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  1. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    hello idk if anyone's still interested in ro commissions but i'm temporarily opening this shop because of the sales hwehejesdjkewklsd i'm currently offering headshots (30c) and knees-up/waist-ups (50c, +30c per additional character) with plain colored/simple patterned background
  2. its at the shops upstairs at the north, the first shop from the right.
  3. Hey Not! It would really be helpful if you could give an image file of RevivalRO logo with a transparent background. Thank you!
  4. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Oh my.... the good old art trade days. 💗 -------- I finished the piece! This is actually a re-draw of something from 2013. Look how my art has progressed (or worsened idk whatev)
  5. welcome back : D our guild accepts starting players/returning players and we hang out in izlude!
  6. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    say hello to my priest, Takagi/Dietrich when u see her hehehe
  7. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    hello~ i am thinking of re-opening my shop hehe i'm only making a new batch of samples because i've recently transitioned to a tablet but if you're interested, do send me a private message and let's talk : D
  8. kaiiruuu

    Von's Art Shop

    I support this, good luck Von! (-: Bring back the glory of RRO's art shops
  9. hello! i'm looking for Grand Cross (https://ratemyserver.net/item_db.php?item_id=1528&small=1&back=1) for a quest. EDIT: Also buying> Holy Ward [1] and Hair Bow (White) message Dietrich in game. thank you 🙂
  10. hello, i am a returning player! i am looking for a guild that does cedi and other fun stuff that helps players catch up. i'm kinda lost hehe. thank you!
  11. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Last one for Nebula
  12. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Waahhh danke Mel ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finished mugshot for Nebula!
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