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  1. I've found the Varig Vest invaluable. Especially if you use the MVP room.
  2. I've never seen that many before in this MVP room. I giggled.
  3. Id settle for some Shadow bullets for the Gunslinger class and also a reduction on the absurdly long cool down time on Full Buster. 2.8 seconds is ridiculous. Disable that cooldown of 2.8 seconds outside of WOE. For PvM there is no need for having a 2.8s cool down on that and also no ability to use more than 1 Kiel to help with that. For anything outside of WOE, that Full Buster cool down time needs to be totally dropped down to a significantly lesser value. During Woe, it should stay 2.8 if you arent using a Kiel on the footgear.
  4. I had the same issue when I first joined. The gear I received from that NPC had duplicates and they were not user friendly at all to the character I selected to use in the game. I was also quite upset over Kiels being unmentioned front and center anywhere that it is no longer a headgear card, but now a footgear. The Wiki still says its a headgear, the card itself when linked said it was a headgear. If you guys can drop a new NPC in there to let us have another chance to swap in the returning player items, I'd appreciate it. I'd rather have a chance to get something else entirely than what I received because the items I received were not useful to me in the slightest.
  5. Howdy!! Would like to sell my +9 Hardened Steel Shotgun. Is capable of 1 shot killing most of the lower end and lower-middle tier MVPs with Full Buster depending on your gear set. I paid 40c for this btw. -20c PM me in game any time at MikeyKarp3
  6. I am looking for the highest critical hit values obtainable. Outside of the Goblin or Spectral Bow, what should I be investing in right now to build the strongest critical Sniper set.
  7. Sniper w/ VariagVest - which gives you Warm Wind lv 4 and you can cycle through water, fire, earth and wind weapon endow to deal more damage accordingly Goblin Bow/Spectral Bow - AK cards if you prefer that, Thanatos might deal more damage depending on what you are fighting. Orc Sniper/Fighter also is a good option depending. +9 Heroic Backpack Your pick of a good armor with Gloom Card Your pick of a good footgear with something like Ascendant Orc, Nekoring/cowring Recondite Rings + Ifrit (well...idk anymore, Ifrits are dying right now it seems) Critical% Orbs Any top headgear +30 stats + 4 kiki cards A good mid headgear, shoot for a +25 stats with a 3 slot, because sometimes the extra bonus the 25 stater gives is nice, in my case extra speed or even lv10 heal etc etc lower head gear red neck tie With that, you'll hit absurdly high critical values. I dont even have a goblin bow and dont need it, I hit 43,000 criticals on Baphomet mvp for example. Im using a simple iXion wing bow with an AK card. Or, use the same gears as above for a Gunslinger and a hardened steel shotgun and you can one shot a lot of the lower and middle tier mvps in the mvp room. Dopple, Incan, GTB, Stormy, etc etc will die in one full buster shot. And if you opt for desperado build instead, you will absolutely obliterate mobs pretty much anywhere if you opt for Experimental Vern cards to add 10% HP into the headgear slots instead of the Kiki's for critical. Desperado is super fun to use and handles mobs exceptionally well. But, GS is a glass canon and dies fast so you need armors and footgears and cards to help with stock low HP on the Gunslinger hope that helps -Karp
  8. Hello Community. Recently, I'd purchased my first pass to the Murder Mystery Mine. The reason I purchased the pass was that the Wiki said that only the Poof/HAV and Baal were listed as MVP Bosses. The other enemies were not listed as boss status and I thought that Cloaking would work, so that I can run around free and hunt the MVP's. I was going to use my SinX with Cloaking to go Hunt the MVPs, but that doesn't work, because all of them down there are rated as boss status. I had some success after making a TaeKwon, but it isn't really viable without Angra and I don't want to use Angra. I feel like Angra isn't fun at all and ruins my gaming experience. I am asking for some teleporting ability voucher to be added in, something you have to purchase to use a Teleport Ring or any other Teleporting abilities/items. My SinX and Sniper really can't do anything down there but pull giant mobs and get stun-locked (even with an Eddga card it gets difficult to not get stunned into submission and lag-locked due to the mob sizes) and I feel like the Murder Mystery Mine would just be renamed to TaeKwon's Caverns, because no other class can get through there as easily and TaeKwons can do it so much easier than any other class. I feel like it is immensely unbalanced in favor of TaeKwons to make a lot of $ farming Baal cards and it is overly difficult for other classes to do much in there.
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