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    Bug while doing quest fluffy

    I have scroll it up and down for a million time..but will shown blank as per picture below.
  2. Good morning/night all, I would like to report about my problem during doing quest fluffy. The link for this quest is https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Shadow_of_the_Raven. I can't do the next requirement becouse got blank on NPC Sporus on that stage. I have been waiting for 8hour to talk with sporus. It still got blank when talk to him. Please fix it GM. For your refference below are the stage I not pass. Sporus informs you that they will need some time to think about it. You must now wait about at least 2.6 hours, and at most 3.2 hours. Step 6:After waiting how ever long you need to wait, Sporus will decide to intercept the queen. He requests you meet him by the secret entrance in Glastheim (P).
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