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  1. I understand people are coming from new to returning players. Hence why we try to giving more slots in the guild and more reward to guild leaders. Because right now, nothing really special to be a guild leader hence why no new guilds and give more chances to players to jump in. WoE will always be competitive field and having alliances will just give chances of putting alts of bigger guilds to hostages and whatnot. We do have system to give rewards / WoE coins by doing things which needs guilds to be active. Unless we can get solid reasons provided to bring back alliances with our current active players, the changes won't be made regarding it.
  2. Welcome to the team little comet! ☆
  3. Greeting my dear human of RevivalRO! We need to take some of your thoughts and souls to discuss with us regarding our classes / skills as being overpowered or underpowered, especially in WoE/PvP/BG environtment. As this would also inform that we are going to balance and/or adjust some of our classes, This is an open discussion to make our server more fun and fair for everyone. I like to see my human dying though 😇. You can discuss this from Discord too and put important points here so we can note it easily. Please use proper words and give solid statement of what you think, then we can proceed it with great ideas.Have a rice day! Yours trully mighty plant, Lucid.
  4. I am the newly hired GM for the RevivalRO. My name is Lucid and I'm a person with vast and wild imagination! I have the power to manipulate dreams and alter reality - both mine and yours. So be careful with what you wish for and I hope you sleep well at night~ I would love to discuss about just anything, so feel free to find me in game or on Discord if you need any assistance. Don't be afraid, i won't bite...yet. C; Your beautiful nightmare, Lucid
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