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  1. the fix : logout your main and alts ... go to revivalro folder and rename revival.dat to say revivalold.dat so you can easily go back in case of anything .. repatch and it should be working again ... shout out to zxen for pm'ming me this solution...hope it helps you too ... this is for those lookiing for answers not in discord thanks, mr Ensui Ver2
  2. My Entry - GM Leoric on Lonely Night Shifts... Pls Like Thank You. IGN - mr Ensui Ver2
  3. madam GM may i suggest some things : 1. maybe change the rewards to different costumes not the same as last year ( i know you can do it) 2. maybe put 1 rare item ( like voucher to get title) as random drop not from mvp but from regular monsters 3. make the afk mechanism work on the map so the players will be force to move and help 4. maybe add pancakes enrich elu bubble gum etc as random drop too 5. have minimum quota on number of kills before you get the mystic stone but low enough not for the people to hoard hope this helps. i just want to make it more fun. thank you - mr Ensui Ver2
  4. k GM i gotchu... thanks! problem resolved.
  5. All my vendors are blocked...can i ask y? is it suspension or blocked permanent? thank u.
  6. stats please too...newbie here for Spear Type LK. PVP Build. Thank you... finally someone will help.
  7. Ever encounter weird things happening in the server...please post them here. we would like to see them. welcome to all. this is mine...screenshot of a player who's head is not attached to the body.
  8. GMs, Duplicate Exchange NPC for XMAS Event Items . Please. Thank You.
  9. madam GM the wing scarf lower headgears's attributes are not working [email protected] or is it just too small chance. pls check thank you. -masterchief143-
  10. mine was yellow potion for the 1st try...then mats...then 1 light up xmas headgear yey! GMs pls reduce no of cookies to 100...thanks!. advance merry xmas to yall!...and as a tip to those who will hunt...use stalker to double drop steal plus kill...or high dex sinx.
  11. situation : pips ranting too much = GMs overthinking...now the event becomes shittier (if there's a such word ) . best event (insert sarcasm here) ever. rift locations now are sold and bought. complain about jump = yellow markers are removed haha good job. moral lesson : let the jumpers fill up their storage with rewards wait a few days and when they get bored. your chance to get items for yourself. peace. pls like subscribe and share /heh
  12. best event ever! as always it gets frustrating at first but as so the days go by it will become normal...so relax guys...you will get your items too just not as early as some players do. goodluck all.
  13. hey Gelato new ideas and suggestions are always welcome. here is what i got from your post. 1. autovend will have limit say 1 week or 2 weeks or 1 month so players will be forced to re-vend / replenish their items / remove zeny ( coz of the 2b limit i think) i am force-buying those vends with one or two items left just so the vendor is removed from the map.. for me, part of my game is to look on the these vends if i could resell some of the items...more vends more chance...more business 2. coupons can either be bought from npc in zeny (with time options) or from cash shop (coin option) , 5m for 1 week / 10m for 2 weeks / 15m for 3 weeks and 25m for 1 month without logging in, maybe some of the antique vendor-owners forgot already their passwords or worst already gone 3. can i add that it would be great if it coupons could be one of the daily rewards from eden group ^_____________^. heres hoping that the GMs will look on these. Goodluck to all of us. shout out to gcq too . - mr Ensui Ver2 -
  14. i encountered these problem too.. i tried uninstall-redownload full- install again but same problem...to fix it i deleted those 2 files and copy from another pc (revival ro folder) with working revival ro patcher...lucky for me i have several computers working. hope u fix it too.
  15. i got it madam GM thank u so much - mr Ensui Ver2 -
  16. madam GM i didnt get one...(king remnants box as one of the participants) i need fire muffler &+& ign: mr Ensui Ver2 (whitesmith) tia.
  17. Special Thanks to Rage and Wild. Permission pls from the both of you. Title : "Love Moves in During Invasion". Pls Like. - mr Ensui Ver2
  18. yes madam GM, it did fix the lag also for me...way better than the Europe proxy. Thank you so much. - mr Ensui Ver2
  19. GMs, Good Day 2 All! as per your instruction to have my suggestions posted here,i have several suggestions for the no zeny option autovend...subject for your reviews not necessarily to be implemented. 1.) Remove Tax (it just burns zeny, just like in classic theres no tax ) 2. ) have vending amount cap for example : item less than 50m (total) will have zeny option. 3. )add more vend slots from 12 to 15. 4.) is auction possible? 5.) if vouchers can be included in pancakes or if possible looted from random monsters. 6.) Vouchers to be tradeable....if some people wants to suggest more feel free to comment. thanks all! - mr Ensui Ver2
  20. GM good day! i started lagging since the last patch...when u roll over the newest event Prontera Invasion. at first it was ok...now its totally lag everytime. i die everytime i try to fight mobs, so i just stay in the middle now and notice that some people are also there. . what do i need to do to make the lag go away. before the last patch it was totally fine. thanks in advance. Peace!. ^_^. - mr. Ensui
  21. special request : slotted iron cain[1] for knights and LKs ID# 2266 pls. thanks!
  22. madam GM, when will be there npc to exchange duplicate easter items? same like the valentine and holloween npcs. my storage is full ^_^.
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