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  1. Special Thanks to Rage and Wild. Permission pls from the both of you. Title : "Love Moves in During Invasion". Pls Like. - mr Ensui Ver2
  2. yes madam GM, it did fix the lag also for me...way better than the Europe proxy. Thank you so much. - mr Ensui Ver2
  3. GMs, Good Day 2 All! as per your instruction to have my suggestions posted here,i have several suggestions for the no zeny option autovend...subject for your reviews not necessarily to be implemented. 1.) Remove Tax (it just burns zeny, just like in classic theres no tax ) 2. ) have vending amount cap for example : item less than 50m (total) will have zeny option. 3. )add more vend slots from 12 to 15. 4.) is auction possible? 5.) if vouchers can be included in pancakes or if possible looted from random monsters. 6.) Vouchers to be tradeable....if some people wants to suggest more feel free to comment. thanks all! - mr Ensui Ver2
  4. GM good day! i started lagging since the last patch...when u roll over the newest event Prontera Invasion. at first it was ok...now its totally lag everytime. i die everytime i try to fight mobs, so i just stay in the middle now and notice that some people are also there. . what do i need to do to make the lag go away. before the last patch it was totally fine. thanks in advance. Peace!. ^_^. - mr. Ensui
  5. special request : slotted iron cain[1] for knights and LKs ID# 2266 pls. thanks!
  6. madam GM, when will be there npc to exchange duplicate easter items? same like the valentine and holloween npcs. my storage is full ^_^.
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