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  1. Nebula


    Hello 00N9NA, welcome back to Revival! ⭐
  2. I personally really like the idea of "Marvin Happy Hour"! Thanks everyone for the suggestions, as we said in the WoE suggestion thread we have lots of revamping planned, so this thread really comes in handy regarding Cedi ❤️
  3. Hello, Thank you, but only new guides are allowed.
  4. Category 1: PvP Subcategories War of Emperium (WoE) General Player vs Player (PvP) Battlegrounds (BG) For each subcategory, you can choose: Sniper Gypsy/Clown Lord Knight Paladin High Priest Champion Creator Whitesmith Assassin Cross Stalker High Wizard Professor Gunslinger Super Novice Ninja Taekwon/Star Gladiator Soul Linker Super Novice Baby Classes Requirements Description of the job's main/your preferred role in the subcategory you choose Equipment and/or consumables Build: Skills and Stats Your In Game Name (IGN) Optional: screenshots/illustrations/videos To be posted in the related job forum section Category 2: PvM - instances Subcategories Cedi MvP System Royal Dispatch Quests (RDC) Dimensional Gap Instances (Dali) Etc! Requirements Description of the job's role in said instance Equipment and/or consumables Build: Skills and Stats Your In Game Name (IGN) Optional: screenshots/illustrations/videos To be posted in the Quests Guide section of the forum Category 3: PvM - MvPs, custom maps, quests Subcategories Notoriety Quest Hall of Abyss Melanis Sealed MvPs Etc! Requirements Description of the job's effectiveness and strategy Equipment and/or consumables Build: Skills and Stats Your In Game Name (IGN) Optional: screenshots/videos To be posted in the Quests Guide section of the forum Note: Guides for the same Subcategory from the same user will only count as one entry (eg: Guide from the same user for Hall of the Abyss for Priest and Sniper, will only count as one entry)
  5. Hello Earthlings, It's time for another community event, and this one focuses on guides! Are you particularly skilled in a job or in a particular instance? Write a guide and get a prize for your knowledge and work~ How does it work? In a comment below you can find a list of needed guides and requirements. Choose one and get writing! Once you're done post it in the appropriate [Guide] section and reply to this thread with the link. Rules The guide must be in English. Length doesn't matter, as long as all required information is there, but don't make it too short either. Give correct information. Misleading info will make your guide unacceptable. Subjective information must be labeled as such. (preceded with “I believe...”, “in my opinion”, or similar) Post the guide in the correct section. You can write more than one guide. In the case of multiple guides being written for the same job, the GM team will choose the most helpful and well written one. You can't use multiple accounts to post guides. The guides must be new (not old, already posted ones) How to win? In order to win, your guide must: Meet the requirements Follow the rules Be understandable Be helpful What are the prizes? Prizes have various tiers depending on how many winning guides you write. Tier 1 - 1 guide: 500 Premium Points, 5 Event Points and 20 Vote/Community Points. Tier 2 - 3 guides: Tier 1 rewards + 1x any event equipment from past events Tier 3 - 5 guides: Tier 2 rewards + 1x any costume (except Amberknight and Donor Box exclusive ones) All participants will receive 10 Community Points. The event will go on until October 23rd, 11:59 PM server time (UTC+8). Get writing! Good luck and have fun~
  6. Nebula

    Guild Packages

    Hello, Check the ticket please! 😊
  7. Hello earthlings, Due to various reasons we're announcing the revamping of the Vote System: Vote Points will be replaced by a new type of currency: Community Points. How can I earn Community Points? To earn Community Points, take part in: Community Events Surveys Other types of community-related actions! They will be annunced periodically. Will my current Vote Points be gone? No, existing vote points will be converted to Community Points. How can I spend my Community Points? As Community Points are a replacement of Vote Points, you can spend them at the same shop at Eden Mall (@go 16).
  8. Prizes have been sent, thank you all for your patience!
  9. Hello pangeranjogja! To rebirth, simply speak to any Job Master NPC - for example, the one in Prontera 150 186, and there are no third jobs here on Revival. If you have more questions feel free to ask!
  10. Earthlings, it's now time to announce the winners! We thank everyone again for partecipating in this event, it was very fun to see all the entries and we hope you had fun making them too! We will definitely hold more events like this one in the future~! As a reminder: out of 12 entries total, the GM team chose two entries as the winners of this event. The community also got to choose, as one person will be the winner based on how many "Like" reactions their entry got! Each winner will receive 500 Premium Points and the permanent version of a costume of their choice from the Prontera Invasion event. On top of that, their screenshots will be showcased as a loading screen! Now now, no more talking, let's announce the winners~ The entry chosen by the community, with 14 likes... It's @Ridonculous! Congratulations~ A nice and funny picture, we can only wish Prontera Invasion was as epic as a giant Barney the Dinosaur attacking it! Moving on to the winners chosen by the GM team! There were many good entries. It was a hard choice, but ultimately we chose two entries that particularly stood out to us: One of the winners chosen by the GM team is... It's @Cristina118! Congratulations~ It seems like the herb curse really resonated with the GM team! Also, the comic-like format, the editing and the special effects on top of a funny situation... We loved it! The second and last winner chosen by the GM team is... It's @Prod! Congratulations~ Call Isayama! Stop Eren&co! The titan problem is solved, and by none other than an High Priest who kinda looks familiar!? Is that you, Goku? We really loved this funny picture! And that's all, earthlings! Don't fret if you didn't win, you will still get 1 [The King's Remnant] box for participating! And you can still try next time~ The winners and the other participants will be contacted in the next few days to get your details so we can send out the prizes. Have a wonderful day, and have fun on RevivalRO!
  11. The screenshot event is now over. Thank you everyone for participating! Winners will be announced soon ⭐
  12. Hello mahina, Please sign up at helpdesk in game, we'll be happy to assist you.
  13. Hello Daemon, After the client update a few months ago it's not possible to change the resolution to 800x600 anymore, because it doesn't support the new User Interface. Do you get the same error when trying to change other settings?
  14. Hello returning player, welcome back to Revival! If you want to know what happened to the server, this thread collects all info about that. After a series of events, sadly, all character data was lost. Everyone had a fresh start on Revival! Here are some threads on the forums to read more about what happened: one and two. We do have some compensation for returning players. For more info, refer to this thread. If you were a donor on Rebirth, log in on the website and check your eligibility here to receive the amount you donated back as Limited Premium Points. There's no expiration date on these. Don't forget to navigate the News and Updates sections of the forum to have an idea of what's going on in the server. Have a wonderful day, and we hope to see you around on Revival~ ~RevivalRO Staff
  15. I can already say that it's gonna be a difficult choice, they're all so funny 😭
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