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    the problem is not to get equip, im talking about balancing.
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    idk, it can be only be applied on woe maybe, i understand the fact of grinding will be pointless but it will be more competitive and the skillplay will be more important than gear. a special mode should be welcome too. Other thing is, i think the number of castle is big based on the number of players playing woe, we can have only 2-3 castles per woe, that should be nice
  3. hi syphon it's in portuguese-brazilian, its about a brazilian guild im trying to grow up, im bringing brazilian players to play woe and reach the 10 players to get the guild box reward, but its being hard group up this ppl because the majority brazilians players of ragnarok play on brazilian pvt or BRO, but for me, this server is far away from others when we talk about quality. Im trying haha, we have 4 players including me, and maybe more to come soon. if you use google translator in portuguese to english, i think u can understand the most of conversation, we use alot of jargon, but i think the translator can deal with this. and if you can give the nickname of luide so i can recruit him, should be nice ___________________________________ kurt, qual teu nick ingame? vamo juntar a guild cara, tem uns caras das antigas aqui comigo, jogavamos no pbro e no bro, quantos players tem ai?
  4. nao existe tal guild ainda, precisamos de uma galerinha ai pra começar uma guild, pois a mesma precisa ser defendida né, a não ser que a gente faça do modo antigo é faça só os empbreak no fim da woe, mas eu prefiro conseguir manter uma.
  5. E aí meus caros, estou a procura de jogadores brasileiros, quem sabe montar uma guild BR
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    Kuma, estou no servidor, você ainda joga?
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    I was thinking and... What if the equips for pvp and/or woe was limited? if all the players after reaching lv 255 can get and equipment for that and they can only use this for it, im thinking about this for balance, if this happens the wars and pvp will be more competitive and balanced, wining will depends more of skills and teamplay than equipment and cards.
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