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  1. Boss is signing off for the night, gnight folks-.

  2. So the suggestion is: -to fix the stat once the armor is enchanted the first time, (from the Enchantress NPC, The NPC is located near the south gate of Prontera (prontera 165, 60)) , and then enable the armor stat enchantment to be stack-able. Assume the stat is a random given, for 400k. If that random stat is needed by the player, then there is 3 possible outcomes after 400k spent, 1st try another 400k on +0 stat Armor Class Chance of Success +1 +2 +3 Overall Unslotted 40% 26.67% 13.33% 80% Slotted 36% 24% 12% 72% High Grade 32.73% 21.82% 10.91% 65.46% 2nd try another 400k on +1 Armor Class Chance of Success +1 +2 +3 Overall Unslotted 100% 46.67% 33.33% 80% Slotted 100% 42% 30% 72% High Grade 100% 38.185% 27.275% 65.46% 3rd try another 400k on +2 Armor Class Chance of Success +2 +3 Overall Unslotted 100% 80% 80% Slotted 100% 72% 72% High GradeX 100% 65.46% 65.46% What I did was half the % chance of the +1 or +3, and split the divi among the remaining two % chances, the chance of breaking would remain the same, because some ppl bust on first attempt, which means that same chance would apply for 2nd attempt, as would it apply for the 3rd attempt, making it kinda refining that stat bonus in a way. So 1)after 400k is spent only 1 instance for making a)+1 stat enchanted armors b)or +2stat c)or +3stat 2)or after 800k is spent and there are now only 2 instances for a)+2 stat enchanted armors b)or +3stat 3)then 1.2m is spent there is now 3 instances for a player to make a a)+3 stat enchanted armors So a)spent 1.2mil, b)800k, c)400k to obtain +3 stat armor also note that on each try there is the 'same' chance of busting, because the 'same' 400k was spent for each attempt at stat enchanting the armor the chance of success rate for enchanting armor should not change, because it requires the same cost per enchantment, and after its been +3 stat enchanted, then note that you can work on refining that armor, so more +3 stat armor available, but refining the armor has another chance breaking the armor, So, the price of stat enchanted armor will drop quite literally, and unfair dealings for that market will cease to play out, For example, 400k does not gain you a fortune, if your lucky, or using the slot machine method, and non+3 stat enchanted armor, will have more purpose than being stored in storage, or NPCed to make room in storage, Depending on what stat is enchanted on the armor, can be sold for more than 400k+(the relative cost of the armor), even the non+3 stat enchanted armors, are defined by the 'fixed stat' boost enchantment, for example, if its enchanted with STR, the STR counter will only add for every stat enchantment, up to +3STR enchantment for armor, and this should lead to less hassle for acquiring the stat that you want, and stacking means you can focus on the stat that you desire. (and also reminder, that refine rate will reset for every stacking of stat enchantments, so make sure its +3 stat enchanted armor before refining,) I want to see some +7 +3 stat enchanted armors in the future now, If you like this idea, please +1 and add a comment for extra support!! and thank you all for reading-! You've been a wonderful audience~!
  3. its more about the timing, than it is the probability or luck, don't use a bot, don't speed click, go slow and steady, and do it manually, bring atleast 4x the zeny, required for slotting, and bring atleast 4x the number of ekips, bring atleast 4x the elunium or oridecon for socket enchantment, I did 2 panties in 5 tries, on xenophase, So yaah, the slotted gears should become cheaper too now, so your welcome everybody-!!
  4. Hey there Revival RO fans-! A monk character has entered the arena, and ready for love and battle :3
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