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  1. Straight to the point, We have these commands: @storeall Opens storage and automatically stores all items you have equipped and in your inventory (Not the items in your cart). It then closes storage. @storeall @storeall2 Similar to @storeall, but only moves the items that you don't have equipped to your storage. @storeall2 @storeall3 Places currently equipped items into storage. @storeall3 I am suggesting to add commands that allow us to store items of specific tab only, for example: @storeall4 to store tab 1 consumables @storeall5 to store tab 3 miscellaneous The purpose of the suggestion to ease item storing during farming, without having to open the storage and drag each item one by one. the command @storeall2 makes you store equipment as well which consumes storage space though. With this command, farming will be much more convenient.
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