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  1. \m/ Mel. \m/ ' you guys code it, roll back and punish who abuse, item are gone cause of rollback ' unbanned my acc too please. my Disciple can I have my woe coins from last woe please. its been 2/3months I didn't get full woe set.
  2. wow, what rare things are being abused from donor box? OKC? PKC? PWC? HWC? there's nothing rare. just bring back the old donor box stuff, even BCA no Baal coming. before there's baal but then. there's no baal. no demands on cedi loots too. its better farming mvp room like forever than farming MVP ROOM cards from BCA. just bring back laa the old BCA/Donor box. I'm pretty sure. RMT will get good demands with rare mvp cards. got no chance also for other to farm. cause it's been camp like forever as f*** in the map. just bring back the rare mvp cards rewards from donor box & bca. atleast got demands also to player who cant donate in this server. even its 0.0000000000000000000000000001% chances to get it'll be fine. like you said I spend more than 200c for amber I didn't get those rare stuff backthen. what u call that kitty boy? Lucky charm? I don't thing so its lucky charm. its riping off actually. </3 - Letty
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