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  1. Been awhile since I ran this mission, but having a falcon helps a lot to keep it hitlocked.
  2. Nice guide! :3 Rainbowring will only cast Stone Curse or Full Heal itself if it is in attacking range of someone. When it get's to ~20% HP, have your snipers position themselves opposite of each other and get your tanker to move off screen. This forces Rainbowring to pick one of the Snipers to slowly move towards as the hit-lock make it walk very slow.When Rainbowring approaches one of the snipers, have them re-position again as far away as they can while still being able to hit. Keeping it hit-locked like this + being outside of its melee range means it won't Full Heal. You can also use some Ankle Snares to help you position for the last 15-20%.
  3. Always tip the Babysitter! IGN: Sniper, Stalker Introduction Civil war has broken out in the Turtle Kingdom! In order to complete the mission successfully, you must keep one ‘innocent’ turtle alive until the end and defeat the evil Turtle General. If every single Heater, Freezer, Permeter and Soldier die, the mission will be failed! This mission is in Tier 3 of RDC. For more information about, visit the wiki page. Before you can face Turtle General, you must defeat an increasing number of waves of Assaulters. Although they will not be aggressive to you they will wander around the map looking for the innocent turtles to slaughter, so kill all Assaulters! This mission is difficult to solo as there as many factors to pay attention to, and the timing between Assaulter waves makes it difficult to keep up. Strategy In this guide, we will be utilizing an often ignored trap: the Land Mine. Land Mine deals Earth property damage, and is influenced by INT and DEX. The original damage formula is [(DEX + 75) * (1 + INT / 100) * SkillLV]. However, the wiki says the skill has been buffed: “The effect of INT on the damage has been increased”. Based on what I can tell, the formula is close to [(DEX + 75) * (1 + INT / 5) * SkillLV]. Do not take this as the correct formula! Our goal is to place Land Mines on the Assaulter’s spawn points, killing them quickly and efficiently. We’ll call the players in charge of placing Land Mines the Trappers. Using Land Mines helps the mission go by faster, and get us that much closer to the showdown with Turtle General. Land Mines will activate even when you are off the screen, so you can lock-down all spawns without actively killing them. Once Turtle General spawns, we stop laying traps and proceed to take him out, and saving the innocent turtles for good! Trappers can easily kill Turtle General if they have the right equipment and stats. Trapping and killing is easier as a max stat, but is still possible using legit stats. Lastly, one party member will be responsible for keeping one of the innocent turtles safe and distracted to keep the mission from failing. We shall call this person the Babysitter. Mission Walkthrough When you first enter the mission, the innocent turtles will already be under attack by swarms of Assaulters. It is important that your party gets into their positions quickly or else the mission can be failed quite fast. Upon entering the mission, the Babysitter will draw the attention of one of the innocent turtles (Heater, Freezer, Permeter and Soldier) by attacking it. They should take the turtle up to the throne room just above the party’s spawn point. A single turtle doesn’t do much damage, but wear some tanky equipment, such as an Elnium Set, to minimize the risk of death. A High Priest is a good Babysitter because they can heal themselves and the turtle, should an Assaulter attack it. As the Babysitter is doing their part, the Trappers should run to the three Assaulter spawn points, found on the left, bottom, and right side of the map, and place a row of Land Mines. If possible, they should also help by clearing the Assaulters that are already spawned. Be aware that you need to put down more traps once a new wave of Assaulters steps on them. Furthermore, even though the turtles are innocent, it is best to kill all innocent turtles except for the one near the Babysitter. They can mess up your traps, drag Assaulters towards the Babysitter, and be a general distraction/annoyance. Once the initial Assaulter spawn and innocent turtles have been cleared off the map, the run becomes much easier. Keep placing down Land Mines, and kill any Assaulters that slip past on the rare occasion they don’t get hit by the trap. If you trapped correctly, no Assaulter should get past the Land Mines unless you are not built for one-shotting. Once the Turtle General has spawned, you can stop placing Land Mines and focus on killing him instead. Switch to your damage equips and use Fire arrows to take him down. His stats are similar to a regular Turtle General, just with more HP. Once he has been defeated, and your innocent turtle is still alive, you have finished the quest! The map is a copy of Turtle Dungeon 3, but we are bound to the area in the Red square: The Blue section represents where the Babysitter will guard the innocent turtle, and the Green sections represent where the Assaulters spawn and where the Trappers will place Land Mines. The Yellow section is the general location of the Turtle General’s spawn: Stats Q: Do I need Max Stat / 255 All Stats for this? A: While not necessary, it makes gearing and killing much simpler. I’ll show a sample gear and stats of two non-max stat Sniper. STR: Not needed, but any leftover can be used to carry more traps. AGI: Not needed, but leftover can be used for less delay using Sharp Shooting. VIT: Not needed. INT: Maxed. With bonus stats, you want to get over 300 INT total. DEX: Around 200, but test your build and see what works for you. LUK: Not needed. Land Mine gets the majority of its damage from INT, specifically in bonuses of 50. Get at least 300 INT, and a similar amount of DEX. DEX is much easier to get as a Sniper’s self-buffs offer lots of DEX. Here are two sample setups that one-shot with Land Mine: Assaulters have 111,700 HP, so your Land Mine must deal at least that much damage to one-shot them. You can test your damage by going to Turtle Dungeon 3 and using Land Mine on the Assaulters there. Although they have much lower HP, they have the same elemental typing. If you hit over 117k on the weaker Assaulters, you’ll one-shot the Assaulters in RDC. Equipment Note: Generally, your Headgears and Armor slots should be giving you enough stat boosts to one-shot using Land Mine. Upper Headgear: Anything that gives +INT/DEX, such as Event Coppola, Red Downey Hat, Flax Hat, Archangeling Hat, Tail Hat, or any event hats that grant stat bonuses. For killing, Amistr Hat is your best option. Middle Headgear: Any +INT/DEX, such as Rainbow Sash, Fluttering Butterflies or Twin Butterflies. Many event gears are offered at different times of the year with similar stats. Large Red Angeling, Golden Wing, or Melody Notes/ Music Ring/Jazz Ring for killing. Lower Headgear: Some lowers offer +stat like Miracle Blue Rose, but not as many bonuses as Upper or Middle headgears to the point that it’s not always needed. Black/Orange Tie for killing. Armor: Reset Girl Robe gives a large stat boost, and is available year-round, unlike most event equipment. Great Old Hauberk can be used for spamming Sharp Shooting faster to help clear the early stage. Weapon: Bazerald gives the best INT boost, but isn’t always needed depending on your other equipment. For killing any bow is good, such as Goblin Bow, Composite Bow, Spectral Bow, etc. Heart Bow is nice because it lets you do the same damage to non-Boss and Boss monsters, and has an AoE. Garment: Not much give you +INT/DEX, and isn’t generally worth it. For killing, use Great Demon Shroud or Heroic Backpack, with Anuaki Card if using Crit. Footgear: Nothing worthy has INT/DEX boosts, so use something for more HP/SP like Valkyrie Shoes or Ebony Greaves with Apache Tear Card or GEC Card. For killing, use Ascendant Orc or any of the cards from Itty Bitty Poring City. Accessory: Ring Des Nibelungen gives a good stat boost if you still need to reach 117k damage. Asomatous Ring and Rainbowring also offer good stat bonuses. For killing, use Recondite Rings with Implosion Cards. Poporing Ring from Pouring Hope Quest can reduce your trap usage. Tips: Against Assaulter, use Stone arrows and Land Mine. Against Turtle General, use Fire arrows. If doing lots of runs in a row, make sure to stock up with Traps and Arrows/Quivers between rounds. Use Sharp Shooting to quickly take out large groups of Assaulters. If a High Priest has level 10 Meditatio, their Blessing with give you +20 INT and DEX; a huge boost. If you are concerned about Assaulters sneaking past you and killing the innocent turtle, consider using Ankle Snares on the stairs, or have a High Wizard cast Ice Wall to block them off. Once the Turtle General spawns, the Assaulters will begin to attack him. You can technically let the Assaulters kill the TG, but it is faster and more reliable to kill it yourself. It is possible to cover all 3 spawns with one Trapper, but you must be consistently checking on each spawn. In a solo run, laying down traps at all three spawns points in addition to killing the Assaulters that spawn when you first enter the mission is hard to pull-off. You can leave a character near the bottom of the stairs to periodically check to see if Turtle General has spawned, and it will take the aggro and prevent TG from wandering up the stairs and killing the innocent turtle. You can trap by settings 5 in a row like this: Or by placing 3 in a row, with a space between each and the wall: Rewards The common rewards for all RDC missions can be found here. The mission-specific rewards for Coup de Turtle include the Turtle General Shield, Turtle Shell Shield, Assaulter’s Huuma Shuriken, and the Turtle Box. Here is a video showing a run done with two Trappers, one of them being the killer: Easter Egg: If you don't kill Turtle General, the Assaulters will start to attack him and can kill him very slowly.
  4. Are you staring at our booty? IGN: Professor, Stalker Introduction Drake Down is one of the three missions available in Tier 1 of Royal Operations, also known as RDC. The evil Drake is trying to sneak aboard a ship to wreak havoc on the world, and you have to stop him! Be warned that this Drake is stronger than the one you face in the MVP room. Click here for a look at Strong Drake’s stats. To successfully complete the mission, you must kill the Strong Drake. Before you can kill him, you must first find him! He is hiding among the Wraiths scattered around the map. Killing them will spawn a cluster of Wraith Deads and potentially Strong Drake himself. Make your way around the map killing Wraiths until Strong Drake spawns next to you. Build For this mission, we will use a Professor as our killer. Professor is a nice class to use as you can also tank Drake as you kill it, something Sniper has a harder time doing. We will be using Fire Bolt as our damage skill. STR: Not needed, but some STR for carrying emergency Ygg Berry is nice. AGI: Enough for 196 ASPD. VIT: Any extra stats should go here. INT: Max INT to get as much MATK as you can. DEX: Get a total of 150 for no cast-time LUK: Not needed. Equipment Note: Drake can do massive damage using Water Ball. To counter this, we need to get at least 100% resistance to the Water element. Upper Headgear: Hair Bow, Event Coppola, Flax Hat, Archangeling Hat, Magic Wizard's Eyes, Drooping Tortoise or any other +MATK or +Water resist headgears you have. Use Vesper Cards to ignore MDEF, Rata Cards for MATK, or Leaf Cat Cards for Water resist. Middle Headgear: Large Blue Angelwings, Fable Silk (if you do not have a Soul Linker), Golden Wings, or any other +MATK or +Water resist headgears you have. Use Vesper Cards to ignore MDEF, Rata Cards for MATK, or Leaf Cat Cards for Water resist. Lower Headgear: Black or Orange Tie for more MATK, equips like Kitten Love or Fuzzy Bunny Scarf for Water resist, or Hip Ribbon for resist and combo with Hair Bow. Armor: Great Old Hauberk gives MATK and Water resistance. If you already have over 100% Water resistance, something like Reset Girl’s Robe may give more MATK. If you have one, Naght Sieger Card gives a good magic damage bonus to Undead monsters. Shield: Valkyrie Shield gives 20% Water resist. Slot it with Golden Thief Bug Card, Alice Card, or Aqua Elemental Card for more Water resist. Weapon: Testament [3] is the best damage weapon for Drake, if you do not have one, a Rod [4] or something similar works just as well. Fill your weapon with Ancient Tree Cards for best damage. Garment: Caliginous Cloak and Marse Card for Water Resist, or Great Old Cloak MATK. Footgear: Tenebrous Boots for more damage, Valkyrie Shoes or Ebony Greaves if you need a slot or more HP. Accessory: Asomatous Ring, Resplendant Ring, Ring Des Nibelungen or Aqua Orb. Slot your accessories with Imp Cards for extra Fire Bolt damage. Completing the Mission Upon spawning in the mission, buff yourself with Blessing and Increase Agility if you have a High Priest in your party. Get a Sage Spirit Soul Link from the Soul Linker in your party, or equip a Fable Silk for the mission. Use Auto Spell and select Fire Bolt. Walk around the map killing the Wraiths to try and find Strong Drake. Having party members with AoE attacks will help make finding Strong Drake faster. When Strong Drake spawns, use Double Casting and use/stand on Volcano (for bonus Fire damage), then start meleeing him. Auto Spell will start raining down bolts and the damage will start flowing. Tips Drake can use a very high level of Decrease Agility, so use Golden Thief Bug Card to block it or make sure to get re-buffed by your High Priest. Drake can break your armor, so if using a breakable armor like Reset Girl’s Robe, be sure to have Full Chemical Protection from a Creator, have a Whitesmith in your party for repairing, or use an item like Grendel’s Gloves for repairing. Strong Drake will normally first attack the person who uncovered him, or the person who was nearest to the Wraith he was hiding with. Use a Coldproof Potion for an extra 20% Water resist if you have trouble getting enough Water resist equipment. The Wraiths can also Curse you and slow down your movement speed while searching, so bring ways to remove Curse such as Panacea or Holy Water. Considering bringing Yggdrasil Berries for emergency healing, or Yggdrasil Leaf to resurrect party members. With 100% Water resistance, Drake is no threat at all. Rewards The rewards found common in all RDC missions, and the rewards for specific missions can be found on this wiki page. The most notable award from this mission is the Drake Sabre [4], a level 2 Sword with 4 slots, useful for most melee classes.
  5. ~~ Stripping for a living: A guide to playing Stalker ~~ IGN: Stalker Introduction Stalker is one of RevivalRO’s most versatile classes. You can debuff your enemies, inflict damage using a variety of builds, and be an overall headache to face in battle! Although you might not be as mighty as a High Wizard or as scrappy as a Lord Knight, you have the ability to be unpredictable and use your adaptability to outwit and outlast your foes. Skill Overview Here is a general description of the Thief, Rogue and Stalker skills, with some added tips and ideas about how to use it. The damage values listed represent the highest skill level possible. Thief Skills: Backslide allows you to quickly move backwards. This is good for retreating from a fight in PVP or to dodge an AoE skill. This skill cannot be used in WoE. Detoxify allows you to remove Poison or Deadly Poison status effect from a target. Hiding will protect you from AoE attacks, except for Heaven’s Drive or Earth Spike, and allow you to be invisible unless the enemy is using Maya Purple Card or an item with a similar effect. Envenom is a low damaging attack with a decently high chance to Poison your enemy. It is best to use this with the Inconspicuous Hat headgear to combo with Back Stab, which we will discuss later. Double Attack gives you a chance to double attack when using a dagger. You won’t generally use this much even if you use a physical-type Stalker build unless you are trying to break an Emperium with a dagger. In this case, an Assassin Cross is much more useful! Increase Dodge boosts your Flee by a little bit. The boost is hardly noticeable, but maxing out this skill is still worth it. Steal allows you to steal an item from a non-boss monster, based on you and your enemies DEX stats. Useful for farming, but no use in PVP or WoE scenarios. Pick Stone lets you pick up unlimited Stones (ID: 7049). Although Stones have some use for quests and making WoE barricades, there are easier ways to them. Throw Stone lets you throw a Stone for 50 damage, with a small chance to Blind or Stun. Sprinkle Sand does 130% ATK and can Blind your enemy. Its primary use is to reveal enemies using Hiding, but you need a Maya Purple Card or another similar item in order to target them. Rogue Skills: Back Stab is a very underrated skill. On RevivalRO, it does 2000% ATK with melee weapons or 1000% with a bow. This damage is doubled against monsters! Furthermore, this attack has perfect accuracy and cannot miss. In order to use this skill, you must be facing the enemy’s back, making it difficult to use. We’ll go more into this skill later. Strip Armor has a chance to strip an enemy player’s armour. Against monsters, you reduce their VIT by 40%. Strip Helm has a chance to strip an enemy player’s helmet. Against monsters, you reduce their INT by 40%. Against a magic-based MVP, this can reduce their damage output. Strip Shield has a chance to strip an enemy player’s shield. Against monsters, you reduce their DEF by 15%. Strip Weapon has a chance to strip an enemy player’s weapon. Against monsters, you reduce their ATK by 25%. This can also be very useful in a PVM setting. Double Strafing is a range Stalkers go-to skill. At level 10 it does 398% dmg divided into two hits and can be spammed quite fast. It requires a bow to use. Snatcher has a chance to automatically steal from a monster when attacking. It has some use in PVM, but it's generally faster to use Steal manually. Compulsion Discount is a skill most people forget about, allowing you to buy items from NPCs at a 25% discount. This is higher than a Merchant’s Discount skill, which is 24%. Plagiarism is one of the Rogue class's most iconic skills. It allows you to copy any non-Transcendent or Third Job skills. This skill is what enables Stalkers to use many different builds. At level 10, you can copy skills up to level 10. In order to copy a skill, you must first get damaged by it. On RevivalRO, you cannot copy skills from monsters. Steal Coin allows you to obtain Zeny from monsters. The amount you get is tiny and is not worth casting when you could instead be killing or stealing! Remove Trap allows you to remove a Sniper’s traps, an incredibly useful skill to have in WoE. Graffiti allows you to write a message on the ground. This is a ‘for fun’ skill and is not worth investing skill points into. Alternatively, you can try to write an intimidating message on the ground and maybe your enemies will get scared off and run away! Cleaner removes your Graffiti message. Raid allows is an attack with 300% ATK and a 3x3 AoE. It can Stun or Blind enemies and on RevivalRO you do not need to use Hiding before using this skill. This skill is also a great way to spread status effects with a status weapon! Gangster’s Paradise stops non-boss monsters from attacking you if you sit next to another Rogue or Stalker. Intimidate is an attack that does 350% damage on RevivalRO. Think of it as a single-target Raid. Generally, Raid is almost always more useful as you don’t need to aim and is easier to spam. In PVM, it can teleport both you and the target. Tunnel Drive allows you to move while using Hiding. A very useful skill for dealing with magic spam. Sword Mastery gives a small damage boost to Dagger and Sword weapons. The bonus isn’t noticeable, but if you want to run a melee build, it can be worth putting skill points into it. Vultures Eyes gives a small Hit bonus, and increase Bow range by +10 when at level 10. A must-have for range builds. Close Confine allows you to prevent a target from moving for 10 seconds, and grant you +10 Flee. The effect will be removed if either of you dies, one of the targets gets knocked backed by a skill such as Storm Gust, or if a movement skill such as Body Relocate is used. To cancel the effect early, like if your enemy really hurts, you can Backslide away or use Hiding to remove it. This skill is very, very good in WoE situations as you can lock down a target, and make it easier for you and your guild to eliminate them. It also allows you to separate members from their group. NOTE: You can lock down multiple targets, however, they will share the same countdown timer as the original target. If I use Close Confine on target A, then 5s later, use Close Confine on target B, they will both have 5s left before being freed. Stalker Skills: Full Strip is a Stalker’s most famous skill. It allows you to remove an enemy player’s Armour, Helmet, Weapon and Shield all at once. A Full Stripped target is as good as dead. It can be countered using a Creator’s Full Chemical Protection, removed by Paladin’s Gospel, and certain equipment cannot be stripped. High DEX helps with the success rate. Reject Sword is a Stalker’s only ‘defensive’ or damage mitigation skill. At level 5, you have a 75% chance to reduce incoming Sword, Dagger, Axe or Spear weapon attacks in half (½), and redirect the other half to your enemy, for up to three hits. My biggest tip for this is that it is amazing at countering a Paladin using Sacrifice, as they mostly use spears and the damage can really hurt. Make a habit of keeping this skill constantly refreshed. Preserve prevents Plagiarism from copying a new skill. Keep this skill active and refreshed at all times to prevent your skill from being lost! If you want to copy a new skill, use @die to remove Preserve immediately. Chase Walk allows you to become cloaked and immune to detection skills, such as Sight or Detecting. AoE skills will uncloak you. You leave very faint footprints along your walking path, and enemy players with a Maya Purple Card or other similar items will be able to see you. It also provides a +16 STR buff after being cloaked for 10s, if you like using a melee build. This skill is very, very good, especially with Rogue Spirit active. Honorable mention: Rogue Spirit is the Soul Link buff for Rogues and Stalkers, a skill known by Soul Linkers. When Soul Linked (also known as ‘linked’), you will be immune to Dispell. Furthermore, potions created by ranked Alchemist/Creators will restore more. Lastly, Chase Walk will have an increased movement speed, and the STR bonus from Chase Walk will last 5 minutes. Builds Range: STR: A bit of STR is nice for increasing your carrying weight limit. AGI: 90 AGI is needed if you use Gemini-S58 Cards for Stun and Silence resist, otherwise get enough AGI to get 196 ASPD/Attack Speed, after maxing your DEX first VIT: 80 VIT is needed for Stone Curse and Sleep immunity if using Gemini-S58 Cards. Keep your soft defence or ‘sdef’ at 120 or below to not take increased damage from Thanatos Card. Getting a lot of VIT is a gamble, as you can potentially live longer, but may die quickly to Thanatos Card or Acid Demonstration. Pick a number you are comfortable with. INT: You do not need any INT, however, leftover stats can be placed here for extra SP or to make Blue Potions restore more SP. DEX: Should be maxed out or nearly maxed out. Bows use the DEX stat for calculating Attack. Please note that DEX attack is given in bonuses of 10: having 255+174 DEX (429 DEX total) and 246+174 DEX (420 DEX total) will be nearly identical in terms of damage. Consider putting that extra DEX into another stat. LUK: LUK will grant you 1 PD/Perfect Dodge per 10 LUK, and roughly 0.3 CRIT per 3 LUK. If using a CRIT build, pump up LUK until you reach 100 CRIT. If not using CRIT, consider still putting extra stat points into LUK for free PD. Range Skills: Your primary damage will come from Double Strafe. Raid does good AoE damage, but keep in mind that you must be very close to your enemy and when wearing a bow you are very vulnerable. Good skills to copy using Plagiarism include: Flying Side Kick, a great mobility skill and a way to easily land a Full Strip!. Arrow Shower, for uncloaking far away targets; note that the delay can be quite long and your target may have time to recloak. Charge Arrow can help you create space between you and a close-range melee class. Demonstration, for uncloaking without having to actively use a skill. Reverse Tatami allows you to block incoming range damage, good for 1v1 in PVP. Charge Attack can be useful for pushing enemies out of Pneuma. Even without any or very little INT, AoE magic skills like Storm Gust can be used defensively to stop closer range characters like Assassin Cross or Whitesmiths from coming near you in PvP. It can also push targets out of Pneuma. Triple Attack can be used if you like to use normal ranged attacks and are running a hit lock or status build. Melee: STR: Should be maxed or nearly maxed. As with DEX, try to get your highest bonus of 10, as to not waste stat points. AGI: 90 AGI is needed if you use Gemini-S58 Cards for Stun and Silence resist, otherwise get enough AGI to get 196 ASPD/Attack Speed, after maxing your DEX first VIT: 80 VIT is needed for Stone Curse and Sleep immunity if using Gemini-S58 Cards. Keep your soft defence or ‘sdef’ at 120 or below to not take increased damage from Thanatos Card. Getting a lot of VIT is a gamble, as you can potentially live longer, but may die quickly to Thanatos Card or Acid Demonstration. Pick a number you are comfortable with. INT: You do not need any INT, however, leftover stats can be placed here for extra SP or to make Blue Potions restore more SP. DEX: Get enough DEX for instant-cast (150 DEX total), and to get a decent amount of HIT. Also, consider that Full Strip will depend on having high DEX. LUK: A melee CRIT build on Stalker is underwhelming; any points in LUK should be for getting PD. Melee Skills: Your primary damage will come from Raid or Intimidate. Back Stab can do really high damage but it is highly conditional. If using Inconspicuous Hat, Back Stab is much easier to use. Good skills to copy using Plagiarism include: Flying Side Kick, a great mobility skill and allows you to ‘snap’ to a target to spam Raid. From the Swordsman family, Bash, Bowling Bash, and Holy Cross Mammonite from Merchant classes is spammable and high damage skill. Triple Attack can be used if you like to use normal attacks, but it is generally unviable to attack normally when using a dagger unless you are trying to status effect an enemy. Magic: STR: A bit of STR is nice for increasing your carrying weight limit. AGI: 90 AGI is needed if you use Gemini-S58 Cards for Stun and Silence resist, otherwise get enough AGI to get 196 ASPD/Attack Speed, after maxing your DEX first. ASPD helps certain skills become more spammable. VIT: 80 VIT is needed for Stone Curse and Sleep immunity if using Gemini-S58 Cards. Keep your soft defence or ‘sdef’ at 120 or below to not take increased damage from Thanatos Card. Getting a lot of VIT is a gamble, as you can potentially live longer, but may die quickly to Thanatos Card or Acid Demonstration. Pick a number you are comfortable with. When using magic, high VIT/HP may help to deal with magic reflect. INT: Maxed or nearly maxed INT is required for good magic damage. Unlike STR or DEX, INT gains a bonus to minimum MATK every 7 INT, and maximum MATK every 5 INT. Try to get your INT to be a multiple of 5 or 7 to prevent stat point wasting. DEX: Get enough DEX for instant-cast (150 DEX total), and to get a decent amount of HIT. Also, consider that Full Strip will depend on having high DEX. LUK: Magic builds tend to have lots of leftover stats. Consider putting some stat points into LUK to get some free PD instead of going full VIT. Magic Skills: Stalkers have no naturally occurring magic skills. However, with 196 ASPD you can still get great use from Raid as a way to spread status effects. Good skills to copy using Plagiarism include: Lightning Spear of Ice (Water) or Crimson Fire Blossom (Fire) are two highly spammable Ninja skills. Jupitel Thunder is a highly spammable Wind attack. Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, or Earth Spike with their corresponding %dmg cards can work, but you need lots of After-cast Delay reduction. Some premium headgears give you access to some magic skills and are an option if you would like to have multiple magic skills at once. Equipment Note: As there are so many different equips available, I won’t be listing their specific effects. I’ll instead list general equipment and you can decide what you like best, or what you can afford. New sets are always being added, and won’t be covered in this guide. Some set pieces are very good on their own, but will still not be included. Do not take this to be an exhaustive list of what you should be wearing! Use wiki.ragnarevival.com, ratemyserver.net, or use the @id command followed by an item ID to see its description. For example, @id 909 will show you the item description for a Jellopy, as well as a wiki or ratemyserver link. Tanking In general, look for Demi-Human resist, Elemental resist, Non-boss or normal monster resist, or a long range/magic/close range damage resist when choosing tanking equipment. MDEF, +HP, or Perfect Dodge can also help you with tanking. Demi-Human and Long-Range resist will both cap at 65%. Damage Look for +%Damage vs Race/Element/Size, +ATK or %ATK, %Crit Damage, %Range Damage, +MATK or %MATK, +%damage with specific element, or DEF/MDEF ignoring or elemental resist piercing, or +Stat. Upper Headgear: Tanking: Antique Headgear, Event Coppola, Healer Heart Hat, Emperor Helmet for MDEF, or a 4-slotted upper with elemental or status resist cards. Damage: Any Magic, Melee or Range PVP hats from Lucky Boxes. Inconspicuous Hat for Back Stab. For non-donor headgears, Amistr Hat, Hyzo Hat, or any other event headgear for melee/range, and Flax Hat, RDC helm or other +INT/MATK hats for magic damage. For emp breaking, using a +30 stat and +30% dmg helm if you have a Hypatia card. Otherwise, use a Hyzo/Amistr/Amistr Beret. For range builds, a hat that gives level 10 Attention Concentrate is mandatory for getting good damage. Middle Headgear: Tanking: Large White Wing, Ethereal Twilight, Emperor Wings, Little Devil Wing for Neutral resist, any headgear with elemental resist, or with +Walking Speed. I highly recommend getting a middle headgear with +walk speed as it synergized very with Chase Walk and Rogue Spirit. Damage: For range, any middle headgear with an effect similar to Poring Party Hat. For melee, any speed wing is probably the best all-rounder. For magic, look for either a speed wing or wing that offers over +30 INT or with +MATK. For non-donors, Large Red Wing for CRIT builds, Large Blue Wing for magic builds, or Melody Notes/Music Ring/Jazz Ring for melee or range. Lower Headgear: Tanking: Planet Orbs, Poring Pipe, Emperor Shoulders, Scarlet Ears, or any other +demi-human or +medium size resist. You may also want to use a lower that offers +10% status resist or offers a bit of elemental resist. Damage: Red Necktie for range/melee, Blue Necktie for magic damage. If you can’t get those, there are a number of lowers in the cash shop that gives a good +stat bonus or gives extra damage effects. General Cards: Gemini-S58, Orc Hero, Marduk, Evil Snake Lord, Nightmare for status effect resist or immunity. Leaf Cat, Leib Olmai, Giearth, Giant Hornet or Perimeter for elemental resist. Dark Pinguicula or Duneyrr for +ATK Rata for +MATK Maya Purple for seeing hidden enemies High Wizard Card for MDEF ignore, very expensive and rare. Lord Knight Card for crit/hit lock/breaking emperiums, also very expensive and rare. Armour: Tanking: WoE Suit from WoE coins, Siege Suit from Hall of Abyss, Tidon/Tidung, Variegated Vest with Orbs from Cedi, or even a Great Old Hauberk. Damage: Great Old Hauberk, Brynhildr, Reset Girl Robes, Vanna’s Dress. General Cards: Marc / Gioia / (Grand) Marin / Detale for freeze resist. Angeling / (Grand) Ghostring for elemental enchants Gloom Under Night for breaking emperiums Tao Gunka for more HP Byorgue Card is a Rogue/Stalker exclusive for extra damage Weapon: Tanking: Combat Knife. If you already have over 65% Demi-Human resist (the cap), then use Fortune Sword for Perfect Dodge, or Grimtooth if you have a lot of VIT. Poring Sword and Poring Ban Hammer offer some elemental resist. Damage: Range: Thief Bow, Spectral Bow, Heart Bow, Upgraded Earth/Fire/Freezing/Wind Bow, Goblin Bow Composite Bow, Bellum Arbalest (for SP draining) Melee: Sir Vincent Sabre, As-Nail or Scarlet-Nail, Sealed Krieg, Perun Axe (for status) or Drake Sabre Magic: Houken, Black Wing, Main Gauche, or BG weapons General Cards: Hydra, Turtle General, Grand Metaling for melee/range. Incantation Samurai/Samurai Spector for DEF ignore Hypatia for high damage to one specific set target Valkyrie Randris for Dispel, %ATK and Undestroyable Weapon Thanatos for high VIT/SDEF targets Aunoe for CRIT damage Abysmal Knight / Orc Sniper / Orc Fighter for emperium breaking or MVPing Fable for short periods of physical damage invulnerability (Sealed) Lord of Death, (Sealed) Drake, Orc Champion, Stormy Knight, Whitesmith, Skoll for Status Effects. Puff or Jessica for elemental resist ignore Zakudam for %magic dmg to Demi-Human Adult Sewer Bug for a chance to Strip Shield when using magic Shield: Tanking: Vigilante Shield, Valkyrie Shield, Antiquated Shield, Antique Shield, Immune Shield Damaging: Turtle General Shield for melee, Erebus Curse for magic General Cards: Thara Frog, Toaster, Yuki, Golden Thief Bug, Maya Garment: Tanking: WoE Manteau, Caliginous Cloak w/ orbs, Valkyrie Manteau, Asprika, Great Old Cloak, Red Cape, The Spell Manteau, Wool Scarf Combo Damage: Great Demon Shroud, Heroic Backpack, Great Old Cloak General Cards: Deviling, Raydric, Marse, Jake, Dustiness, Hode, etc for elemental resist Noxious for long-range+ Neutral resist Polistes for close-range + Neutral resist Anunaki for CRIT damage Wakwak for +ATK Flamel for FCP Footgear: Tanking: WoE Boots, Bronze Greaves, Antique Shoes, Apache Coated Boots, Tidal Shoes w/ Abyssal Ringmail, Ebony Greaves Damage: Elvira Boots, Great Old Boots, Fey Boots General Cards: General Egnigem Cenia, Apache for HP Ascendant Orc or Orc Knight for physical damage Amon Ra for Kyrie Fallen Bishop Hibram for magic damage to Demi-Human and %MATK Any Itty Bitty Poring City monsters for +ATK/MATK and elemental resist Accessories: Tanking: Great Demon Shackles, Glorious Ring, Kraken Tooth Necklace, Clip-On Fringe, Seth’s Pride, Vendor’s Clip, Puff Eye Ring Damage: Recondite Ring, Megingjard, Ring des Nibelungen, Great Old Ring, Resplendent Ring, Asomatous Ring, Brisingamen General Cards: Alligator for long-range resist Errende Ebecee for Pneuma auto-cast Horong for Sight to unhide enemies Implosion, Hardened Anvil or Ifrit for +ATK Pokey for %range dmg Yoyo for PD Poring Knight for +HP Poring Wizard for +MATK, -delay Grand Poporing for Deadly Poison Status Effect Imp, Siroma, Young Orc, or Orc Dame for +25% dmg to elemental bolt spells Mermaid for %water magic or melee damage What do I do against specific classes? Lord Knight: Most LK skills have a shorter attack range, therefore they will try to get really close to you. In PVP, utilize Backslide to keep a safe distance and a copied pushback skill if you can. Range or magic build will be far better than a melee build. Keep Reject Sword active at all times since most LK weapons can be reflected by this skill. Paladin: If the Paladin has FCP, this matchup can be very tough. Defender lowers your ranged damaged by a lot, and reflect makes melee builds hard to pull off. Try to Dispell them with VR card, or wear them down with status effects. Critical Wounds from Drake or OCC will stop them from healing up quickly. 99% of Paladins use Sacrifice as their damage skill, so stack Neutral resist. As with Lord Knight, most of their weapon choices can be countered with Reject Sword, so keep the skill active at all times. High Wizard: If using a ranged build, keep distance to prevent them from spamming you with single target magic. Use Backslide to stay out of AoE skill range. Quagmire can dispell your Attention Concentrate and recude your DEX by a massive amount, so avoid it at all costs. In WoE it may be a better idea to do a quick Full Strip, land a few status effects, and move on to a different target. Professor: Magic build will have a very hard time due to Magic Rod and Land Protector. Range can be shutdown by Wall of Fog, and melee can be blocked by Safety Wall. Either push the Professor out of WoF or SW, or focus on applying status effects. Dispell will remove your copied skill, so either wear GTB or assume you have no copied skill for this matchup. Their highest DPS is by using auto-bolts while Soul Linked, so remove their link if you notice the blue glow. With decent resist you should be able to win the fight by wearing them down. If they have very high PD and are sitting in WoF + SW, don't even bother; try to Full Strip and move on. Sniper: In terms of damage potential, a Sniper will almost always out damage a ranged Stalker. Use Reverse Tatami or try to guess the Sniper's arrow element. Magic stalker has a good advantage, but your limited choice of element can be a drawback. If using melee, try to keep the Sniper Close Confined and use a form of anti-knockback to prevent the Sniper from pushing you away. A combination of hugging the Sniper and using Pnuema autocast will tilt the battle in your favor. Clown/Gypsy: If using FSK, your first step should be removing their Soul Link. In a crowded battle they won't notice right away and you reduce their offensive/defensive power. They will have range damage more similar to a Stalker instead of a Sniper, but the idea about how to deal with them is the same. Most Clown/Gypsy that you see in WoE will be a pure-support build with good resistances, so try to use status effects to wear them down. High Priest: A High Priest's offensive capabilities are limited. Holy Light can hurt, but you can remove their Soul Link with FSK or use a Holy armor like Angeling card to become Holy immune. Before attacking them directly, try to disable them with status effects and Critical Wounds in particular. This will give you a small window to try and squeeze in some damage. If using range, try to push them out of Pnuema or rely on Raid. Melee is a difficult option as they can out spam you with Safety Wall and Kyrie Eleison. Magic is also difficult as they can stack resist to your chosen element and use reflect and heal to outlast you. Full Strip makes the fight much easier. In WoE, try to Close Confine them as their group pushes in so you can separate them from their allies. This makes them easier to take out and deny the enemy guild Heal at the same time. Champion: Thanks to Backslide and Chase Walk, you are a hard target to Asura Strike. If using range, try to push them out of Pneuma or spam Raid in small bursts, making sure to avoid Asura. Melee build is similar, keep using Raid or your copied skill. If using magic, keep your distance and try not to eat too much reflect. Being able to wear a shield when using magic or melee makes you more likely to survive Asura. Creator: Most Creators rely on Acid Demonstration, so stack Neutral resist. Since they tend to have high resistance, try to start the battle with status effects to wear them down. Critical Wounds will help stop them from using potions to out-heal your damage, and Deadly Poison can take lots of HP in a short period of time. In WoE, use FSK to remove Soul Linkt and reduce their Potion Pitcher heals. Whitesmith: Range build has a big advantage as Whitesmiths have to be very close in order to use Cart Termination. Melee build is likely to be severely out-damaged and is not recommended. Magic has the recurring issue of being reliant on one element. NOTE: Cart Termination has a chance to slow your movement speed and disable Backslide for a short period of time. If possible, never allow the WS to get close enough to land a CT. If you get disabled, tried to use Hiding or Chase Walk and wait out the disable. Stalker: A mirror matchup comes down to who is more prepared, who has better equipment or has better spam. In my opinion, a range build has the best advantage. A range build can stack elemental resist against a magic build, and you can easily keep distance and cancel Close Confine when fighting a melee build. In WoE, use Sight from Horong Card and Close Confine to prevent the Stalker from running, unless they have FSK. In WoE, it's probably best to just ignore enemy Stalkers (unless they are an enemy Guild Leader or an emperium breaker!) other as your time is better spent focusing on other classes. Assassin Cross: Do not attempt to melee them unless you can be sure that you know what element they are using, or have high PD. Use Horong and Backslide to uncloak them while maintaining relative safety. Copying an AoE skill like Arrow Shower, Storm Gust, even if not using a magic build, can be useful for keeping the Assassin Cross from using cloak. As most Assassin Crosses only use normal attacksand do not use skills, having a Perfect Dodge gear set will help you take them on more easily in WoE. Star Gladiator: If they have Stalker set as a Hatred target, avoid trying to out damage them. With a bow equipped, they are likely to one or two-shot you. Try instead to status effect them while wearing tank gear. If you have allies to hide behind in WoE, or have a gap in the environment like a pit or a fence, you can safely range them. Melee will be difficult to do as they have high mobility and they can escape Close Confine easily. Soul Linker: Soul Linkers generally play a supportive role the majority of the time, but can also use decent offensive magic. Katie makes a magic build near impossible to use. Kaupe spam can make using range or melee difficult, but is manageable to break through with good spam or by using normal attacks. In WoE try to Full Strip them (your first thing to do in any battle) and try to status them. Attacking them normally (not using a skill) helps to break Kaupe and let your allies' attacking skills break through. Ninja: In a 1v1 situation Ninjas can be very annoying to deal with. Reverse Tatami can block your range attacks, and Castoff Cicada Shell can block range and melee attacks. Copying Triple Attack let's you ignore Reverse Tatami, so try to push them towards the wall and force them be on the defensive instead of offensive. Melee build will have difficulty getting close and landing a hit, and magic build suffers from being predictable. A hybrid range/magic build could be useful, outlined in the tips section later in the guide. Gunslinger: They have really strong range damage, so a head-on range fight will be difficult. Gunslingers have access to less elements than Bow classes do, which is one advantage. As a matchup, this is probably one of the most difficult to face in terms of trying to outright kill them. They have high range damage, can use Desperado to make melee and Raid attacks a suicide mission, and can use Groung Drift to keep you out of Chase Walk. Magic has a slight advantage here by being able to be tankier than range build, and able to deal damage while avoiding Desperado. If possible, try to use tank gear in combination with a status bow to try and disable them. In WoE, you should be able to tank Desperado long enough to try and Full Strip. You can also use Bellum Arbalest to drain their SP very quickly. Super Novice: Even though they are the rarest class in PVP & WoE, they are capable of good damage and have lots of versatility. They have virtually identical ranged damage to you but have the ability to cast Pnuma whenever they want. For range and melee build, your best bet is to use Raid or your copied skill. You can alternatively copy skills such as Charge Attack or Storm Gust to knock them out of Pneuma. Note that they may use Mammonite instead, so be prepared. As Super Novice also has Backslide, your Close Confine will be useless. For magic build, you can take advantage of that fact that they have very low Max HP, so even if they use magic reflect you should still outlast them. What should I do in WoE? Full Strip any and everyone. Try to disable support classes like Paladin or High Priest to help your guild. Pick off weaker targets or stragglers, use Close Confine to separate enemies from their guild. Remove traps! On defence, stay near the portal and use Close Confine, status effects and Full Strip in combination with tanking gear to slow down the enemy guild’s push. If built for breaking emperium, try to put pressure on the enemy guild by rushing the emperium. Even if you’re not built for breaking, running past the enemy defense will make them follow you, helping you ruin their defensive set up. Creating chaos and confusion is what a Stalker does best. Communicate with your guild! As a Stalker, you are one of the best scouting classes for WoE. How many defenders are there? Are there any traps? What does their defensive setup look like? Random Tips: If you have a +9 or higher Inconspicuous Hat, you unlock the ‘Poisoned Stab Combo’. After using Envenom, this combo allows you to use Back Stab on a target within the next two seconds, regardless of what direction they are facing. This allows you to endless chain Envenom > Back Stab > Envenom. You can Flying Side Kick and Full Strip almost simultaneously. It takes a bit of practice to get it right, and even if you get it right, Full Strip still has a chance to fail. Basically, as your character is snapping to the target when you use FSK, immediately click Full Strip and then target the enemy. If you did it right, as you FSK to the target you will make an attempt to Full Strip them. I recommend testing this on Red/Yellow/Green/White/Blue Plants summoned by a Creator. If the embedded video is not displaying, please visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6-V0BtLRu4 One of Flying Side Kick’s effects is that it removes all Soul Link or Ka- buffs (Like Kaite or Kaupe) from an enemy, making it an excellent way to debuff an enemy. Note that Soul Linkers are immune to dispel naturally, and a Stalker with ‘Rogue Spirit’ is also immune to this debuff. My #1 debuff target suggestion with FSK would be Clown or Gypsy. Lastly, Flying Side Kick has great synergy with Close Confine. Much like the FSK + Full Strip combo, you can do the same thing with Close Confine, allowing you to lock down a fast-moving target quickly. Because Chase Walk gives you immunity to detection skills, you can enter Chase Walk with Sight active to quickly reach an enemy and un-cloak them. While hybrid builds are possible, they are generally under-performing. The best hybrid build at a Stalker’s disposable is Range + Magic. The idea is to try to auto-cast magic attacks using a bow, commonly an Upgrade Gale Bow [3] due to its chance to auto-cast level 5 Wind Blade. Combine that with Skoll Baby Card, Stormy Knight Card, and Clip-on Fringe + Belly Button Ring and other magic or skill auto-casts to pump up your DPS. Diversify your elemental types so that you cannot be easily resisted. Bellum Arbalest combos very well with Little Devil Wing, allowing you to drain your enemies SP very quickly. Combine with Drake or OCC for Critical Wounds so they cannot replenish SP using restoring items. Conclusion Playing Stalker is what you make of it. Don't think you have to follow a certain play-style or build. Experiment, find what you're comfortable with, and have fun. The best way to learn techniques or builds is to test them out yourself, and see what does or doesn't work.
  6. I've also gotten Event Point Coins, Valentine's Rose, Mini Love Clips, Valentine's Hairpin and Box'o'Cuddles
  7. Could we get event monsters re-implemented?
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