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  1. Just let me know what style you want. Face and torso Full body Half body (like the one posted) And I'll need screenshots of your character on front, back and side (doesn't matter which side.)
  2. Hey guys it's ShadowElement, I got my creator and my high priest in this one. Creator: Gentle Snow, Lynx Ears, Water Element Race. High Priest: Steam Featherd Top Hat (Pink), Bat Scarf, Shadow Element Race. My high priest also has Falling Feathers but I felt like it would take way too much detail out of what I already have. Let me know your opinions on the style and I'm open to criticism as well. Thanks.
  3. Thank you guys for your feed back!! I'm currently working on another drawing. 🙏👍😊
  4. So I've been working on this off and on all week. This drawing is my first one ever on computer/phone. Anyways, it's my main HP in female and male form, I only put my Shadow Element race on my male just to give different contrast for colors. Let me know what you guys think and hope to see you in RO.
  5. I have a Homun Clip B but I do not know how to equip it. It won't let me equips straight from inventory, is there a special way to do this? Thanks.
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