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  1. Buying the items in title, please pm me here if you have any of those items, and let me know what your asking price is, thanks!
  2. Hather247

    Price Check Thread

    looking for Price check on +10 V.Vest, +10 H. Greaves - And Recondite Ring
  3. Hello, I am looking for a North American based guild, I used to play on Rebirth between 4-7 years ago and am an active donor/supporter of the server.
  4. Hather247

    Gods of Destruction

    Hi, where is your guild primarily based? I'm from North America, and looking for a guild in my timezone
  5. Hather247

    Black Friday Sale List

    Could we get SRT Boxes on the list?
  6. Hather247

    Sniper build questions

    Hello, What are the ideal cards to put in a 4slot bow? Is Drake halfway decent? Also, are cards able to be removed, once slotted in? and are the cards destroyed if removed?