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  1. Dragon Bravura is supposed to be a +150% multiplier. However, it is only a 50%. It is 3x less than what it should be. If it isn't going to fixed to 150%, then I want my 30c back.
  2. Well, im not even going to try to show it, but without changing anything at all my criticals are hitting 88,000 now. My gear hasnt moved and I wasnt buffed or cursed before. I spent hours hitting 61k and now suddenly 88k with the same gear. Perhaps a glitch? sigh, idk
  3. I just bought a +8 spectral bow for 55c and its not dealing more damage than a +5 Goblin? I don't do PvP but was told the Spectra was the highest damaging bow for a sniper. I am using 4x AK on the Spectral, 2AK on the Goblin and the Goblin can hit 79,000 on Valk Rang in the MVP room for example. But the spectral hits 61,000? Its significantly less. How? I thought the Spectral was the most powerful. Ugh, what am I doing wrong here? I am looking to maximize my crit and damage overall for PvM. At this point, what else can I possibly do? I've seen others hit way above 79k as a Sniper and I am not sure how do obtain that.
  4. +10 Spectral Bow and normal non refinded Spectral Bow
  5. Havent played in a while, logged back in to find I had some nice things and based on this setup, I'd love to be able to play one handed on the Android App when I am working at my desk. I've a maxed Sniper TaeKwon GS and I enjoy all three. However, Im looking for a solid place to make $ and play with the least amount of effort while my phone while at work. Here are my gears and available funds, a complete list. Based on these gears and funds, what should I be going for right now, what should I be investing time into and opting for? Any advice is supremely appreciated and basically looking for what I should be doing with my gear and time. Available funds, 31m zeny and 26 100 point coins that I can sell or trade for. (all gear seen in snap shot) + unseen in storage list below Ahura triple lib amplifying Angra +9 HSS Shotgun Eddga Valk Boots 2x Megs melody notes Rainling Balloon Quad Accute Holly Pin Black Fairy Wings Complete Great Old and Gator Set maple syrup clip
  6. I feel like Gunslingers dont benefit at all from critical usage with the Hardened Steel Shotgun. Example being this set I am using now in this snapshot. Even with my Luk values at 150+, my Criticals are between 1-3k more than my standard melee bullet firing. On Samurai Specter for example, my normal non crit values are 16k, my critical values are 17 or 18k. The differential with the Goblin Pistol are far far different, where the Crit values are actually less than with the shotgun, roughly 14-16k each, but my normal melee bullet firing is like 6-7k. The Shotgun has a ignore defense factor, and my goblin pistol using the orc set to ignore boss def is hitting close to the same critical values as the Hardened steel shotgun (the Goblins +% damage for criticals is great) but the shotgun exceeds it and kills everything much faster even with no luk points values added. With +150-200luk, my criticals hit 21k or so with the shotgun, less with the Goblin. And my normal bullet fire when criticals dont hit is still almost as high as the critical values. Naturally. My question is that the hardened steel shotgun usage makes the critical build totally obsolete, right? I enjoy using Full Buster with this build I currently have in this picture of my weaponry, I can strike at 420,000damage on Doppleganger and one hit kill some of the mvps, most require 2-3 hits to finish but the amount of aftercast delay is just absurd with this skill at 2.8 seconds and it means that my normal melee non critical firing build actually will kill all the mvps that I cant one hit full buster faster. I mean, my melee firing will kill most MVPS faster than my Full Buster will. Dopple, samspec, a few others will die in one hit from Full Buster, and I can achieve that even with a 196 melee build on the GS. I can hit with Full Buster for a starting blow and then melee fire. Its great, but I am wondering how to increase that damage to the maximum potential right now. Hate to say it, but I say KETAN in an mvp room hitting 43k criticals with his sniper and I was curious if the GS can also achieve that, if so, how.
  7. Bit of an update. Using the following setup, these were my hit point values that I've noticed With the GD+Hau+Drooping+shotgun I am tapping out at around 14k per bullet impact, my criticals are just one thousand more at 15k. Using the same shotgun with the full gator set, I hit 11k per bullet, with 13k criticals Using the gator set without the hat and the rest the same as above, its 12k per bullet with 13k criticals Using any combo above with the +7 Goblin revolver + Orc Sniper And Fighter set, I get just a bit over half the damage of what the shotgun will have, but will hit a critical at almost the same as the gator set+shotgun Using the shotgun and the setup in the pic below is the best overall damage output and I dont seem to need to hit criticals at all. It seems like the extra 1k or so in crit damage is really useless when my normal bullet strike damage is 14k. My question is, how do I achieve maxed out critical/damage at this point. Outside of another recondite and red tie that I am working to afford, what else can I be doing to improve my damage output here. Right now, skills are just useless unless its against lower power MVPs like Samurai Spec/Dopple which die in one hit from my Full Buster. Otherwise, I am using normal bullet firing at 196. Anywho advice still appreciated, ty so far for the help
  8. It certainly helps. I am having more fun with the Desperado build and probably will stick with that. Will opt for a Great old setup there and see how it goes. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Thanks! Ill be grinding For now, I do need some advice on my current setup. I feel like I wasted a lot of credits, 40c, on a +9 HSS only to have it underperform by comparison to a +7 Goblin Revolver with 2xTG. With a full gator set, this shouldn't be happening. With the HSS, my Criticals are underpowered by comparison. The Goblin has an 11.3k critical hit, the +9 HSS that cost me 40c!!! only has 9.3k with some potential for double hits and splash damage. I feel like the HSS is a total waste! I can't spam Full Buster anyway, so what good really is it? With this build, I get 87k Full Busters with 3 second cool down, so thats enough time to die in the mvp room and be unable to do anything, especially so against Bapho. So my question is...this is a pvp gun it seems and only good for that and also splash damaging low to moderate level enemies. With a drooping amistr and a GDS, my Full buster hits over 100k. And then I can still get 9k-ish criticals. But again...100k just isn't enough to take anything out in the mvp room so it makes it really a useless gun IMO. What am I doing wrong here? Even with a +15% attack damage with a red neck tie, another Ifrit card on a recondite, that damage wont be much better or really enough to make the 40c +9HSS really useful. I feel like I blew a ton of creds on a near useless weapon... T_T Point being a 40c weapon should NEVERRRRR underperform vs a weapon that cost me just a few credits including the TGs. Was told that Kiel doesnt stack on this server, not sure if that is true. If not, then would that be how to spam Full Buster and make the Shotgun actually useful? I mean...jeez...thats 100c+ just to spam Full Buster and make it effective lol...ouch. Ive found that Drooping+music notes (attack +20%) + GDS hits the hardest. I've a few headgears including the Holly Pin (+30%attack to all but demi and also +30stats) and also a Black Fairy wings (+30 stats). But, my Full Buster hits hardest with the Drooping+Music notes + GDS setup. Thing is that ruins the critical build. T_T
  10. Howdy. I need something in the miners point shop and it seems to get it I need to mine minerals for points. Just curious how we can locate the mineral points, or if they are truly random and you just need to teleport around every dungeon and hope to spot one?
  11. Thankfully the Crit gear will pass over to the Sniper, heh. Darn. What a shame, I used to rock a Full Buster GS back in the day but that was on a server with Headgear Kiels, ability to spam it made the GS a true nightmare for others. Glass canon still, but it seems I cant do that. Made my GS without knowing the Kiel was reset to footgear...heh, my fault for not checking.
  12. Appreciated. Yea, I think I need to invest into a Sniper instead of my GS for now. The Struggle is real without proper gears for it. I've noticed that Desperado builds (which I have no gear to directly aide for) is much better for mvping and naturally lets me carry more to sell back to a shop. My Critical build, even with my gator set, a Drooping Amistr and an Ifrit is still too slow and I end up dying a lot in the mvp rooms. Guess it is time to sell the Gator set and invest into gears more suited for Desperado...or start a Sniper...or something T_T
  13. Ohh, apologies. I was told otherwise, glad I asked here. Just a few more questions. I have a full Gator set now, the Goblin Pistol with 2xTG, a single Stone Eye Ifrit card Ring, Melody Notes and Railing Balloon. Was curious now if the Red Tie would matter much if I am going pure Critical build with the Gunslinger? Saving for the Recondites, dont really have anywhere near enough for that. At the moment, my Critical stat is 213. Was just curious what the wiser route would be right now for me. Opting for another Ifrit Stone Eye ring, or continue saving for Red Tie and recondites (which will be a ways off) but was just curious if another Ifrit card would benefit me where I currently stand. I can afford that right now, but I cant afford anything else on the do to list.
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