteor storm. 4)Spam Ygg berries when your hp is out the monster use Wide soul drain. 5.)Use Anti Knock back and Anti Freeze. 6.)Use Holy or Fire Vert. Monster Drops:- Woah....this gonna be op and expensive since there are not many Hwc users and its gonna ignore MDEF of holy type Monsters Rip Sacred Nappy and Sacremental Water Users. Somewhat useful for trolling and gunslinger and its unlimited. This rod is nerfed and pretty useless now. An item use to Enchant Kronos into 3slot so you can put forbidden scroll into it. Last Rites:- About the Monster:- Last Rites ID: 3970 On Maps: Elements: HP: 62,978,000 Melanis Neutral 100% Level: 255 Water 150% Race: Undead Earth 50% Property: Undead (Lv4) Fire 200% Size: Large Base Experience: 1,219,200 Wind 100% Attack: 4,250~6,790 Job Experience: 515,200 Poison -100% Defence: 25 Str 26 Int 505 Holy 200% Magic Def: 86 Agi 242 Dex 1,300 Shadow -100% Range: 1~14~20 Vit 8 Luk 1 Ghost 175% Drops: Undead 0% Monster Sprite:- Farming Demonstration:- Tips to Remember:- 1)Use fire or holy vert. 2)Use weapon perfection. 3)Use Detale cards to prevent Heaven Drive. 4.)Use Earth Resistance. Equipments:- Drooping Amistr(Obtainable by Quest https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest link here) Trident with 2x Giearth Orc Hero,Marduk. Red Necktie with Evil Snake Lord Card. Earth Armor with Gloom Card. 10+Ranked VVVSH Sword. 10+Perun Axe with 2Sniper card(premium) and Aunoe. 10+Heroic Backpack with Hode Card.(For earth resist) Footgear Antique with General Egnigem Card. Effect:Max Hp at 10%,Speed rate at 15%,No Knock back,After-Cast delay at 5%. 2x Recondite Ring with Ifrit card on each Double 5% and Random 5% and str orbs. Monster Drops:- https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Yggdrasil_Branch https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Sacramental_Water Unholy Marksman:- About the Monster:- Unholy Marksman ID: 3971 On Maps: Elements: HP: 46,573,000 Melanis Neutral 100% Level: 255 Water 25% Race: Demon Earth 25% Property: Shadow (Lv4) Fire 25% Size: Medium Base Experience: 1,219,200 Wind 25% Attack: 5,150~6,925 Job Experience: 515,200 Poison -25% Defence: 79 Str 39 Int 205 Holy 200% Magic Def: 61 Agi 355 Dex 1,650 Shadow -100% Range: 12~16~20 Vit 42 Luk 205 Ghost 0% Drops: Undead 0% Farming Demonstration:- Tips to Remember:- 1)Use holy vert. 2)Gather all Monsters at one place and desperado them. 3)Tank should be 100% Neutral resist with Bathory card in armor. 4)Let the monsters concentrate on your tank. Equipments for Gunslinger:- Equipments for Tank:- Monster Drops:- https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Marked_Bow https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Warrior's_Mask https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Wanted_Poster How to Summon Melanis MVP:- 1.)Find a Defractor,There are 3 of them inside Melanis. 2.)Trade your light to it,The type of MVP Depends on the light that you traded to the defractor. 3.)Lights can be obtained by killing few monsters inside melanis,Light has a very low chance to drop. 4.)And Boom there you go.
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    ========== "Psssht - You want some drugs?" Creators ... and you ========== IGN: yandereQueen, g c q, Scilla, Shikabane no Odori and many more ========== Overview ========== Creator or also called Biochemist is the alternative path a Merchant can choose if he don't want to be a Whitesmith. Creator can craft all kinds of Potions, but are also pretty neat in combat or giving their Party handy buffs. Furthermore, they even have access to their own little "slave". ~ ========== Skills ========== -- Values on the skills always be on max level of that skill, if not stated otherwise. -- First Class, Merchant Enlarge Weight Limit (Lv10) - Increases the maximum weight limit +2000. Discount (Lv10) - Decreases the price of items sold by NPC by up to 24%. Overcharge (Lv10) - Increase the amount of Zeny you get by selling items to an NPC by up to 24%. Pushcart (Lv10) - Lets you rent a Cart, which provides additional storage (100 slots, 8000 weight). Can be accessed via Alt+W. Also gives you back movement speed depending on the Lv of the skill. Carts can be rent on Rental NPC in Prontera [/navi prontera 125/199]. If you remove your Cart while items are in there, you won't lose them. You can access them again when renting a Cart again. Vending (Lv10) - Lets you open an Vending shop on allowed maps. Can sell a max. of 12 items at once. Requires to have a Cart active. Item Appraisal (Lv1) - Identifies an unknown Item. Mammonite (Lv 10) - Dealing high damage (up to 650% ATK) with an single blow, Consumes Zeny to use the attack (up to 1.000 Zeny per strike). Loud Exclamation (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill], Adds STR +4 for 5 minutes. Change Cart (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill], Lets you change the appearance of your Cart depending on your BaseLv you can unlock different looks. Purely cosmetic. Requires to have a Cart active. Cart Revolution (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill], Hits Target with a small AoE (3x3) around it. Deals ATK*150% Neutral damage. Enemies are pushed back 2 cells. Items in your Cart increase the damage to up to +100% (1% for every 80 weight in the Cart). Requires to have a Cart active. Transcendent Class, Creator Learning Potion (Lv 10) - Increases effectiveness of Potions -healing effect (up to 50%) and the success rate when creating them (up to 10%). Pharmacy (Lv 10) - Enables you to create Potions. Requires the correct Potion Creation Guide for the item you want to make. Increases success rate when creating potions up to 30%. NOTE: Baby-Alchemist/Creator have a -30% rate. Requires a Medicine Bowl. Axe Mastery (Lv 10) - Increase damage with Axe Weapons by ATK +30. Plant Cultivation (Lv 2) - Has a 50% success rate on summoning an Mushroom or Plant. Lv 1 lets you summon a Mushroom (Red, Black), Requires Mushroom Spore. Lv 2 lets you summon a Plant (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Shining), Requires Stem. Disabled in WoE. Chemical Protection Helm (Lv 5), Chemical Protection Shield (Lv 5), Chemical Protection Armor (Lv 5), Chemical Protection Weapon (Lv 5) - Protects an Helm or Shield or Armor or Weapon part from damage (Breaking or Divest) for an set duration. Each Skill Requires 1 Glistening Coat. Full Protection (Lv 5) [short: FCP or CP] - Protects Target with all 4 Chemical Protection effects at once for an set duration. Requires 1 Glistening Coat. Summon Marine Sphere (Lv 5) - Summons an Marine Sphere (id 1142) to the Target cell. Sphere will cast Self-Destruct when receiving damage. Requires 1 Marine Sphere Bottle. Bio Cannibalize (Lv 5) - Summons an Plant Monster to the Target cell. Skill Lv affects the summon Monster. Lv 1 - Up to 5 Mandragora (id 1020); Lv 2 - Up to 4 Hydra (id 1068); Lv 3 - up to 3 Flora (id 1118); Lv 4 - Up to 2 Parasite (id 1500); Lv 5 - 1 Geographer (id 1368). Requires 1 Plant Bottle. Demonstration (Lv 5) - Sets Target Area on Fire (3x3). Can reveal hidden Enemies. Damaging Enemies (ATK 350%) and has chance on breaking their Weapons (5%). Requires 1 Bottle Grenade. Acid Terror (Lv 5) - Damages the Target (ATK 500%) with the chance of breaking their Armor (13%) and inflict Bleeding (15%). Has the same property as your Weapon. Requires 1 Acid Bottle. Acid Demonstration (Lv 10) [short: AD] -Damages Target (50% on other Players) with up to 10 consecutive hits. Targets VIT increases the damage. Attack is always Neutral. Chance of breaking their Weapon and Armor (10%). Requires 1 Bottle Grenade and 1 Acid Bottle. Potion Pitcher (Lv 5) [short: PP] - Throws a Potion at ally or yourself (or your Homunculus) to heal them with x% effectiveness of that Potion. Skill Lv determines the effect, can be selected. Lv1 - uses Red Potion (110%); Lv2 - uses Orange Potion (120%); Lv3 - uses Yellow Potion (130%); Lv4 - uses White Potion (140%); Lv5 - uses Blue Potion (150%). Stacks with Healing Bonus like INT, VIT, Increase HP/SP Recovery and Learning Potion. Heal bonus is halfed. Slim Potion Pitcher (Lv 10) - Consumes 1 Condensed Potion to heal all Party members in a 7x7 AoE around the Target. Lv1 ~ Lv5 - Condensed Red Potion (150%); Lv6 ~ Lv9 - Condensed Yellow Potion (190%); Lv10 - Condensed White Potion (200%). Healing effect diminishes the more Targets are Healed. Heal bonus is halfed. Homunculus Related Skills Bioethics (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill], Enables you to create a Homunculus. Call Homunculus (Lv 1) - Lets you call an existing Homunculus. First call Requires 1 Embryo. Rest (Lv 1) - Vaporizes Homunculus. Resurrect Homunculus (Lv 5) - Revives Homunculus when it got killed in battle. Soul Linked Skills Berserk Pitcher (Lv 1) - Throws Berserker Potion on any class to increase their ASPD. Requires 2 Berserk Potions. Twilight Pharmacy I (Lv 1), Twilight Pharmacy II (Lv 1), Twilight Pharmacy III (Lv 1) -Enables mass Potion creation with different requirements (details will be down below). Twilight Pharmacy IV (Lv 1) - [Custom Quest Skill], Enables mass Potion creation. ========== Soul Linkers and you ========== Alchemist Spirit is a very useful buff for Creators and Alchemists. Sadly it needed to be nerfed a bit, therefor you most likely only can find it in use for Potter. The nerf affected the Increased effectiveness of Potion Pitcher, before that, Creators could easily Heal obscure amounts of Health (3 to 4 Pitches to heal a 1m HP Pally for instance). The Link provides the following effects: - Increase the effectiveness of Potion Pitcher by the Soul Linkers Base Level% (max 90). - Allows the Use of Berserk Pitcher, Twilight Alchemy I, Twilight Alchemy II and Twilight Alchemy III. - When using Mammonite, it will be on a 1,5x of it's cast Level (on Lv10 it will be Lv15). ========== A better potting story then Twilight ... and you ========== Twilight Alchemy I, Twilight Alchemy II and Twilight Alchemy III - as well as the custom Quest skill Twilight Alchemy IV are ways to mass create a decent amount of Potions in short time. NOTE: All of them require you to have 200 Medicine Bowls and the fitting Potion Manuel in your inventory. NOTE2: While writing this, TW is still buggy and might not work with your Creator, refer to the Bug Tracker to see details about this. Lets all hope it be fixed soon. qq Twilight Alchemy I (TW1) TW1 lets you created 200 White Potions in one go by using 200 White Herbs and 200 Empty Potion Bottles. This does not count into your Alchemist Ranking. Twilight Alchemy II (TW2) Creates 200 Condensed White Potions by using 200 White Potions, Witched Starsand and Empty Test Tubes. This will gives you points in the Alchemist Ranking. Requires an Super Novice in your Party. However, the SN don't need to be online to make this work. Twilight Alchemy III (TW3) Lets you create 100 Alcohol, 50 Acid Bottles and 50 Bottle Grenades in one go. Requires enough materials for all of them (100 Empty Test Tubes, 200 Empty Bottles, 50 Immortal Hearts, 50 Fabric, 50 Alcohol, 500 Stem and 500 Poison Spores). Requires and Taekwon Boy/Girl in your Party. However, the Taekwon don't need to be online to make this work. Twilight Alchemy IV (TW4) TW4 lets you create 200 Blue Potions in one go, by consuming 200 Blue Herb and 200 Empty Potion Bottles. Requires and Taekwon Boy/Girl in your Party. However, the Taekwon don't need to be online to make this work. (Works also without Link > Bug?) ========== Providing drugs for your local Junkies and you ========== A big, non fight oriented aspect of Creators is the potting. Creators can create a variety of Potions, a list of them with ingredients can be found here: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=creation_db&op=4 Commonly Potter create Potions like Blue Potion and Condensed White Potion, but also Glistening Coats. If you create an item in that way, it will be unique with your Creators name. Success rate for the creation is mainly determined by the Job Level, associated Skills with it, INT, DEX and LUK, a calculator for the rate can be found here: http://ratemyserver.net/brew_calc.php (Note: Stats you insert there are Base + Bonus) Ranking A special mechanic is the Creator Ranking. For every Condensed Potion you make (Red, Yellow or White), you will get points. The current Ranking on the Server can be checked by /alchemist. > 3 Condensed Potions after another: +1 Point > 5 Condensed Potions after another: +3 Points > 7 Condensed Potions after another: +10 Points > 10 Condensed Potions after another: +50 Points If you are using Twilight Alchemy II, which creates 200 Condensed White Potions at once, that be in total 1280 Points. If you fail creating a Potion, the count goes back to 0 (the count not your total points). But why ranking? Potions created by the Top 10 ranked Creators heal 50% more, this includes HP healing potions as well SP healing potions. All Creators in the Top 10 heal the same, there is no difference. Higher Rank just means it's less likely to lose it. It doesn't effect Healing of Potion Pitcher or Slim Potion Pitcher tho. ========== Gotta catch them all! Homies and you ========== (In the picture above, the two different shapes "Vanilmirth" can have, including in his evolved 'adult' form.) Alchemists and Creators are the only class that can basically create their own unique "pet", a Homunculus. Homunculus is latin and means "little person". In RO, Homunculi support their master with fighting for them or give them supportive buffs. How to create a Homunculus? To create an Homun, you need to get the Platinum Skill (either on NPC or classic per Quest) "Bioethics". Then you can put on the follow up skills, "Call Homunculus" and "Rest" as well "Resurrect Homunculus". To "Call" a Homunculus you need to have a Embryo in your inventory. You can obtain these by either making them yourself or as loot in Bio Lab Basement. You will get a random selected Homun once you used the "Call" skill. If you like the result, you can keep it. If not you can "Delete" him, and call another random one (which will consume more Embryo). Your own stats can influence the Homun you get. Short Informations about Homunculus Since this is a Creator "Guide" I will not go in depth about Homunculus, for more details use the Wiki Page: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Homunculus_System In general tho, there are 4 kinds of Homun you can get for your Creator: Lif (Support), Vanilmirth (Magic Damage/Potting Support), Filir (Melee DPS) and Amistr (Tank DPS). Each of them have 2 different variants. It doesn't matter which variant you get, they are all the same within their kind (exp. blue bird Filir is the exact same as yellow bird Filir), it's purely aesthetic. Commonly people chose either Lif or Vanilmirth. Lif has a neat buff ("Urgent Escape") to increase Movement Speed which can come handy in PVP/WoE. Vanilmirth is used to help it's master on doing chip damage in PVP/WoE, sadly it is not very tanky, so you need to recall it a lot. Also it's Skill "Change Instruction" helps on creating Potions. ========== MvP/Instances and you ========== This will probably a short one. Sadly Creators aren't really used in MvP/Instance content, beside their support buff "Chemical Protection" on their Party members. In that regard tho, they are very important, preventing breaking from Equipment is always nice. (if you have a super duper MvP-ing build that does not involve Angra/Ahura, feel free to let me know :3) Their damage output isn't the best and is also very, veryyyy money consuming (if you go AD or Mammonite), you would have an easier and less money consuming time by just using another more DPS focused class. And sadly facing the more "stronger" MvP, Homunculus get killed quiet easily. (If someone wants to point out Magic Build now ... Might as well play High Wizard then, they got Magic too. :v) ========== Teaming up on the enemy and you ========== Creators have nice synergies with different classes, either on supporting them or combo off with then. Due to the nature of Acid Demonstration being always Neutral, people tend to tanking it with cards like "Ghostring Card" (Enchants Armor with Ghost). While you will do less damage, it will help your other team mates. Clowns Frost Joker can make them freeze, as well as Wizards Storm gust. In that frozen status Wizards can either start to Jupitle Thunder or Champions can Asura for good damage. Further Creators also like to team with Clowns for their Bragi, making Acid Demonstration even more spam-able. Other Notes Demonstration is neat not only to break your enemies stuff, but also to reveal Assassins and Stalkers. Bio Cannibalize can be used to remove traps, so if you are stuck and see more Traps ahead of you, remove them with your lovely cute plants! While Acid Demonstration depends on your targets VIT to deal more damage, it's generally a not so mart idea to only pick up on fat Paladins. Far more fun is picking classes that naturally use less shields; Sniper, Gunslinger and Assassin Cross. ========== Throwing Glass Bottles at your friends and you ========== Despite being not a 100% Healer class, Creators can reach pretty high values in terms of Healing. Their major focus lies in that case on "Potion Pitcher". "Slim Potion Pitcher" can be used too, but due to the reduced Value, the more people you heal, it is less used. Creators can easily reach 30.000k Heals like most High Priests can, however, Potion Pitcher Heal isn't as consistent as the normal "Heal". In one Pitch, you can Heal 25k, in the next 20k. In spam it doesn't matter much tho. Commonly used for Potion Pitcher Builds are: Bacsojin Cards, Meditatio Hats/RDC Helms for the INT bonus, Sterne/VVSHMace for the INT and Heal Bonus, Heal3 Orbs for the Heal Bonus and very importantly: Soul Links (best from a Linker and not Fable Silk). ========== Terrorism and you ========== You always had a secret fetish for explosion? You always wanted to just see the world burn? Then this handy little hat from the Touhou Lucky Box might be just be your dream item. Harvester Hat [2] - +2 AGI, +2 INT, Increases your Homunculus stats by 2*refine; REFINE +7: ATK increases by 1 for every 25 STR, multiplied by refine; REFINE +9: Grants "Nature's Blessing", FCP gets a small AoE around the Target. Nature's Blessing: All summoned Plants and Spheres will have 25% of your max HP and 10% of your ATK/Matk, as well as ASPD. Now that doesn't sound much like a burning world, so what is so special about that? It is the Hat at at least +9 in combinations with "Summon Marine Sphere". Marine Sphere explodes and deals damage depending on their left HP. Per default, Marine Sphere has on max Skill Lvl 4000 HP. With the Nature's Blessing they get 25% of your max HP. How to set it up? Per default, you will try to get your own HP as high as possible, which isn't that hard since "Tao Gunka Card" is very common in the server. Helpful can also be a Homunculus, because they "poke" the Marine Spheres, to move them, otherwise, you need to make them move. The Pros. - With this massive HP boost, they can deal a lot of damage. Unprepared or Classes with general lower HP pool can get killed easily. It is a handy tool to wipe out AFK or Alt members of guilds E-Calls. - You can reduce the damage you take from the Explosio with Fire Enchanted Armors, the Explosion is Fire Property. The Cons. - The probably biggest Con, and also one of the main reason Guilds not really like seeing their fellow Creators becoming Terrorist is, that these Bombs hurt everyone. And I mean, literally, everyone, even you. As easy as you can wipe out the enemy, you can wipe out your own allies. - It can be difficult to navigate the Bombs towards the enemy, especially if they push or retreat, making them often go into the nothing. - Despite having boosted HP, they can still be easily killed before they can detonate, if a DPS class picks up on them in time. Also, they can Freeze which also stops their detonation progress. - Fire Enchanted Armors do reduce the damage, but that also means you probably will take more damage from Water Property Magic like "Storm Gust". Also since you most likely will wear "Tao Gunka" to boost your HP, you can Freeze too. Even tho there quiet a few Cons, it can be a very handy and devastating skill nonetheless, especially in solo plays. But if you notice, you kill your own allies more then the enemy, you might should change the strategy. ========== Speed up! Midas and you ========== During sale periods the server released several 3rd Job hats. Also including the Creator one with the exclusive Skills "Cart Remodeling" and "Cart Boost (Geneticist)". For more informations check the wiki. The Movement Speed boost you get from the Genetic skill is pretty neat. It increases your speed by 60% for 90sec. Midas Whisper [4] - All Stats +20, ACD -10%, 10% chance to pierce Pneuma with Misc Skills; If worn by a Creator: enables Skills [Cart Remodeling] and [Cart Boost (Geneticist)]. ========== Stars, Eternal Love and you ========== Creators got a few nice weapons to give their skills more power or extra trolling powers. One that can boost the damage and is pretty often used is Sterne from Hall of Abyss. Sterne [3] - Increases damage when using Acid Demonstration or Cart Termination by 15%, Increases recovery rate of Potion Pitcher or Slim Potion Pitcher by 10%. Another special weapon for Creators is the Nicholas' Love from Wolfchevs Labratory. Nicholas' Love [3] - INT +3, ATK +5%, Increase Homunculus stats by 2 per refine; (Speciality Bonus) Acid Terror, if not breaking the enemies armor, has the chance of changing the enemies property randomly for 20sec. It is a handy little way on supporting your team by changing the enemies Armor Property randomly, combining especially well if you team mate is a Wizard that can spam all kinds of different elements. ========== Build Examples ========== Gonna update that late, it is late already. Wanna add an Terrorist build and if someone want to help out, I would take an AD focused example, ty, haha Potter: RDC Helm for +30 on INT, LUK, DEX - Fable Silk for Perma Link (any card fits, I use the Silk in WoE so mine doesn't fit a pure Potter) - Any Lower -tardface- Depending on how much ACD and Cast reduction you got, you can use Kiel and/or Orleans Combo. I got enough to not need it on her. Poporing Rings and Ammo2 Orbs for saving Medicine Bowls, Berzebub Cards for the Cast reduction. I didn't included stats in this screenshot since the 100% success mostly depend on what you use, you can calc your personal success chance on rms (Link posted earlier). ========== Other Equipment and Cards - Options - ========== Gonna mention only the Items that specifically are made for Creator or their Skills, or help them a lot. Erde [2] - Max SP +50, Increase damage of Acid Terror and Acid Demonstration by 20%, Increase Potions recovery rate by 10%. Red Ether Bag [1] - INT +5, ATK +5%, Acid Terror damage +10%, Homunculus STR/INT +5, Increase Homunculus STR/INT by 2*every refine over +5. Red Square Bag [2] - Max HP +200, Increase damage of Acid Terror and Demonstration by 20%, When killing a monster, there is a chance they drop a Potion; Base STR > 90: Chance to Stun enemy by 5%. Sealed Red Square Bag [3] - Max HP +1000, Increase damage of Acid Terror and Demonstration by 20%, When killing a monster, there is a chance they drop a Slim Potion; Base STR > 150: Chance to Stun enemy by 10%. Engelsflügel [2] - STR +3, HIT +50, ATK +5%, ATK +1%*refine, Chance of casting Wide Burning on attacking. Resplendent Ring [1] - Matk +125, Decrease SP usage by 25%, Decrease ACD by 5%. Pyuriel Card - Increase damage with Acid Demonstartion by 8%. Centipede Larva Card - INT +3, Matk +3%. Kiel-D-01 Card - Decrease ACD by 30%. Potter Oriented In general, everything is good that gives you either DEX, INT or LUK. For a faster Spam (TW oriented) try get as much cast reduction and ACD as possible). Poporing Ring [1] - Chance of Nullify consumption of Ammunition/Catalysts by 20% (in our case: Medicine Bowls). [Also works well for Killers, since it reduces the Acid Bottles and Grenades used for skills.] - 2 Rings stack Fortune Sword [0] - PD +20, LUK +5. Orleans Server [1] - 5% chance of Reflect Magical Attacks, Mdef +2. Orleans Glove [1] - DEX +2, Matk +3%. Orleans Combo: Reduces Variable Cast Time by 10%. Berzebub Card - Reduces Variable Cast Time by 30%. Tower Keeper Card - INT +1, Reduces Variable Cast Time by 5%. Pharao Card - SP consumption -30%. Dark Illusion Card - Max HP/SP -10%, Reduces Variable Cast Time by 10%. Ammo2 - (Cedi Orb) Nullify Ammunition/Catalyst cost by 2% chance (in our case: Medicine Bowls). ========== Conclusion ========== Creator can fill in a lot niches with their skills. From providing supplies for their friends to fight and defend them, you can choose several routes. But there is also a bit downside on it: Creator is a class that literally throws their money at the enemy. Not only literally with Mammonite, but rhetorical with Acid Demonstration, Acid Terror, Demonstration, Sphere Mines and so on, all the Bottles cost money (if you are not insane enough to farm that all). Make sure you got enough resources to maintain the play style, or you will soon need to play something else. haha But Hey! At least you get an adorable pet Homunculus to look at. ~
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    Sorry for the inconvenience. Click the right link below.
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    Like it or else your next! 😜
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    💎 ! Hello my gems ! 💎 The Black Friday Sale is upon us!!! We are giving you the opportunity to suggest what items you would like to see available during the sale You will be able to purchase the items via Premium Points or Limited Premium Points NOTE: Suggested items must include its Full name and its ID This thread does not guarantee any items being in the actual sale This thread will be updated multiple times No Event items Items suggested must be in our database (it has to exist in our server) THIS THREAD WILL BE CLOSED ON NOVEMBER 17 2019 Please input your suggestions in replies to this post below!❤️ Black Friday Sale Suggestions from you players: Amistr's Beret Feathers of Protection Flaming Wings Fire Spirit Midas Whisper Magic Stone Hat Parfaille Vigilante Hat Guardian Ninja Panda Rucksack SRT Box Max Stat Ticket Angra Manyu Ahura Mazda Gym Pass Diamond Heart Costumer Voucher Flying Choco Heart (2015) Flying Reaper Rouge Cap Dark Drake Coat Royal Cape Royal Masquerade Royal Companion Magician’s Hood Book of Magic Poring Party Dip Schmidt Helm Brisingamen Megingjard Trident [4] Fabled Sword (4) Dragon Bravura Royal Companion Magitech Headpiece Magitech Mobile Pursuit Magitech Shades Seth Egg Menblatt Egg Sarah Egg Ethereal Twilight Woodland Topper Set of New Clothes
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    Greetings Everyone, During this hot patch we released a few Halloween event adjustments @jump is no longer usable in the event maps, this to give a fair play for everyone, donors and non-donors, fly wings and teleport skills and similar items still allowed. The yellow dot indicating where the pit is is now removed, you will have to find it yourself. Treasure chests would now guarantee the drop of at least 1 item, previously treasure chests with no items was unclickable, this fixes the issue. The random pit walks would no longer than absurd long paths like in prontera maps ones The random pits would no longer spawn next to NPCs/Warps Eliminated a case where only a single party member would be spawned inside abyss depth Abyss Rift/Depth equipment are now refine-able A new costume has been added to the event as an apology for the inconvenience, more pictures on this one will be released later. IMPORTANT NOTE: if a treasure chest in abyss depth is unclickable it means it have no drops in it, this behavior won't be changed, you're just too unlucky.
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    I made this guide as i noticed no one was doing port malay instances so to encourage them i wrote this,Port Malay instances mainly focuses on philipines folktale. I believe in my Opinion It's an all rounder class in with various uses in PvP,and MvP,Sinx has one of the highest damage output compared to many other classes thats why its preferred by most of the people,It is also Quick and Cloak enables them to not be seen by their enemies,My main purpose using Sinx is this guide is for farming and Mvp killing. 1)Talk to Rodel the Guard @jump 266 76. 2)Talk to Phong in Mumbaki @jump 185 358. Choose any of the options. 3)Talk to Old Man Nardo @jump 181 353. 4)Talk to Collection Dealer Woeon @jump 295 171. 5)Talk to Pedro the Sailor @jump 326 68. Choose Sure and whichever you want. 6)Talk to Blacksmith Pandoi @jump 119 217. 7)Talk to Talah @jump 223 267 and Romel next to her. Return to Phong in Mumbaki @jump 185 358. Choose Explain what happened and Holy Water. Deliver the items to the 6 people you talked with. Return to Phon in Mumbaki and gain Base EXP 4,950,000, Job EXP 5,000,000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Use the Warper > Towns > Malaya. Talk to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Choose Yes, About the hospital, Reason for stalling me. Give 2 Rotten Bandage to her. Talk to her again. Click on the Hospital Door @jump 48 76 Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Talk to Village Woman @jump 64 78 and choose Ask about the hospital. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Talk to Village Man @jump 62 37 and choose Ask about the hospital. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Go to Dr. Boon @jump 210 200. Choose No. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Click on the Hospital Door @jump 48 76 Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Choose Ask about Mom. Talk to Bushes @jump 54 66 and choose Ask about the Old Lady. Click on Suspicious Wooden Stick that spawns around the building. Keep clicking until you get one, two or three Lesser Agimats. Check Nurse Las if she continues its script. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Choose Go. Talk to the Bent Old Lady @jump 114 183. Choose Ask about the hospital. Talk to her again. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. You will be teleported inside. Talk to the Nurse @jump 35 108, choose Go outside, then come inside again. Click on the Suspicious Wooden Stick @jump 152 23. Talk to the Nurse @jump 148 10. Return to the Nurse @jump 35 108 and choose Go outside. Return to the Bent Old Lady @jump 114 183. Talk to the Bent Shaman @jump 274 367. Return to Nurse Las @jump 55 72. Go inside the hospital. Click on the Suspicious Wooden Stick @jump 152 23. You'll be teleported out. Talk to the Nurse @jump 55 72. You gain 5 Ancient Grudge, 10 Lesser Agimat, 1 Old Purple Box. Base EXP, Job EXP. 1.)Head to port malay. 2.)Speak to the nurse outside the hospital. 3.)Head towards the Stairs and Speak to the nurse to start the Instance. 4.)After reaching 2nd floor go to every room and kill Bangungot's'Mangkukulam till they stop appearing. 5.)Warp to next room appears once all the monsters are killed. 6.)Kill Bangungot(I killed it without using Aspersio as it is solo but if you do have some scrolls use it.) 7.).After Bangungot is killed Fire Spirit appears which has to been killed in 1 min or you will repeat the whole procedure of killing bangungot again. 8.)After Fire Spirit is killed it drops loots Bangungot Doll Piece of Bangungot Spirit Ancient Grudge Bangungot Boots of Nightmare https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Bangungot_Boots_of_Nightmare Kalasag Bangungot Card http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=4590 Video:- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.)Speak to the Guard and Enter the instance. 2.)After sometime being on that map Buwaya will swallow you and you will find yourself in its stomach..to get out of there you will need to speak to Old Man and Women found in there. 3.)The Old Man and Women will tell you that Buwaya Weakness is on the wall,There are 2 of them. 4.)One Buwaya's'Weakness is present on the left while another one on the right. 5.)After killing Buwaya's'Weakness a warp will appear which will allow you to go out of the Box or its Stomach. 6.)Then Find the real Buwaya and kill it if you found a fake one you will be swallowed by it and then put into its belly again. (Tip:-Original Buwaya has more hp than fake ones) 7.)After Buwaya is killed a Message like this appears on top of the screen and on your chat box where the guard tells you to get back to the entrance and escape. 8.)Then finally leave the Instance. https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=2590 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=2169 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=4592 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6499 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6518 https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6525 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.)Speak to Village Chief in Port Malay at @jump 283,265,He will ask you to collect 2 Lost Belonging from Tiyanak but collect 17 of them for rest of the quest. 2.)Speak with the Missing Person's Father (malaya 270, 267) and he tells the player that the lost belongings belong tot . He then asks the player to get 7 Lost Belongings and bring them to the Missing Person's Friend. 3.)Bring them to the Missing Person's Friend (malaya 266, 274)He asks you to get 3 Lost Belongings and deliver them to the Missing Person's Son. 4.)Deliver the lost belongings to the Missing Person's Son (malaya 269, 278,),He asks you to bring 5 Lost Belonging to the Missing Person's Mother. 5.)Bring them to Missing Person's Mother (malaya 266, 284) Return to the Village Chief. 6.)He tells the you that the Young Fortune Teller seeks for their help.,Speak with the Young Fortune Teller (malaya 289, 364)8.). She asks you to hunt 15 Tikbalang..After killing Tikbalangs, return to her and she'll give you 5 Tikbalang Harnesses(Used to tame tikbalang). After killing Tikbalangs, return to her and she'll give you 5 Tikbalang Harnesses(Used to tame tikbalang). 10.)Speak with the Village Chief again. Speak with the Village Chief again. He will tell you that he needs to put traps on following order. Gruffy Worker (ma_fild01 54, 253) Grumpy Worker (ma_fild01 236, 119) Cowardly Worker (ma_scene01 177, 89) Gloomy Worker (ma_scene01 141, 118) Sentimental Worker (ma_scene01 175, 170) After setting all the traps you decide to return to the Village Chief. He thanks and rewards you with 7 Lesser Agimats, EXP & Job EXP. Now your ready to kill Bakonawa. Bakonawa Extermination 1.)The place where im standing is where Bakonawa spawns. 2)Speak to Taho so he could summon Bakonawa throwing its food into the lake,Then Bakonawa appears. 3.)After the normal Bakonawa is killed Enraged one spawns,It will have reflect so you need to use Vr or teddy baal. 4.)You will be given some time to kill Bakonawa if you didn't kill it within that time it will go inside the lake and you need to follow a ritual to Summon it,The ritual Consist of Destroying the 5will of Bakonawa and 2 Cauldrons and 2 Gongs present on both left and right side of the lakes within 5 minutes. 5.)After you have destroyed the 2 Cauldrons and 2 Gongs Bakonawa will be vulnerable again..Kill it then Treasure Chest Appears..Use a bubblegum before taking the loots. 1.)Use Wind element on Bakonawa. 2.)Use Dispell or Teddy baal card for reflect caused by Bakonawa. 3.)Use Hylozoist Card on Will of Bakonawa,Gong and Cauldrons it will help you beat the time within 5 mins. 4.)Use Detale card for Land Protector which will help you a lot against Bakonawa and its Minions. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=969 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=2169 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=4591 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6499 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6516 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6523 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=15051 So what is Bayani? It means slotting your Port Malay gears by making it 9+ and using 20Ancient Grudge. So how to start. Speak to the Tribe Blacksmith(ma_fild01 158,243) Give him a 9+Port Malay Equipment and 20Ancient Grudge he will slot it for you,But your Armor you traded becomes 0+refine with 1slot. Reward: Bakonawa Scale Armor (Bayani) [1] Class: Armor Defense: 5 Effect: All Stats + 2 Reduces damage taken from boss monsters by 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. [ Kalasag (Bayani), Buwaya Sack Cloth (Bayani), Bakonawa Scale Armor (Bayani) & Bangungot Boots of Nightmare (Bayani) set ] Maximum HP + 20% Maximum SP + 10% Reduces damage taken from Malaya monsters by 30%. Job: Every Job Requirements: +9 Bakonawa Scale Armor [0] x20 Ancient Grudge Reward: Kalasag (Bayani) [1] Class: Armor Defense: 4 Effect: Reduces damage taken from boss monsters by 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. [ Kalasag (Bayani), Buwaya Sack Cloth (Bayani), Bakonawa Scale Armor (Bayani) & Bangungot Boots of Nightmare (Bayani) set ] Maximum HP + 20% Maximum SP + 10% Reduces damage taken from Malaya monsters by 30%. Job: Every Job Requirements: +9 Kalasag [0] x20 Ancient Grudge Reward: Buwaya Sack Cloth [1] Class: Garment Defense: 1 Effect: Increases the recovery rate of recovery items and recovery skills by 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. Reduces damage taken from Water, Earth, Fire and Wind property by 10%. [ Kalasag, Buwaya Sack Cloth, Bakonawa Scale Armor & Bangungot Boots of Nightmare set ] Maximum HP + 20% Maximum SP + 10% Reduces damage taken from Malaya monsters by 30%. Job: Every Job Requirements: +9 Buwaya Sack Cloth [0] ]x20 Ancient Grudge Reward: Bangungot Boots of Nightmare (Bayani) [1] Class: Footgear Defense: 2 Effect: Mdef +1 every 2 refine level of the item. If refine level is +7 or higher, increase Movement Speed by 25%. [ Kalasag (Bayani), Buwaya Sack Cloth (Bayani), Bakonawa Scale Armor (Bayani) & Bangungot Boots of Nightmare (Bayani) set ] Maximum HP + 20% Maximum SP + 10% Reduces damage taken from Malaya monsters by 30%. Job: Every Job Requirements: +9 Bangungot Boots of Nightmare [0] x20 Ancient Grudge
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    ========== Calling Bishop Hibram ... and you ========== RDC is a custome series of different Quests in revivalRO, the full name is "Royal Dispatch Center". The full overview of it can be found in the Wiki (http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Royal_Operations_Quest). IGN: g c q, yandereQueen, Scilla and many more ========== How to get there? ========== RDC is located in the Prontera Castle, @go 0, then head north (/navi prontera 156/357), inside the castle, keep heading in north direction (/navi prt_cas 173/271). To start your RDC run, you need to talk to the RDC Officer. ========== REQUIREMENTS ========== To run RDC "Calling Bishop Hibram" you need to finish all Quests in Tier 1. If that is cleared you can continue with Tier 2, Calling Bishop Hibram. You need a party of min. 3 people and max. 5 people. Killer in this guide will be Gunslinger. Another neat option would be Assassin Cross or any other class that can do decent Holy AOE damage. For this set up, High Priest (for buffs) and Soul Linker (for buffs) are pretty nice. ========== REWARDS ========== Beside the default loot all the RDC Tiers provide, Calling Bishop Hibram adds the chance for: Banshee Card, Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (MVP), Falling Bishops Ghost and Asomatous Ring. ========== GEARS & SKILLS / CONSUMABLES ========== Alternative: for the Thanatos Revolver you can use Goblin Revolver (had done that too, but I don't have one. Garment Card doesn't really matter. Armor can be any too, I just prefer Great Demon Robe for it's Shadow Property. Any Lower works too, I just chose the Bunny Mouth for the silence immunity. Consumables Yggdrasil Berry (not really needed, but just in case), Blue Potion, (a lot) Silver Bullets, Stat Increasing Food (exp. Lvl3 Box), Panacea Skills Coin Flip, Increasing Accuracy, Desperado, Madness Canceller / Adjustment (to cancel Madness) Use Soul Linkers Kaahi buff, it acts like Mages Energy Coat. Your SP gonna be drained on hit instead of HP. You just need to use Blue Potions, which are cheaper then Ygg Berries. Make sure you always carry zeny with you so you can use the Coin Flip skill. Once you found Hibram, use Madness Canceller (Note: once you done that, you can't move, if you position yourself bad, use Adjustment to walk). Spam Desperado until he is dead. ========== WALK THROUGH ========== The map is a copy of Nameless Island, also known as Cursed Abbey Island (lv1 in Warpra). A lot of Banshee spawned and it's on you to find Hibram. But be careful, if you kill Banshee, more re spawn. Hibram will spawn randomly on the map, make sure you look in every corner. Once you found him, kill him. When he dies, multiple versions of him re spawn. Make sure you keep spam your attack so you won't die. Congrats, you already finished Calling Bishop Hibram! Wasn't all that hard, right? Go back to the spawn to loot your chest. :3 ========== TRIVIA ========== Curious what happens tho, when you just keep killing the Banshee? Well, my friend and me once did and ... it was interesting and laggy as f**k. For real tho, don't do it guys. It makes the whole server lag. Was still fun little experiment tho ... haha
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    A bitter sweet memory ========== Ghost Palace ... and you ========== Ghost Palace is a customized instance and part of the Dali update. https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/420-maintenance-notesmajor-2018-05-11-dali-update/&tab=comments#comment-1591 IGN: yandereQueen, g c q, Scilla, and many more ========== How to go there? ========== Go to Eden (@go Eden) and you will see a giant hole in wall, take the portal in the end. You will be on the Dali map, Ghost Palace is on the far left (/navi dali 47/129). ========== The Instance ========== Use the Dimensional Gate to warp into the instance. NOTE: it is a solo instance, however the NPC wants you to be in a party. Just make one for yourself. Another NOTE: You can use Premium items in the instance, however Angra and Ahura are not allowed. Main goal is to collect Black as Night Pieces (in the shop called "Gray Shards"), which you can exchange for Thanatos Equipment and Gray Equipment. All of the monsters in the instance have a chance to drop those Gray Shards. The shop (King NPC) of the instance is outside, you can check the effect of the gears anytime there, they have for the most part all similar effects. ========== Gears & Consumables ========== Note: I am not a main Killer or Assassin Cross Player. However, so far the gears worked for me fine. If anyone maybe got better alternatives, let me know. Consumables: Yggdrasil Berry, Poison Bottle, Reraise Potion, Abrasive, Sacred Scroll (self-Aspersio) Skills: Enchant Deadly Poison (against the Redeemer) ========== Walk through ========== Find Princess Tiara, she went missing in the battles. Talk to the King in the first room, the story of the guard will start. But suddenly, Monsters attack! Cursed Soldier and Cursed Sentinels spawn, kill them. There are three waves of them, kill them all till a hidden passage opens. Talk to the guard who is with the Princess. Again monsters will attack. Unrequited Love, Broken Mind and Cursed Sentinel spawn. One wave, kill them all. Another passage into the prison opens. Talk to the king, he thinks his guard betrayed him. They leave and a unknown voice will start to talk. Cursed Friendship, Cursed Memory and Forgotten Vow will spawn. After one wave the passage opens. However, stay there as long as monster respawn. It's the main way to farm Gray Shards. In the next room, kill the Unspoken Words and the Sweet Laughter. Once they are all killed, you find corpses all over the ground, and the Prince and guard talking. Talk to the guard. Torturous Redeemer spawns, kill it. A secret passage opens, back to the prison. You will find Princess Tiara and the Guard. Sweet Laughter, Fatal Memories and Forgotten Name spawn, kill them. After you killed two waves, the Redeemer spawns again, but stronger. Be prepared with Ygg Berries, once he zerks. Overall he shouldn't be much of a issue tho. Once you killed it, Sakray appears. The instance is over with the dialogue between the princess and the guard, you will receive Dali Shards and can exit the instance.
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    Waahhh danke Mel ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finished mugshot for Nebula!
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    Flaming Wings 50070 SRT box 51460
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    Gree(tea)ngs everyone! I am Tea, one of the recently appointed GMs. I may appear as shy or maybe don't talk as much, but I care very much about the growth of our server, RevivalRO. I hope I can bring comfort and contentment to our community, just like a warm cup of tea. Feel free to reach out to me whenever you're in need of a cup of tea, or when you have any concerns relating to the game, server, or community. Cheers!
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    GMs, Good Day 2 All! as per your instruction to have my suggestions posted here,i have several suggestions for the no zeny option autovend...subject for your reviews not necessarily to be implemented. 1.) Remove Tax (it just burns zeny, just like in classic theres no tax ) 2. ) have vending amount cap for example : item less than 50m (total) will have zeny option. 3. )add more vend slots from 12 to 15. 4.) is auction possible? 5.) if vouchers can be included in pancakes or if possible looted from random monsters. 6.) Vouchers to be tradeable....if some people wants to suggest more feel free to comment. thanks all! - mr Ensui Ver2
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    Earthlings, The following adjustments were made: When entering a map, you will now be notified if there's an active Pit. If the Pit is inactive, you will be notified with a respawn timer. The event will now go on until November 30th 11:59 PM Server Time (UTC+8). To apologize for the inconveniences caused by the event, we're adding a new costume loot and giving compensation: Costume: Nimbus Broom Equips on: Costume Garment Restrictions: Sell to NPC Talk to Zotar Corp NPC in Prontera (151, 190) to redeem 10x Jack-o'-Lantern Sack and 1x Pancaline Special Stack (100 pancakes). The rewards are redeemable until November 4th, 4:00 AM server time (UTC+8). Additionally, EXP rates will be increased for 72 hours (until November 4th, 4:00 AM server time UTC+8). Drop rates will be increased for 24 hours (until November 2nd, 4:00 AM server time UTC+8).
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    <----- RDC Tier 3 - Taste The Rainbow -----> Classes : Sniper, Professor, High Priest and Soul Linker To access Taste The Rainbow you need to have finished all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Quests. Mission: Your mission here is to kill the Rainbowring. I know its so cute and why should we kill this colorful monster. Well it gives a chance to get Rainbow Sash when you finish the Quest. This sash doesn't work like Fable Silk tho. Character and Equipment: Get atleast 2 ~ 3 Sniper for faster run. Sniper: Headgear Upper - Drooping Amistr. For me this is the best choice since it has Life Steal. Rainbowring tends to cast this AOE skill that hits Snipers also. Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing Red (LRW). Since we doing critical build Sniper, this is the best choice. Put Evil Snake Lord Card (You can farm ESL card in MVP Room Sigma) Headgear Lower - Pirate Dagger. Or Backpacks from Heroic Shop. Or Orange/Black Tie (If this gets fixed and work in Legit are again) Armor - Preferably, Sniping Suit[1]. Since it gives more Critical Rate. Put Evil Druid Card (This prevents you from freeze and stone curse, but be sure not to Die, because Resurrection won't work on you while wearing this armor) Weapon - +7~+10 Goblin Bow[1]. Put 1 Turtle General Card and 1 Abysmal Knight Card. Garment/Cloak - +4~+10 Great Demon Shroud[1]. Or +9~+10 Heroic Backpack. Put Anunaki Card (gives more critical damage) Shoes - +4~+10 Ebony Greaves[1], Or Fey Boots[1]. Put Ascendant Orc Card. Accessory - 2 Recondite Ring. Put 1 Implosion Card on each. Arrow - Bring all kind of Arrow Quivers. Atleast 30~35 each of the elements. Professor: This character will be tanking Rainbowring so atleast achieve a 99 DEF to lessen the physical damage taken. And use Sense on Rainbowring to know its Armor Element. Headgear Upper - +9~+10 Elunium Mask Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing White (LWW). Put Mistress Card. Headgear Lower - Any lower that gives more Hard DEF. In my case I use Flying Devil. Armor - +9~+10 Elunium Breastplate Weapon - Keris. with a +Def enchant, preferably +8 to +12 DEF. Shield - +9~+10 Elunium Shield Shoes - +9~+10 Elunium Greaves Accessory - 2 +5 Topaz Ring. Or 1 Clip-on Fringe and 1 +5 Topaz Ring. Clip-on Fringe can autocast Heal when being hit, very helpful. Soul Linker: I only use this character to buff my tanker with Kaahi. Because Kaahi heals the char when being hit at the cost of its SP. Headgear Upper - Queen's Bells (@id 52694) Armor - Any slotted armor. Put Marc Card. High Priest: This character is for buffing Increase Agility, Blessing and Impositio Manus. Be sure thats its immune to status ailment and freeze. Headgear Upper - Queen's Bels (@id 52694). Put Mistress Card Armor - Any slotted armor. Put Marc Card While Killing Rainbowring When Rainbowring is down to its 10% HP it will heal up and his/her HP will become 100% again. You just need to keep hitting it again and will die after that. Be sure to bring lots of Arrow Quivers. Bring all kind of Arrow Quiver because Rainbowring changes his/her element. Thats why I use professor for tanking since it has Monster Info skill (Sense). Its best to play with friends than soloing it. If you've watch the Video you'll notice that I failed meself by clicking tons of arrow quiver. it made me 90% overweight. Which won't allow me to attack or use skill. Be sure not to make the same mistake :3
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    <----- Farming Halls of Abyss Aldebaran -----> Class : Gunslinger Questions ??? What is Halls of Abyss a.k.a HOA and Why should I farm it? https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Hall_of_Abyss TAGRAS Catalogue Halls of Abyss Aldebaran is also a good place to farm for Old Enriched Elunium/Oridecon How to go HOA Aldebaran? 1.) Type @go 6 or @go alde, Enter the left portal of the map or type /navi aldebaran 36/139. 2.) Arrived in Aldebaran Guild, walk left until you see a 2 Cat NPC or type /navi alde_gld 193/162. Tip: Get a Sewer Bug Dame Card, insert into any accessory. This card allows you to use Warp Portal Now you can /memo or @memo 0 to register that Cat Hand Area in your warp. You can find the Warp Portal skill in your ETC skill. To use Warp Portal you need Blue Gemstone, can purchase in @go 9 look to your right Magical Item Seller NPC Or get a Large Angelwing Blue or a Mistress Card. How to enter HOA? 1.) You need to be on a Guild first, you can create your own guild or join other guilds. To gain guild points while killing mobs. 2.) Talk to Cat Hand Agent. The one with swirly tail and not moving. 3.) Scroll down the conversation and choose "I wish to enter the Halls of Abyss". Why Gunslinger class? 1.) Easy to Max Level. 2.) Easy to find the equipment you need. 3.) Looks cool and it reminds me of Alucard from Hellsing anime. What to loot inside HOA Aldebaran? 1.) Type @autoloot 10 - to autoloot items with 10% droprate and below. 2.) @alootid +522 - to loot Mastela Fruit. For selling to NPC purpose. 3.) @alootid +509 - to loot White Herb. For making condensed white potions or sell to players. 4.) @alootid +510 - to loot Blue Herb. For making blue potions or sell to players. 5.) @alootid +969 - to loot Gold. Sell to NPC or use it in handicrafting. 6.) @alootid +526 - to loot Royal Jelly. Usables that cures Silence, Confusion and Curse. Gunslinger Status: You can change/adjust the stats depending on Premium Gears that you have. Equipments: Headgear Upper: Drooping Amistr or Amistr Beret[4] with 4 Duneyrr Card or 4 Dark Pinguicula Card Headgear Middle/Wing: Any 4 Slotted +30 Allstat. But preferably Speed Wing[4] with +25% movespeed +25 Allstats. Or the +33 Allstat Speed Wing. put status resist cards: Orc Hero Card, Marduk Card and 2 Gemini-S58 Card Headgear Lower: Orange/Black Tie[1] (Atk+8%). Or +15~+18 Allstat Lower[1]. But prefeably Red Tie[1] (Atk+15%) or Yoyo Rucksack[1] (Atk+15%) put Evil Snake Lord Card. Armor: Variegated Vest[1]. Or +10 Valkyrie Armor[1] with Sacramental Water Animal Enchant put Gloom Under Night Card Weapon: +7~+10 Goblin Revolver[2] put 1 Thanatos Card + 1 Dracula Card. Or +9~+10 Thanatos Revolver[2] put 1 Dracula Card + 1 Turtle General Card 2nd Weapon for Switching: +7~+10 Goblin Revolver[2] put 1 Orc Fighter Card + 1 Orc Sniper Card Garment/Cloak: +7~+10 Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb[1] (@id 2544) put Deviling Card Boots: Footgear Antique[1] (No pushback). Or Bronze Greaves[1]. Or +10 Elvira Boots[1]. Put General Egnigem Cenia Card Accessory: 2 Recondite Ring[1]. Put Implosion Card on both. You can also put Cedi Orbs in Recondite Ring put Dex3 Orb and Random2 or Random5 Orb Pet: Succubus Pet Egg. Gives 2% life steal. Bullet: Bloody Shell (Base Atk 30). Or Bullet (Base Atk 10). To buy Bullets / Cartridge: @go 16, walk a little lower right till you see Nobby the Novice NPC > Shop > Gunslinger Goods Buy the Bloody Cartridge for Bloody Shell, Cartridge for Bullet. Other Equipments: If you want more damage. But will cost you more Premium Points. Pink Pocchi Hat[4] or Tree Bird Hat[[4] - For Attention Concentration Buffs. Increases AGI and DEX stats by +12%. Floppy Bunny[4] - For Blessing Buffs. Increases STR, DEX and INT stats by +10. You can also use stat adding food Hwergelmir's Tunic which adds +10 DEX stats. Questions ??? Why Drooping Amistr hat and not Event Headgear like Magic Rabbit or Jirant Circlet? Because I don't have those headgears. And Drooping Amistr gives 9% chance to Life Leech the 20% of damage you do. You will rarely see your HP/Life drops down, even if it does you will just Life Leech it back when you hit Thana Bait Monster. What is Thana Bait? Monsters with VIT stats higher than 120 is consider as Thana Bait. It means Thanatos Card effect will do more damage to them than def ignoring card. VIT 120 is still consider as Thana Neutral. Why Gloom Under Night card? Gloom Under Night card gives +40% damage to Holy and Shadow property monster. Since Gioia and Elvira is Holy Element this will be the best choice. Why Footgear Antique? Footgear Antique can have a No push-back effect. This allows you to stay on that spot while you do Desperado. Also +15% movement speed (stackable) Why Variegated Vest? Variegated Vest can do armor elementa change. In farming HOA Alde you can use Vvest to change armor element into wind to lessen the Wind Magics. And Vvest can have Cedi Orbs also. Put Dex3 Orb and WSkill5 Orb. How to change armor element using Vvest and how to know which? 1.) Put the Warm Wind skill at your skill bar (any level). This can be found in ETC Skill if you wearing Vvest. 2.) Makes sure you are in /effect on. 3.) Spam Warm Wind and you will see a different light color around your character each time you use it. Wind Element is Yellow color light. Note: Variegated Vest also changes your Weapon Element. Make sure to switch Weapon so that the weapon element changes back to Neutral. Can I kill Herja with this build? First, Herja is the MVP in HOA Aldebaran. Second, Yes. You can kill Herja with certain condition. 1.) Type /showname, must be set to showname type 2 where mobs HP in percentage % is shown. 2.) Use the Goblin Revolver with Thana card or +9 Thanatos Revolver. 3.) Use Cursed Water (You can get this from False Angel in Geffenia Dungeons). This turns your weapon element into Shadow Property. 4.) You need another Variegated Vest[1] put Ghostring Card 5.) Get near her and use Desperado skill 6.) While killing Herja watch her HP%, when it hits 30% you will switch armor into Variegated Vest[1] + Ghostring Card 7.) Then continue spamming Desperado skill 8.) MVP Congratulations Which Monsters is Thana Bait? Thana Bait use Thana Revolver Giant Hornet Ancient Worm Owl Baron Gioia (mini-boss) Herja (boss) Non-Thana Bait use Orc combo Revolver (Orc Fighter Card + Orc Sniper Card) Piamitte Elvira (mini-boss) Skills: Watch this video ---> RevivalRO HOA Aldebaran If you've watch the Video you'll notice that I use Rapid Shower before I can switch Revolver. 1.) Flip Coin 10 times to get 10 coins on standby. 2.) Increasing Accuracy - Consumes 4 coins to boost the caster's HIT by 20 as well as DEX and AGI by 4 for one minutes. 3.) Desperado - Sprays a surrounding area full of lead, hitting enemies around you from 0 to 10 times. 4.) Rapid Shower - I just use this when switching Weapon, because when you spamming Desperado and switch weapon it will fail to switch. So hit mobs with this then switch weapon. Please leave a reply if you have more questions or if my guide saks (Quack Quack). Happy hunting \o/
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    In game, right beside the tool dealer housr in prontera. I think Eden mall had the npc too.
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    If you are talking about the achievement, it is sadly buggy at the moment. :c Guess we need to wait for that to be fixed. https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/issues/83
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    New items will not be squeezed to fit inside the Christmas Gift from 2018. Chubby Bunny was available during the Carnival how come you didn’t get it ☹️ The point if the system is to have a chance to farm past Christmas event items, spoon-feeding players by making a 100% guaranteed event item is a big no no When the revamp has been pushed, make sure to try it more than once and see if you get lucky 😊 Be noted that the new team of GM’s didn’t make this Christmas Gift, but we are doing what we can to give it a little boost and a little more giving. It is Christmas after all~ No Grinches allowed! Only cookies 🍪
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    Oh shit it was on the Server screen. <.< Well I was almost right.
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    Ok per se, not a bad idea. BUT who the hell thought it be a good idea to let that basically take place in ONE DUNGEON. 80 Cookies Spawn in Toy 1, 40 in Toy 2. Then you need to compete with like 10 people on ONE map AND collect 150, FOR ONE GIFT. That is neither fun nor entertaining. Possible solutions: - let other monster drop Cookies on other maps, so you are not basically forced with 10 sweaty people in one room. - let Cookies spawn on other maps. - Reduce the Baked Cookie amount. KthxBai.
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    All requested prizes were sent out through Zotar. Community/Vote points will be sent in the next few days. Thank you again for participating and contributing to Revival's community!
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    hi can i join? im about 1month old in this server
  30. 1 point
    Nice. Let's see if you can pull more members. I'd be happy to join. Sadly, I switch with different characters so can't be online with a single one for long. EDIT: this means I'm not sure which character of mine should join the guild. And also for what purpose 😛
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    Menblatt Egg - 52841 Seth Egg - 52840 Sarah Egg - 52842
  33. 1 point
    Let me add this to increase my odds at cards in MVP room. Bubblegum Box 14158 pls
  34. 1 point
  35. 1 point
    50175 - Book of Magic 47225 - Poring Party
  36. 1 point
    Rouge Cap - 50068 Drake Dark Coat - 50063 Royal Cape - 51589
  37. 1 point
    Id 41535 - Fabled Sword (4) Id 51108 - Amistr Beret
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    Thank @Aka Gelato you for this step by step clarification on our new Refinery system! We appreciate the gesture on making this community great 💖
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    very good guide friend, guys do not forget do the search for the city of poring, greetings thank you for your effort
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    A friend asked me for a step by step one with a video on it so I just posted one.
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    Bump for this thread! Nice guide! Long Live Stalkers!!
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    LOL, yes let's make it alive so everyone, especially those new into this server would find the forums really helpful and alive XD.
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    Nice guide, very detailed with the different parts and Mailboxes. :3 One more sort of addition, the Item Queen's Bells gives Immunity to Stone Curse, Sleep and Stun and has 2 slots itself. Might be also neat as alternative to save some cards. 😛
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    my other guides coming soon!
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    This is for new/old/returning players and I will go over where and most importantly when to level. I will try my best to give you my guide for leveling quickly, so if you think there's a better way to do something let me know. This guide is for all classes so I will be going over what stats to use while leveling. (If you are a magic type you are going to have to restat for auto attacking) I will try to give the gear at that time to use. I will not be going over how to play the game, so if you are just starting then you should learn how to play by doing the first quest/map when you create a character. ANGRA WILL BE NEEDED! LEGIT VERSION OR RENTAL WORKS! YOU GET A FREE NOVICE ANGRA WHEN CREATING A CHARACTER! ~Now let's begin!~ To note: I will be starting from novice then rebirth. The stats (str, agi, etc) will be simply be for auto attacking so if you're playing a magic class I suggest using stats as suggested below and start punching, you can always restat once max level or when you done leveling. Stats to aim for until you level 103+ will be for auto attacking thus, start with dex until instant cast (dex: 150 total) then agi for 196 aspd and then rest in str/luk. You can restat now to do this and wait to restat later when you're done leveling. Level 10-40 after choosing a class: Once you pick a class, talk to the Job Master again to get 9 job levels. (Making you 10/10) Then head over to orc dungeon floor 1. Start killing everything, which will die in one hit. Once you hit job level 40 go back to Job Master and upgrade your class unless you rebirthed already then continue until job level 50. Also put all stats into dex while doing this part. Minimum gear needed: Novice angra and novice armor set (madness set also works) To Note: Novice set last a week, madness set last a month once you open the boxes for them. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THESE EXPIRE TO LEVEL! (I would suggest recreating your character if needed) Level 40-103 after upgrading your class: Make your way into sphinx floor 4 (if you don't have the money go back into orc dungeon and farm items until you make enough zeny) and start killing everything, mainly focusing anubis he gives the most exp here. Fly wings or @jump (if your a donor) will greatly help here. Minimum gear needed: Again novice angra and novice armor set (madness set also works) Stats and gear to aim for while doing the next part will depend on which direction you want to go, as in doing bio laboratory basement or Gramp's Quests. Level 103+: Now this part is tricky since there is a quest that will greatly help you if you're new or under gear. The best place to level from here would normally be gramp's quests in @go 39 (see this page for that, click Here) Or if you have the dark lord card I would suggest going into bio laboratory basement as killing there would a little faster than gramp's quests until you hit around level 180+ then Gramp's quests will be just as fast if not faster. So if you're going to go bio labs basement the stats and minimum gear need is: Minimum gear: Novice angra and set except switch the boots for ones with a card slot to put dark lord card into. Stats: 150 total dex for instant casting, enough agi for 196 aspd and rest into int for increased damage with dark lord card. OR If you don't have dark lord card, but do have a set of alligator, then simply use that and auto attack everything to death in bio labs basement. Stats for this would be 150 dex, enough agi for 196 aspd and rest into str. Novice set can be used if you don't have alligator set but it'll be slower than just going to Gramps and doing those quests.
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    For KittyBoy (3 of 3) Thank you so much and I apologize for being so late!
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    💖Hello my precious gems 💖 My name is Crystalline ~ I am a newly hired GM of RevivalRO! I hope we can all get along :3 Feel free to poke me about anything at my discord ( Crystalline#0624 )~ but be careful... i bite c; I can't wait to help you my gems💕 See you all in Midgard!
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    yeah I reinstalled it again, hoping they fixed it with a patch but still crashes every time after the server selection can any mod/admin look into this? I can't use Revival anymore
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