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  1. hi gm. do we have planned event this month of April or May? just an inquiry. thanks
  2. you will get it as soon you create a character there will be npc at your front to receive the novice items.
  3. Suggesting to put Tool Dealer inside MVP Arena Entrance. As I noticed we have repair NPC but no tool dealer at entrance. This will help those starter of MVP farming. They can buy essential stuffs like arrows, panacea etc. Also they can sell directly loots to NPC rather than putting it on storage or going out to sell then go back again and pay 150,000 zeny for the entrance:)
  4. You should put it in Support. Or in Discord >> Support OR try complete the quest in PC
  5. all are usable in PVP/WOE except what is mentioned for LK and HW card. HW card can't be used in PVP/WOE/Non-Donor Area LK card can't be use in WOE/Non-donor Area. Enjoy it in PVP though
  6. Making this available again and nerfing it is not a good idea as this is limited edition for 1st year Aniv of RevivalRo. It would be unfair for those who did the event. The GM team may introduce new items/event on next Anniversary. Just sayin' (Well it's up to them)
  7. Hi. need clarification. the event will extend until Feburary 21? Thanks Kitty
  8. wait for the weekly maintenance. Kitty will fix it.
  9. any guide to do the event? equips for sinx?
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