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  1. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Hey all! I'm thinking of reopening this one since I got free time. Let me know of there's anyone interested : D
  2. kaiiruuu

    New Alt Clothes

    *sees male Sura sprite* i am wet
  3. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    art delivery for Lilia!! (2/2) thank you so much!!
  4. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    WIP of Lilia's Headshot!
  5. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Thank you too for letting me draw your character c: Hi! Thank you for showing interest in mah art~ For some reason, my discord app keeps on crashing so I couldn't send a dm
  6. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Last commission for Sierra!! (3/3)
  7. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Art Delivery for Lilia! (1/2) Next up: Sierra's full-body~
  8. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Glad to have made someone reach nirvana /o/ BTW UPDATE!! This is just to let you know that I am still alive hehe lerl I am so sorry guys, honestly I haven't started on anything because Im bombarded with so much midterm exams BUT Ill try to finish them in my one week break after I am done with mah school stuff. Til then I hope everyone is patient UwU *signs of*
  9. kaiiruuu

    Amrod crashing in!

    Lol nope I played in Loki. But my memory tells me you're Amrod No2 in the old forums. Yup call me creepy I just remember lots of things
  10. kaiiruuu

    Amrod crashing in!

    Welcome back!! I remember you're the LK from Tyr! lolz
  11. Also, in RRO, GOH set is pretty much the go-to set of many classes in PvP and WoE. I also use it too mainly for my priest because of decreased cast delay and high HP.
  12. kaiiruuu

    kairu's shoppe and service

    shoppe buying selling service bottle grenade service coming soon! WOE FCP slave service coming soon! farming service coming soon!
  13. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    but u quit doe :c anyways! headshot commission for Sierra! (2/3) im so slow, kill me OTL i made a more colorful version looool
  14. kaiiruuu

    Gearing Creator (WoE)

    1. For weapon, I think Grimtooth is the best choice. It lowers your vit def (max is Base Vit 150 I think? Correct me I im wrong) and makes you less prone to Thana. Besides that, you can try Red Square Bag or Erde that increases AD damage by 20% if youre AD type. A last resort will be +10 Mace with LOD and Garm cards in it to coma/freeze pallies you can't kill with AD or magic. 2. In WoE, most Creos go for Vanils as their homun. For that, you might want to use Homun Clip B that inxreases your homun's int and dex. You can also try wearing Ring of Resonance to autocast defensive skills like Assump (which is important in WoE, you cant assumo while in a castle). Or you can try Expert Ring to reduce your skill delay for a faster AD spam. For cards, you can use Alligator cards for magic and long range resist. 3. In RRO, the higher the refinement gives a bonus where you get less damage from all races (im not sure about this). Valk Armor is the go to armor for all classes I think. If not, there's also Tidung or Brynhild. For the garment, you can use Caliginous Cloak, Proxy Skin fragment, Valk Mant., or Wool Scarf (in tandem with Tidal Shoes). For shoes I think Ebony Greaves is the best but I still havent tested if it's better than Valk Shoes (which has a slot). 4. The must have headgear cards in WoE are always status resist cards (Orc Hero, Marduk, etc.). Im not into Maya Purple because therell always be people with Ruwach/Sight activated but that's just me. Aside from resist, stack on elemental resists, I suggest getting a 4 slotted wings with just Leaf Cat/Dustiness/Giearth cards in it that have resists against water/wind/earth respectively which are the most commonly used elements during WoE. For headgears, try to get a Bolt Helm, I suggest Fire/Lightning bolt because not much people use resist against it, this is just to those who cant be killed with AD. I also use Bell Ribbon to cast Kyrie against SinX or LKs. The key to playing Creator in WoE is stacking demi-human/elemental resists and maximizing your INT to get the best possible damage for AD. I hope I helped.
  15. kaiiruuu

    Farewell to all ~Ice

    What about the art youre going to request from me :c Btw good lick in your real life endeavors!!!