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  1. Seems like I am the first guy here.. so I'll just spit out my feelings here.. As soon as I read the announcement of Ancyker telling all his made up drama , I knew there was something fishy.. And I was right, the forum has gone blank, and I can't access my current forum account (I am using fresh-made account atm). For seconds, i thought RRO has finally met its end, lol... I'll tell you one thing, I still believe in the real Syphon. and I never trust ancyker from the start, especially when he started telling all his fake story and begged for donations .Even if the story was the truth, as a professional, one should not do that, it is not wise in my point of view especially to get sympathy, it is disgusting. Wait a minute, this is just a conspiracy, could it be that you were Ancyker disguised as Syphon to get sympathy? Could you give us a proof if you were the real Syphon, since it is hard to believe anyone else after all this puzzling drama. To the real Syphon: I hope the server gets better as you pay more attention to the server unlike before. you slipped and recruited a villain that crushed you from he back. Go get people like Luxuri, the best admin of RRO, and the admin that would become a great partner for you. In the end, I am looking forward for the progress, so I'll decide if I would stay or move on from RRO.
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