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  1. Hey all, Just wondering what if there is any must have gear. I made a drooping amistr and I have the jazz notes mid (is there something better?)other than that, everything I had was deleted. Is there anything worthwhile in the Black Friday Event? Donates are ok as long as I can go anywhere with them. If it matters I like Sniper, Whitesmith but mainly sniper. Thanks!
  2. Thank you, I got the AI to work! I get a 404 when on the credit refund page, 404 Error: Page not found We're sorry, that page cannot be found. Check the URL and try again. If you clicked a link on our site to get here, please inform us by filing a bug report. TRhank you!
  3. I made an alchemist and when I tried to create a homunculus I got a bunch of errors and can't log in to that character anymore. I saw a closed topic but the link there doesn't work. 2. Returning player what happened to all of my donor items? I had a ton of stuff. 3. I created two characters that I want to delete but get an invalid email error. Thank you so much!
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