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  1. Where to begin after 255/120 is Achieved

    It certainly helps. I am having more fun with the Desperado build and probably will stick with that. Will opt for a Great old setup there and see how it goes. Thanks a bunch.
  2. Where to begin after 255/120 is Achieved

    Thanks! Ill be grinding For now, I do need some advice on my current setup. I feel like I wasted a lot of credits, 40c, on a +9 HSS only to have it underperform by comparison to a +7 Goblin Revolver with 2xTG. With a full gator set, this shouldn't be happening. With the HSS, my Criticals are underpowered by comparison. The Goblin has an 11.3k critical hit, the +9 HSS that cost me 40c!!! only has 9.3k with some potential for double hits and splash damage. I feel like the HSS is a total waste! I can't spam Full Buster anyway, so what good really is it? With this build, I get 87k Full Busters with 3 second cool down, so thats enough time to die in the mvp room and be unable to do anything, especially so against Bapho. So my question is...this is a pvp gun it seems and only good for that and also splash damaging low to moderate level enemies. With a drooping amistr and a GDS, my Full buster hits over 100k. And then I can still get 9k-ish criticals. But again...100k just isn't enough to take anything out in the mvp room so it makes it really a useless gun IMO. What am I doing wrong here? Even with a +15% attack damage with a red neck tie, another Ifrit card on a recondite, that damage wont be much better or really enough to make the 40c +9HSS really useful. I feel like I blew a ton of creds on a near useless weapon... T_T Point being a 40c weapon should NEVERRRRR underperform vs a weapon that cost me just a few credits including the TGs. Was told that Kiel doesnt stack on this server, not sure if that is true. If not, then would that be how to spam Full Buster and make the Shotgun actually useful? I mean...jeez...thats 100c+ just to spam Full Buster and make it effective lol...ouch. Ive found that Drooping+music notes (attack +20%) + GDS hits the hardest. I've a few headgears including the Holly Pin (+30%attack to all but demi and also +30stats) and also a Black Fairy wings (+30 stats). But, my Full Buster hits hardest with the Drooping+Music notes + GDS setup. Thing is that ruins the critical build. T_T
  3. Howdy. I need something in the miners point shop and it seems to get it I need to mine minerals for points. Just curious how we can locate the mineral points, or if they are truly random and you just need to teleport around every dungeon and hope to spot one?
  4. Where to begin after 255/120 is Achieved

    Thanks, mate! would love to join!
  5. Where to begin after 255/120 is Achieved

    Thankfully the Crit gear will pass over to the Sniper, heh. Darn. What a shame, I used to rock a Full Buster GS back in the day but that was on a server with Headgear Kiels, ability to spam it made the GS a true nightmare for others. Glass canon still, but it seems I cant do that. Made my GS without knowing the Kiel was reset to footgear...heh, my fault for not checking.
  6. Where to begin after 255/120 is Achieved

    Appreciated. Yea, I think I need to invest into a Sniper instead of my GS for now. The Struggle is real without proper gears for it. I've noticed that Desperado builds (which I have no gear to directly aide for) is much better for mvping and naturally lets me carry more to sell back to a shop. My Critical build, even with my gator set, a Drooping Amistr and an Ifrit is still too slow and I end up dying a lot in the mvp rooms. Guess it is time to sell the Gator set and invest into gears more suited for Desperado...or start a Sniper...or something T_T
  7. Where to begin after 255/120 is Achieved

    Ohh, apologies. I was told otherwise, glad I asked here. Just a few more questions. I have a full Gator set now, the Goblin Pistol with 2xTG, a single Stone Eye Ifrit card Ring, Melody Notes and Railing Balloon. Was curious now if the Red Tie would matter much if I am going pure Critical build with the Gunslinger? Saving for the Recondites, dont really have anywhere near enough for that. At the moment, my Critical stat is 213. Was just curious what the wiser route would be right now for me. Opting for another Ifrit Stone Eye ring, or continue saving for Red Tie and recondites (which will be a ways off) but was just curious if another Ifrit card would benefit me where I currently stand. I can afford that right now, but I cant afford anything else on the do to list.
  8. Where to begin after 255/120 is Achieved

    Thank you. I'd love to be able to solo the Omega MVP room with Desperado. Wondering if that is even possible. I got the Drooping hat, but the Neck Tie cant be used in the MVP room it seems,
  9. Hi there. I am buying time and services for anyone who can pair up with me to tackle the Royal Operations. I am a 255/120 Gunslinger without a good Pistol and would like to "shoot" for the Goblin Revolver in Tier 3. I've never done this before, so I don't know anything about it except that I need to do it. Will pay others to schedule a time to take this on for me and pass any of the valuables to me afterward in the rewards section upon completion. Thanks again every1
  10. I feel lost. Would love some advice on which weaponry I should be aiming for, as well as where I should be investing my time into hunting to make good $ to afford said gear. I don't have much. I do have a gator set and a +7 Goblin Revolver with dual TG, as well as a holly pin not shown. I don't do PvP and don't plan to for a bit. Any advice on where to start and what to aim for (and if there are guides to any quests needed, please let me know) I'm finding that my Desperado build is more beneficial than my Critical build. So, Im a bit lost as to what to opt for to maximize cash flow in for hunting. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks so much. This really helped me, already maxed at 255. That was fantastic. I do have just a few questions to anyone here reading as well who knows anything about Gunslinger gears. Last server I played on had God Tier pistols and I was curious where the guides are for the godly items for Slingers. I have not seen anyone selling anything good for any Gunslingers yet and keep an eye out (a robo eye..teehehe..sigh) but have not seen the Wasteland Outlaw or anything else that is decent for equips. Feeling like my time on the Gunslinger was kind of a bust without a market for gear on them. Can someone link me to the quest guides for gunslingers powerful gears? Anything to help me would be very apprecaited on where to go and what I probably should be doing now that Ive maxed myself.
  12. Awesome. But, what does the reward I received do. I couldn't find any references to Piece of Paradise. I got two for completing Gramps requests. Dunno what they are for or do.
  13. Hello Commnity. I am a very old returning player and I just cannot for the life of me recall the special place where people usually level up once you reach a higher level. I played a bit up to 109/110 and currently am plateauing with my Slinger. Anywho, there was a place we could warp to for this around this level, it wasnt the underground or the bio labs areas. It was a sunny map...haha. I remember it being relatively small, giving an absurd amount of exp and was also great for $, and, islandish in visual setting, I went through all the maps on ratemyserver to key it visually but was unable to find it, so I thought I'd ask here. Sorry, that is so vague. Help appreciated.