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  1. Wiki link for the instance event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/World_Without_Balance
  2. Not sure if that be a good idea, since there is A) Auto-feed (which means you can literally afk 24/7 and get your Homi loyal, if you have the food available, without any effort) and it also would give a huge advantage on the Homi itself (aka Evolution, stronger Stats, etc). And idk, it seems to me a bit off the point, like one aspect of Pets/Homis (I know the Box already destroyed that with Pets) is, that you take care of them. Box'o'Cuddles is (in my opinion) borderline ok-ish since it just gives you the pets abilities and nothing more. If you look for items that can increase the Intimacy from feeding, there is Amistr Tail, Shoulder Chicky and the Homunculus Care Guides. :3
  3. Quiet frankly. At this point the whole argument (again) is just a vendetta. This kind of circle repeated so often by now. Something happens/Someone got ban/Something got reported > GMs took care of it > GMs came to a different conclusion as the initiation party wanted > Initiation party starts a witch hunt and conspiracy theory against the subject/matter and GMs (in hope they get their will (?)) > Everything explodes in a giant shit show. Honestly, it is no secret I love watching a good shit show, but it slowly get tiring. -This is now going to be a bit half off-topic rant- Every single time a thing is not going as the initiating person/party wanted/pictured it; a giant shit show start which would make even a 5 year old be ashamed. This time the Staff even tried to reason with SHOWING EVIDENCES, and thought processes, which btw: THEY DON'T NEED TO. (And on point of that, with that whole "I am write and nothing else" mindset; evidence will NEVER be ENOUGH. How are the GMs suppose to proof innocence? Does the reporter need to sit behind the target and breath into their ear to see they don't cheat and accept that?) And yet everyone still throws himself on the ground and screams "Corruption! Bias! Bad GMs!". Yes it sucks when something isn't as it seems to be, but that is no reason to start conspiracies out of thin air, just because you didn't got what you wanted. What I just want to say is, maybe, just MAYBE try step a bit towards the other point of view, and not only your own. The environment in the server became so hostile and toxic, every little thing leads into a fallout. You suggest out of the fun a new mechanic some don't like? > See it as personal attack and throw every insult you got. A argument doesn't go the way you like it? > Throw insult at the other person. But I guess things will never change, because the own ego is much more important, and god forbid we accept that we are not 100% always in the right. GMs are always bad and bias. They aren't humans. God, I really hate this "community".
  4. Why does that matter? If you can aim the MVP in the "natural habitat", then you can aim it in the empty room too. And beside that, wouldn't that even false the result even more, since you have no controlled conditions (like looking out for the other monsters and the MVP)? The report was mainly the aiming and spam, the video proven that the spam is possible (as you seen, it was a record file), But welps, that is nothing we can judge over anyways.
  5. Yes, I understand that, but the issue is really that right now (and for that matter in the pat), there is a big lack of trust between the player base and the staff. Blackmailing and treats aren't ok; but in my opinion providing the innocence video also to the reporter would had helped a lot (and I mean, the video DOES ALREADY EXIST, so all of the time it takes is copy paste a link). If the reporter accepts that or not, is not your issue. But at least it's a "physical" evidence and not just a "he said/she said" thing. Basically, what I am trying to say is: the player base - GM relationship has no trust (hence the main chat melt downs that immediately goes into "gms are so bias and corrupted, same as Ancy, etc", and all other nasty stuff). But, the report system with explaining the other party that "we came to the conclusion x period" without video/picture evidence relies on trust. Not to forget that not everyone is reasonable when argue with them (no offense to anyone), I know that is basically none of your business if they don't believe the staff, but it might help them better understand. I know it is up to you guys to decide to change something in the system, but frankly with the melt downs I have seen; I doubt it will get better, since the common mindset is " gm = bad" no matter what.
  6. A bit slightly not on topic with the case specific, but what I wanna say is; perhaps change a bit how you guys handle those things. I know privacy and identity protection has high value; but in my opinion A LOT, REALLY A LOT drama could have been avoided, if you would share some of the innocence proofs with the reporter. I can understand why reporter feel a bit bumped, when they do their best to get good evidence and all; and all they then get in the end is basically a "lol no you're wrong, bye" and need take that as granted. It becomes especially clear when we consider the current community climate, which is incredible toxic ( I mean you saw the fallouts that happen, just when a little thing out of the norm happen, people lose their shit). Most people are incredibly suspicious of the staff (bias, favoritism, corruption etc), so you can't really expect from them to be like "oh GM x said I was wrong, for sure I will believe him!".
  7. gcq

    Summer Carnival 2020!

    Wiki Page for the Event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Summer_Carnival Including a map where to find the mini games.
  8. gcq

    Hey look! That's my art!

    Dat looks delicious. ❤️
  9. gcq

    The Three Sisters Quest

    Wiki Post for the Quest: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/The_Three_Sisters_Quest
  10. --insert fancy picture here, one day-- Bio Lab 4 (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Biolabs_F4), also known as Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 can be accessed over the 3rd floor of the Lighthalzen Dungeon. It is only accessable when the questline around "The boy who cried Wolfchev" is successfully finished. It will remain open for one month, after that the "Breaking the Seal" quest needs to be repeated again. Monsters Similar to the other floors of the Lighthalzen Dungeon, Bio Lab 4 contains strong player-like monsters. All of which have different attributes. Also similar to the Bio Lab 3; the fourth floor contains 7 different MVP, were only one randomly will spawn. Paladin Randel - Holy Lv.3 (Weak against Shadow) Creator Flamel - Fire Lv. 3 (Weak against Water) Professor Celia - Ghost Lv. 3 (Weak against Ghost) Champion Chen - Water Lv. 4 (Weak against Wind) * Stalker Gertie - Poison Lv. 4 (Weak against Holy) * Clown Alphoccio & Gypsy Trentini - Wind Lv. 3 (Weak against Earth) * Note: Chen and Gertie are the only "Demon" race monsters in the dungeon, meaning they do can detect the player while cloaking. Farming Bio Lab 4 Soul Linker Soul Linker have a great advantage in farming Bio Lab 4 due to their access to 7 Elements (Warm Wind). Combined with their abilty to keep useful buffs active (Kaupe, Kaizel), they can constantly keep dish out damage without taking much. They are capable of soloing the Bio Lab 4 MVPs without a tank, if they are geared enough. They also can reach higher DPS then SinX, expect VS Paladin Randel. Advantages: - good DPS - good buffs with Kaupe and Kaizel - natural Element coverage Disadvantages: - Movement speed (Leap and High Jump are disabled) - no AoE damage, relies on targeting the right monster (especially VS MVPs) - High SP usage, so a high Blue Potion consume Skills: Most Important ones: Warm Wind (1-7), Kaupe, Kaizel, Estun, Esma Gears: - Upper Headgear: Typical magic upper (Dark Wizard Hat, etc)/ RDC hat: 3x Vespers + Rata - Middle Headgear: Typical wings/middle gear: Orc Hero, Evil Snake Lord + 2x Rata - Lower Headgear: Any: High Wizard (P) - Armor: Great Old Hauberk - Weapon: Any (Example: Fable's Rod, or any good MATK Rod) - Shield: Any: Golden Thiefbug - Garment: Great Old Cloak - Shoes: Anti Knock Back shoes (+10 Elvira Boots/Bronze Greaves/Antique Shoes): Fallen Bishop - Accessory: 2x Resplendent Rings (to save SP, Optional: SPGain Orb), or anything that increases MATK. Have 1 slot with Horong Card for Gerties. Gameplay: Estun, Esma spam to kill monsters 1 on 1 (since you got no AOE, try avoid gettin' mobbed too much). Make sure Kaupe is up so you won't die to Asura Strike from Chen. Memorize the elemental weakness of mobs and you can kill anything you want in bio4. ------------------------------------------------------------- Assassin Cross Assassin Cross have lower DPS compared to Soul Linkers in Bio Lab 4, but can deal AOE damage. Further they got a better mobility with Backsliding and Cloak, which let them easily find MVPs. In this build their DPS is lower, in order to survive the Asura Strike from Chen. Advantages: - high Mobility - AOE damage Disadvantages: - lower DPS, relies heavily on splash status - relies on Converters to cover up all Elements Gears: - Upper Headgear: Drooping Amistr - Middle Headgear: Little Devil Wings - 2x Gemini - Lower Headgear: Red Tie: Orc Hero - Armor: Great Old Hauberk - Mainhand: Sir Vincent Saber: 2x Sniper (P), Valkyrie Randgris - Offhand: Perun Axe: Lord of Death, 2x Lora - Garment: Antique Garment/Nidhoggs Shadow Garb: Deviling - Shoes: Anti Knock Back shoes (+10 Elvira Boots/Bronze Greaves/Antique Shoes): General Engigem Cenia - Accessory: 2x Meginjards (or 2x Recondite Rings with "Neutral2" Orbs) - Optional: Poring GM Pet Gameplay: This build lets you not need to worry about Chen's Asura as you can get up to 99% Resist to Neutral. You will also have aoe statuses that will prevent most mobs from casting anything once they are near you due to stun and silence. You will be able to kill mvps - although you might die a few times due to professor's bolts or paladin's grand cross. (Unless you berry quick enough). Much faster for farming normal monsters, terrible at killing MVPs. ------------------------------------------------------------- Stalker (for luring) Stalker can use a similar tankier set as SinX. They are perfect scouts due to their high movement speed, if they are linked. Gears: - Upper Headgear: Any (Tenishi ring for more hdef?) - Middle Headgear: Little Devil Wings - Lower Headgear: +5% Elemental resist lower: 4 leaf clover, fuzzy bunny scarf, etc - Armor: Varigated Vest (Neutral2): Argiope - Shield: +10 Immune Shield: Golden Thiefbug - Garment: Nighogg Shadow Garb: Deviling - Shoes: Ebony Greaves (Neutral2): Moonlight Flower - Accessory: 2x Resplendent Ring/Recondite Ring (Neutral2) Credits mainly to gei Tono for sharing. :3
  11. Guess that only be separate Radio or play on PC, while having the Radio on the phone.
  12. Event storage? Sounds like, time to dump all trash in there.
  13. "accept idea from ppl not woeing... " Man, if there was just a way to have discussions about nerfs and balance issues before hand ... But nah, that would mean actually care and not just cry out loud when the kid fell in the well. :v
  14. Can't mute music on Andro, all you can do is mute the whole phone.
  15. gcq

    Summer Lottery 2020

    ... Read what Optimus said.
  16. gcq

    Hey look! That's my art!

    "If we keep it as simple as 50/25/10c for 1st/2nd/3rd prize, then if there are 3 arts that are already submitted here, other artworks will be discouraged." (Frankly that is one of the reasons I never join art contests HA) Jokes aside tho, that is why it's called a contest. People compete with another to gain the prizes. To give their best to have a chance to gain that prizes. That's why Von and me kinda try to shift that a bit, coz right now you have basically no ambition to compete. "We want to make sure that each art submitted here should have fair chance to participate." In a contest, by default ALL art has a fair chance. If it doesn't, then it's not the fault by artist X being more talented but by the judges honestly. By that logic, I am never allowed to join any contest anymore, since I am subjectively more talented and might give others a not fair chance. If you don't want "discourage" people; then don't call it contest and make a "we want commission artists for the following" post. "Also, on your point, about the "worthy" word, there's many times where art is simple enough but creative, or detailed, if we go by votes or something, both can land into 1st place, but having their own value based on efforts gives the chance to gain something for simple arts as well as detailed arts too." The worthy part was aimed for the negotiate, not the placings. Also, if more then one art hits first place, why not reward both equal then? (For Load screens it can work easily; Card art would be more difficult since only one can be in game in the end) The whole worthy problem is; you guys say you give a CHANCE to negotiate. But what happen if you can't find a common ground with the artist? This whole thing might open up more problems and makes it more complicated as it needs to be (example, just offer a fix prize the artist agrees on by joining the whole event). I" see your first point of not luring the participants, but what if we just had 3 prize and 3 great artworks are already submitted? that would also discourage new participants, so having fixed price is something that was taken off the list." See my first and second respond. "Also, It's not everyone niche to do loading screen/etc, some people likes to do all, some might have particular niche." In all honesty, this whole thing had might been A LOT easier, if you just had make it a card contest (like we had a bunch in the past already); and simultaneously a "we hire artists for LoadScreens/Patcher/Webpage artwork" post. Right now it feels like all is stuffed in one contest for the sake of it.
  17. Priest guide; sort of mainly WoE oriented; but Cedi is general support so its sort of the same: Although it is a Performer guide; in the end are some gear options every class can wear in WoE:
  18. gcq

    Hey look! That's my art!

    Well to sum it a bit better up; the prizes are basically too underwhelming. (And yes I understood the second part with "you can negotiate with GMs since they buy your art") But the point of an event is; give people a shiny nice prize in luring them into participate. 30 EP is not luring at all (for the most people, I mean let's be real, that shop needs a revamp too -like the whole server-). I mean, what would get your attention? Having 5c as prize or 50c? And yes I agree on that last note with Vonneh, from an artist perspective that "negotiate" sounds so shady. I know you guys didn't meant to make it sound so shady, but it feels, since, who tells me that we get to a reasonable price together. And then on a second thought, IF you were willing to pay that negotiated price, then why not just made it a fix main event prize in the first place? That would lure in probably a lot more people. Who defines if my art is "worthy"? What if my skill level isn't that high, that might discourage some since they could think like "my art isn't worth anyways". On a side note; I had also said that event has way too much going on for that short time (Card Art, Load Screen AND whatever that patcher thingy falls into); that should had been 3 separate contests, with maybe 3 different sets of prizes (maybe even 3 different costumes and titles?). Also I still demand a picture of that Artist Costume hat. :v Rant over, have a nice day.
  19. gcq

    la petit atelier

    Love the bow on the mace, surely the cutest yandere.
  20. gcq

    la petit atelier

    I remember that look, ha.
  21. gcq

    Summer Lottery 2020

    Wiki Page: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Summer_Lottery_Event
  22. Skill changes apply to all environments, PvP as well PvM.
  23. You can't Refine using the Phone App (you do can use a WS for weapon refines). For Refining you need to use the PC.
  24. Because this isn't a harmful file, coz it was fixing A LOT issues we had on PC. You guys are totally forgetting, this is in the first place a PC GAME (and in that fact, a frikkin 20 year old on too), not a purely mobil one. It tells you on EVERY loading screen "best played on PC". For the server to progress, they need to twerk around such things. We really need to start throw off Andro, coz as you just see, just a little update on the main client to make the game better totally rekts the andro app? Is that really what you guys a quality app? Also, might need to read that post from almost half a year ago, since it seems to be on time:
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