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  1. Hi, Yes RebirthRO is now RevivalRO Please read the forums what happend but RebirthRO is no more!
  2. Syphon

    Android user

    Yes, This happen because the guy who created the application his server was down! Its fixed!
  3. Syphon

    Android : Fatal Error when downloading

    Do you have enough space on your phone ?
  4. Syphon

    Android : Fatal Error when downloading

    Hi, This happens when you use full download ? Regards
  5. Syphon

    RevivalRO Referral Guide

    Points are released on people who registered !
  6. Syphon

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome back to the server enjoy the new hosting! Regards
  7. Syphon

    hi im sther

    hi Welcome!
  8. Syphon

    game on androids broken

    Hi yes download server where down its fixed!
  9. Syphon


    Welcome to the server have fun!
  10. Syphon

    Hello you all

    Hi, Welcome to the forum! Well im dutch Enjoy your stay! Regards
  11. Syphon

    Im back

    Welcome back to the server hopefully you will enjoy all new things we introduced! Have fun!
  12. @Mae how did you figure out that its 160 ms ?
  13. Syphon

    Vegeta Has arrived!

    Hi RevivalRO, You there Earthling! It is I, the great Vegeta prince of all Saiyans! I have arrived in this God forsaken world with my trusty space pod! I came here to steal some items from the Revival RO staff I don't normally do this but a certain blue-haired Earthling has been nagging me. I am willing to give you some of these items if you bring some of your friends over! MUAHAHAHA!! and nobody can stop me! Revival RO has made a new friend referral system that rewards you credits and items! Apart from the credits you gain from the friend referral system you also are eligible to acquire unique items. As I am the mighty Vegeta, these stolen items are to be given away at my bidding. If you gain enough friend referral levels you will be awarded accordingly by me! Note: All items are account bound!!! Level 1 —------------------- Custome Crazy Rooster Yggdrasil Berry Box Level 2 —------------------- Custom Staff Off Small Defense potion Level 3 —------------------- Custom chii Ears Small Magic Defense Potion Level 4 —------------------- Custume: messenger Hat Posion Bottle Box Level 5 —------------------- Bubble Gum Custume Arcane Protection Level 6 —------------------- Custome Sparkle wing Custome FiendFyre Level 7 —------------------- Costume: Futuristic Headset costume: Spirit Circle (Blue) Level 8 —------------------- Megingjard Angra Manyu [4] Level 9 —------------------- Spring Spirit Wings Planet Orb Level 10 —------------------- Dyna-upper Dyna-Hat M [1] Dyna-Wing [4] Dyna-Hat M [4] Magic Third [4] Enjoy! http://ragnarevival.com/myrefferals PS: For whom used the system before introducing Vegeta, your refer level will be fixed as soon as next hot patch or earlier!
  14. Hi Members, Here video That Will Explain the refferal system 2.0 Visit this link to use the system! http://ragnarevival.com/myrefferals Enjoy