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  1. LeDave

    la petit atelier

    Lots of great work. Did you do the top couple ones on computer software or did you draw, colored, and uploaded them to the interwebs? =(
  2. Post your items that you need a price check here.
  3. NVM - Did some testing for myself, the GDS does slightly more damage. Which is better for a Gunslinger? A Great Demon Shroud +10 or a Heroic Backpack +10 and WHY!? Thanks!
  4. Oh. I thought the old website got hijacked! Thanks.
  5. LeDave

    Hello Again

    Hey, I'm Dave. You can call me David because that's what everyone calls me by. I've been a member since '13. I only play one character, Gunslinger!
  6. http://www.ohsnapitsdave.com/ Hey, just showing my "awesome" work here. Just a photography hobbyist.
  7. Back in the old server, I bought Credits solely with PayPal. Now that the option is gone with the movement to Ragnarok Revival, I was wondering if PayPal will return as a viable option in the foreseeable future? Thanks.
  8. Buying, Recondite Ring - 5c each ------------------ Selling Great Demon Shroud +10 ------------------ Send me a PM and let's get this trade going.
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