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  1. click the replay button then choose from the files that you saved :))
  2. i tried this once. got 150 well baked cookies. exchange with a xmas box. daaaang! a CANDY :))
  3. Monsters Grace OMalley - Undead Property, use Holy Peter Easton - Ghost Property, use Ghost George Booth - Ghost Property, use Ghost John Bowen - Ghost Property, use Ghost Thomas Anstis - Undead Property, use Holy Enrique Brower - Undead Property, use Holy Alvilda - Holy Property, use Shadow Henry Morgan (MVP) - Undead Property, use Holy Gloom will work to most of mobs here. And Use Dropping Amistr for draining HP. Not sure if they are considered as Boss. They might be considered as boss as they are customize monster, you need to test it for your self XD
  4. No. but the npc can lend you VIP angra for 10mins if you have Angra in your inventory.
  5. nice suggestion:) but I'm hoping for cedi expansion!
  6. Great!. Nice Guide
  7. thanks for this guide. I'm not a big fan of SG, would you mind to include how/what skill will be use on attacking mobs. or just normal attack?
  8. yes its a HUGE difference. I use @jump too. putting all the coordinates of warp portals on you alt+M. You can go to 5 maps in 15-20seconds. :)) While non-donor will take him about 1min-2mins i guess. Well I cant say anything about these. Let the GM's decide Have a nice day ^^,
  9. its not stupidity dear and there's no argument at all. its an options. even they have @jump they cannot go to the pit directly coz the location its random. the only thing they can do is they can go to the map faster than non-donor. you can use also alt HP to map enable warp. if not enable warp use unli-flywing(iforgot the item)/creamy card. better invest 10m-100m if you cant donor 100euro. I agree with you flywing is not same with @jump, that is stupidity, thinking flywing is same as @jump :)) What i suggest are options so people can enjoy even they are non-donor.
  10. im not saying its fair. hello. what I'm saying its not advantage at all. they paid for it. just ask GM to remove @jump in the event (if they will agree).
  11. its a privilege coz they paid for it non-donor can use fly wing, tele. warp etc.
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