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  1. Hi. Copy These files Inside Any Private Server or Official Server Maybe the download was interrupted works fine for me!
  2. Syphon


    Hi, Annoying that you are in quarantine! 😅 But welcome back to the family. ❤️
  3. goto setup change to the correct settings also try one time with sound mode off!
  4. You can try guild chat in discord or the guild channel ingame!
  5. Syphon

    Luck o' Leprechaun

    Thanks for your update! 😍
  6. Hi, Rename dbghelp.dll to anything else! Hopefully that will fix your issue
  7. Hello Everyone, I want to let you guys know that I have decided to keep AndRO so Revival App is staying with us for now! We now have a new team, so this is definitely not necessary for now! Only it must be clear the creator of the app is absent and that all errors that revival app entails cannot be solved for now!! Fortunately for you guys the app does not disappear in March! Good luck and Have fun in RevivalRO World, Syphon
  8. Hi, RevivalRO is new start nobody received there characters back if you donated credits you can claim them here! http://ragnarevival.com/old_donor Hopefully i gave enough information for you! Regards
  9. There option in my account to reset location and reset look! https://ragnarevival.com/account
  10. Hi, Yes we are aware that there couple errors in phone app we are working on them. Please report them on bug report so we can fix them faster! Install game on pc its much better!
  11. Go to Setup try changes sometimes no sound option works ! I think some driver issues?
  12. Is not something wrong with your ram memory? Also what error does the blue screen show ?
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