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  1. +9 heroic backpack would be your bestfriend if you are a crit class Drooping Amistr Large redwing +9 heroic backpack armor? theres alot of choices, Pragmatist, varigated or even the new Gray Armor is good Shoes - i recommend ebony or hermes if u need endure
  2. yep, i cannot equip them aside from the armor
  3. ^ That, and that means it wont be stocked.
  4. I have not seen any thread for this. But it has been closed for 5 hours now.
  5. To be honest, there is no direct shortcut of gearing yourself fast in this server. Not mentioning, this is a new one. The end game content are Cedi/ and the other quests. Which you basically cannot do as of the moment because of 2 reasons. 1. you need someone to actually take you there. 2. Other parties wont recruit you since you are undergeared. Now, to answer your question directly. I suggest you create, your own army. Get an alt at least 2 - 3 accounts. While your main is hunting, let's say the MVP rooms, your other account can actually do artistry or any other things. i will list down below the things i think the most worthy of your time. - 1. Gramps and Pieces of paradise / Daily quest - Well, if you are still not aware, Pieces of paradise can be traded for the Heroic Backpack. 2. Monster of the Day- this provides you pancakes, cedi points and monster of the day points, which again gives you Heroic Backpack. 3. OCA farming - People normally sells these, but i would rather open them and do cedi or sell the more valuable cards. 4. Zeny Farming - Gefenia is best, but if you can do Gamma MVP room, farming for Treasure box, valhala flower and dragon breath cocktails gives you fair enough amount of Zeny. 5. Investing on long term quests like Notoriety or Sealed MVP's. On the long run believe me, it pays off.
  6. I do agree >D
  7. i doubt that they will change this. To be honest, this painful process is the only reason why the prices of crafted items are still at 60m ish at least for normal + 10 imagine if this is implemented, no one will be doing the crafting for merchandising anymore. (long run) Why? well, at first there will be a lot of people who will try to create these. BEcause of that the prices will actually drop. then people will realize that the actual prices does not compensate on the actual time spent on creating such mats. People will start not to craft and just buy.
  8. basically if you found the dungeon for the day, it spawns on the same map within 10 minutes
  9. Hola amigo.. Nuestro administrador puede cambair tu información si tienes tu usario y tu correo. (Es normal para servidores de juegas a pedir dos informaciónes de tu cuenta para regresar/cambiar tu contrasena). En mi caso, Yo se mi ambos mi correo y usario, pero estoy adivinando, si tienes tu correo (Al menos) el administrador puede cambiar tus informaciones. En tu caso que no sabes tu correo, ya no se. Te siguero que contactar nuestro administradores por el sitio web abajo y clickar el systema para chat. Ragnarevival.com Perdon pero soy novato en estos lengua
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