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  1. @Syphon It's an estimation I guess. I feel like the delay improved just a little bit, maybe like 10-20% better (using Europe proxy from Czech). I tried the ping to the Europe proxy server and it was 33ms from here.
  2. All EU and NA players I know left to other servers because of the slow ping. I think lots of players would really appreciate if you could somehow rent a proxy server for all players from EU and America. Lots of new players will come to play as well. I have lots of friends saying they will come back to revival once the ping is better. Thanks.
  3. Selling +10 Bloody Cross[3] (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Bloody_Cross) for 70 C
  4. Hey Syphon and everyone, I am an old player who played RRO since like 2008 and I haven't logged in for like a year now. Now, after a year when I logged in, I saw like 2 people in the whole Prontera and I was wondering what happened. Just discovered that something happened between a GM called Ancyker and Syphon. But what exactly happened? I really want to know, because I have been in love with the world called RebirthRO that gave me so many memories. Thanks.