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  1. Hi Everynian, 😸 Im very into pet evolutions here, and i found some errors. It not only happen to me so I decided to create topic here and share my issues. No matter which one pet i trying to evolve, always i getting communicate like "Pet cannot be hatched", better thing, I found some pets which are impossible to evolve because materials doesn't exist. Items necessary to evolution doesn't compare with items on Kitty's shared list. I found already 2 pets which evolution is impossible, its Bongun (he need to evolve Yao Jun Hat and this item doesn't exist on this server) and Petite (he needs to evolve Petite's Tail and this item is not dropped by any mob and doesn't exist on our server too). I haven't checked all "possible" to evolve pet but Im on my way to do it, I wish rest pets lists has existing items and I will be able to evolve them after fixing bug with "Pet cannot be hatched" 🤗
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