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  1. Hi, RevivalRO is new start nobody received there characters back if you donated credits you can claim them here! http://ragnarevival.com/old_donor Hopefully i gave enough information for you! Regards
  2. There option in my account to reset location and reset look! https://ragnarevival.com/account
  3. Hi, Yes we are aware that there couple errors in phone app we are working on them. Please report them on bug report so we can fix them faster! Install game on pc its much better!
  4. Go to Setup try changes sometimes no sound option works ! I think some driver issues?
  5. Is not something wrong with your ram memory? Also what error does the blue screen show ?
  6. Thanks your guide looks detailed!
  7. great to hear that its fixed if there more issues let me know!
  8. This will fix it! New Android Version 256 Released! https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/1607-new-android-version-256-released/
  9. Download the latest android version 256 : Click Here To Download Clear data and re-download the files to fixes apple🍎 item issues! Changes and Fixes! - Items thats are missing will not make android crash anymore - Java.util.zip.zipexception: unkown compression method ( ERROR FIXED ) - Support for Curiosity's LZMA compression of GRF files plugin - Fall back to Novice for unknown PC sprites (prevents crashing on servers with custom classes support) - Banking system support - Missing robe sprite files no longer result in fatal error - Support for localized job names from msgstringtable - Fixed quit game after launch - Fixed old cash shop buy fail - Test support for RODEX
  10. Than your download was not complete or damaged?
  11. Hi, The community is doing very well! We have done many updates and new upgrades so it's worth looking around! Hopefully you enjoy our new version hope to see you in game!
  12. Syphon


    Welcome to our server hopefully you will enjoy the game we are pre-renewal and the server location is in singapore!
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