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  1. Hello Revival, Our referal system is now working again~ For those of you that don't know how to use it, its actually rather easy. How it works: When sharing this link with a new player and them using it to create an account, it gives you the benefit of any donation they make in the future, you receiving 5% of it forever! I know this might not seem like a whole lot, but imagine all your friends donating 100 euros to RevivalRO and 5% of that (500 free premium points) each going straight to you. So it has the chance to build depending on how many times you share it/they use it. How to use it: Visit Ragnarevival Log in (go to the homepage) You can either manually click on "Refer a friend" or use this link Revival's Refferal Share the referral link with your friends and your done Credits are added automatically so all you have to do is keep an eye on your premium point balance on the my account page Enjoy, The RevivalRO Management
  2. RevivalRO 4 Mac Users

    Thanks for your guide! Regards
  3. fake link on RO PATCHER

    Happy 15th Anniversary! Let's celebrate that my server is dead thinks ancyker?
  4. Will there will be Thor Server?

    If we release a renewal server is gonna be better than thor and a diffrent name! Focus is on one server first Regards
  5. Hi, I'm Sal

    Welcome to the server Sal
  6. Can't open 2nd Client?

    Hello, Please try to update the patcher its fixed!
  7. Failed to download

    Hello. I was updating the servers its much quicker now! Its back Alive have fun! Regards
  8. Andro

    Hello. I was updating the servers its much quicker now! Its back Alive have fun! Regards
  9. Revival.exe

    Hello, This is normal you have to launch the game true the patcher! Regards
  10. Shady Looking Women Bug

    Please provide screenshots to make it easyer for us!
  11. Hello, Did you update to latest version ? Regards
  12. Help Can't Play This Game

    Hello, Please read this! If you Fail Download the new full client! Regards
  13. Fatal error please help me

    Hello, Is this the live version or the download version ?
  14. Fatal error

    Hello Please Read