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  1. Farewell to all ~Ice

    Hello Everyone! Thank you all for supporting our server despite what happened in the past. It may be hard for everyone at the start, but I know everyone is up for the challenge that's why you guys are still here supporting and enjoying the game. Though this makes me melt. I would like to say goodbye to everyone. Thanks for the love you have given me. I need to balance things and need to focus on my real life things. I hope a have served you well. Please help RevivalRO become a better place. Regards, [GM] Ice (Icy)
  2. la petit atelier

    Hello~ Reserve me a slot please :3 I'll send references later. Thankies! <3
  3. Hello

    Welcome back! Enjoy playing!
  4. Well Hello

    Hello! have some Ice to keep you cool Welcome!
  5. Hi, I'm Sal

    Welcome back! Enjoy!
  6. Hello!

    Welcome back! Enjoy!
  7. Hello Again

    That's nice to hear. Welcome!!~ *again* Enjoy!~
  8. Hello~

    Hello there! Welcome welcome! Don't forget to read this: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Rules Have fun and enjoy!
  9. Hi I'm Ivan

    Hello welcome to our server! Don't forget to read this: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Rules Have fun!
  10. la petit atelier

    Price list please
  11. Chii's Chibi Corner [OPEN]

    Do you have a colored version of your line art?
  12. g c q's Artshop Reloaded

    I didn't notice that! No more free now I'm willing to order. Will send Character Reference later. Belated Happy Birthday!
  13. RevivalRO's Art Renaissance

    Artsy! <3