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  1. Hello all, hope everyone is having a great week. I'm Diogo, if we are using our made up names call me Zoldy, 23 years old from Brazil and new to the server. I used to play back on Rebirth but several years before it closed and I found this server with an Old email of mine that got some news emails from here, as I'm currently not playing anything I decided to try my luck with RO once again. being ages since I last played I remember last time was during 3rd Job release and I played just to try the new classes. Glad to see they arent in here cus I didn't learn much about them. But while I download the game I got few questions I didnt find answers here on Forum. 1- The rate exp x100, is medium right? Don't remember what are high or low rates anymore, but my guess is x999 super high... so x100 is mid to low. 2- The server is custom so the name of items change and also cards? (So I gotta learn everything from 0) 3- What class you reckon would be the best for a new player? usually a mage to farm gold but thats only on servers with that gold bar map, there is one here? If not what is a good one that can farm without the best of items. 4- Quests, is there any quest line I should follow or are all quests here, get max lvl them farm 200 each material for a specific Item? (These are boring if all are like this) 5- Besides what class, what is a thing I cannot forget to do or do to late? Like any event or daily I need to start doing since day 1, any quest I should do before any other? Like guide me on my first few days if you can, please. Ty all for reading will be online with you soon, hope to see you in game.
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