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  1. Skills subjected as near-range should be reflected as intended in the description of Mirror Shard's effect. Also, We don't see any problem regarding this animal enchantment's effect
  2. Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, Starting from 17th of July and until 24th of July 11:59PM UTC + 8, we will have summer sales, you can find the summer sales NPC in prontera at (155, 183). Sale items Magic Baby (25% Discount) 1125 Premium Points Magic Third (25% Discount) 1125 Premium Points Emperor Helm (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Emperor Wings (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Emperor Shoulder (25% Discount) 750 Premium Points Scarlet Angel Helm (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Scarlet Angel Wings (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Scarlet Angel Ears (25% Discount) 750 Premium Points Feather Ribbon (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Skymet 2000 Premium Points Hoplite Helm 2000 Premium Points Owlduke Silk Hat 2000 Premium Points Heavenly Ribbon 2000 Premium Points Heaven's Glow 2000 Premium Points Fluttering Blossom (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Fireworks(2015) (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Rose Eye Patch (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Vagabond Scarf (25% Discount) 1875 Premium Points Bubble Gum Box (25% Discount) 375 Premium Points RebirthRO Max Level (25% Discount) 5250 Premium Points RebirthRO Max Class (25% Discount) 3750 Premium Points Enriched Elunium Box (25% Discount) 75 premium points Enriched Oridecon Box (25% Discount) 75 Premium Points Battle Manual x3 (50% Discount) 250 Premium Points Convex Mirror 50 Premium Points Convex Mirror Box 400 Premium Points Ahura Mazdah (50% Discount) 500 Premium Points Angra Manyu (50% Discount) 500 Premium Points Have fun & Thanks for supporting RevivalRO RebirthRO Management,
  3. Hello! I have come to invade you HA! HA! HA! I'm one of the newly elected staff member to help you and your journey upon RevivalRO! Feel free to approach me and I will assist each one of you as efficiently as I can I hope to meet all of you! This is Reveuse and saying, Have a fun and dreamy day!
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