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  1. Hello @Soup! Apologies for the late reply, we are putting a pause on recruitment at the moment due to real life obligations... you will be contacted personally when we are recruiting once more!
  2. Thank you @KittyBoy for adjusting the prices and @Sierra as well for listening to the players and passing on our concerns to the ADM!
  3. Hello! We are currently all working to gear for WoE. But we also have PvP and PvE players as well. Feel free to drop by Amatsu where we usually hang out! - Representing Salt & Pepper Guild
  4. A lot of people were having issues with the original patcher so they made a new one: If this still does not work, you can try: 1. Right clicking the patcher and select "Run as administrator" 2. Right clicking and "Troubleshoot compatibility" Finally, that kind of error apparently happens when the download was not completed properly, so the only other solution would be to re-download the entire thing again..
  5. Hello! Feel free to drop by Amatsu (@go 10). Just walk up, we usually hang out around the tables. If no one's alive, pm me or shout in #gr and someone will be in contact with you! (IGN: Miou)
  6. @KittyBoy I'm very confused why Heaven's Glow and Heavenly Ribbon is 27c [2,700 points] [Edit: due to price adjustments/update on sale prices] 24c [2,400 points] each when the original price was 20c [2,000]... could you please double check, thanks!
  7. Hello! Although our guild recruits internationally, we do have quite a few NA players here. Feel free to PM me in game (IGN: Miou) if you still have not found a guild yet! Sorry for the late reply ~ [Edit] Representing Salt & Pepper Guild
  8. Wow! I love your Nature ones You're very good at photographing people as well
  9. Miou


    Weird, Multisafepay is definitely available in the UK. All I can say is, Syphon is planning on adding Paypal fairly soon so maybe wait until then?
  10. Can you be a bit more specific about what you don't understand? P.S. It is meant to be hard. Doubt they will change it. You need to farm thousands and thousands of Cacao. Good luck!
  11. Miou


    What country are you from if you don't mind me asking? Some of those payment options do have country restrictions I believe... On a side note, as the donation links are all images, do double check that your flash player is updated, and if you do update, make sure you restart your browser and try again.
  12. Miou


    If it's what I think you're asking... the cash shop button is at the top right of your game interface. The cost is clearly stated in the cash shop in the form of Premium Points. The "C" definitely makes it a little confusing. Basically 100 Premium Points (C) = ONE coin [aka 100 Point Coin] or "cred" as many people in game like to call it = $1 USD. Hope that answers your question.
  13. My memory is a bit fuzzy because it's been a while since I've done this quest... but if I remember... to re-enter, you need to once again talk to a Continental Official. The NPC should tell you it needs help again and then talk to Chief Balrog. You can then go back to the Continental Guards and they should give you the option to enter again!
  14. Welcome back! It's very exciting to see some old players come back. I have been playing this server since 2004 so I can really relate to how you're feeling. See you in game!
  15. Melting Heart Icecream (2015) please! http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Melting_Heart_Icecream_(2015) ----- Lynx Ears [4] Upper Was part of the last Halloween cash shop release before the wipe, too new to be on wiki I guess...
  16. I am well aware of that. Today, GM LArc said the items in the Black Friday Sale would be cheaper, just that Syphon has yet to decide on the exact prices. Therefore I figured I'd post it up for a chance for it to go on sale, that's all
  17. There is definitely loads of good stuff on the wiki, I'd recommend clicking into all links under "Systems/Features" section of the main page to check out all the neat customs that we have! For starters, a nice set of gears to get would be the alligator set. Perfect for leveling and even after you reach max. level, it's useful for running certain custom quests/instances. Finally, when you become more pro. and upgrade to better gears, this set is still convenient for your alt. accounts It's sort of time consuming to make but it's definitely worth it to get a +10 set and you can easily farm all the items that you need so it's perfectly newbie friendly! Wiki ref: http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System/Tailoring Other related customs for crafting gears would be Handicrafting & Metalworking.
  18. Planet Orbs please! Link: http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Planet_Orbs
  19. I think you will find that regardless of what servers you have played, sniper is still undeniably the best standard farming class. That being said, other classes may also be useful for the various customs offered on this server (there are some class suggestions & builds on the wiki) which of course, also require "farming". If you're interested in farming MVPs, we have MVP rooms, and I find that it's more of a personal preference in terms of what you like to use. Most used classes would be champ, sniper, SG, SL, knight/paladin, assassin, blacksmith. Hope that helps!
  20. Most of what people are wearing right now are costumes from Hat Roulette. If you are a past donor and have received your LPP, you can use those for that NPC!
  21. The GM/ADM are planning to restrict the number of awards that go out in total as to not break the game so I'd like to trust that this issue you have brought up will be handled appropriately. I totally agree that there is definitely a lack of fairness in this giveaway event though. I think all players with old accounts should be offered a fair chance to win some compensation. It isn't fair that people in certain time-zones are being left out. As someone who now works, I do not have the luxury to login whenever I need to and the biggest problem is the events are being run at the SAME time every day. Since the rewards from the giveaway event are quite limited in quantity, I hope that there will be other events in the near future that will compensate all the other old accounts/players that have decided to stick with this server. I think this will also help to bring people back, especially those who are uncertain about starting from scratch.
  22. Thank you for the explanation! I hope to see that in the future, GMs will remain transparent and keep players in the loop as to why certain changes are being made.
  23. I have a few questions regarding the crazy giveaway event. I've been asking around but I haven't gotten an answer. 1. Are you eligible if you win ANY event that is started by a GM? 2. The list of rewards posted by the GM says there is a prize for Top 5 winners, is that true? There was a Zombie ate my Novice event and only the player who got first place was eligible for a reward of their choice unless I misunderstood. 3. How do you claim the reward? Do you have to choose an item right away and then PM the GM?
  24. Can you login on the website? I think after you validate the email you need to login... haven't made an account in a while so I'm not 100% sure on that.
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