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  1. One more. Map in geffenia 2, always dark,blank, or something else.
  2. Hy, how to remove this costume? I cant attack,use skill,or use usable item That was not good
  3. Hy,why i cant login to the game? Is there any maintenance?
  4. Hy, i know it has achievement fitur, but how to use it in android? I'm open the window but no menu of achievement
  5. Why i cant login the game a few minutes ago? N why is there nothing notification about maintenance/server down? N why developer always make me dissapointed?
  6. Danz666

    Cant log in

    Me too. Maybe server down / any maintenance
  7. Oh thanks for the information. I will check it out later when it finished
  8. Hy i want to report my problem in andro. When i start to tame monster, i click the bait, and i choose the target, suddenly its appear notification "gl_shader bla bla bla" Please fix it, i want a cool pet Thanks
  9. In this morning ,my char was disappear. And now, server closed. Anyone know until when this issue can fix? How long the duration of maintenance? PS:Sorry for my bad english
  10. Hy me too. I cant enter the game. Its say error rejected. I have been email the developer,and no reply until now
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