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  1. Same here bro its started yesterday i think the admin or gm need to update again the app.. Thats why i cant play revival ro
  2. We cant play in android it always crashes pls update or fix the app thanks im advance
  3. BloodyCross

    game crashes

    Same it always crashes after few seconds
  4. The app always force close pls fix it and i want to play revival ro again i cant play farm and lvling up newbie here
  5. I think android app for revival ro is bug it always force close pls fix it thanks in advance
  6. Always force close pls fix it and i loving this app and your server
  7. BloodyCross

    Fatal eror

    Cant play revival ro in apk its always crash or the app force close
  8. Is there a new update in android apk it always crashes
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