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  1. Hello earthlings, Two new sets have been released in the cash shop: Heal, cure statuses and look sweet with the Lovely set, aimed for support classes! Lovely Heart Cap [4] [Upper] 2500pp/25c Dex +20 Int +20 Perfect Dodge +5 Grants 3 additional levels of Meditatio. Decrease After Cast Delay by 5%. Lovely Angelic Wings [4] [Middle] 2000pp/20c All stats +25 Movement speed +20%. Increase healing potential by 7%. Add 1% chance to Freeze when hit by an enemy. Lovely Hearts [1] [Lower] 2000pp/20c All stats +18 Resistance to all status +10% Increase Long Range Defense by 5%. Set bonus If set is used by [Priest], the player is granted level 2 Lauda Agnus and level 2 Lauda Ramus. Decrease damage received from demi-human race by 5%. Skill balance changes for Loki Lauda Agnus and Lauda Ramus have 1 second cooldown instead of 4. Lauda Agnus, on top of the original effect, has a chance to cure Deadly Poison. Lauda Ramus, on top of the original effect, has a chance to cure Poison and Chaos. The cats in the Feline set might look cute, but they make ranged classes' claws sharper! Feline Twin Nap [4] [Upper] 2500pp/25c Dex +20 Luk +15 Damage against Demi-Human and Brute races +50% Increase Long Range damage by 5% Feline Glasses [4] [Middle] 3000pp/30c All stats +20 Ignores 20% of all races' DEF and MDEF ATK +175 MATK +175 Gives immunity to Curse Feline White Cat [4] [Lower] 2000pp/20c All stats +18 Resistance to all status +10% Increase Misc Defense by 5%. Set bonus Damage to Demi- Human +15% Max HP+10%. Allows the use of level 2 Aimed Bolt and level 2 Anti-Material Blast. Skill balance changes for Loki Aimed Bolt: when the enemy is trapped, the bonus number of attacks on Medium-size is 4 times instead of 2. Anti-Material Blast: does 800% ATK damage instead of 4100%.
  2. RevivalRO Adventures! The royal family needs your help again: 3 new missions have been added to RDC! 1. Emperor's Assassination Assist Yori in the retrieval of an ancient scroll that belonged to the royal family. General Daehyon stole it and wants to use its power to himself and take control over the capital. General Daehyon is hiding with the scroll! Once the quest has started, walk up the hallway and talk to Yori. He'll give you instructions on how to break the seals of his room. General Daehyon's guards will try to stop you! Defeat them to take down their barricades. The seals are defended by elemental Guardians, defeat them and examine the statues in order to proceed! Head to the middle to stop General Daehyon from unleashing the power of the scroll!!! Rewards Kusanagi [Dagger] [0] [Ninja, Gunslinger, Taekwon classes, Super Novice] 10% resistance against near-range attacks. Flee + 30 Perfect dodge + 4 Attack speed -10% Empire Insigna [Accessory] [1] [Every job] Physical damage +5% STR and AGI +5 Hit -15 Enable the use of Lv 1 Sight. Wu Xing [Katar] [1] [Assassin] Increases attack +5% per refine. Increases STR and AGI by 1 per refine. Ignores defense of boss type monsters by 10% per refine. +10% damage to all elemental property except neutral. Splash damage 4x4 cell, loses this effect when a card is attached. Breach of Faith [One-Handed Sword] [1] [Knight, Assassin] Increases damage by 10% when using Fire, Water, Wind and Earth properties. If refine > 6: +40% ATK. If refine > 9: ignores the defense of boss type monster and increases damage to all race except demi-human by 20%. Splash damage 4x4 cell, loses this effect when a card is attached. 2. Escape The Room You suddenly wake up in a room... No idea how you got there. Someone is controlling you through some crystals. Are you being experimented on...? Prove yourself by finding all the crystals through a maze. Find the way out of the maze! Will she deem you worthy to leave? Rewards: Ghostly Moss [Consumable] Gives 20% resistance against Ghost for 20 minutes. Increases Flee by 5% for 20 minutes. Gives Reverse Orcish when used. Holy Celestial Axe [Axe] [3] [Swordman, Merchant classes] STR +10 AGI -10 Hit +50 Chance to Curse the wielder when attacking. Chance to cast Hammer Fall skill when physically attacking. Increases physical damage against Demi-Human by 2% each refine. Erebus' Curse [Shield] [0] [All Jobs] INT +10 Perfect dodge -20 Increase Matk by 1% per refine Increase damage received from all sources by 10%. When refined to +10, adds a small chance to cast level 1 Mind Breaker on yourself when using a magic skill. Slottable through Socket Enchantment. Bagh Nakh [Knuckles] [2] [Monk] STR +10 DEX +5 Ignores defense of Demi-Human by (50+refine level*4)% Increases Atk by 4% per refine. Increases damage of Finger Offensive by 20%. Decreases walking speed by 10%. If base INT status is 150 or higher: Adds small chance to cast Gentle Touch-Energy Gain on self when attacking. Costume: There is... Something... 3. Demonbusters According to a report, some kind of disaster happened... Help a lost soul regain his body after he lost it to inner demons. Help a lost soul activate a spell to track his body! The switch is hidden in the statues... Defeat the demons that the spell lures out! Once the spell works, fight Seth to exorcise him! Rewards: Seth's Wrath [Accessory] [1] [All jobs] Int +1 Dex +2 Matk +5% Adds a chance to auto-cast various skills when hitting with physical attacks. [Seth's Accessories set] Extra skills may be casted. Increase damage to demi-human by 3%. Seth's Pride [Accessory] [1] [All jobs] Mdef +5 +5% Resist to Holy Element. Adds a chance to auto-cast various skills when being hit with physical attacks. [Seth's Accessories set] Extra skills may be casted. Increase damage to demi-human by 3%. Raok Runestone [Book] [1] [Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Sage, Priest] Enchanted with Holy Property. STR +10 INT +10 If refine is 5 or higher • Atk +10% • Matk +10% If refine is 7 or higher • Ignores MDEF of boss-type monsters by 60% • Ignores DEF of boss-type monsters by 60% If refine is 9 or higher • Increase Magic Damage done to Boss-type monster by 50% • Increase Physical Damage done to Boss-type monsters by 50% • Increase Magic damage against demi-humans by 35% • Increase Physical damage against demi-human by 35% Unholy Whip [Whip] [2] [Dancer] Increases LUK and DEX by 1 per refine. Reduces physical damage received by (Musical Lesson level / 2)% Increases damage done by 4% * refine to all races. Attack speed -10%. If the refine is +10 or higher, gives Tarot Card of Fate an extra cell of Area of Effect. Wearer can’t be linked. Haunted Guitar [Instrument] [2] [Bard] Increases LUK and DEX by 1 per refine. Reduces magical damage received by (Musical Lesson level / 2)% Increases damage done by 4% * refine to all races. Attack speed -10%. If the refine is +10 or higher, gives Tarot Card of Fate an extra cell of Area of Effect. Wearer can’t be linked.
  3. Hello starlights! Do you have any criticism, opinions or suggestions about the game? If yes, it's now your time to shine ⭐ Welcome to the May (and first!) player council call~ > What is the player council? For you, it's a chance to give us 1 on 1 constructive criticism, tell us your opinions or suggestions, and get your voice heard! For us, it's a chance to receive feedback directly from you and have your opinion in mind when discussing about the server~ > Are there any requirements to apply? Anyone can apply, as long as they're willing to share their opinions in a mature and civil way. If you just want to cry or randomly complain at us, this isn't the place to do it. We want it to be an useful conversation between player and gm that will help the game go forward. > How does it work, exactly? Apply with this >form< and give us the required info. The number of people we pick depends on how many people apply and how many we feel we need. We'll pick players and contact you through Discord or in game to decide on when to recall you. If you don't get picked once, you can also reapply in future player council calls! Once you get recalled by us, you'll have some time to give your feedback to us face to face, and it will then be taken into account and discussed among the staff. You can reapply anytime, but we will give priority to players who haven't been picked yet. Also, some calls may be general, and some may have a particular topic (i.e. woe). > Notes If you apply, get chosen and then recalled just to troll, there will be punishments. As already stated, we just want it to be a nice and useful conversation for the both of us. The applications will close on Thursday 23 May at 11:59 pm server time. We're looking forward to your applications!
  4. Nebula

    WoE Gears and you

    Hi, We think you made some good points, and we're taking them into account when discussing about this. With the introduction of the new woe coin system as well, we will adjust the prices in the WoE shop accordingly, to improve it and make it more fair. Thank you for sharing your opinion!
  5. I understand your position, though I really believe punishment was necessary. The bug did exist and yes it is our fault and we're sorry about it. Even so, a bug needs to be reported, especially if it's something this big like around 20 people receiving from 100 to 150 donor boxes. The abuse did happen too. The banned players sold the donor boxes or turned the headgears into costumes for profit. A rollback fixes the issue, not their behavior. They didn't let us know so if, for whatever reason, another GM and I weren't online at that moment, or if the two kind players who reported this didn't report it, it would've been gone unnoticed. I hope you understand.
  6. Hello earthlings! Last year's easter cash shop items are back! You can find those in the "Limited" tab of the Cash Shop! In addition to that, the easter bunny left three eggs for you: Menblatt Egg Food: Rainbow Stone - When intimacy is Neutral: Increase resistance against physical and magical attacks by 5% - When intimacy is Cordial: Chance to cast Safety Wall - When intimacy is Loyal: Increase resistance to Status Ailments by 10% Seth Egg Food: Star Stuff - When intimacy is Neutral: Increases Critical by 15 - When intimacy is Cordial: Increase physical damage by 10% - When intimacy is Loyal: Increase damage to Boss and Non-Boss by 5% Sarah Egg Food: Jungle Food - When intimacy is Neutral: Increase magical damage by 10% - When intimacy is Cordial: Increase Magical damage to Boss and Non-Boss type by 5% - When intimacy is Loyal: Increase magic damage dealt by Meteor storm, Ice Lightning Spear, Esma and Heaven Drive skills by 10%
  7. Nebula

    Easter Event 2019!

    Hello earthlings~ It's time for the Easter event! This year for Easter, the Easter Bunny (or as he likes to be called, Bunny) has hidden eggs all over Midgard for everyone to find! He's so excited for Easter that he actually started hiding eggs early and-- oh... some of them might be rotting by now... Event Duration: until May 16th 2019 Anyway! If you manage to find and crack open a good egg, you'll get a wonderful goodie bag that Bunny has filled with an assortment of prizes! The Easter Goodie Bag will be filled with new prizes exclusively. Event items from previous Easter events have been added and adjusted in the EP Retro Redemption NPC in the Mall. To start the event, visit Bunny in Geffen at 184 126. There, Bunny will give you an Easter Basket to hold your eggs! If you aren't wearing the basket, you will NOT be able to pick up (click) the eggs so make sure you have it with you before you go searching! When the event is over, Bunny will take back the basket and begin preparations for next year . As mentioned, the eggs will be available throughout Midgard and will look like this: While most eggs will give you an Easter Goodie Bag, some of them might have gone bad by now! In that case, you will not get a goodie bag and will find yourself with a handful of eggshells. But fret not! Bunny understands that he might have gotten overexcited and is willing to exchange some eggshells for 1 Easter Goodie Bag. Bonus Mini-Event!: It seems like Bunny's frienemy, Hopper Wiggleton, has also come to Loki for Easter! While he's not a bad guy, he is a sort of hoarder... Every so often, he'll wander into a random town to count the eggs that Bunny's been hiding. While he won't attack anyone (unless provoked) it might be a good idea to teach him a lesson for hoarding all of Bunny's eggs! Impress him with your strength to make him realize that stealing hoarding the Easter Eggs is actually a bad thing. Hop to it, everyone! Happy searching~ As for what you can find in the Easter Goodie Bags: Bunny Balloon Hat - " A cute bunny hat for those breezy spring afternoons. " Upper Headgear Effects: All Stats increase by (Base Stat/10), Increase ATK/MATK by 10%, DEF +3, 2 slots Bunny Hoodie (Black/White) - " A cute and cozy hood used by Easter Bunny Mascots. Great for hosting Easter Events. " Upper Headgear Effects: Immunity to Stone Curse, 1 slot Gold Snapback Cap - " The Cooler Kid's Cap. " Upper Headgear Effects: +50% Damage to Neutral, Holy, and Poison monsters, +20% Damage when using Neutral, Holy, and Poison properties, Gain 10,000HP each time an enemy is killed with physical attacks Fluttering Butterflies - " A group of fluttering butterflies. " Mid Headgear Effects: +10 All Stats, +10% Movespeed, 1 slot Fuzzy Bunny Scarf - " Perfect for those cold spring nights. " Lower Headgear Effects: +5% Resistance to All Elements, DEF +3 Honorary Bunny Mouth - " Now you can fit in with the rest of the bunnies! " Lower Headgear Effects: Immunity to Silence and Blind, +10% Water Resistance Bunny Bonnet (2018) - " This bonnet has been stylized with bunny ears! How kawaii~! " Upper Costume Bunny Top Hat (Black) - " An energetic bunny hat perfect for magic shows. " Upper Costume Easter Egg Balloon - " Given directly by the Easter Bunny, to show his love and affection for the holiday. " Lower Costume Tail Hat Upper headgear - Increase all stats by 15 - Immune to blind - Enable the use of Lv.3 Kaahi Rabbin Ribbon Hat Upper Headgear - All Stats +10 - Increase HP/SP by 10% - If headgear is equipped, increase experience gained from all monsters by 15% Miracle Blue Rose Lower Headgear - All stats +5 - +5% EXP rate - Increases drop rate by small amount Valhalla Idol Middle Headgear - Increase move-speed by 10% - Adds an additional 200 maximum carry weight - Enable the use of [Buying Store] Costume: Happy Droopy Lunatic Ears Domovoi Egg Food: Bok Choy - Increases damage to Large enemies by 7%. - Increases resist to Boss type monster by 4%.
  8. Hello, please tell them to open a ticket here and follow this form
  9. Nebula

    Autotrade coupons

    Yes. I understand that every zeny counts when you're just getting started. I guess maybe the original reasoning behind the fee is that you pay to get a perk (as Reveuse said, it's an old system, so I'm not sure) since the @autotrade command is also a donor command, but I believe there could be other ways to achieve this as well. We have a MVP room with some MVPs that drop OCA. You'd be surprised of how much OCA people can farm. Haha Anyway, as we said, we'll consider other options as well. Thank you for sharing your opinion Kepi! Hope to see you around.
  10. Nebula

    Autotrade coupons

    Hello Kepi, I really do understand your concerns. I get that autotrade coupons are hard to get for someone who just started playing. However, as Kitty said, you can also pay the 5m fee. In this server, farming zeny is not hard at all, even for newbies. I advise you to read this and this guide if you want more info. It's just a matter of making those 5m worth. All the players here work hard for the zeny they make, as it is the nature of RO, a grind game. As for the people selling many of the same card, I believe they come from card albums and not botting as you stated, since botting is not allowed here. Having said this, we will take your thoughts into account and consider other options as well. I hope you're having a wonderful day.
  11. Hello, if your game is installed in C:/Program Files(x86), move the game files to C:/ or another partition. If this doesn't solve it, try deleting all the .dll files in your RevivalRO main folder and try patching again.
  12. Hello starlight, if your game is installed in C:/Program Files(x86), move the game files to C:/ or another partition. If this doesn't solve it, try deleting all the .dll files in your main RevivalRO folder and try patching again. Hope this works!
  13. Hello starlights! I'm Nebula~ a newly hired GM. I come from outer space, but you might've seen me orbiting helpdesk. I'm a very hungry being: you see, on my journey to come here I found life on Mars, but then I ate it. Anyway, if you have any issue or questions I'll do my best to enlighten you! Nebula✰
  14. Hello ive! Welcome back to RevivalRO~ Sadly, all character data was lost and cannot be restored. Please refer to this thread to have a better understanding on what happened to the server. Everyone had a fresh start, and we're giving compensation for returning players: if you were a donor, you can login here and check your eligibility for a refund here. Also, check this thread for more freebies to reedem in game! Hope to see you around soon!
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