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  1. Bandage Scarf [1] *please disregard this post, it is already in the list.
  2. Hi Larc, it might also be great if all the MVP card's cedi points value that are available in the MVP Rooms will all be at 250 cedi points. Currently we have cards in there that has a 500 cedi points value (Golden Thief Bug Card) and 1,000 cedi points value (Ifrit Card).
  3. Dragon Rider Cap [4] Floppy Bunny [4] Dark Magician Hat [4] *Discounted price
  4. Strongman Hair (Red) [4] Dark Magician's Hat [4] Floppy Bunny [4] Dragon Rider Cap [4] * I know that they are not from BF Sale but will be more helpful for us if we can buy them directly using LPP instead of gambling them from the lucky boxes.
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