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  1. Hello, If you have trouble installing manual patch, this is also an option! We now have a new anti-cheat because we like to attract new guilds who want to get a fair chance we are done with cheaters!!! ---- The new SMALL Client ---- http://cdn.ragnarevival.com/Revival_Lite_Patch.zip https://revival.b-cdn.net/Revival_Lite_Patch.zip ---- The new FULL Client ---- http://cdn.ragnarevival.com/RRO_Full_v5.zip https://revival.b-cdn.net/RRO_Full_v5.zip Here is the manual patch you need to extract this in the revivalro directory! if this doesn't work just download the new full client setup ---- The Manual Patch ---- http://cdn.ragnarevival.com/20210715_manualpatch_gepard.exe https://revival.b-cdn.net/20210715_manualpatch_gepard.exe We also have a new update for the revivalro android app, which you can download here with the old app it will no longer be possible to log in so you have to download the new one ---- The New ANDROID APP ---- https://ragnarevival.com/files/RevivalRO.apk
  2. Hello Today we are upgrading to new anti-cheat you must download the new app to be able to connect ! DOWNLOAD RevivalRO Android v323 (2021-07-05) - Fixed failing to read resources from GRF with name length > 123 - Fixed skill tree for 2020 packet versions using new skill tree packets - Fixed all pcs displaying as females (since v317) - Fixed crash when using ARGB frames in damage sprite (probably incomplete) - Fixed self 0x2c1 (messagecolor) packet shouldn't display overhead message - Fixed crash on changing cart to number 13 (mechanical drone) - Fixed v319 specific error - Fixed weapons/shields with custom display sprites and ITEMID over 32k not being displayed - Script input window is now movable (allows to see script message window behind) - Fixed crashes with some custom sprites - Implemented animation for moving objects on map - Support for displaying exp in chat - Added more skill effects - Stability improvements - Implemented Wizard and Blacksmith skill effects - Fixed certain skill effects collisions with obstacles
  3. Hello Midgardians New version released today! now possible to download it https://ragnarevival.com/files/RevivalRO.apk
  4. Hello Midgardians We have a new faster phone app for android, it is now possible to download it Click Here for v312
  5. Download v273 Click Here Changes! v273 (2020-07-01) - GRF lock during patching; If patching failed, we now wipe full client directory, not only delete the corrupted GRF. Required to prevent client wiping a server GRF and reading Korean resources from data.grf. v272 (2020-07-01) - Fixed silent quit instead of error "no space left on device" when downloading full client - (untested) Fixed damage numbers being shown in WoE/BG - (untested) Fixed PlayBGM looping while it shouldn't v271 (2020-06-16) - Fixed v270 bug (GRFs were read in reverse order) v270 (2020-06-15) [bugged] - Implemented status icon descriptions - GMs chat/name is now yellow - Displaying haircolor/hairstyle ID when creating char - No more caching GRFs (slower initialization, more RAM usage, a bit faster gameplay) v269 (2020-06-11) - Fixed error: "Array index out of range: 0" - Fixed guild flag emblems displaying upside down v268 (2020-06-08) [unstable] - Jikaricube patch list format support - Added boolean clientinfo option "read_stateiconimginfo_lub" to read stateiconimginfo.lub file for status icons (default: enabled for luafiles514) v267 - Star Emperor and Soul Reaper sprites support - Fixed RGBA SPR frames being displayed upside down - Implemented reading status icon LUA files - Fixed status icons not being displayed v266 - Minor changes v265 (2020-06-01) - GRF encryption support - Fixed bug with ItemIDs less than 500 v262 ~ v264 - Inner changes - Minimum Android version is now 7.0 v261 (2020-05-08) - Fixed no level up button for guild skills - Fixed guild skills not being usable from hotkeys - Localization of skill failed messages
  6. are you guys on version 260?
  7. Hello everyone, We have new RevivalRO app apk: https://ragnarevival.com/files/RevivalRO.apk It should fix the crash that andro was experiencing. Please let us know if you still crash with the new apk. v260 (2020-04-26) - More RODEX bugfixes - Changed default codepage of langtype 0 to latin instead of korean v259 (2020-04-10) - Support for Token of Siegfried resurrection - Fixed RODEX crash when opening a mailbox with npc mails - Support for emulator detection v258 (2020-01-16) - Inner changes v257 (2019-10-09) - Fixed maps with texture references with whitespace in the end couldn't be loaded - Fixed a bug in libgrf which caused GRF file to be corrupted after patching in certain case scenario - Fixed lowercasing files contained in rgz patches - Fixed crashes on viewing non-existing items
  8. Hi, a screenshot of some kind of a error code would be helpfull
  9. Here you register https://ragnarevival.com/register !
  10. Welcome back to the family ❤️
  11. Hi. Copy These files Inside Any Private Server or Official Server Maybe the download was interrupted works fine for me!
  12. Syphon


    Hi, Annoying that you are in quarantine! 😅 But welcome back to the family. ❤️
  13. goto setup change to the correct settings also try one time with sound mode off!
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