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  1. Inugami

    3rd Job

    While we do not have 3rd jobs, we have items that will give you weaker 3rd job skills. We believe in keeping PvP balanced
  2. It does not increase your attack, it increases your damage by 10%.
  3. Since the release of the new Novice Grounds, the Novice Item NPC located at @go 15 no longer gives out items. You now receive starter items by completing the new Novice Grounds.
  4. Go to https://ragnarevival.com/ , Click the icon in the top right corner that says login and at the bottom of the menu there is an option to register an account
  5. Greetings Valiant Souls of this world of Revival Ragnarok! I was wondering through the Spirit Realm and found a portal to your wonderful world! I am Inugami, and I have come to your world to assist you in your perilous journeys! Those seeking aide feel free to call upon me and I will assist you to the fullest of my capabilities! I look forward to meeting each one of you great warriors! I hope we have a woofderful time working together!
  6. Hello Zoldy! Welcome to the server! Yes this is a mid-rate exp server The changes made on this server can be found right on the wiki! https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/RevivalRO_Changes If you are looking to level up why not try out the Gramps leveling quests, you can find Gramps behind the desk at Eden group which you can reach by typing @go 39. Looking to make some zeny? then there's a nice guide written right here on the forums! I hope you have a woofderful time playing on Revival RO!
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