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  1. a Letter for You

    You can't read people's thought. That RRo he owns is dying, there's a possibility that he could be scheming a plot where that server dies, then create new server where he can manipulate everything. What if he's controlling 2 clients and monitoring both server. He knows that lots of players hate him, he could be disguising his self as syphon and acts like a hero, you never know. Or maybe he is anticipating the worse scenario where his server dies, and makes a new server for backup. As an analogy, think of a guy with an old apple tree in his backyard and an apple seed. He could plant the seed and grow a new apple tree, therefore, even though the old apple tree dies one day, he still have the new apple tree. This is what I am afraid of. But after i met Syphon in discord, i start to believe that is the real Syphon. The way he talks is different from Ancy. I can tell it somehow.. Maybe I am thinking too far lol.