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  1. I'm just writing some tips here for future me to see while i'm doing solo novice>acolyte>monk>high novice>high acolyte>champion>sura run I'm trying not to party, so while looking for mobs to farm i stick to these rules. 1. The map should mostly be passive. (Monks only have single target damage so I can't deal with swarms very effectively). 2. After I get to monk and lvl 5 investigate, the monster should die using 5 Investigate. Generally following this guide : http://myrolife.blogspot.sg/2016/05/anubiss-guide-to-building-monk.html 1. For the 1-20 I go for porings instead of lunatics even though there's slightly less exp, but porings drop sticky mucus which sells for a good price. Nice source of zeny early on. After some time though thief bugs give better exp, though it doesn't drop something good to sell. 2. Pecopecos are great after 20 level. It drops the rod which can be sold for 1250 z each, and also yellow herb, which is a monk quest item later on. 3. Beach dungeon gives good exp and zenies. Level 3 is mostly passive, with immobile aggressive monsters. Thara frogs drop white herb which is a monk quest item, and because they are passive, I go for them instead of sidewinders. They also drop good stuff to sell. (Clearing the floor at 110 STR and lvl 1 agi gives 100k zeny per hour). Level 2 is also mostly passive (the golems) but there are more aggressive monsters here. Golems can be killed with 5 investigates at 110 STR. (Clearing this floor at 110 STR and lvl 1 agi gives 200k zeny per hour, I abused the teleport taking no gold to morroc ("@go morr") and healed whenever I almost died). [Now testing Level 1 clearing efficiency]. 4. I like knuckles so I bought finger (+97 atk) at einbroch.
  2. http://myrolife.blogspot.sg/2016/05/anubiss-guide-to-building-monk.html I'm using this. Challenging myself to solo level, so far still okayish.
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