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    This should be fixed!
  2. Than your download was not complete or damaged?
  3. Hi, The community is doing very well! We have done many updates and new upgrades so it's worth looking around! Hopefully you enjoy our new version hope to see you in game!
  4. Syphon


    Welcome to our server hopefully you will enjoy the game we are pre-renewal and the server location is in singapore!
  5. Hi, Android is experimental fully enjoy it on pc!
  6. @chaozduke check the new version please!
  7. @Redzu Sorry its fixed now! https://ragnarevival.com/register
  8. Hello people from Revival, We're glad to announce that RevivalRO is back on Android! A new version of the app is now available, click here to download it! The app is now updated to version 246! Before starting, clear all data! To do so, go to Settings > Apps (or Applications) and locate "Revival" > Storage > Tap "Clear data" In order for the game to work, let it download everything again. This is necessary because otherwise older files will cause conflict. We hope you enjoy the game~ Log
  9. @Larsvegas delete the file and let the patcher run again!
  10. Syphon


    Hi,Yes you can claim your LP on this page! https://ragnarevival.com/old_donorIf you have issues let me know on discord!
  11. Hi, Yes you can claim your LP on this page! https://ragnarevival.com/old_donor If you have issues let me know on discord!
  12. Please contact me in discord!
  13. Hi, I cant read it but welcome ?
  14. if your stuck use the zip client! or run as administrator!
  15. Fixed ! sorry guys but its up and running now!
  16. Hey. Welcome back ? 1 : launched 15 january 2 : between 10 and 15 guilds check battle reports 3 : We have 300 to 500 players around 75 vendors. 4 : 50 to 120 players depending what WoE Regards
  17. Thanks for your videos hopefully you can make more quest guides!
  18. Hi, Great to hear that its working if there more issues you can contact me in the discord channel! Regards
  19. Syphon

    Want to help?

    Hopefully people are interested to help me thanks in advance! Want to help you please click this link http://bit.ly/2RIrV6U Unmark our email as spam We are looking for your help! We would like to send an email to our members about our new developments. We want to ask gmail users to receive our e mail and please unmark it as spam when it receives your spambox. Keep an eye on your email spam please we send within 24 hours. Why ? gmail spam filter works as follows they look at user feedback.
  20. Syphon

    3rd Job

    Hi, We are pre-renewal server but we have the clothing. Regards
  21. Yeah that does not count as making a donation to the server!
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