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  1. Danz666

    Android bug list and improvements!

    One more. Map in geffenia 2, always dark,blank, or something else.
  2. Danz666

    Summer Style Box - Be Cool for the summer!

    Hy, how to remove this costume? I cant attack,use skill,or use usable item That was not good
  3. Hy,why i cant login to the game? Is there any maintenance?
  4. Danz666

    Android user

    Hy, i know it has achievement fitur, but how to use it in android? I'm open the window but no menu of achievement
  5. Danz666

    Login issue

    Why i cant login the game a few minutes ago? N why is there nothing notification about maintenance/server down? N why developer always make me dissapointed?
  6. Danz666

    Cant log in

    Me too. Maybe server down / any maintenance
  7. Danz666


    Oh thanks for the information. I will check it out later when it finished
  8. Danz666

    Android bug list and improvements!

    Hy i want to report my problem in andro. When i start to tame monster, i click the bait, and i choose the target, suddenly its appear notification "gl_shader bla bla bla" Please fix it, i want a cool pet Thanks
  9. Danz666


    In this morning ,my char was disappear. And now, server closed. Anyone know until when this issue can fix? How long the duration of maintenance? PS:Sorry for my bad english
  10. Danz666

    Character Server closed

    Hy me too. I cant enter the game. Its say error rejected. I have been email the developer,and no reply until now