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  1. kaiiruuu


    Aren't you supposed to receive a letter first before being ported to the next room?
  2. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    For KittyBoy (1 of 3)
  3. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    OMG. i sent u a pm!!! ------ btw, i updated the broken links for my samples on the first page. do check them out!!
  4. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    bump! need moni for sale, so buy now today 🤣 some art for kiriban i did just last month~
  5. may i ask when does the trick or treat even end?
  6. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    if anyone's interested, i'm accepting whole body commissions only. drop me a pm if you're interested!
  7. never seen an ro server this unwelcoming to returning players that's enough rebirthro for me, farewell old friends
  8. hello, i just redownloaded the game and when i log in everything was going fine until i restarted my computer and tried logging in again, after that i will always receive this message my internet connection is just fine.. and there's no maint afaik.. so i don't know what's wrong
  9. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Hey all! I'm thinking of reopening this one since I got free time. Let me know of there's anyone interested : D
  10. *sees male Sura sprite* i am wet
  11. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    art delivery for Lilia!! (2/2) thank you so much!!
  12. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    WIP of Lilia's Headshot!
  13. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Thank you too for letting me draw your character c: Hi! Thank you for showing interest in mah art~ For some reason, my discord app keeps on crashing so I couldn't send a dm
  14. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Last commission for Sierra!! (3/3)
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