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  1. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Oh my.... the good old art trade days. 💗 -------- I finished the piece! This is actually a re-draw of something from 2013. Look how my art has progressed (or worsened idk whatev)
  2. welcome back : D our guild accepts starting players/returning players and we hang out in izlude!
  3. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    say hello to my priest, Takagi/Dietrich when u see her hehehe
  4. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    hello~ i am thinking of re-opening my shop hehe i'm only making a new batch of samples because i've recently transitioned to a tablet but if you're interested, do send me a private message and let's talk : D
  5. kaiiruuu

    Von's Art Shop

    I support this, good luck Von! (-: Bring back the glory of RRO's art shops
  6. kaiiruuu

    Grand Cross

    hello! i'm looking for Grand Cross (https://ratemyserver.net/item_db.php?item_id=1528&small=1&back=1) for a quest. EDIT: Also buying> Holy Ward [1] and Hair Bow (White) message Dietrich in game. thank you 🙂
  7. hello, i am a returning player! i am looking for a guild that does cedi and other fun stuff that helps players catch up. i'm kinda lost hehe. thank you!
  8. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Last one for Nebula
  9. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Waahhh danke Mel ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finished mugshot for Nebula!
  10. The first thing to buy is an Angra Manyuu, and Ahura Mazdah if you're well off. Next thing is to get a hand of an Alligator Set. A +6 Alligator Set will work just as fine. Also, there are people doing Ifrit MVP that are giving away Ring of Resonance and Ring of Flame Lord for free so you might want to take note of that. To complete your set, do Daily Hunting quest and try to get the Night/Day Ring and the lower headgears from the rewards shop. Once set, you can go farming or do MVP hunting. For farming, you can try Thanatos F7 (Stone of Sage), MVP Room Loots, Moscovia F3 (Witherless Rose, Piece of Cake), Geffenia, etc.
  11. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    For KittyBoy (3 of 3) Thank you so much and I apologize for being so late!
  12. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    For KittyBoy (2 of 3) We are back in business! Drop me a pm if you want to buy art! 😄 If you want to pay real money, I'm also doing paypal commissions: https://sta.sh/22eb8n8xvyf0
  13. kaiiruuu


    Aren't you supposed to receive a letter first before being ported to the next room?
  14. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    For KittyBoy (1 of 3)
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