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  1. @gcq ofc horn bandis and gefn are on the same map. Maybe u didn't follow the idea that open castles x and y for one hour and a and b of the SAME realm for another hour. Maybe I wasn't detailed enough, now I hope I'm clear. Instead of a two hour praying whatever, the wait ends in one hour. And then u have another hour to to pray or fight or whatever people do. And this can be ofc for both woe1 and woe2. I don't think a fifteen minute break to relax after u either win or time to regroup if u lost the earlier one hour woe is a big deal, as long as ur having fun. If we won't take steps to make woe newbie friendly, what will make it newbie friendly then? Sometimes we need to take a leap of faith, try things out of the box, test things with an open mind and not clutch to things because we're afraid it might not work. Let's brain storm how to make woe accessible and entertaining to all, and not just the endgame and top tier guilds that's happenning rn. If we won't let newbies get a taste of what's happenning in woe with decent and lucrative rewards , how do we expect to increase numbers in woe?
  2. @gcq it's nice to see that most of us are one the same page here and u agree with opinions of those who posted before you. What is ur honest opinion about splitting woe of two hours into two halves of one hour each? with every hour having a different castle ofc. About reducing the number of castles rn, imo its not a good idea. Having more castles might likely help some smaller guilds to try to get those and hold those. If they don't get a stepping stone, and if two powerful guilds hold two castles, won't it be discouraging for them to even try?
  3. IMHO, 1. There are enough active players to increase guild capacity. 2. Not enough active players, not yet, to restarting alliances and antagonists. 3. Since no eco possible, or broken, or sought after, really nothing special to be a GL, other than bragging rights. So more rewards will definitely be a encouragement, but ONLY if it's timed, goal based, account bound and stuff like that. Or we would be seeing alt guilds dime a dozen, MIGHT see more preference towards personal rewards, Lone wolf and lone assassin, quite literally, strategies and we don't know right now how that would pan out. It would become a non-back-slideable-doom rather than woe. Well both sides of the same Coin tbh. In pretty sure no active woeing guild will allow alts on their guild, except if it's the gls alt and IF there is space. I'm sure no good GL would compromise space and trade out a player for an alt, unless u have space and noone would join you. In any case, even if u don't increase the players per guild, alts can always make a new guild and earn points. So I don't see the point tbh ^. I don't think supplies like woe coins, alts and increasing player count in guilds will have a saddening impact on woe or the ingame market. But I might be wrong, so feel free to correct me. In other points. 1) since most people on server are Asians, Changing woe time for earlier might actually be a good idea. 2) increase guardians hp, but reduce guardians damage. Guardians too OP QQ 3) is it possible the below. Current woe - 2 hours, same castles for entire two hours gets repetitive and boring. new woe - 2 sessions of one hour each with a 10 - 15 min break for relieve, peeing, yoga and rumba. xD. Have two / four different castles for each one hour session of woe. Example : payon four castles, woe first hour session : castle a and b, woe second hour session : castle c and d. Maybe repeat the castles for woe2 or whatever can be discussed and taken opinion about. We have so many castles that are unexplored which were amazing, horn, bandis, gefn, etc. It would really open up the exploratory side of woe in revival if more maps and castles are opened up. And naturally, and hopefully, many people would be interested and excited about woe again. To be continued in next post,
  4. Dear Ema, and all. Pointing fingers isn't gonna help. Whoever coded it is to be blamed. He accepts his mistake, be the better person and forgive and forget and move on. Whoever tried to abuse it ofcourse knew the situation was in error, so obviously this was done either for profit or just for fun. Doesnt matter. As true as it is that it was the coders fault, being tempted to spam boxes isn't a wrong thing, but having malicious intent while trading or costuming that stuff and all is morally and ethically wrong. Whoevers fault it may be, it is upto each and every person to realize how strong is their moral Fibre, also it is upto to rule makers how to treat the rule breakers, punish them or just undo the damage and make sure the thing doesn't repeat. Whereas a light rap on the knuckles like a one or two day ban is completely at the discretion of the rule makers, it's a gray area on if it should be needed or not. Let's not mix issues here with other balances and stuff and to be in point, try to implement things on Thor like you did it earlier before releasing it onto the most popular server like loki. I'm sure people would love to test out stuff as they have in the past and will help the server grow in a positive way and without hiccups and such stuff which make your life harder than it already is for you. Im sure you have got these suggestions from other too, but I dont wanna assume and share. You guys are doing an outstanding job otherwise, just don't rush things. Be cool. Have fun. GG.
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