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    Welcome and Enjoy. Don't miss to meet mah friend GM Asteria and the rest of the Gang. LOL!
  2. Multi-safe Pay is much easier and quite handful for you. In order to use that payment method you need to refresh more or less 5x the payment window and it will appear afterwards. Multi-safe Pay has a lot of payment method such as Deposit in banks, Cherry credits, MOL points, etc. Please be advise that you should contact the GM and they will provide you further instructions.
  3. I am suggesting to put item # in each cards/items/etc. like this a sample only: for newbies who doesn't know how to use commands for item identifying.
  4. Nice Art you got there! +1
  5. Nice work you got there Dave!
  6. Didn't see any announcement yet. Guess they still working on it. Haha
  7. ok so as what @KittyBoy told me, I'll report this here. Planet orbs original price is 1,150PP/LPP (since you can buy using LPP) But what I notice is that the cash item's price in List of Friday Sale, is still the same. Thank you for your advance action about this matter
  8. @LeDave hello dave. the output damage is different between hbp and gds depends on their refinement. For the range HBP gives alot of damage IF you're a crit type range. for range skills GDS does inflict more damage. But, since you experiment their differences, you're good.
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