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  1. Hello, Please PM me on Discord (Nebula#4244) or open a ticket in helpdesk in-game.
  2. Hello, Which slot are you trying to make a character on? You said your first page is full, so maybe it's a VIP-only slot and it doesn't let you create any new char because of that. If that's the reason, you wouldn't be able to create any characters on the PC version as well.
  3. Nebula

    la petit atelier

    😭😭😭 I absolutely love it! Thank you so much πŸ’œ
  4. The only way to access the bank right now is by pressing CTRL+B or the Bank icon in the PC version of the game.
  5. Exactly my point. This is a fun and creative idea actually. My fear is that switching castles midway might become a bit confusing?, but I hope other players share their thoughts on this as well. We definitely want to include more castles anyway, it would make it feel less boring and repetitive as you say. 🀭 I agree with these: of course we'd give something that is worth it but bound to the GL. And I'm thinking it should have requirements kinda like how, right now, you need to meet a certian criteria to be eligible to get WoE Coins, and the count could be reset if the Guild Leader changes during WoE, so that way it should prevent abuses. Any suggestions on items that could be worth receiving as a GL? Yes, it would probably push people to be more prepared for it in general. And I can imagine all WoE action packed in one hour could be pretty much more intense too. Yes it is endgame content, but it's true that it's harder to access overall especially if you have little to no experience in WoE in general. A "tighter" legit WoE being a gate to access it is not a bad idea. We were also thinking of having basic starter guides to be accessible to anyone - basically just a rundown of how everything works and suggestions for basic gear. I think a part of WoE is also slowly figuring out how to improve your skills and equips through experience, testing new things or talking to other people as well, so we wouldn't make it like a spoon feed. Is it still an issue? As of now, a guild needs to meet certain criteria to be deemed as active and then receive WoE Coins accordingly. The "Time Spent" section in the BR is pretty much useless (and yes BR will be revamped too). So even if a guild spends the two full hours inside but does nothing, technically they shouldn't receive any reward at all. I'm not sure when was the last update to the castle loots, but I agree that they need an update too. I'll add it to the list. By the way, I just want to thank you both @Pressie and @gcq for taking the time to share your opinions and suggestions! We really do appreciate it a lot! If you know someone else who would like to share their thoughts please push them to do so 😊
  6. Wouldn't there be the same issue if we allowed alliences again though? Full guild of alts and whatnot. Alliances would be fun but I don't think they are possible as of right now.
  7. Hello starlights~ We are currently planning/working on having a general revamp of Revival's features, and the first thing on our list is WoE. We would really appreciate if you could give us your opinion and discuss here what do you think should be improved, added or removed. Feel free to comment here or you can also contact us on Discord if you'd like. Here's what we're currently planning on: Here are some points we haven't decided about. We discussed about it and would like players' opinions on: Thank you in advance for your inputs, they're very appreciated.
  8. Nebula

    Fatal error

    Hello, This issue is caused by missing files: the app needs to be updated by the developer to catch up with the PC version. As I said on your other thread too, Revival's android app is still experimental and it's expected for it to have some issues, so if possible it's advisable to play on PC. I hope you're having a great day.
  9. Hello, We recently had an update on the refine interface on the PC version. Sadly, this made the NPC break on the Android app. As the app is still experimental unfortunately there's no fix for it yet, that's why it's advisable to play Revival on PC. I know it's not much, but weapons can still be refined using Whitesmith's Refine Weapon skill. Thank you for your understanding.
  10. Hello, Welcome to Revival! The drop rate is 20x and yes, it's been like this ever since. It does take a bit longer to drop cards. Don't give up~ If you're having trouble farming cards yourself, maybe you could also try farming zeny and buy the cards you need from other players. Here are some guides to help you with that: 1 and 2 I hope you'll have a nice time on Revival!
  11. RevivalRO Adventurers! The summer carnival event is here: play 8 different minigames to have a chance to win various prizes! How to join Carnival Coupons are needed to join the games. Talk to the Ticket Master in Morocc (Located at 160, 89) to receive 5 Carnival Coupons a day! If you can't wait until the next day to continue playing the carnival, NPC J4c will sell you some smuggled counter-fit Carnival Coupons for 10 million Zeny or 20 Premium Points per Coupon! The event will end on July 25th. The games Peco Racing (Located at 136, 59) - There are 5 Pecos: you bet on which one you think is going to win. The place your chosen Peco comes in determines your prize! There's a special prize for the Peco that wins the race! Prizes: Carnival Cash Pecopeco Headband Peco King Band Costume: Peco Wings Ears Costume: Little Angel Wings new! Costume: King Sura Headband Equips on: Upper Test Your Strength (Located at 186, 77) - Choose a hammer and hit the bell! Test your strength: the higher you score, the better prize you can receive. Prizes: Carnival Cash Fortis Potestas Costume: Elegant Top Hat new! Costume: Thor's Hammer Equips on: Mid Card Sharks (Located at 47, 76) - The way you play this game is you are dealt a card, and you have to guess if the next one is higher, lower or the same. Every 2 successful guesses you get a chance to take your prize, or try to get to the grand prize. Prizes: Carnival Cash Trump Card Costume: Poker Card new! Costume: Poring Jar Equips on: Lower Slot Machines (Located at 232, 122 - and in 2 areas close by) - It's a slot machine, spin it, match the right things and you win! Slots have the best potential payout for Carnival Cash, but the largest chance to outright fail and get nothing. Test your luck! Prizes: Carnival Cash Pet Egg Coupon Costume: King Poring new! Costume: Pretty Bear Equips on: Upper new! Costume: Lunatic Muffler Equips on: Lower Safe Cracker (Located at 89, 168) - It's one of those games where you have to figure out a 3 digit code, and it tells you if you got the right number in the right spot, or the right number but in the wrong spot. You have to crack the code to get yourself into the treasure, the less tries it takes the better your prize, try too many times and the lock is going to jam! Prizes: Carnival Cash Treasure Basket Costume: Navi (Pink) new! Costume: Campus Festival Equips on: Upper Blackjack (Located at 164, 274) - Blackjack card game. Game-play based off standard casino rules. Dealer must have at least 17 to stay and will auto stay at 17 and up. Double Down is where you believe you can do better in a single card play and get better than the dealer or hit blackjack (21). It will show your winnings( 5 Carnival Cash) + Bet or give you 1 Carnival Coupon when you win a regular game. When you choose "Double Down" you either can win double what you get -OR- a costume. NOTE: You bet your carnival cash so if you lose, you lose the amount you bet. Prizes: Carnival Cash Costume: Poring Card Costume: Thief Spectacle Whac-a-Squirrel (Located at 58, 61): Speak to the "Whac-a-squirrel" NPC, it will transport you to an area where squirrels will be popping up. It will be within your view range as long as you don't move. You need to Click (Euphemism for Whack) the squirrel as much as you can during the 3 minutes. The more points you earn by whacking, the better the prize you receive. Prizes: Carnival Cash Mole Man Moustache Costume: Lazy Squirrel Guess How Many (Located at 125, 101) - Once you enter the guessing booth, some cats will spawn for a few seconds. Try to count them or try to guess how many there were! There are three rounds. The closest you get to the correct number, the higher the prize! Prizes: Carnival Cash Costume: White Cat Ear Hat Equips on: Upper Carnival Cash Exchange You can exchange the Carnival Cash earned from the mini-games for various event items! Talk to the Ticket Master again to access the shop! Note: all items in the shop are account bound. Name Price Event Coppola [2] 75 cc Event Hunter's Cap [2] 75 cc Wickebine's Black Cat Ears 75 cc Kettle Hat 75 cc Poring Band 75 cc Yggdrasil Crown 75 cc Red Downey Hat 145 cc Navi 145 cc Wing Headphones 145 cc Gold Snapback Cap 100 cc Flying Sheep 100 cc Valentine's Balloon 100 cc Jirant Circlet 100 cc Hunter Clip 90 cc Sniper Clip [1] 135 cc Merchant Clip 90 cc Vendor Clip [1] 135 cc Treasure Berry 100 cc Elemental Sword 110 cc Immune Shield 110 cc Chubby Bunny 100 cc Costume: White Bird Rose 155 cc new! Costume: White Bird Rose Equips on: Upper Have fun and stay hydrated~!
  12. Hello earthlings, Two new sets have been released in the cash shop: Heal, cure statuses and look sweet with the Lovely set, aimed for support classes! Lovely Heart Cap [4] [Upper] 2500pp/25c Dex +20 Int +20 Perfect Dodge +5 Grants 3 additional levels of Meditatio. Decrease After Cast Delay by 5%. Lovely Angelic Wings [4] [Middle] 2000pp/20c All stats +25 Movement speed +20%. Increase healing potential by 7%. Add 1% chance to Freeze when hit by an enemy. Lovely Hearts [1] [Lower] 2000pp/20c All stats +18 Resistance to all status +10% Increase Long Range Defense by 5%. Set bonus If set is used by [Priest], the player is granted level 2 Lauda Agnus and level 2 Lauda Ramus. Decrease damage received from demi-human race by 5%. Skill balance changes for Loki Lauda Agnus and Lauda Ramus have 1 second cooldown instead of 4. Lauda Agnus, on top of the original effect, has a chance to cure Deadly Poison. Lauda Ramus, on top of the original effect, has a chance to cure Poison and Chaos. The cats in the Feline set might look cute, but they make ranged classes' claws sharper! Feline Twin Nap [4] [Upper] 2500pp/25c Dex +20 Luk +15 Damage against Demi-Human and Brute races +50% Increase Long Range damage by 5% Feline Glasses [4] [Middle] 3000pp/30c All stats +20 Ignores 20% of all races' DEF and MDEF ATK +175 MATK +175 Gives immunity to Curse Feline White Cat [4] [Lower] 2000pp/20c All stats +18 Resistance to all status +10% Increase Misc Defense by 5%. Set bonus Damage to Demi- Human +15% Max HP+10%. Allows the use of level 2 Aimed Bolt and level 2 Anti-Material Blast. Skill balance changes for Loki Aimed Bolt: when the enemy is trapped, the bonus number of attacks on Medium-size is 4 times instead of 2. Anti-Material Blast: does 800% ATK damage instead of 4100%.
  13. RevivalRO Adventures! The royal family needs your help again: 3 new missions have been added to RDC! 1. Emperor's Assassination Assist Yori in the retrieval of an ancient scroll that belonged to the royal family. General Daehyon stole it and wants to use its power to himself and take control over the capital. General Daehyon is hiding with the scroll! Once the quest has started, walk up the hallway and talk to Yori. He'll give you instructions on how to break the seals of his room. General Daehyon's guards will try to stop you! Defeat them to take down their barricades. The seals are defended by elemental Guardians, defeat them and examine the statues in order to proceed! Head to the middle to stop General Daehyon from unleashing the power of the scroll!!! Rewards Kusanagi [Dagger] [0] [Ninja, Gunslinger, Taekwon classes, Super Novice] 10% resistance against near-range attacks. Flee + 30 Perfect dodge + 4 Attack speed -10% Empire Insigna [Accessory] [1] [Every job] Physical damage +5% STR and AGI +5 Hit -15 Enable the use of Lv 1 Sight. Wu Xing [Katar] [1] [Assassin] Increases attack +5% per refine. Increases STR and AGI by 1 per refine. Ignores defense of boss type monsters by 10% per refine. +10% damage to all elemental property except neutral. Splash damage 4x4 cell, loses this effect when a card is attached. Breach of Faith [One-Handed Sword] [1] [Knight, Assassin] Increases damage by 10% when using Fire, Water, Wind and Earth properties. If refine > 6: +40% ATK. If refine > 9: ignores the defense of boss type monster and increases damage to all race except demi-human by 20%. Splash damage 4x4 cell, loses this effect when a card is attached. 2. Escape The Room You suddenly wake up in a room... No idea how you got there. Someone is controlling you through some crystals. Are you being experimented on...? Prove yourself by finding all the crystals through a maze. Find the way out of the maze! Will she deem you worthy to leave? Rewards: Ghostly Moss [Consumable] Gives 20% resistance against Ghost for 20 minutes. Increases Flee by 5% for 20 minutes. Gives Reverse Orcish when used. Holy Celestial Axe [Axe] [3] [Swordman, Merchant classes] STR +10 AGI -10 Hit +50 Chance to Curse the wielder when attacking. Chance to cast Hammer Fall skill when physically attacking. Increases physical damage against Demi-Human by 2% each refine. Erebus' Curse [Shield] [0] [All Jobs] INT +10 Perfect dodge -20 Increase Matk by 1% per refine Increase damage received from all sources by 10%. When refined to +10, adds a small chance to cast level 1 Mind Breaker on yourself when using a magic skill. Slottable through Socket Enchantment. Bagh Nakh [Knuckles] [2] [Monk] STR +10 DEX +5 Ignores defense of Demi-Human by (50+refine level*4)% Increases Atk by 4% per refine. Increases damage of Finger Offensive by 20%. Decreases walking speed by 10%. If base INT status is 150 or higher: Adds small chance to cast Gentle Touch-Energy Gain on self when attacking. Costume: There is... Something... 3. Demonbusters According to a report, some kind of disaster happened... Help a lost soul regain his body after he lost it to inner demons. Help a lost soul activate a spell to track his body! The switch is hidden in the statues... Defeat the demons that the spell lures out! Once the spell works, fight Seth to exorcise him! Rewards: Seth's Wrath [Accessory] [1] [All jobs] Int +1 Dex +2 Matk +5% Adds a chance to auto-cast various skills when hitting with physical attacks. [Seth's Accessories set] Extra skills may be casted. Increase damage to demi-human by 3%. Seth's Pride [Accessory] [1] [All jobs] Mdef +5 +5% Resist to Holy Element. Adds a chance to auto-cast various skills when being hit with physical attacks. [Seth's Accessories set] Extra skills may be casted. Increase damage to demi-human by 3%. Raok Runestone [Book] [1] [Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Sage, Priest] Enchanted with Holy Property. STR +10 INT +10 If refine is 5 or higher β€’ Atk +10% β€’ Matk +10% If refine is 7 or higher β€’ Ignores MDEF of boss-type monsters by 60% β€’ Ignores DEF of boss-type monsters by 60% If refine is 9 or higher β€’ Increase Magic Damage done to Boss-type monster by 50% β€’ Increase Physical Damage done to Boss-type monsters by 50% β€’ Increase Magic damage against demi-humans by 35% β€’ Increase Physical damage against demi-human by 35% Unholy Whip [Whip] [2] [Dancer] Increases LUK and DEX by 1 per refine. Reduces physical damage received by (Musical Lesson level / 2)% Increases damage done by 4% * refine to all races. Attack speed -10%. If the refine is +10 or higher, gives Tarot Card of Fate an extra cell of Area of Effect. Wearer can’t be linked. Haunted Guitar [Instrument] [2] [Bard] Increases LUK and DEX by 1 per refine. Reduces magical damage received by (Musical Lesson level / 2)% Increases damage done by 4% * refine to all races. Attack speed -10%. If the refine is +10 or higher, gives Tarot Card of Fate an extra cell of Area of Effect. Wearer can’t be linked.
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