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  1. Ok as someone who has/had a high rank with 200m+ points too myself, I wanna point out ... Alchemist Ranking is a pure "who has the most money + time" rank. There is nothing special needed like lets say kill things as Taekwon. So this big gap you notice is the result of time. We basically had the exact same with old rro, where rank 1 had 1 billion and could literally stop playing and be forever rank 1 (until they implemented a decay system similar to ours). The issue is, that you need 0 farming for Alchemist rank, if you got all the money to buy your stock (I even made a guide here about that all). I have high points myself, but I feel like buffing the higher ranks, especially linear is not the best idea. That means the lower ranks are "useless" (in the default system, everyone has the same boni), I mean sure I get the plan, you hope that lower ranks will try get higher. But then again the issue arises from before. Alchemy needs MONEY, and TIME. So while the lower ranks try to climb, the number 1 can gain more and more, 'coz trust me, Leah got the money to get higher. Further the issue with, while I regard Alchemy still as the most "useful" rank, you don't need this endless supply on potions. Potions are heavily tied to WoE/PVE to some level. You don't have the big WoEs and guilds anymore like 7 years ago where Alchemists needed to provide for 76 full guilds every week. Oh welp, idk. I start to ramble. Tl;dr I don't think a linear bonus be the best idea, grouping (1-3; 4-6; 7-10) might be better but who knows. Also what bothered me the most reading that, out of ALL the ranks you choose Alchemy. The one that was pretty much good on going without intervention. While Blacksmith and Taekwon are dead in the river. lol
  2. gcq

    1337 Reporting for duty

    I am honestly astonished and a little bit terrified, how this community here will do literally ANYTHING just to not post on gitlab. I feel like gitlab became this demonic entity that you need to avoid at all cost. God forbid we take out 5min of the 24/7 online play in rro to read/suggest a idea in gitlab. Or ... you know, you open up Discord/your internet browser, type in gitlab link/take the link they provide in there, and post your topic DIRECTLY in there. Are you really THAT addicted to the game that you can't pause it 5min to write a post (and if your issue is the "wahhhhh I don't wanna log in" --- you are aware you can have burner emails, it's 2021). I am not here to sound mean, I am just. I am honestly a bit shocked. A bit late but just saw that now. You know that makes literally 0 sense. Big issues SHOULD be argued there, 'coz literally EVERYONE can join in there (if you notice, git is open again freely for all after Oppai left). "you will have string and strings of arguments to read which will take your whole day. " Oh, so you wanna tell me, reading gitlab string is bad, but (I lets assume), reading the (possible) SAME STRING on forums or discord, that is ok? ... I, jesus ... "A lot of players really don't like arguing that much so they don't go gitlab. " One one side, you want to argue about bigger issues with all. Gathering opinions. On the other side, you don't want to argue 'coz that basically takes too much time. This is not how discussion work buddy. A discussion literally is argue about the Pros and Cons of a thing, a "Consideration of a subject by a group; an earnest conversation"- and this will come with more points to discuss and different perspectives. And a big topics WILL take time, things especially in a high customized server like rro are multilayered. You need to think outside the box (just take the MVP arena/tomb dramas as example, this doesn't only affect the system themselves, it affects economy, market, value of items, coins, zeny, cedi, regular/custom mvps, artistry, certain headgear quests, and on and on and on). Your post basically says, you want to be able to say "I don't like this" and expect others to be like "f**k yeah, that's a good argument, I take it", without further thinking. ======== God I am so fed up with this, ya know what, whatever. Do what ya guys want. Cry a river how much the people are bad that put effort in suggestions and thought about arguments, 'coz they clearly don't care at all with their mini essays and suggestions. In the end the superior argument should always be "I don't like it, so change it to how I liked it", right. Such a Kindergarden.
  3. gcq

    New RMT Punishment Rules

    This is all nice and dandy, but it has one major flaw. It DOESN'T MATTER FOR THE SELLER. The only "victim" there is the buyer (to clarify, both parties are guilty, but like that you basically just punish the buys for buying, not the seller for selling). The RMT seller gets his RL money, and is done with the transaction, you ain't gonna punish him basically. He will keep the money AND his ability to do it more (Note; yes same applies to ban method too, but with this, you just restrict trade-abilities, which doesn't matter when you just can go make a new account, A thing that be restricted if you IP BAN). Sure you put all kinds of restrictions there, but there is no ban or anything. That seller just can go make a new account, and do it again (Note; I know they basically can do the same with a Ban note too, but it involves way more time and effort on their side). Gettin caught? Well doesn't matter, just hide under a new alias and do it again, they ain't gonna punish you much anyways. Also this whole concept. Sounds like so MUCH work. From "Evidence is clear > Ban" to "Evidence is clear > Remove items > remove donor levels > keep in check WHOS still on that all > community service". This be ok if you had a team of like 10 GMs. Atm we are like 4, were 1 is MIA, the other 2 not much alive too and one basically alive. Just stop pandering the crowd coz we need players, punish people properly if they did things wrong. jeez.
  4. gcq

    1337 Reporting for duty

    To be honest this all boils down to the core issue in this server: The lack of communication. The circle that repeats itself is always the same: Staff stays radio silent (working tho) > things happen > the Staff takes actions > the Staff DOES NOT explain itself > people throw a fit over it (and worse, blackmailing them). A lot of those dramas (ban or just a mechanic change) could had been prevented by more communication. Best example: The Eden set change. The topic was in Gitlab for over half a year, nothing happen, and then BOOM change, without any notice. And believe me, I regularly check gitlab and even to me that was out of the blue. What we really need, and what I already tried pushing to Oppai in the past (with lackluster success), is a sort of "Dev Notes" blog/forum topic/whaterver. Something that tells the players "Yo we are working on this, X gonna happen, what's your thought on project Y", that kinda thing. ====== Now the points that make me probably again the no1 boogey gei on the server. Note, all statements are under the assumption allegations are valid and not some shady "we dunno" case. While I agree, punishments should have a sense of stacking up on another (for example, you won't lose your driver license after 1 mistake (assuming it wasn't THAT bad)), BUT. The thing that kinda annoys me the most with especially the thrid party/macaroni/whatever cheaters is, IT IS IN THE RULES. IT IS IN THERE IN EVEN A BIG RED FONT. It should be f***ing common sense to not cheat in the first place. I can understand a bug abuse, that might accidentally happen. But using a macro? THAT AIN'T HAPPENING ON ACCIDENT. The person did that INTENTIONALLY. A person doing this does this being WELL AWARE they break the rules (and no, the "but I didn't read the rules" excuse doesn't count; Ignorance doesn't protect from punishment) and (in my opinion) should face the CONSEQUENCES. And on that note, since people connect it with "the woe will become alive". Like, really - they never ever thought of, idk, MAYBE get a newer generation to woe? Instead they cling to the old cheaters and hope that they will come back not cheating again? Guess the egos too big to get newbies on board and teach them. God, this really - Yes Oppai did mistakes, but one thing he did well was, that he gave people consequences for their actions. And I respect that. And @1337 I really hope you make a good research on that and don't just unban people 'coz a certain someone wants more money or a bunch of kids pressure you because their egos are hurt. I really hope. Thanks. Also welcome gei, I hope you enjoy hell.
  5. Aww, Ripperoni Oppai. It was always fun fetching new ideas and suggestions to you. It's sad some people demonized you for just doing your job but I hope you can now move on to something that gives you even more joy than rro. haha Thank you for everything, Opppppaiii~
  6. So you mean 1 Token for each member or like, 3 Party member, everyone gets 3? Also Set of Keys for the PL or the whole party (aka each member).
  7. Wiki Page for the Event, - https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Arrival_of_Ragnarok
  8. Anniversary Wiki Page: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/RevivalRO_Anniversary_Event
  9. Updated Guide to include a in depth guide about Potting. Happy ranking nubs. ❤️
  10. I don't think we have that quest, to be honest. But I might be wrong.
  11. Will still be updated, but the wiki page for the event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Grinch_Ruins_Christmas
  12. Wiki page for the Elf Helper Event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Santa's_Secret_Elf_Helper
  13. Wiki page for the event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Pre_Christmas_Event_2020
  14. -Didn't knew just copy pasting links is a "guide" now- Well, you could had saved yourself 10 minutes of your life by just linking the BF wiki page. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Black_Friday_Sale#Black_Friday_2020
  15. You cannot decard orbs, but you can "overwrite" them by placing a new orb at their place.
  16. Well, one thing is for sure; The higher the SDEF (Players) is, the better works Thana. And the higher a monsters VIT is, the better works Thana. I am not sure about the exact numbers, but that's the general rule.
  17. Yes Revival is pre-renewal. For the formula, not sure but I just assume it's some calc variable for it. If you want look at it, that's the page on iro, then again, that is mostly renewal. https://irowiki.org/wiki/DEF#Soft_DEF But they do have some notions on Thana and Occult Impact in the end.
  18. Ok after some research on google; Turns out that pre-renewal Thanatos Effect takes SDef in consideration. Renewal Thanatos takes HDef. https://herc.ws/board/topic/3542-thanatos-effect-in-renewal/?do=findComment&comment=23316 The script on Thanatos Wiki page is the original pre-renewal one. (Can't help much else since I have no frikking clue; that is just what I figured out after a 5min google search lol) EDIT: Also for your question, how that works on monsters with "no sdef"; monsters "sdef" is according to iro wiki (which might not be correct, since they use renewal formulas, so apology): (Probably the reason why you see our custom monster always with low VIT, otherwise Thana would eliminate them hard.)
  19. gcq

    Spooky Season

    https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Horror_Toy_Factory Wiki link for the Instance page.
  20. Category: Profile Picture, Half body something (?) GM/Admin: Optimus (Oppai) Prime IGN: g c q, yandereQueen Note: I will send a version without watermarks to Oppai directly if he desires so. I can also resize/cut it more if he wants, ty. Artwork: Step by Step collage, Wip thingy:
  21. gcq

    Lasagna Invasion!

    Wiki entry for the Event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Lasagna_Invasion
  22. Wiki Page featuring the ingredients lists: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Exquisite_Cooking_Quest
  23. ========== World Without Balance ... and you ========== World Without Balance is the newest event instance in RevivalRO and features two modes you can run it in: Normal and Nightmare mode. The major difference with that be, the monsters stats are increased in Nightmare Mode, as well as their HP. Big Note: This "guide" is written after my experience of Nightmare runs in the instance, but since basically only the stats of monsters are different between both modes, I assume it can apply to Normal as well. ========== The Party ========== A "new" unique feature of the Event is the limited party size of 6 people, you cannot run the instance with more or less people. This means your choice of characters need to be efficient. There couple of team compositions out there that can work, it all depends on how good the player can play their classes and what gives the best damage output. A few examples of party constellations are: - Sniper / Sniper / Professor / Gypsy / Whitesmith / High Priest - Sniper / Professor / Professor / Soul Linker / Gypsy / High Priest - Assassin Cross / Sniper / Professor / Soul Linker / Creator / High Priest Killers: As in basically every content, Sniper is without a doubt the best killer. The Range advantage is just too good. Further, they cover up very well with Elemental Arrows. Premium items are allowed, so Premium LKC can boost their damage even further. Assassin Cross can do a good job too, but they have the disadvantage of getting close to the enemy and potentially eat a lot reflect damage. Tanker: Another basic choice, Professor excel in tanking yet again. Commonly with either 100% Neutral/ High MDEF, High DEF or simply PD while standing on Land Protector. But basically, any class can tank in the instance with the right gears. Support Classes: The "decoration" aka support line up boils down to basically what is the main damage. Gypsy gives a high CRIT boost with Fortune's Kiss. Whitesmith gives ATK boosts with their Buffs. High Priests are High Priests. Soul Linker are mostly useful with Instant Kaizel: When you are affected by Hell's Power you will be resurrected regardless (but you need to make sure you have always Kaizel to keep it like that), Kaupe and Kaahi. ========== Gear Examples ========== Killer: As example here, Sniper. Basically your default Crit Cedi Sniper can shine here easily. Thanks to Aka for providing the screenshot. Most Noteable skills: ... the 3 Sniper always uses. Honorable Mentions with gears: Hyzolist Hat, Gold Snapback Hat, any other headgear that increases damage depending on the enemies element. LKC if you got it. Reset Girl Robe, Fire Armor (if a Vulcano is provided). Any specific gears for the elements the monsters have (can be looked up in the Wiki). At least 240 CRIT will be needed, as well as high HIT. In short, anyone who used his Sniper in PVM longer then 5min should be able to know what he needs to kill things quick. Tanker: (Personally I didn't played tank in there yet) Most Noteable skills: Land Protector (if support Vulcano), Dispell, Magic Rod Basic Professor tanking gears, mostly same as in Cedi. If you got the gears, you can try go 100% Neutral Resistance with some high MDEF (Stuff such as Deviling Card, Gibbet Card, Antiqu Helm, Little Devil Wings, Hauberk, Ebonies, Winged Cardigan). Alternativly PD can be tried, which had the downside tho, that you need to be on a Land Protector, and be more weak to magical attacks. Tanks should be played by players who have at least some knwledge of the game, and know what they are doing, since they are core part of the reason a party doesn't get rekt instantly. Keep a good stock of Yggdrasil Berries, since the instance doesn't has access to @storage. Another Tanker option can be a 90 DEF/MDEF Steel Body Champion. ========== The Instance ========== Time Limit: 60min (Both Modes) Party Size: 6 Cool Down Time: 24h (counting from when you enter) Re-entries: 1 (Nightmare); 3 (Normal) Note: For Support classes it's beneficial to stay "out of sight" of boss monsters, since they tend to cast nasty AOE magic/Earthquake/or De-Buffs. Killers sadly don't have so much luck since they need to stay in sight to attack the monsters. Always make sure you are outside of the Red area marked by the game! The instance has 3 different sections/maps. Each ending with a main MVP boss you need to kill. 1. Section: Varunastra When you spawn in the first section, the objective is simple: kill all monsters in sight. It is fairly easy, since they are all Undead (a ME Priest can come handy in dishing out additional damage). Take care tho, they like to spam Sacrifice. After all Undead Scouts died, Varunastra spawns on top of the staircase. Her Storm Gust can hurt, but usually Killers and Support row should be save from most damage. When she is killed, the party can move to the next area. 2. Section: Deity of Balance The second section is split into basically 5 sub areas, the 4 Elemental Guardians and the boss. On the map you will see 4 markers, telling you the entrance to each Guardian room, you can finish them in any order. The 4 guardians have each a different element, Wind, Water, Earth and Fire. As well as unique magical skills such as Jack Frost or Chain Lightning. They are the only monster in their specific area, so it's not difficult to take them down. Once all 4 Guardians are defeated, the Deity of Balance will spawn in the middle of the map. Same drill as always, take it down to proceed. Tho, in between his death and respawn, he will ask the party to solve his "riddles" (he will ask questions that can either be answered with balance or imbalance, demanding the players to either split in groups of either even or uneven numbers left and right of him). Note: you technically do not need to play this with the Deity, and just wait till he is done, since he will fight you regardless if you solve his riddles right or wrong. After the Deity died 3 times, you can proceed to the final room. 3. Section: Raphael In the last room Raphael in his human form will wait for you. His unique fighting mechanic consists of a changing aura, when his aura changes to Green, he will Reflect 10% of all physical and magical damage (this also includes Ranged damage). To fight against this, you can either stop between his aura changes, or just brute force it (for example Kaizel Spam the Killer). After you defeated him once, the party needs to either seek shelter on randomly placed Saftey Walls on the map to not get killed, or you just wait it out (if you got Kaizel). Human Raphael will spawn again. Same fight as before. Once his human form is defeated, walk to the top of the map, Raphael in his Angel form will wait for you there. Again, take him down. Angels unique gimmick is, that every 2 minutes he spawns a "Totem" (a hand shaped monster) randomly on the map (it will have a marker). While this Totem is active, he will reflect all damage to 100%, physical (also ranged) and magical. Taking the Totem down is easy, it always takes 1 damage, but doesn't fight back. Again, after he died the first time, the map will get nuked (the game with the Safety Walls, same applies here too), and he will spawn again. Same fight as the first time. The instance is finished when Angel Raphael is defeated. ========== Other Notes ========== Hell's Power is a de-buff which makes it impossible to resurrect the one affected by it (because of that Kaizel can be a very handy buff in the instance, due to the nature of it instantly resurrecting the player, it "ignores" the Hell's Power status). Details for the monsters in the instance can be found in the Wiki (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/World_Without_Balance), the page also features a video (which is a very subparb run of the instance tho). Freeze immunity can be handy for support classes, as well as basic Status Immunity like Silence.
  24. Wiki link for the instance event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/World_Without_Balance
  25. Not sure if that be a good idea, since there is A) Auto-feed (which means you can literally afk 24/7 and get your Homi loyal, if you have the food available, without any effort) and it also would give a huge advantage on the Homi itself (aka Evolution, stronger Stats, etc). And idk, it seems to me a bit off the point, like one aspect of Pets/Homis (I know the Box already destroyed that with Pets) is, that you take care of them. Box'o'Cuddles is (in my opinion) borderline ok-ish since it just gives you the pets abilities and nothing more. If you look for items that can increase the Intimacy from feeding, there is Amistr Tail, Shoulder Chicky and the Homunculus Care Guides. :3
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