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  1. Hello starlights, With a grave heart I announce that I'm now resigning from my GM position. It wasn't an easy decision to take, because being a Game Master is something that I enjoyed a lot and I've been doing for more or less one year now. During my time here I learnt a lot about work, people and even myself, which is something I didn't expect when I was applying in December 2018. It might sound sappy, but being Nebula helped me being more confident and made me discover sides of me I didn't even know they existed. It's something that I pushed myself to do during a time when I was used to looking at the endless void of outer space. So in other words I grew very attached to Revival and its players, which is why it was a hard decision. A lot happened during this year, and if I was able to juggle my mind and my life with being a Game Master before, I'm simply not able to do that anymore. Life is life, and I now have something I must focus on, along with lots of big and small dreams I want to bring to life. Additionally, something that I enjoyed doing everyday became a source of stress and sadness. So Nebula's journey in Revival must now come to an end, ready to depart for the next adventure somewhere else in outer space. I wanna take a moment to thank Reveuse, Sylvanna and Lucid for taking their time to train me when I was a trainee. I wanna thank them and my kohais Xenovia, Crystalline, Leoric and Tea for being my teammates. Working, joking around and ranting with you guys is something I'll never forget. (Extra mention to Crystalline who will forever be my favorite bad cop ⭐) I also want to thank Kitty and Muhyo for being patient with me and not killing me when I was overly annoying to them ❤️ I wish the new staff members to come good luck with everything. And a final thank you to all you players for making everything spicier. I've had interesting conversations with many people so I'm a bit sad to leave them behind. If you want you can DM me on Discord and I might give you my contact. This message is maybe too long and deep for just a game, but it meant a lot to me so I wanted to share this to you all. It's time to go now! Good luck everyone, always be good starlights. "So long and thanks for all the fish!"
  2. An additional note: when looking up monsters or items on ratemyserver, be sure you're looking at the Pre-Renewal version, as RRO is pre-renewal. The location of certain mobs change between Renewal and Pre-Renewal. Example: Mascipular spawn locations Renewal: Pre-Renewal: You may do so by un-checking "Renewal" when using the search bar, or pressing the "Pre-Renewal" button that appears when you look for mobs or items.
  3. Hello, Although we appreciate your apologies, we do not revoke bans. Have a good day, Nebula
  4. Hello earthlings, This January 17th Revival turned 2 years old, and to celebrate we're bringing back last year's anniversary event, with some slight changes! The event will go on until February 23rd. Check out last year's thread for the mechanics and the rewards: Changes to the event The cooldown of the instance is 12 hours. The NPC will now say the amount of time left on your cooldown You now need to be in a party of at least three members to start the instance. The equipment and new items obtainable from the event have a slightly higher chance to appear. Boosted amounts of monsters in the first and second map Vanna Race is now DEMON instead of Undead. Element is now Shadow (3) instead of Undead (1). Max HP is 35 million instead of 15 million. INT was increased to 250. Vanna now also casts Close Confine. New Items Ghoul Egg Food: Piece of Brain (ID 43025) Effect: when Loyal Increases damage to Undead, Demon, and Beast race by 5%. Increases damage when using Neutral, Holy, and Shadow property by 5%. Resistance to Boss monsters increased by 3%. Restrictions: None Lumiere Shield Equips on: Shield Slots: 1 Weight: 175 Defense: 5 Required Level: 100 Jobs: All Jobs Effect: If base STR is higher than base INT, increases Magic resistance by 20%. If base INT is higher than base STR, increases Physical resistance by 20%. If base INT and STR are equal, increases Miscellaneous Resistance by 15%. Reduces ATK, MATK and Movement Speed by 7%. Flee and perfect dodge -10 Required Level: 100 Restrictions: None Costume: Anniversary Hat Equips on: Upper We hope you enjoy the event and have fun on Revival!
  5. Only the APK version would work on Android. You can't use the full client, as that's intended for the PC version of the game.
  6. Hello, welcome back! Refer to this thread for more info on what happened:
  7. Hello starlights, here's what you can find in Christmas Box 2019. Opening one, you have a chance to find: Christmas Spirit Wings Equips on: Costume Middle Effect: None Restrictions: Not Refinable Frosted Scarf Equips on: Lower Slots: 0 Effect: Increase max HP and SP by 10%. If you have base INT more than STR gives immunity to Curse, otherwise give immunity to Blind. Resistance to Medium size enemy by 4% Restrictions: none Mini Angelwings Equips on: Middle Slots: 1 Effect: Decrease damage taken from all source by 7% Increase movement speed by 10%. Increase Healing received by Heal, Slim potion pitcher and potion pitcher skills by 10. Nulify the Gemstone requirement and Ninja Gemstone requirement of certain spells. Mdef +3 Restrictions: none Felinus Wig Equips on: Upper Slots: 1 Effect: Increase resistance to Boss type monster by 5%. Increase Healing effectiveness by 3% each refine. Immune to Silence. Mdef +5 Restrictions: none Pink Scarf Equips on: Lower Slots: 0 Effect: A soft pink scarf to keep you warm for the winter and cute at the same time (add effects in desc) Increase 1% ATK and MATK every 25 base level. Increase Hit and Crit rate by 1% every 20 base level. Increase Attack speed by 10% if base level is 255 Restrictions: none Present of Snow Equips on: Middle Slots: 1 Effect: Str, Dex, Luk +10 Increase 50% resistance to Stun. If base STR more than 200, increase ATK by 10% If base INT more than 200, increase MATK by 10% If base DEX more than 200, increase Long range damage by 10% If base LUK more than 200, increase Critical damage by 10% Hit -30 Restrictions: none Kitsune Hoodie Equips on: Upper Slots: 1 Effect: ATK and MATK +10% Increase damage to Boss type monsters by 35%. Increase damage when using Water, Wind, Fire and Earth element by 10%. Critical rate +5 Decrease 10% resistance to Boss type monsters. Restrictions: none White Scarf Equips on: Lower Slots: 0 Effect: Increase resistance to Undead and Wind property attacks by 10%. Increase your damage and magic damage when using Water and Holy property by 5%. Restrictions: none Let it Snow Equips on: Middle Slots: 1 Effect: Adds 10% resistance to Boss type monsters Adds 10% resistance to wind Mdef +15 Perfect dodge +5 Reduce movement speed by 10% Restrictions: none Snowbear Hoodie Equips on: Upper Slots: 2 Effect: Adds 25% resistance to Wind Reduce 10% resistance to Earth Mdef +7 Restrictions: none
  8. Tested again and it works. The chance is lower than the cash shop items' effect.
  9. Greetings earthlings, Black Friday is finally here! PLEASE NOTE ALL BIACKFRIDAY PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Along with the sales, we're bringing you the revamp of some of the 3rd Job Skill Headgears! You will find the details about the 3rd Job Skill Headgears revamp further down this thread. The sales will last for two day, until November 30th, 11:59 PM Server Time (UTC+8). Additionally, enjoy a Triple Donor Box Promotion for the entire duration of the sales! Here's the list of the shops. You can find the Sale Room in Prontera 156,232. As mentioned before, Shop#2 is selling the 3rd Job Skill Headgears that were released previously, and we revamped some of the underwhelming or less used headgears! Read along for the details: Shadow Handicraft To cast Masquerade-Ignorance, you need "Face Paint" and "Makeover Brush" in your inventory. You can find them in any Tool Dealer. Rune Circlet In addition, Sword Guardian Card has been tweaked to affect Wind Cutter: Wind Whisper Silent Executor Driver Band Dip Schmidt Helm And that's all! We hope you enjoy the sales and the 3rd Job Skills Headgears rework, and have fun on Revival!
  10. All requested prizes were sent out through Zotar. Community/Vote points will be sent in the next few days. Thank you again for participating and contributing to Revival's community!
  11. Hohoho~ greetings humans, it's me, Santa Claus. Nebula who? I don't know them. Christmas is coming up and I heard that miss Kristal Kringle in Lutie (250, 121) needs help to prepare for the holidays. Check the Sugar Rush thread for more info: Help her daily! After completing her task, come talk to me at Lutie 198, 244 to receive your daily reward! Every day has a different reward, so come back to this thread daily to know what you're gonna receive for the day, or just find out yourself in game~ Note: you need to complete the rewards of the previous day in order to receive the ones in the current day. Which means, if you start the event 3 days late you're gonna receive the day 1 reward and not the day 3 one. Don't worry though! If you skip a day, you will be able to continue it the following day without resets! Day 1: 15x Pancakes Day 2: 3x Battle Manuals Day 3: 5x Christmas Gift (2019) Day 4: 3x Bubblegum Day 5: 5x Mystical Card Album Day 6: 3x RDC Tags Day 7: 10x Mining Points Day 8: 1x Token of Siegfried Box Day 9: 7x Blacksmith Blessings Day 10: Random Red Cedi Orb Day 11: 5x Piece of Paradise Day 12: 10x Vote/Community Point Day 13: 1x Enriched Oridecon Box (10) Day 14: 10x Blacksmith Blessing Day 15: Random Blue Cedi Orb Day 16: 1x Enriched Elunium Box Day 17: Character Storage Ticket Day 18: 5x Event Points Day 19: 1x Cursed Old Chest Day 20: 1x Amber Pearl Day 21: 1x Hat Roulette Token Day 22: VIP Subcription (10 Days) Day 23: 1x Bloody Card Album Day 24: 1x Inventory Extension Coupon Day 25: 1x Costume: Fawn Ears + 10x Christmas Gift (2019) Stay tuned for another Christmas event coming up soon~ Have fun and be good starlights... I mean, hohoho~
  12. The point of Amberknight event is that, if you want to join, you can have another chance at obtaining past Amberknight sets that are otherwise limited (except for Donor Box). While I agree that the wording was misleading, we corrected ourselves and clarified enough times that this is the pre black friday event. The actual sales are this weekend. Also, the post you linked is not a pre-black friday sale. It's the Black Friday sales. Last year, BF occurred on November 23rd. This year, BF is on November 29th. And may I bring your attention to these words in Kitty's post:
  13. This thread is now closed, thank you everyone for your suggstions. And as a reminder: as mentioned in the original post as well, this thread does not guarantee any items being in the actual sale!
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