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  1. It worked!! Thank you so much. One thing was strange, though: I did a clean re-installment but when I picked 1.9.6 as my wine engine, it wouldn't succeed in installing any vcruns under winetricks...every try winetricks told me that the process was aborted... I still proceeded just as explained in the tutorial and the game works fine!?
  2. yeah I reinstalled it again, hoping they fixed it with a patch but still crashes every time after the server selection can any mod/admin look into this? I can't use Revival anymore
  3. First of all, thanks for your reply. I deleted the mfc110.dll than the patching process went further than before but stopped again and displayed a "msvcp110.dll" error message . So I deleted that file as well. Patching process finished. But now the program crashes everytime right after I select a server (already tried different servers). I reinstalled the whole game but still the same problem.
  4. My Patcher won't work after the update with the new client I get the error message "mfc110.dll" displayed which seems to be part of the vcrun2012 dll which is installed then the patcher fails to write the new update files Any idea how to solve this?
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